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Saturday 29 November 2014

#MySexySaturday Riding with the Devil #excerpt The Devil Take You #historicalromance

Sexy Down the Avenue 

Welcome to the 70th week of My Sexy Saturday.

This week’s theme is Sexy Down the Avenue. We’re sure you’re wondering just what we mean by this. When picking themes for the rest of the year, we realized that we hadn’t picked anything historical in a while. Sexy Down the Avenue reminds us of carriage rides in London or any European city. Of course, it could be any other sexy historical setting as well. Say American West or maybe even the Russian Court. Maybe we’re talking about what it was like in Australia or the South Pacific or…yes, the possibilities are endless.

So this week show us all the characters you have that are historical. We know there are tons of you who have made us love Scotland, Norway, Europe and more. Show us the settings and the love. And more than anything else, show us sexy! We love sexy and we love to read those wonderful stories. 

I've penned two historical romances. At first I thought I'd share a carriage ride from You Found Me, since I actually incorporated coaches into the story but as I was trying to decide on a passage, I realized that the scenes were not appropriate for an MSS post. In You Found Me, my poor heroine was never in a sexy place when she was loaded into a coach. SO, I decided on a snip from The Devil Take You, a Scottish historical. Our couple is not in a carriage but atop a horse. And oh, the things you can do while riding. :p

Here's the blurb:

Scotland - 1307 - During the Scottish Wars of Independence

Gard Marschand will stop at nothing in his pursuit to regain what is lost. Concealing his true identity, he will associate with his enemies, kill his own countrymen, even sell his soul to the devil if all else fails. He will lie, cheat, steal, rape and siege his way across two countries gaining power and reputation in his malevolent wake. His determination all consuming, until King Edward commands Gard to lay siege on Ross-shire holding, where Braelynn Galbraith obliterates his single-minded purpose.

Braelynn Galbraith wants peace for her beloved Scotland, marriage to her childhood sweetheart, Callum, and a house full of children. In that order. But evil incarnate in the form of Gard Marschand, turns her life inside out and destroys all hope of a decent marriage.

Can Gard abandon his deep-seated need of revenge for a love that might just save his soul, or will he succumb to the demons that hound him and surrender to the devil within?


Gard’s breath quickened in her ear. The sound and the heat from him roused her own excitement.  “You play a dangerous game,” his voice rumbled through her.

“I am na playin’ a game,” she retorted.

Giving a signal with his hand and the rest of the troop either sped up or
dropped back and fanned out. They were practically alone but for the far off snort of the horses.

He slowed his horse. “Bring your leg over.” She did, as he demanded, both of her legs hanging together over the right side of the horse. “Ye arena playin’?” He ran his lips slowly down her jaw stopping at the corner of her mouth. “Then wha’ are ya doin’, Brae?” He’d broken out the brogue, weakening her even more. “Ye think ye can toy wit’ me?” He kissed the corner of her mouth. Turning her head toward him, she gave him full access to her lips which he took without hesitation.
His hand rose, reaching for her, his finger traced softly the ‘U’ of her bodice. Brae wound her hand around his back letting it run over him. He covered her breast. This touch she was used to; he held her breast in sleep most nights. He kneaded her flesh until her nipple pearled in his palm, and then with his fingers stroked her sensitive tip until it tingled, making her arch into into his hand for more.

As he continued to school her lips, she felt his hand at the bottom of her skirt pulling it up slightly. His palm skimmed up her calf, over her thigh. She was unprepared for the wet warmth that gathered between her thighs from his kiss and touch, and she waited in anticipation of what he might do next. As if he knew what had just happened to her, his fingers slid over this new strange wetness, but instead of feeling outrage at his boldness, she found eagerness. She wanted his hand there. And when his skillful fingers slithered smoothly over her, spreading the wetness as he opened her, she shuddered in response. Her lips parted on a sigh of surprise. He growled in reply.

“Open,” he demanded roughly as she parted her legs. Extending his middle finger, he touched a very sensitive part of her, wiggling the end of his finger, before circling. His tongue seemed to mimic the same motions in her mouth, as his finger, making her crazed.

A moan of pleasure burst from the back of her throat. He paused the amazing stir of his finger only to slide it inside her, causing a new wave of sensation. She bore down on his hand trying to create more of this wonderful heaviness that was invading her lower body.

“Do ye wan’ more, Braelynn?” he asked.


Hope you enjoyed the snip. Don't forget to check out the MSS authors from the linky list below.

