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Saturday 21 December 2013

#MySexySaturday The Right Setting

Welcome to the 30th week of My Sexy Saturday
  The rules are simple
 Post 7 paragraphs, 7 sentences or 7 words from a WIP or published work
Have you ever noticed, as a writer or reader, that sometimes the setting more than helps with the romance? 

Excerpt from The Best of Both Worlds (ménage, mff, contemporary erotic romance)

 I took off to the creek with the same old blanket that Griff and I used to keep handy. We never knew when we’d need it for ground cover or to wrap up in so that we could hide what we were doing. I smiled, remembering how crazy we’d been.  

As I rounded the trees, hearing the trickle of the water, I hoped Griff would be there, like he’d always been in the past. It was like he’d had a sixth sense when I’d needed him. Whether it was my dad, or school, or Avery, or just the need to get the hell out of this place, Griff had known that I’d been hurting and he’d come. He’d let me talk and cry my heart out and he’d just held me.  

My hopes sank as the brown murky water came into view and there was no big strapping cowboy waiting for me. I sighed heavily and laid the blanket out, taking a seat. I pulled my knees up to my chest and held them with clasped hands.  

It was weird—as strong and as independent as I’d like to believe that I was, being back there made me realize just how much I’d missed having Griffin in my life. Back then, he’d been everything to me, rolled up in one. Without a mom, a father that hated my guts, and a best friend who couldn’t even look at me, Griff had become my whole world. My lover, my best friend, and yeah, even in a way, I guess he was like a parental figure. My moral code. God knew where my wildness would have taken me if not for him. Griff had let me be wild and foolish with him. But he had a slow and sturdy way about him. Like his daddy, I guess. They were good men. Hardworking, honorable, steady as they come, God-loving gentlemen to the end. I’d never gone wrong taking Griff’s advice. Sometimes just the strength and kindness that he offered had been all that I needed.

Even when I had talked about leaving and going to school far away, as much as I’d known that it had hurt him, he’d never once out and out asked me to stay. As selfish as I was, he was selfless and he’d let me go because he’d known that’s what I’d wanted, what I’d claimed would make me happy. And isn’t that what real love is? Putting the happiness of the person you love above your own? Well, he always was a better person than me.
I closed my eyes tight, as tears rolled down my cheeks. It hadn’t made me happy and I still hadn’t found what I was so desperately looking for.
I heard the rumble of the tractor coming closer, then the blessed silence as the engine cut. The heavy crush of his work boots in the dirt coming closer. I didn’t have to turn around. I knew it was Griff.

The Best of Both Worlds the sequel to Streetlight People is now available for early download, exclusively at Totally Bound,  until general release January 17th 

I hope you enjoyed this week's snippet and don't forgetto make the rounds and check out the rest of the My Sexy Saturday authors from the list below... 

Friday 20 December 2013

The Best of Both Worlds - Early Download @Totally_Bound

The Best of Both Worlds the sequel to Streetlight People is now available for early download at Totally Bound.   

                                              Single White Female seeks perfect couple...                            

This is Toni's story...

I sat watching my ex-boyfriend Street and his new girlfriend Andi, from across the cafeteria. I wasn’t really that upset about the break-up. Dean Overstreet’s usefulness had run its course. But the woman at his side had not only captivated Deanshe’d also touched me. Figuratively and literally.

What had started out as a birthday gift for Dean, fulfilling one of his fantasies, had ended in a night of passion for all three of us—one that I will never forget. But the morning after, Dean and I had amicably agreed to part ways. The problem was that we both wanted to actively pursue Andi.

When Dean had brought up the idea of a ménage à trois, my mind had immediately jumped to Andrea. And when Dean had explained the perfect woman he’d envisioned to complete our trifecta, I’d known that he’d had Andi in mind as well. It had been obvious that Andi preferred Dean that night and that it had been her first experience with multiple partners. But when Andi had touched and kissed me, there had been a spark between us. Perhaps she’d favoured Dean, but I was convinced that Andi could go both ways, she just needed a little convincing. Maybe someday, but not now. She and Street were still too hot and heavy with all that new relationship rapture for the moment—when everything a new partner does is still cute and endearing, unlike later when all the secrets are out in the open. But when things cooled between them, I could definitely help them put that excitement back. 

It had been more than a month since we’d been together, but I couldn’t get it out of my mind. Sighing, I shook my head, disappointed in myself. I’d never been one to dwell on things, so why the hell was this bothering me so much?

General Release: 17th January 2013

Saturday 14 December 2013

#MySexySaturday You’re One Sexy Character

Week #29 ~ My Sexy Saturday ~ The rules are simple.

Post 7 paragraphs or 7 sentences or 7 words (and yeah, I can't count this week either)

 This week for My Sexy Saturday's sexy character, and in keeping with the theme for the last couple of weeks; some more Victor Mayhue from my upcoming family saga series Always Cambridge [eXtasy Books]. This is a snippet from Victor and Holly's first meeting. 

Unedited Excerpt:
     "You a Steelers fan?"  My helper asked picking up the season tickets that had tumbled out of my purse. The ones I'd purchased to slip into Randy's stocking.  He'd said no presents from me but he couldn't stop Santa from spoiling him.

