If You Can't Handle the Heat

If You Can't Handle the Heat
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Monday, 10 November 2014

#MasturbationMonday Week 10: Adrenaline Induced

Welcome to the 10th Week of Masturbation Monday!

The rules are fairly simple because it should be easy to participate.
Write a steamy hot post on your blog about masturbation or anything else that gets you and your readers turned on.

As usual the lovely Kayla has provided us with an image prompt alone that makes you want to... participate. :D (I've included it below, cause it's just too hot not to.)

I've decided on a snippet from the fourth book in the Always Cambridge Series
Law and Order : Crime and Chaos, told from two POV's. This is a mob series as well as romantic suspense. Holly Cambridge and her bodyguard and lover, Randy Phillips, have just survived an ambush and shootout with a rival crime family. They are all hopped up on adrenaline and the knowledge that they almost lost each other again. 

Randy and I didn’t speak, at least not about anything of import. We took up our old roles. He told me what to do and I did it, until we were finally settled and had a room assigned to us. We walked into the bedroom. Sighing heavily he loosened his tie, then removed it completely. He was covered in blood.
I looked down at myself. I was not much better. I couldn’t stand to have it on me any longer.
“I’m going for a shower.” He didn’t even spare me a glance.
I entered the bathroom and turned on the hot water. I stripped out of my clothes. The blood had stained right through my shirt and seeped into my skin. Wayne? God, please let him live. I felt the same deep down ache inside me like I had the day Trent died. Please, not again.

I stepped into the shower and tried to get the colour off me. I didn’t even realize I was sobbing until Randy pulled me into his arms. He was still fully clothed but it didn’t stop him.
He didn’t speak. He took the soap from my hands and his firm but gentle touch removed the stains from my skin. My tears gave way to need. I needed him.
I placed my hands over his, stopping him from cleansing. His wary gaze met mine. His lips parted. 

* * * *

She looked at me with such heat. She took the breath from my lungs, the power from my will, my heart from my chest. She needed me, and I was helpless to deny her.
She dove at me. I lifted her off her feet as she wound her glorious naked body around me. She climbed me like a tree. She kissed me like she was starving. I couldn’t help but respond in kind. She rubbed her body against me like a cat in heat. Sounds of her need echoed off the walls of the empty stall. I knew what this was. This was an adrenaline induced, we-almost-lost-each-other-again fuck. But I needed it, too. I needed to feel her. I needed to be close to her.
I wasn’t gentle with her. I pulled her hair, yanking her head back, nipping at her neck. She groaned loudly as she leaned back, arching her back, grinding her pussy against my stomach. She gripped my shirt and tore at the buttons. They clattered against the glass doors and off the porcelain, bouncing down the drain. I held her with one arm wrapping my hand around her sweet clenching ass, while undoing my pants with the other hand.
She pushed at my hips with her feet trying to help force my trousers down. As soon as I was free enough I gripped her tightly and a guided my rock-hard cock into her ever-ready cunt.
She screamed, and at first I thought I’d hurt her but as she began to move I realized she was already coming, her tight walls closing in around me, dragging me with her. I slammed her against the wall and ground my hips into her savagely as I tried not to relive the terror I’d felt when I saw the van she was in, suddenly spin sideways. The masked men converging, guns drawn, bullets firing. I didn’t even think about my own safety. I grabbed the gun out of the agent’s hand and got out, firing. I shot men in the back, mowing them down without a thought, other than getting to Holly. And when I opened the door and heard her gasp, I thanked the same entity I had eight years ago, the day she’d been shot.
“Oh god, Randyyyy!” She moaned, her head turning from side to side against the wall and then up and down as I pounded into her. “Aaahhh! Ffffuck-huh!” The expletive coming from her wet swollen mouth made me explode inside her. She whimpered, reflecting my own regret at it being over.
“More! Please. More!” She begged. She grasped my chin and began to devour my mouth again. “I want all of you, Randy,” she said, into my mouth.
“What more can I give, Hol?” I asked dragging my mouth from hers. Still connected, I kissed my way down her neck. She arched her back again, using the wall for leverage. She cupped her own breast and offered it up to me. I sucked her pebbled nipple into my mouth and she made the most mollified sound deep in her throat.
“Mmm.” She tasted sweet. I sucked the delicious nub and flicked it with my tongue, enjoying the clenching and quivering of her inside muscles as her arousal heightened in intensity again. She let go of her breast and reached down between us, fingering her clit. I wanted to take it into my mouth and give it the same attention I was giving her breast. I started to lower her legs, but she tightened them around me.