Have a Sexy Saturday!

Friday 28 November 2014

#NewRelease Saint Nicholas by Meg Amor @amor_meg #Interview @MuseItHOT!

Please welcome back my friend and fellow MuseItUp Author, Meg Amor, with a new release and a new anthology. Just in time for the holidays, a heartfelt sensual story Saint Nicholas, and Meg's story Dark War is also part of MIU's: Red Hot Wild Women Writers: 6 HOT Romances Bundle

Meg has once again generously submitted to, this time, what I refer to as a Christmas themed interview... 

Fav Christmas Memory as a child / toy / or a memory that really brought home the feeling of the season or made you believe in the magic or the spirit of the season.

My favorite Christmas memory as a child is mum’s beautifully laden table. Mum really knew how to set a table. We always had candied ginger, fresh black plump cherries, cashew nuts and dried apricots in wee dishes. All treats in New Zealand. One year mum and dad had also invested in a couple of bottles of Wild Duck fizzy red wine. LOL. I commandeered a bottle and helped myself to it. I was probably about eight. Actually, my memory only seems to be of the first part of the day… Not sure why that is.

Same question Memory as an adult / a special gift? Or something that happened that you’ll never forget.

One year, here in Modesto, I invited people to simply pop in for hors d’oeuvres and champagne. I also had a crock pot of my families lamb curry that people could have if they wanted something a bit more filling. I had the fire going and the house was cozily warm. I’d made lots of bite size hors d’oeuvres and the champagne flowed. It was a lovely friend filled day, ending with my best friend Kath and twin soul Donnie there. It was quite magical.

Share a family tradition with us. There are many in my family, one’s that we started when I was a child and some that my husband and I have adopted and cultivated with our own children. We get to open one gift on Christmas Eve—Christmas pajamas.

I like that tradition H K!! Very fun.  As a kid, we didn’t really have any of note. Christmas is not as BIG in New Zealand as it is here in the States but I have a couple of small things. Whether because it’s summer and if we’ve lucky, jolly hot, not remotely how the Christmas image is, I’m not sure. But if we were up at my Gran’s in the North Island, they would string an enormous Norfolk Pine tree that sat at the entrance to their driveway with large colored light bulbs. (this was a big deal back in NZ in the sixties and seventies. No one did stuff like this back then.) LOL. On Christmas Eve, when I was asleep, they took all the pressies outside to put under the tree. But it looked like rain (yes, New Zealand weather is quite unpredictable) and they had to bring them all inside again.

The other thing I always loved was decorating the tree. And my parents used to wrap a 50 cent coin in Christmas paper and hang it on the tree in secret. Then I’d have to find it. 50 cent pieces were the size of half dollars when I was growing up and were worth an untold fortune to a small child. I had a suitcase record player and was music mad. I could buy a 45 for .99 cents, so I was half way there with the ‘found’ 50 cent piece. Or a quarter of the way to an album. Solid Gold Hits – Volume 3!! LOL. It was excellent. :-)

As an adult, I have instituted the watching of the Christmas Movie, Love Actually.

When I am decorating the tree, each ornament seems to have a memory attached. Whether it was my grandmothers or my dad’s or something one of the kids made when they were young. Everything seems to bring a smile or a tear. Do you have a special ornament that comes to mind?

I don’t have anything from my childhood. I do collect ornaments now though. I have a huge Hawaiiana collection. And absolutely LOVE the glass ornaments from Europe. I do have things I got with my late husband which are full of memories too. Our love of France and the fleur de lys we got in Vegas, plus the pink VW beetle. The baseball things. An ornament he had made in Honolulu that has his, mine and Leo Ray Jr’s name on it (our cat.)


The Christmas Quickies

Favourite Christmas Movie

Love Actually 

Fav Story

I don’t have one sorry. It’s not as big a deal in New Zealand as the US. And reading these questions, I realize how different it is to here in the States. Christmas time in NZ was when the strawberries, fresh peas and cherries came into being in a big way for a few weeks. There was an air of holiday time (as in hot days, wearing shorts and jandals, (flip-flops) going to the beach or camping and lazing about.)

The week between Christmas and New Year used to be wonderful, because the whole of New Zealand practically shut down. LOL. The dairies (local 7/11 type stores) and supermarkets would be on limited hours. A lot of the businesses closed their doors. Things like lawyers, non-essential businesses etcetera would be closed until late January. Everyone had a holiday mood to them. Many of the local takeaways, the malls and general shops were shut. Industrial factories, shops and the like were all closed.