I smiled.  "No my boyfriend is."  I took a quick look at him; he had dark smiling eyes.  Warm chocolate brown.  He seemed amused.  He was young.  Older than me but not as old as Randy.  Maybe twenty, twenty-one, I guessed. 

"Lucky guy."  He smiled, looking at me.  "There, I think we got everything," He looked around the floor.  "Oop, nope.  Runaway chap stick."  He said rising to retrieve it from where it had rolled under one of the racks of clothing. 

I stopped him.  "Don't trouble yourself.  I won't use it again now that it's been on the floor." 

He chuckled.  "It's capped."  He grinned crookedly extending his hand, offering to help me rise.  I thought it was sweet.  I reached placing my left hand into his big outstretched palm, accepting his aid.  I knew by the size of his hand that he would tower over me, but most people did.  His hand was warm, I noted again as I rose to my feet.  Everyone in the store had moved away from us, and there was no longer a line up.  It was as if we were the only two people in the store.  I thought briefly that was strange with the crowds. 

"Thank you for your help," I said, letting go of his hand, finally able to look up at him, full on.  He was tall, as I'd suspected, broad shouldered.  I focused on his face.  Oh my God!  He was gorgeous!  His dark hair was perfectly sculpted but messy enough that you wanted to reach out and tame it.  His eyes were, as I'd noted before, dark and warm.  He had full lips and a dimple appeared on his cheek as he continued to grin at me.  He must be used to this kind of reaction.  It was plain, he was amused now by my staring.  I couldn't help it, he was stunning.  If Randy was the most beautiful man in the world to me, then I had no words for this guy.  And he knew it.  He knew exactly what affect he had on me, on most women, I presumed.  He looked like the kind of guy who got what he wanted and didn't have to wait or work at it to get it.  His perfect white teeth appeared behind his amazing lips.    

"No problem.  My pleasure."

Oh crap, I couldn't remember what we'd been talking about.  His grin turned crooked giving him a mischievous boy look.  I bit my lip racking my brain for something to say.  His gaze dropped to my lips and I suddenly felt warm all over.  Wow!  This guy was something else.  Something I had no idea how to handle.  I should probably get away from him, but I didn't really want to.  I should get back to Randy.  Randy!  
 Copyright © 2013 H K Carlton

I hope you enjoyed this week's snip. Don't forget to make the rounds and check out the rest of the My Sexy Saturday authors from the list below. 

Have a Sexy Saturday!

Monday 9 December 2013

Cover Reveal J. H. McCarthy's Detective for the Innocent

J. H. McCarthy's mystery, Detective for the Innocent coming in March 2014 from MuseItUp Publishing...

Jeff's unrelentless pursuit of his father's killers places his family in danger. Can Jeff save them before time runs out?

A former New York detective and a loving father is gunned down and shot by a gang called the Speed Killers. While in the emergency room, the detective asks his son Jeff to bring down who ever shot him and bring him to justice. At the young age of eight Jeff promises his father he would. 

Twenty three years later Jeff is now a detective, following in his father’s footsteps, and now is ready to avenge the unsolved murder of his father and bring the killer to justice. Time is ticking for detective Jeff. While he is trying to solve the twenty three year old cold case of his father’s death, he finds himself suddenly trying to save the love of his life, a detective named Kerry. He needs to protect Kerry at all costs from the Speed Killers. Little does Jeff know that Kerry is one of several victims to be kidnapped by a gang. Jeff’s brother David’s house has been destroyed and it appears as if there is another gang involved. David’s addiction has put his family in harm’s way. Without the ability to pay the gang back, his wife and son are being held hostage. The time is now for Jeff to step up to the plate to save the people he loves.

Saturday 7 December 2013

#MySexySaturday Basking in the Afterglow

Welcome to the 28th week of My Sexy Saturday.

I just had sexy. Yes, sexy…that sexy look, that sexy talk, that sexy body. I just had sexy. You all know what I’m saying. That special moment, place and man. You’ve just had sexy. You feel everything, it smells wonderful and you want to share those times with your readers. Wasn’t that fun?

So tells us about those sexy times. We writers love to write about them: that first meeting, that first kiss, the first time they make love. We all know that each of us has a different idea of a sexy time. It can be the look shared across the room, the nerd who makes our heart pound, the construction worker who can’t wait to get in our hot tub or the fireman that we bought at the charity auction. Sexy has nothing to do with looks or status or even wealth. It doesn’t demand perfection and it doesn’t have pretensions but it does make us want to read those books.

Yes, we all love sexy!

Week #28 ~ My Sexy Saturday ~ The rules are simple.

Post 7 paragraphs or 7 sentences or 7 words

For My Sexy Saturday 'just had sexy' snippet, I'll have to refer back to last week and take another extraction from my upcoming family saga series Always Cambridge. There's no couple, that I've had the pleasure of creating, more sexy than Holly Cambridge and Victor Mayhue. Here's an unedited excerpt from both points of view...