Masturbation Monday Week 10

“No, don’t leave me,” she moaned.
“I wanna kiss you.” We began a battle of wills. I took her mouth to shut her up and began to demonstrate what I wanted to do to her. “Let me lick you,” I asked, when I felt her wilt. She cried out at my suggestion.
I slapped at the lever of the shower, turning the water off. I set Holly down and removed what was left of my shirt and stepped out of my pants. I picked her up and took her into the bedroom. Both of us still dripping, I tossed her on the bed and spread her legs wide. She watched me until I tongued her wet slit. She closed her eyes and moaned loudly as I lapped at her. I slid my thumbs between her lips and held her open. Her swollen nub poked out. I flicked it lightly with my tongue, barely even making contact with the sensitive bud and was rewarded with another throaty groan. It sounded like my name. Not Mayhue’s name. Mine. I tortured her with my tongue, letting my soft strokes become more eager and heavier until she was writhing, her hips bucking as she came.

She scooted out from under me and we’d been together enough for me to know what she was after and I was more than willing to let her have at it. She pushed me onto my back and lowered her head, taking my cock between her hot lips. She sucked me with her talented mouth and stroked me with her hand, using the two in tandem bringing me to the edge of orgasm. I grabbed her by the hair. I wanted to come inside her. She knew what I wanted. She straddled my hips and guided my quivering dick into her slick heat. She rode me. I came almost instantly, but she needed more. She ground herself against me, seeking her own release. I had a feeling there would be nothing satisfying her hunger

I tossed her off my lap onto her back. She spread her legs and I inserted a finger into her insatiable pussy. She was stretched and malleable from our harsh use. One finger wasn’t enough for her. I tried two, then three, priming her. She dug her heels in and rocked back against my hand until the room filled with the wet slapping sound of my fist against her.

She moaned and held off her release. “Come baby!” I demanded.

“I want you inside me, Randy!”

* * * *

I couldn’t get enough. As soon as I came, I wanted more. I wanted him to make me feel alive and show me he was alive and with me. I wanted to erase what happened today. I wanted him to expunge everything but him and me.
He flipped me over onto my stomach and parted my legs. “Bum up,” he demanded.
He entered me again, and the searing heat of his hot hard cock sliding into me felt like heaven. I was beginning to get sore. We weren’t being tender with each other, but I needed it hard and fast. I wasn’t going to get there this time. I made a frustrated sound.
He reached around me and found my clit. I was about to push his hand away, when he hit an especially sensitive spot and found an immediate rhythm I could work with. And when he started to circle his hips with the perfect amount of thrust and deliberate precision, he sent me through the roof. We finally collapsed in a heap, then turned onto our sides gasping for breath. I embraced the exhaustion I’d earned. I stretched out my back against Randy’s bulky strength and snuggled into the safety of my saviour.

* * * *

She fell asleep almost instantly. I took longer. Too many random thoughts swirling in my mind.
I knew we wouldn’t discuss the Victor Mayhue debacle. Holly would see that brutal fucking as forgiveness. For the moment I felt like I’d banished him. She needed me. She wanted me. I was here and he wasn’t. He would never be within her scope again, if I had anything to say about it. I would be the only man in her life from here on out. However long our lives might be. After today, I wasn’t sure if we’d make it. They would keep coming.
I was also not surprised to wake later, to Holly’s blood chilling screams of terror. It wasn’t the first nightmare she’d ever had, nor would it be the last.
Follow the saga from the beginning... Always Cambridge

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  1. Man that was intense. I need a drink instead of a smoke after that.

  2. Jeebus! I love POV switching and I was ready to scream with her while he fucked her. Damn!!! /fans self It's definitely hot in here.

    1. Thanks, Kayla. A little rough stuff. I always like to know what's going on in all the character's thoughts. :)