This produced a real ‘holiday’ relaxed feeling throughout the whole country. The news featured fun things only. People had Christmas Day at home or they went camping. It was wonderful really. I can’t inject the carefree laidback feeling of it into this writing. But having a whole country on holiday produced this rarified atmosphere of complete relaxation. It was gorgeous.

Often people didn’t go back to full time work until after the first week of January. All paid for. Schools were all off for the Christmas holidays which run from mid-December approximately to the end of January. Trust me, this is about the length of our summer anyway. LOL. Er sorry… this wasn’t a very quickie answer. LOL. I just realized how different my Christmas’s were growing up compared to the States Christmas’s.

Fav Christmas Carol or Hymn

Again, sorry, I don’t have one. We’re a secular country so hymns are out. And we never had Christmas music at home. I now associate all the songs from Love Actually with Christmas time. LOL.

Fav Food

The fat red or black cherries. I loved the candied ginger and salty cashews too. Such sweet treats for me as I have a savory tooth. I’m trying to think what we had for Christmas dinner. Mostly it was a roast of some kind. Lamb or chicken. I never had turkey until I came to the States twenty odd years ago. All the roast vegetables, parsnips, kumera (NZ sweet potato), yams (different to the ones here. Small bright orange grub like looking tubers—hard to explain. I’ve never seen them here. But are called Oca’s in the rest of the world.) Potatoes and pumpkin, all roasted with the meat. Fresh peas, fresh picked, shelled and eaten by us until we were green.

A trifle for dessert. A layer of sponge cake, spread with strawberry jam and soaked in sherry. Then a can of Watties Fruit Salad thrown over the top—pear cubes, peaches and pineapple, with the cherries that looked artificial, but you felt lucky if you managed to get one. LOL. On top of that was homemade custard, then oodles of whipped cream. Yum! 

I always make a Pavlova too for Christmas. It’s our national dessert. (and the Aussies, but we won’t mention them.) :) Pillowy meringue on the inside and crisp white shell on the outside, filled with whipped cream, cut up strawberries, kiwifruit and passion fruit topping. I love it and the Americans and Canadians I’ve made it for, do too. 

Here’s the best recipe for it:

8 egg whites
2 cups of sugar

About 3 kiwifruit
A ‘punnet’ or small container of strawberries (I’ve also used frozen strawberry’s in the States and using them as a center ‘hash.’
Passion fruit pulp is available, but not necessary.

If all these are in short supply.

Use canned drained peaches, blueberries, or raspberries

Cut a 23cm round (about 9”) out of parchment paper and place it on a flat baking tray.

Turn the oven on to 250’ (120’C)

Separate the egg whites and beat with an electric beater until soft peaks form. Then start adding the sugar, a couple of tablespoons at a time. You will need to beat this for 12 minutes on a fairly good speed to get the height out of the egg whites. Don’t skimp on the time otherwise you won’t get the body you want to hold well.

Spread the mixture over the circle with a spatula. Make furrows up the side of the pav and smooth the top.

Bake for an hour and 15 mins to 30mins until dry on the middle shelf. When you tap it, it should sound hollow. Turn the oven off, leave the door open and let cool.

Then plonk lots of whipped cream on top and decorate with slices of kiwifruit and quartered strawberries. We often put passion fruit pulp on it too. Use an electric knife to cut it if you have one. It’s a wee bit messy, but sooooooooo good. It will only last for the day, but I’ve never had any left over. LOL. Decorate close to serving for best results, but you can keep the dry pavlova in an airtight container non-refrigerated until you’re ready to decorate it.

Tree—Real or Artificial?

Real!! Love the smell. Gorgeous!

Please tell us about your new release, Saint Nicholas

Because my brain has stopped working tonight, I’ll give you the blurb sorry.

A beautiful heartfelt, sensual erotic romance story—New Zealander, Daisy struggles with the death of her husband, her days become blurs of unreality. There doesn’t seem to be any light at the end and if there is one—it’s probably a train.

Life has become slightly surreal. Nobody told her death would be like this. That she’d feel so exhausted some days, even brushing her teeth would seem like the ascent on Everest without oxygen.

