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Wednesday 18 September 2019

New Release - Serving The Senator - by L.M. Mountford @AuthLMMountford #erotic #bdsm

Dom Diaries: Serving the Senator
L.M. Mountford

He is my Hades

I’d played the role of a goddess, bound and chained for the service of mortals.

He freed me.

He freed me, unchained me and taken me to his underworld, his dark realm where he’d brought out all my forbidden and secret desires.

And now I’m his.

His attendant. His servant…

Serving the Senator is a sizzling new release from the lord of Lust. Loaded with tension and sizzling chemistry, it is a modern reimagining of the ancient myth of Hades and Persephone. A stand-alone romance, it is loaded with scenes of an adult nature that feature BDSM, Dominance play, and so much heat, they may very well melt your e-reader…

About L.M. Mountford

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Self-confessed Tiger fanatic, L.M. Mountford was born and raised in England, first in the town of Bridgwater, Somerset, before later moving to the city of Gloucester where he currently resides. A fully qualified and experienced scuba diver, he has travelled across Europe and Africa, diving wrecks and seeing the wonders of the world.

His Website - lmmountford.com

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