If You Can't Handle the Heat

If You Can't Handle the Heat
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Monday, 8 June 2015

Week 40 #MasturbationMonday Boys will be boys... #mm #excerpt

The Rules:
Write a steamy post about masturbation or share an excerpt so hot, it’ll make your readers want to masturbate.

Yeow! What a prompt. I'm with Kayla, I also can't stop watching the loop repeat. Last week girl on girl, so why not let the boys have at it this week. 

Masturbation Monday Week 40

"Hey Brent, can I borrow your...oh, shit...sorry dude!" 

Well it wasn't the first time my roommate caught me wanking. In fact, we'd masturbated simultaneously, side by side on the couch while watching porn. Even made a little contest out of it to see who could hold out the longest. That night I was the man. With zero embarrassment, I continued to pump my semi-hard cock, even though I hesitated and missed a stroke being so rudely interrupted. 

"Ya just gettin' started?" he asked, a grin spread across his generous mouth, as his gaze transfixed on my fist action. 

"Yeah. What do you need, Jax?"

"Mmm, I seem to have forgotten. What is it you need?" He readjusted the burgeoning bulge in his pants.

"I think that's plainly obvious."

He pulled the desk chair over to the edge of the bed and he took a seat between my knees. He shooed my hand away and took hold of my dick. 

"Well then lay back and let me help ya out." 

We'd never toyed with each other before and I didn't know if I wanted to start now, but my cock seemed all for the idea, especially with Jax's whispy breath flowing over my bare thighs and his warm palm sliding expertly over my junk. It unfurled, full measure, as he caressed slowly up and down my length, his gaze riveted. I relaxed, placing my head on the pillow.

"Man I never realized what a nice cock you have, Brent." To my shock and awe, he bent over and kissed the tip, licking the evidence of my excitement away. "Mmm, not bad." 

Every muscle I owned clenched, in both horror and anticipation. My traitorous cock even lurched towards his mouth. But to my relief he backed off and continued the up and down motion with his strong hand. 

He firmed up his grip and upped the tempo. He took his other hand and rubbed his slightly rough work-hardened knuckles over the smoothness of my scrotum. It sent another satisfying twinge of sensation up my shaft. My hips engaged, thrusting to meet him. My juices flowed just under the thin skin. My balls fizzed, readying to blow. It wouldn't be long. He was a master manipulator.

Jax switched trajectory, slanting my dick towards my chest and chin. It would be just like him to aim for my mouth. Dirty fucker. 

"Feelin' pretty good there, Brently?" 

My ass rocked the mattress rhythmically as I pumped my hips. "Fuck yeah," I panted, watching his every move. 

"Yeah, from my end too." He undid his jeans and took out his own impressive erection and began the most boisterous yet erotic ambidextrous dually, I'd ever witnesses. Okay the only, I'd ever had the pleasure of, but it was mesmerizing as all fuck. 

He really worked us over. Tugging so hard and fast, his hand almost came off the tip, but somehow with each pass me managed to keep each of us in his firm grip.

"Who's gonna come first, man?" he taunted, out of breath.  

I knew I was gonna blow first this time. I was so close I could already feel the fiery simmer in my balls, but I boasted, "Not me man. I can take it."

"And I think you're all talk," he countered. I knew I was in for it when the corner of his mouth drew up slightly and his dark eyes danced with mischief.

Without warning, he released his own throbbing shaft, and just barely touched my puckered asshole. My body jolted. He pressed slightly, but thankfully didn't penetrate. That little naughty touch and extra pressure along with the threat that he might breach my virgin hole, sent me over the edge. As expected, he aimed my pulsing dick at my face as I ejaculated in Vesuvius-like eruptions. I turned my head.

Jax quickly resumed jacking off and joined me. Again, not unexpectedly, he spattered his spunk all over my chest and abs, but by that point, I didn't give a fuck, still riding the endorphin high. Hell my hips hadn't even stopped moving yet.

I closed my eyes and just listened to our breathing return to normalcy. Well that was unexpected. 

Jax wiped my chest with the sheet.

Feeling sleepy, I turned over, wading the pillow up under my arms and head. "Hey, what'd you come in here for?" I murmured.

He chuckled and crashed beside me

Snort! Made myself chuckle. Way to work in Vesuvius and ambidextrous in the same snippet. LOL! Boys and their toys, y'all! Hope you enjoyed this week's tease. Don't forget to hop on over to Kayla's for the master list of this week's Masturbation Monday participants. 
Happy M-Monday!


  1. Oh yeah! I'm lovin' that one, H!! xx

  2. I love the M/M scenarios. This was so damn hot!

  3. Jeebus, boys will be boys indeed. Damn! I could go for a bit of boy on boy action like that in real life. DAMN.

  4. perfect :D loved the word play among the hot masturbating.

  5. I was hopeing that a m/m was going to happen. I'm just alittle bit more than cuorius.married not getting any plus 65.