Her one bright spot is picking up a lotto ticket at the local store where the gorgeous Greek owner Nicky Constantine works. His dancing Aegean-blue eyes and jet black wavy hair are as attractive as his long fingers. She notices them every time. He’s flirty and fun—he’s probably nice to everyone. Good Greek Boy, she thinks in her sarkier moments.

But one day, Nicky touches her hand and she’s transported into another time and era—she sees a flash of a heavy sheepskin flight jacket and peaked service cap. In her confusion, she leaves her cash card at the store.

Unbeknown to Daisy, Nicky’s only flirty with her. He’s been watching her for months, concerned for this lovely, fragile woman.

Finding her card, he takes up her challenge that men aren’t romantic anymore. He arrives at her door with an invitation to drive down to the river.

He’s packed champagne and candles…

Christmas is right around the corner...has Saint Nicholas come early this year?

As many of your readers, fans and friends are aware, you lost your own husband in the past year, how much of you is in Daisy?

A lot. Most of what I describe in Daisy’s feelings, the isolation and surrealness has been what it’s been like for me over the past year. I wrote this book about the six month anniversary mark of Aaron’s death. And my feelings in Saint Nicholas pretty much accurately mirror that time. I always write from a very personal space and Saint Nicholas is no exception. I’m currently writing a new book in The Hawaiians series and part of Aaron’s death and our relationship is in that. Writing has always been a way for writers to express what’s often very internal for them. I’m no exception.

Was the writing of this story cathartic for you?

Yes, it was the opening up door for how I was feeling at the time. I am pretty isolated where I am without a great deal of in person support. So at times, I felt like I was going mad with feelings that just kept piling up and no one to really talk to them about. I wrote a blog about the six month anniversary which unleashed some of how I was feeling. It felt very vulnerable to do that and I wondered whether to do it at the time. But people were wonderful. Then I wrote the book afterward. It’s part of the healing process I think. That six month mark in a death is where you start to heal or sink badly in psych terms.

Also with the release of Saint Nicholas, you are also one of the authors in MuseItUp Publishing’s the Wild Darkness Calls themed bundle, which also comes out today featuring, Dark War. Double Congratulations. Give us a run down. 

Thanks H K. Dark War was the very first book I wrote and had published by Muse.  It features Henry, Izzy and Charlie who have a deep soul love for each other that goes outside the normal male/female relationship. I’ve always called them a committed poly-faithful relationships or ménage. But this usually indicates the men are bisexual. I actually think Henry and Charlie might be pansexual. You love who you love. Although, in this book, I made Charlie more bisexual. He’s the raunchier of the two men and more likely to experiment.

Henry’s an older black Southern Gentleman and the love for Charlie, his best friend is surprising, but also not…for both he and Izzy. Charlie’s simply part of them. When Charlie goes missing with some awful people from his Club, Henry and Izzy go to find him to bring him home. He’s in an old plantation house he owns, now falling into disrepair. There’s a storm brewing and when they arrive, a scene of debauchery and sex is happening.

Izzy’s a fiery New Zealander like me and throws a fit. She and Henry take care of Charlie, trying to convey how much they love him. A deep sensuous bath and sultry sex unfolds. And we see Charlie let his walls down for something he really wants in his heart.

There’s a lot of emotion in this story and deep soul yearning that people often comment on. I felt it when I wrote it. Charlie is a Creole like Henry. There’s a richness in their stories, all set in New Orleans. The love between them is very heart warming.

These characters also are the stars of the Troika Love Series. The first book comes out in spring next year with Muse. You can find the blurbs over on www.troikaromance.com. I darkened them very slightly for this book, but their personalities remain the same. We get to see Henry and Izzy’s relationship unfold in Henry and Isolde. Then in book two, The Chi Circle, Charlie comes into their relationship and we watch that develop.

I love these characters, they’re my heart and soul in many ways. 

I have an excerpt for Saint Nicholas and Dark War on my website. Go and have a poke around if you feel like it.  Thanks so much H K for having me here with you at this time of year. Hoping everyone has had a lovely Thanksgiving and wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas or holidays, as they say in the old and new country. LOL. 

Thank you for being my guest today, Meg, congratulations on the new releases. I wish you a Merry Christmas and many blessings in the new year coming. You deserve them all. Aloha and Mahalo.

Thursday 27 November 2014

Mission Possible—If You Dare—This Thanksgiving Weekend Devour the entire Always Cambridge Series

Happy Thanksgiving! 

If you're looking for a little diversion from the food and family overload this holiday weekend, why not sample this compelling, dramatic and addictive series. 

