If You Can't Handle the Heat

If You Can't Handle the Heat
Deliciously Naughty Erotic Romance for the Foodies

Monday, 6 July 2015

Week 44 #MasturbationMonday The Call Back #erotic #excerpt

The Rules:

Write a steamy post about masturbation or share an excerpt so hot, it’ll make your readers want to masturbate.



The receptionist looked up at me and smiled as soon as I entered the office. “You again?”

“Yep, me again. I’m hoping this is a good sign.”

“How many is this?”

“Third call back.”

“That’s an excellent sign. I had three as well and then as you can see I was hired,” she grinned.

“Will you be sitting in today?” I asked, hoping she would. It was easier some how with another woman in the room.

“You bet. I wouldn’t miss it. Although, I don’t have a say in hiring, you certainly put on a show last week. You sure you haven’t done this before?”

“No, I haven’t, but I like being watched, so I figured why not try out.”

“Mmm, I like it too. Come with me, they’re ready for you.”

I followed the statuesque redhead.

“Oh this is different from last time.” The room looked almost like a dance studio complete with mirrored walls and a warm up bar.

“Yes, they’ll actually film you this time.”

“Oh.” My stomach fluttered with nervous anticipation.

“Don’t worry. It won’t get leaked or anything. If you don’t get hired, they’ll destroy it. And if you do get the job, they’ll probably ask you to sign a release so they can use it at some point, as a tease on the website.”

Just then three men entered the room along with another woman.

“Hello Alena, thanks for coming back.” The producer/director from my first two auditions greeted me, extending a hand.

I latched onto it quickly but I knew my nervousness transferred, my hand trembled in his larger one. “Thank you, Mr. Underwood.”

“Call me, West, please.” He held onto my hand and looked into my eyes. “You’ll be fine. Don‘t worry,” he said in a low voice. His direct gaze and firm grip comforted me.

“I want you to ignore everyone else.” I looked over his shoulder and realized the group had taken seats and watched us intently.

Ever so gently, he touched the small cleft in my chin. I’d always hated it, until this very moment. I turned my attention back to him. The way he was looking at me warmed me all the way to my toes. “Back to me.” He smiled patiently. “Dismiss them, it’s just going to be you and me.”

Unexpectedly, I shivered at the thought. What was he saying? I wasn’t prepared to interact with another. “I…I thought this was a call for short films, little solitary masturbation vignettes. I, um, thought I’d be alone.”

But if there was any body I’d met here, I might consider working with, at least in time, it would most definitely be West. He was an incredible looking man. The classic tall dark and handsome. Built too, nice bulging biceps, made more appealing by the cut of his tight fitting t-shirt. From the start, he’d been so sweet. Talking me through the process, even allowing me to keep my clothes on for the first audition.

“Wouldn’t you like to work with me?” His dark gaze never strayed from mine. It was unnerving as well as titillating.

“Of course," I said diplomatically. "But that’s not what the original call entailed.”

Unexpectedly, he chuckled. “Don't worry, honey, I don’t do porn, I just film it.”

“Oh God!” Too late I realized I’d jumped to the wrong conclusion. My face suffused with heat. Mortified by my own naiveté, I closed my eyes but opened them when he began to speak again.

“But baby, I just might make an exception one of these days, if you’re willing.” After seeing all the beautiful women around here and the ones I’d viewed on their site preparing for my try-out, his comment made me feel good.

My embarrassment melted away on the spot. I may be naïve and new at this business, but I hadn’t misinterpreted the undercurrent of tension between us.

“Now, let’s get you naked.” His grin grew wider as he slipped two fingers under the strap of my tank top.

“No I can do it.”

“Then let’s do this.” To my relief he turned away and readied his video equipment, as I slipped out of my clothes.

Someone placed a blanket on the cool wood floor. I stood in the centre of it waiting, growing more anxious by the second. The other people in the room talked quietly amongst themselves, for the most part ignoring me, but one sharp look from West, and the room was silent in an instant. 

Camera in hand, West turned. His eyes warmed as he approached. “You’re beautiful, Lena.” He took my hand once again. “Have a seat.” Such a gentleman, he helped me.

I knelt, then sat on my legs. Still a little nervous, I crossed one arm loosely over my chest.

West joined me, on the floor. His thumb stroked the back of my hand. “So, I guess you’ve already guessed we’re gonna do this a little differently today. But I want you to relax and have fun and enjoy yourself like you did last time. You did enjoy it, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” I admitted quietly.

