If You Can't Handle the Heat

If You Can't Handle the Heat
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Monday, 29 December 2014

Week 17 #MasturbationMonday Teetering on the edge #erotic #excerpt

The rules are simple
 Write a steamy hot post about masturbation or share a snippet so hot, it’ll make people want to masturbate.

This is Kayla's New Year's gif. LOL! What can we come up with this week? Let's see if we can get this party rockin'. 

Masturbation Monday Week 17

I sat in front of the large round mirror in our bedroom, putting the last finishing touches on my face. "How's that for smoky eyes?" I admired my own handy work. I wanted something dramatic to go along with the dress I'd splurged on for the New Year's party.

"You done in the shower, babe?" Jason, sauntered into the room.

"Yep, go 'head."

Our gazes connected in the mirror. His focus shifted lower. "Well hello," he said in a low voice.

Immediately, my nipples hardened at his attention. I'd set my dress on the bed, I'd planned to put it on at the last minute. The only thing I had on so far were the black sheer lace panties I'd slipped into after my shower.

Slowly, he approached from behind. I sat up a little straighter, anticipating his touch. He didn't disappoint. Reaching around me, he cupped my full breasts and squeezed, molding and shaping them. 

"Mmm, your hands are so warm."

He dipped his head and lightly sucked that ultra sensitive spot near my collarbone, then he opened his palms and circled my tingling nipples. A delectable shockwave shot straight to my pussy.

The tension drained right out me. I let my head fall back against his chest and just let him work his magic. He stepped closer, pressing his lengthening hard-on against my back.

I slid my hand downward and stroked my pussy through my panties, heightening my arousal. 

"What ya doin' there?" he asked.

"Just helping things along," I murmured.

"Are you sure you want to go out tonight?" he rasped, skimming his lips up my neck, sending a titillating wave of goosebumps over my quickly heating skin. "We could stay here and celebrate just the two us."

"We don't have to stay long. But I would like to show you off." I enjoyed walking into a room full of people with him at my side. I smiled slightly, meeting his gaze once more in the glass, before fixating on his hands moving over my breasts.

"Show me off or that excessively expensive dress."

"You, of course," I pouted.

"You know I could drag you back in the shower, we could soap these beautiful babies up, and I could make you come, without even touching you anywhere else." He stroked my tits to hard aching points, dragging a groan from me. "You know how you like that. I can make you burn, baby." He was already doing a good job of it. Just his words made my pussy feel heavy.

I bit my lip, considering the delightful proposition.

"No?" I guess I took too long to answer for his liking.
He gave me one of those lopsided cocky grins that made me want to kiss him and slap him all at the same time. "Well, then, that's an excellent reason to stop this right here."

"No..." I complained, arching into his hands. "We can be late."

He eased his hands away from my breasts, skimming them up and over each shoulder, dragging them down my arms. 

Before I knew it he'd gathered my wrists behind me. He snatched his necktie off the top of my dresser with a snap and he began to tie my wrists snuggly to the back of the chair.

"Jason! What are you doing?"

"Call it my little insurance policy." He took a maddening step back."If I leave you hanging, then you won't want to stay long. I know you, if you're all sated, you'll start gossiping with your girlfriends. One glass of wine will lead to four."

"Okay," I said, getting a little pissed at his highhandedness. "I promise we won't stay long. Now let me go." I struggled. He'd tied me right tight. What the hell!

"Naw-uh." He pulled on the tether, checking it, then he reached over me and down between my legs and rubbed my cunt. I knew he felt the wetness seeping through the gusset. "Again, I know you too well. I'll go in the shower and you'll take matters into your own hand here. Nope, not this time, sweet thing. I want to be home before midnight. And if that means keeping you on edge all night, so be it."

"Why's that?" 

"Because when that clock trips twelve, I plan on being buried between your silken hot thighs, in our own bed. That's how I'm celebrating." He raised a challenging brow at me.

The fucker kissed my forehead then turned towards the bathroom. 

"Don't leave me like this." I begged. He ignored me which only pissed me off more. "Hey, how do I know you're not going to jerk off in there."

He grinned. "Ya don't." 

"That's not fair." He shrugged and walked into the bathroom, closing the door. I heard the shower start.

Stunned, I looked at my own reflection. "Oh, close your mouth," I snapped. 
I straightened in the chair and brought my thighs together. My clit twinged at the pressure. "Damn it." I wanted to come.

I opened my knees and brazenly rubbed my greedy pussy against the seat cushion. I squirmed trying to cover more area and find a better position. No matter what I tried I knew I wasn't going to get what I needed. I worked my wrists trying to loosen the tie.

I sighed heavily and looked around irritated and uncomfortable, sitting on pins and tingles.

I heard Jason shut off the water in the next room. "Well, if that wasn't the quickest shower ever."

Several more uncomfortable minutes later Jason strode out of the washroom fully dressed except for his necktie. His dress shirt stood open at the neck. His hair damp and slightly messy, he looked sexy as all fuck.

"Well if that ain't quite the sight." I saw his cock stir, lengthening in his finely pressed trousers. The sight of his arousal made my mouth water.

He stalked me, trussed up in the fucking chair, helpless. 
"Time to get you dressed, honey?" he asked. He picked up my bra and fitted it over my tits. The abrasion of the material sent another welcome jolt of sensation straight to my pussy. I gasped. 

"Ahh, like that, huh?" He took each end of the undergarment and see-sawed it back and forth, grazing my nipples simultaneously. My clit throbbed as he moved the fabric faster and faster until it felt like an invisible tether spanned from my burning nipples straight to my core. Christ I was so close. And Jason knew it. He stopped tormenting me and tossed my bra aside.

Behind me, he reached down and with a quick tug, his necktie loosened and my hands were suddenly free. How the fuck had he done that?

He slung the tie around his shoulders then picked up my dress. Without a word I stepped into the slinky form fitting LBD. Jase pulled it up. I finally met his gaze. "No bra?" I questioned. 

He shook his head. "You'll enjoy the feel on your sweet little titties. And when I look across the room at you, I want to see those pretty stiff nipples standing at attention, just for me."

He was having fun with this. I guess I was too, there was something to be said for teetering on the edge.

I raised my arms and he finished dressing me. The fabric did just as he said abrading my body in the most pleasurable way. I was pleased when his gaze lingered.

"You all ready?" he asked.

"Yep, just give me two secs." I rushed into the washroom and slid out of my damp panties. I tossed them into the hamper then smoothed my skirt.

I joined Jason and we tromped down the stairs. He gathered our coats, as I bent and slipped on my high heeled silver slingbacks. Just as I'd hoped, while I was bent over, he slipped his hand up my thigh and cupped my bare behind.

"Hey," I heard the smile and approval in his voice. "What's this?" he all but growled.

"It's going to be a short night, I promise." I straightened and met his gaze. I gave him my own self-assured grin and said, "Call it my own little insurance policy." 

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