Compelling * Addictive * Emotional * Dramatic * 

Violence, Danger, Sex, The Mob, the Feds and a whole lot more!
The mob story with love triangles, heartbreak and life-altering choices!

Follow the saga from the Beginning....

The Always Cambridge Series chronicles the life of Holly Cambridge through her tumultuous childhood, violent teen years, into adulthood, and the consequences that stem from being the daughter of mob boss, Bill Cambridge.

Author Note: This series is a true saga. Each new installment begins precisely where the last ended. The books should be read in sequence.

(available at eXtasy Books)

He is her guardian, but she’ll do anything within her power to protect him. His only duty is to keep her safe but he can't save her...   

Holly Cambridge is just a typical kid, or so she thinks, until one day, she takes a good look around and realizes her friends don’t have bodyguards dogging their every step.

At the age of sixteen, Holly is assigned a new bodyguard, Randy Phillips. He is a tall, muscular, God-like force in the young, impressionable and lonely girl’s life. He is her friend, her confident, her conscience, and the older man she adores beyond reason.

Randy Phillips is fully aware of his young charge’s adolescent crush on him. Although he is flattered by the adulation, he maintains a safe distance and professional demeanour until Holly is wounded in a rival family blood feud, and the course of both their lives is changed forever.

Book Two
eXtasy Books

No matter how far or fast you run, you'll never escape the past   

 It’s been three years since anyone has seen or heard from Holly Cambridge. But when she surfaces, she doesn't return home to the loving arms of her family. Instead, she heads straight to the FBI offering information that will destroy the Cambridge crime family.

Special Agent Alex Orton sees Holly Cambridge as nothing more than the next commendation standing between him and the ultimate promotion. What he doesn't bargain for is the shy, damaged, but feisty little woman that convinces his superiors to let her infiltrate a rival family, with Alex heading up the mission.

Holly and Alex clash at every turn, but Alex is intrigued by Holly’s sharp mind and boundless courage and must constantly fight his burgeoning feelings for his lovely informant. Alex is a strict disciplinarian of the rules and can’t reconcile the girl who can’t play by them.

As Holly carries out the sting and insinuates herself into the enemy’s camp, she develops a close and common bond with the middle Mayhue son, the exotically good looking and charismatic Victor. The very man who could end her life, if he were to discover her secret.

Hands tied, Alex must stand back, for the good of the team, and watch the tragedy play out.

Book Three

eXtasy Books

When constantly surrounded by violence, corruption and immorality, how do you keep from becoming the very thing that you abhor 

 Holly Cambridge barely recognizes herself anymore. Pretending to be another person is beginning to wear thin. Disguised as Randi Yates, she entangles herself into the perilous life of the irresistible Victor Mayhue. But day by day, she falls more desperately and impossibly in love with her natural enemy. Together they explore a highly sexual, dark and dangerous relationship. The lines between right and wrong and good and evil, begin to blur. And while attempting to shield and protect Victor from the Feds and even his own family, Holly loses sight of her original goal.

Victor understands her more than anyone she’s ever met. Essentially they have lived the same life. He is her other half. But once he discovers who she really is and what she’s done, there will be no going back. Victor Mayhue is not a second chance kind of guy.

And in the end, one of them will be forced to face their true nature.  

Book Four
Law and Order, Crime and Chaos
eXtasy Books

The wheels of justice might turn slowly, but destiny's punishment can be swift and merciless    

In the next highly charged installment of the Always Cambridge Family Saga Series, all the men in Holly’s life come together in one common goal—to keep the woman they love alive.

Special Agent Alex Orton of the FBI prepares Holly for the rigorous court proceedings to come, where she will testify not only against her own family, but also against the Mayhue crime family, including Victor’s volatile and sinister older brother, Lorenzo.

However, in the midst of all the personal turmoil, Holly’s first love and former bodyguard, Randy Phillips, emerges from the chaos. He vows to not only stand by her through the trials, but accompany her into Witness Protection and her afterlife, if in fact they make it that far, as both the Mayhue and Cambridge crime families swear retribution.

But in a twist of law and fate, Lorenzo Mayhue is unexpectedly released from prison and lures Holly to the Mayhue Excavating warehouses under the guise of Victor.

Five people enter the storehouse, but only three walk out.

Book Five
eXtasy Books

Dreams of second chances are only nightmares in the making    

Holly Cambridge and Randy Phillips are dead!

