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If You Can't Handle the Heat
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Monday, 3 November 2014

#MasturbationMonday Week 9 - Say My Name

Welcome to Masturbation Monday!

Welcome to Week 9 of Masturbation Monday
The Rules:
Write a steamy hot post on your blog about masturbation or anything else that gets you and your readers turned on.
I'm back. I missed last week's hop due to circumstances beyond my control but can't wait to jump right back in this week,
Thanks to Kayla's latest prompt which gave me an office vibe.

I reached for my coffee cup just as the boss walked by. Man, Roger Kent could fill out a suit like no one else. 

“Good morning, Ms. Wideman,” he said with a smile.

“Good morning, Mr. Kent,” I managed.

“It’s Roger."

Yes it is,” I mumbled without thinking.
“Excuse me?” 

“Yes, sir, Roger,” I stumbled. I swear we’d had the same conversation every week for the last four months, from the time he joined the firm.
He chuckled and continued on.
He’d removed his suit coat and I watched that nice toned ass in those finely tailored dark trousers, until he disappeared into his office.
“God I’d like to…”
“So go for it already,” Deana from accounts payable in the cubicle next to mine laughed.
“Did I say that out loud?” I moaned.
“You certainly did,” she confirmed. “He is a fine piece of man.”
I continued to berate myself silently. 
I pulled files from the drawer and stacked them on the corner of my desk.
The phone on my desk buzzed.

“Yes, sir… Roger.” I tried it out again. Just saying his first name gave me a small thrill. 

“Ms. Wideman, can you come in here and bring the Price file please.”

“Right away.”

I picked up the folder and rushed into his office.
He wasn’t behind his desk as I’d expected.
The door closed behind me. I tensed. 
I felt him near me, close at my back.
"Is that the Price file?" he asked. 
I was about to turn and pass it to him, but he was directly behind me. I could feel his heat and sense his bulk barring my movement. 
He took the folder from my hand and tossed it carelessly onto cream coloured leather couch.
“Ms. Wideman... Lexi," he said. The sound of my name coming from his full lips gave me another little jolt.
“Do I make you nervous, Lexi?”
“N…no, sir. I…”
“Every morning, I give you permission to call me Roger." He stroked his hands up my arms "You say it, that once, then the rest of the day, I’m back to, Mr. Kent, until the next morning when we start it all again. What do I have to do, Lexi?”
“I’m sorry, I'll try to remember.”
“No need to apologise, I just don’t want you to be so formal around me all the time. We can be friends or at least friendly, you know. We’re on the same team. Working towards the same goal and all that.”
“Yes, sir.” Fuck. I’d just done it again. What was it about this man that made me a bumbling idiot?
"Although, I do enjoy it when you call me sir."
To my shock, from behind, he cupped my breasts. I held my breath as my nipples hardened in his palms. This couldn't be happening.
"Mmm," he hummed and I felt his lips skim the side of my neck. A hot heavy rush pooled between my legs.  

He opened his hands and rotated his open palms, teasing my nipples to hard aching points. 
"You like that, don't you, Lexi." His voice had deepened to a harsh rasp. It was sexy as fuck. 
I could only nod. Words escaped me. 
He tucked his hips against my ass and I melted into him. He was rock hard and just going my feel, he was very well-endowed. The thought made my pussy clench. My head lolled back onto his shoulder.

"I like it, too. Do you know how many times I've wanted to do this? How many times I wondered what it would feel like to squeeze your lovely breasts? When you bend over and I can see down your top..." He thrust his hips against my tailbone. "Fuck, you've no idea the things I want to do to you."
Oh, I was getting the message. But he had no idea the things I'd already done with him in my dirty little mind. But he was my boss and this was crazy. 
He let one hand drift. He traced a path down my ribs and over my abdomen, leaving a trail of goose bumps in his wake. 
Again I held my breath in anticipation. 

"And these tight little skirts, Lex, every time you bend over and it inches just a little higher, Christ, I wanna know what's inside. Lift it for me, Miss Wideman and end my suffering."
Without hesitation, I scrunched my fingers over the fabric and pulled the material up to my waist unveiling my panties.
He grazed his teeth over my neck just before he cupped my lace covered cunt and I squirmed, craving his touch.
"You want it, too, don't you?"
"Yes," I panted, knowing that he was going to touch me. 
He worked his middle finger between my lips through the lace, abrading my eager clit. 

When he finally snaked his hand into my panties, I tilted my hips forward, offering my eager cunt. His fingers sent thrills of sensation skittering over my sensitive lips. He delved into my wet folds.

“Aww…” He exhaled harshly. “And so fuckin’ wet.”

He dipped one thick finger into my burning cunt, while his thumb found my aching clit. He spread the slickness of my excitement around, teasing the ultra-sensitive nub with the delicious friction I needed. His thumb looped softly but deeply over the bud of raw nerve endings. It was the most exquisite pleasure-pain I’d ever experienced.
I squirmed restlessly. 

He worked his hard cock, up and down my backside only adding to my excitement. 
The sounds of our harsh breathing filled the room. I was so close. 
"When you come," he panted against my ear, "When you come...say my name." 

I bucked against his hand as the spasms of my climax grabbed me. I cried out, "Roger!"
He rammed his hard dick against my ass finding his own release and if I wasn't mistaken, he whispered my name as he found it. 
He held onto me as we calmed but as soon as I was capable of coherent thought once again, I was embarrassed. 
I hurried to straighten my clothes. I wanted nothing more than to escape. 

Without looking at him, I strode to the door. I opened it hoping he wouldn't stop me. But he did.
"Ms. Wideman?"
I swallowed thickly. "Yes?"
"Do you think you'll be more comfortable calling me Roger now?" There was an easy going amusement in his voice. And just that made all my embarrassment and insecurities fall away.
I smiled. "Yes, sir, I'm sure I will."

I hope you enjoyed this week's snip. Don't forget to check out all the other M-M contributors at Masturbation Monday Central. 

Happy M-Monday!


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