God, he was beautiful. I didn't think it was possible for him to be any more stunning than I thought he was before. But happily, satisfied and relaxed and looking at me the way that he was right now; I felt tears threatening. His chocolate eyes shone with; I don't even know what emotion, but it made me feel beautiful and safe. It had been a long time since I felt safe. Like I could be myself.  I wanted so badly to be myself with him. 

I reached out and touched his chin, covered in a thin layer of stubble. I traced his dimple, the line of his nose. His plump bottom lip. His eyes closed then, as if he were enjoying my touch. I let my hand run down his neck and over his shoulder. I felt him relax, slowly, deeper and deeper. Until there was only deep even breathing. I closed my eyes. He'd worn me out. And I was one orgasm up on him. Just the thought made my lower half tingle. This crazy need was like nothing I'd ever experienced before. It was like an emptiness that only he could fill. This was different from even what I felt for Randy. What was this? What was happening? I wanted him with a craving; with a ferociousness that I wasn't sure would ever go away.      

I didn't want to stop touching him. I was so afraid that when I woke up he would be gone, that this had all been a dream. 

* * * *

I woke to an aching back and a beautiful woman on my chest. "Well, hello," I whispered. I couldn't help but smile. I wanted to laugh out loud. Do the fist pump. I got her. Mission accomplished. I'd never had to wait this long for any woman.

And after all that, she was still wearing her blouse. I chuckled. Never even got that far. I'd only managed to get the buttons undone. It was sheer. I could see right through it. I ran a finger down her arm and she sighed. I traced back up her arm, over her shoulder, over the slope of her breast and I let it run the outline of her bra.

I smiled again as the little bumps shot across her skin. She was very sensitive to my touch. I liked it. It made me feel like a demon. I could just wave my hand or stroke her and like magic she was ready for me. I let the pad of my thumb run across her breast and her nipple hardened. She moved against me then looked up at me.  

This is my inspiration for Victor Mayhue. And not so coincidentally, his real name is Victor Webster. And he's Canadian to boot. Bonus! LOL! You may recognize him as Coop from Charmed also Melrose Place, Mutant X, Days of Our Lives, and more recently Castle with fellow Canucks Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic, and Continuum. This is an older pic but if you look him up or like me you're a fan, he's aging very nicely, don't you think? *grins* He also had a memorable bare backside shot on an episode of Sex and the City.

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt. Don't forget to check out the rest of this week's My Sexy Saturday participants from the list below.

Have a Sexy Saturday!

Friday 6 December 2013

The Unwanted Christmas Guest by Penny Estelle

Please welcome fellow MuseItUp Publishing alum Penny Estelle...

I can’t tell you how excited I am that my very first ever Christmas story is being released today.  The Unwanted Christmas Guest is a story about Elizabeth McMurphy, an up and coming high powered attorney, who is after vengeance.  Her sights are set on one of the richest and most powerful families in Colorado. Steve York is an obnoxious reporter that thinks the ice queen has gone too far and does all he can to get under her skin.

When one of the worst blizzards in history, hits Colorado and leaves a hurt Steve York, stranded with Elizabeth in a mountain cabin, she must decide to either take care of him, or throw him out to fend for himself.


“What’s going on here? Where the hell are my pants?"
Elizabeth practically jumped out of her skin. Steve stood in the bedroom doorway, wearing only some tight fitting pink sweats. 

“I found you after your car went nose to nose with a tree.” She crossed her arms. “The question is, what were you doing up here in a snowstorm? Were you coming up here to spy on me?”

“Jesus, my head hurts.” Steve groaned and sat at the kitchen table. “And don’t flatter yourself.” He brought up his hands to rub his eyes and push on his temples. He started to say something when a giggle and a round of undistinguishable sounds caught his attention. Steve stared at the little girl, a whisper of a smile on his pale face. “You have a daughter?”

She chose to ignore the question. “Again, Mr. York, you were headed…where?”

“I was going to see some friends in Granby, then on to Steamboat to spend the holidays with my family.”

“You figured on taking a short cut on Badger Springs Road?”

“Basically,” he muttered. “I had a phone in my pants pocket…” Steve looked down at the pink sweats. “Yours, I presume?” At her nod, he asked with a smirk, “And you’re the one that took my clothes off?”

“Junior, my neighbor.”

“If you’ll allow me to use your phone, I’ll call Triple A and get myself and my car out of your life.” He reached over to Katy and she latched onto his finger, the brightest smile ever illuminating her sweet face. 

Elizabeth quickly picked her up, as if he would contaminate her by his touch.  “Phones are out.”



“How the hell do you live here?” he asked irritably.
* * *
Please find The Unwanted Christmas Guest and my other stories with MuseItUp publishing @

Feel free to stop by and check out my other stories and/or leave me a message.  I love visitors!


Wednesday 4 December 2013

Rock Me Gently Cover Reveal

I just shared this cover on Facebook and thought that I should do a cover reveal here too. I love this one. But then again, I have loved every single one of the covers that the talented Emmy Ellis / Posh Gosh from Totally Bound has designed for me. She rocks!

Huh, so? What do you think? Awesome isn't it!  
Rock Me Gently comes out early next year.  

Pre-order: 24th January 2014
Early Download: 7th February 2014
General Release: 7th March 2014
Thanks, Em