But they re-emerge in Witness Protection as Beth and Andy Gregory, far away from the mob life that nearly destroyed them.

Can Holly finally realize her dream and live in peace without the threat of violence shadowing her every step? Settle down in one place, put down roots with the husband and the loving family she’s always dreamed of?

Or will the Mayhue vendetta reach across the ocean and strike Holly where it hurts the most?

And the Conclusion to the Always Cambridge Series

eXtasy Books

Only the worthy are rewarded with happily-ever-after
In this final emotional installment of the Always Cambridge Saga Series, Holly Cambridge lives a quiet unassuming life as Beth Gregory in Witness Protection.

While drowning in heartrending grief, Holly struggles to move on with her life. Her nights are filled with nightmares of ghosts and regret. Her days seem unending, grey and lifeless. She plods through for only one reason. One very important one.

But one surprise meeting brings a ray of light into her darkness, in the form of Victor Mayhue, the love she’d been forced to leave behind.

However, with that glimmer of hope, Victor forces Holly to face the demons of her past. She is compelled to confess her sins and reveal the secrets she and Randy had squandered a lifetime to hide. And she must suffer the harshest judgment of all, from the one person whose esteem and respect mean more to her than life itself.

Will the Mayhues finally destroy the existence Holly has always dreamed of by taking away the one thing she’s fought her entire life to achieve? Or in the end, will Victor ultimately realize the role he was always meant to fulfill?

Also available at most vendors 

Wishing you all a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving! Cheers!


The Cranberries and Spice Thanksgiving Blog Hop, hosted by Natasha Blackthorne,  is still going on, if you'd like to enter. I'm offering a $10 Amazon (or ARe) giftcard to one winner and a free ebook (of mine) as a secondary prize. There are 39 other authors sharing hot excerpts and giving away other great prizes. (warning some on the excerpts including the one I shared are +18) The hop continues until December 5th. I will announce my winners on the 6th. So start hopping! Go!

Wednesday 26 November 2014

12 Lucky Holiday #ebook Winners @MusePublishing #Rafflecopter Nov 24—Dec 13 #MuseItUp

Photo: Our 12 Lucky Holiday Winners contest begins Nov. 24 at midnight and ends December 13 at 12 a.m.

12 lucky readers will win their MuseItUp ebook choice. There are several ways to gain more entries but the first question in our contest is mandatory to answer. It asks for the title of the MuseItUp ebook you'd like to win and in which format. 

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12 Lucky Holiday Winners contest begins Nov. 24 at midnight and ends December 13 at 12 a.m. at MuseItUp Publishing

12 lucky readers will win their MuseItUp ebook of choice. There are several ways to gain more entries but the first question in our contest is mandatory to answer. It asks for the title of the MuseItUp ebook you'd like to win and in which format. 

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If you enjoy historical romance, I highly recommend  
You Found Me or The Devil Take You (but that's just me) *wink* End of Shameless plug... 

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Tuesday 25 November 2014

Torn #CoverReveal A.M. Wallace #LadyAmbersBookTours @agarcia6510

Title: Torn
Author: A.M. Wallace
Genre: New Adult
Release Date: Feb. 18, 2015
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s Tours


Marcus has his life pretty much figured out at twenty five years old. He’s got his career on track, a nice house just outside of the city, and his lifelong best friend, Hannah, by his side at every turn. The only problem is that he has been fighting with himself to tell Hannah how he really feels. How she’s all he’s been able to think about since he was old enough to have those feelings. What he doesn’t know is that Hannah is facing the same inner battle with herself about him. She fantasizes about a life with Marcus.

Will Marcus or Hannah be able to tell each other how they feel about one another? Will they be able to make a life together or does fate have other plans?

A.M. Wallace was born and raised in southern Ohio. She is currently a stay at home mom to her wonderful son. She and her husband still reside in southern Ohio. after a few years of living in east Tennessee (Go Vols!) While her husband is a die-hard Volunteer, A.M. will always be a Buckeye. (O-H-I-O!) Thankfully the two teams almost never play one another.

Her love for reading started at a very young age. The Boxcar Children was where it all started, and she never quit. AR Reading in school only pushed her that much harder to read faster and more advanced books. Her competitiveness came out when there were prizes and "winning" involved. 
Now she reads anything and everything in her free time. (When she has free time.)
 After being a stay at home mom for seven months, needing a change that ould allow her to continue staying home with her son, she finally decided to pursue her dreams and write her first novel. While watching reruns of The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny, and Doc McStuffins in her living room with her seven month old rolling around, the idea behind The Divided Series was born.