“I knew you did. You like an audience. We all enjoyed it too. That’s why we asked you back. Now we just need to see if you can transfer all that heat to film. I know you can. You ready?”

I nodded.

“Okay, I just want you to amuse yourself. Do whatever feels good. But I want you to listen to me too. Take my direction.” I wondered at that moment if that was more so what this was about. Yes, I needed to look good, but he needed to know I could take instruction and give him what he wanted, what their audience expected. I had my own vision of what I’d like to see, but perhaps our expectations were different. I’d even taped myself several times while preparing, trying to make my movements and gestures more sensual, my expressions sexy. The only part I couldn’t perfect is that exact moment when orgasm hit, I hated the way my face contorted. But no matter what I did, by that time, I was so far gone and it felt too good trying to ‘act’ in that moment was impossible.

Before he let go of my hand, he pulled my arm away from my body. His gaze went to my nipples. He trailed his fingers lightly up my bare arm, leaving my skin tingling in his wake. From his attention and his touch, the whole situation that was about to happen, the buds hardened.

“Start there,” he murmured, backing away just a bit, getting into position.

Following his lead and maintaining a light casual touch, I trailed my fingers over my skin, up my arms over my shoulders, my neck and breastbone, until I reached the stiffened nubs. Using the softest touch I stroked each side with just my fingertip.

West made the slightest noise in his throat, as if he approved. I looked into his eyes and from that moment on I fed off him. If he was my target viewer, I wanted to turn him on. Please him. 

"Lie back," he said.

Once on my back, I began to work my nipples, rounding them slowly at first, the way I liked, rotating faster as I got more into it.

Occasionally, West and I made eye contact, other times, he stared intently at his camera screen, and through it, straight at my body as I played with it. It was a odd yet thrilling.

I gave my nipples a good twist each, then a pinch before sliding my hand slowly over my belly working downward.

“Arch your…” he began to say, as I was already arching my back. “That’s my girl. Beautiful. You’re a natural.”

He moved once again, training the focus between my legs. 

I took my time, caressing and petting, my body heating, coming alive.

“Middle finger, Lena.” Did he even realize he was calling me that, something so familiar, intimate? I loved it. "Go in, go deep." Going slow was over.

Masturbation Monday Week 44 

“That’s it. Mmm hmm, that’s nice, in and out. Good. Just like that.” His voice was so deep and had taken on a little rasp that made me think he wasn’t the unaffected cameraman directing my script. He just might be getting off on this. I knew I was.

“Pull your knees up.”

“Ahhh, there’s a little glisten of wetness on your finger. We’ll zoom in on that. Viewers like to see that. You’re perfectly manicured nails look sexy working over your lovely bare pussy too. Nice touch.”

“And what do you like?” I asked, forgetting myself.

He pulled his gaze from my cunt and looked into my eyes. I waited for the rebuke but none came. After a pause, he answered, “I like it all." His attention strayed back to my hands.

I dragged my finger to my clit spreading my slick juices. With my other hand I held my pussy lips open, causing the sensitive nub to protrude slightly. Would he zoom in on that, I wondered. It excited me even more to think he might.

I tapped the swollen bud several times before stroking my finger from my wet hot center back to my clit. Trying to mimic a nice hot meaty expert tongue. It was then that I envisioned West’s dark head bobbing between my thighs.

“Uhhh,” I panted, as my stomach muscles tightened, a precursor, I knew. God it would be so good. What if he set down the camera and joined me, spread my thighs and dove right in. His dark whiskers chafing my skin, ratcheting my arousal ever higher.

For a moment I got lost in the fantasy, I was no longer concerned with anything else. How I looked or whether I’d get the job, I strove for one thing. I rounded my clit with abandon. My thighs quivered as I tried to hold off, drag it out. I was sure I was a wriggling hot mess, probably less than sexy, but I didn’t care.

“Come,” he whispered.

On his command, my inner walls clenched. I cried out as a strong spasm gripped deep within. Shuddering, I closed my eyes tight and savored the heat, the wet rush and release. After that clumsy performance it was probably all I was going to get out of this, may as well enjoy it.

Still trying to catch my breath, I opened my eyes and turned my head to look at West.

His dark eyes were bright with excitement but slightly unfocused. His nostrils flared, his chest heaved, as he too breathed laboriously. With a small pleased smile playing around his full sensuous mouth, he murmured “You’re hired.”   

© H K Carlton

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