Author Links:
Author Links – Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authoramwallace

Saturday 22 November 2014

Cranberries and Spice Thanksgiving #Bloghop and #Giveaway hosted by @Nblackthorne

 Blog Hop and Giveaway!

I'd like to wish my southern neighbours a Happy Thanksgiving. Up here in Canada we celebrate our Thanksgiving in October so any reason to have another feast sounds good to me.

To celebrate I'll be giving away a $10 Amazon card (or if the winner prefers a GC from All Romance eBooks) as prize #1 and readers choice of my backlist to winner #2. I'll choose the winners at random on the 5th of December and announce them on the 6th. Please leave a comment and an email address so I can reach you if you are chosen as the winner.

Happy Thanksgiving and thanks to Natasha Blackthorne for being such a wonderful host. There's also a FACEBOOK EVENT where several of the authors will be popping in intermittently sharing excerpts and more flash giveaways.

Don't forget to checkout all the other Cranberries and Spice Blog Hoppers and authors, for more great prizes, giveaways and excerpts. The entire Blog Hop Linky list is at the bottom of this post. Be sure to hit them all.

Speaking of excerpts, let's heat things up a little bit. 
Although air conditioning is the last thing we need to think about with the snow on the ground out there and the dreaded wind chill, this excerpt features the deliciously handsome Billy Maas—AC repairman extraordinaire from erotic romance Hard and Fast. I hope it warms you up. 

Here's the blurb:

 Josslynn Rossdale has dedicated the last ten years of her life making her sister’s dreams come true, and happily so. But now that Pasha is on the cusp of taking the fashion world by storm, Joss realizes she needs some time apart from Pash to find her own direction. Temporarily breaking away from the fast-paced modelling industry, Joss returns to their hometown and decides that opening her own agency is the way to go.

An overly hot and humid summer season has kept repairman Billy Maas more than busy. But when he attends a routine service call, he doesn’t expect the most beautiful woman in the universe to answer the door, let alone allow him to service more than just her air-con unit.

But Joss isn’t looking for a simple fling. After seeing how happy her sister, Pasha, is with her husband, Lot, she wants some of that. Billy is fun and exciting, but their lives and interests are very different. So when Joss begins to have real feelings for the adorable Billy, she sees no alternative but to distance herself from the younger party boy—leaving the bewildered and lovelorn repairman with a crisis he can’t fix.

Chapter Two

Joss woke up early the next morning, too sticky and hot to remain in bed and called the superintendent about the air conditioning. She’d been trying to get it to work since she’d returned and now that she needed it, it wouldn’t even turn on.

This apartment had been hers and Pasha’s for years. They’d kept it even while they’d been stationed in LA, so they’d have a place to stay when they were in town—or a place to come back to if things hadn’t worked out.

On the way to the kitchen, Joss paused to open Pasha’s bedroom door. It was bright and beautiful just like Pash. Joss took a deep breath. It even smelled like Pash.

After taking a cool shower, she put on a thin tank top and a pair of sleep shorts as she puttered around, unpacking from the trip to Hawaii and her sister’s wedding that she’d been neglecting.

There was a knock at the door. She expected it to be the super. Her building was a secured one, so folks couldn’t come and go without being buzzed in. But when she opened the door, it was most certainly not the manager. Instead she met the amazing blue eyes of the man that had occupied her thoughts all night long.

His handsomely rugged features showed surprise as well. The corner of his mouth turned up boyishly. His gaze skimmed over her scant clothing, heating her up again. In a smooth, smug gesture he leaned against the doorjamb.

“You’ve got to be kidding,” Joss commented, amused.

“Did you call for a service, ma’am…?”

Joss snorted at his choice of words and he turned five shades of red then began to back track and trip all over his tongue to correct himself.

“I meant a service man, ma’am. Er…aw, fer fuck! Oh, shit, again, I’m sorry.”

Finally he just hung his head. Joss waited until he peered up at her through his lashes. He was too cute.

“Did my friends put you up to this? You’re not like a male stripper or something on the side, are you?””

“No. I’m here to repair your AC unit. Your super let me up. I had no idea who lived here.”

Shaking her head at the impossibility of it all, she stepped back and let him in. 

“This way,” she said, very aware of him at her back. Visions of him doing the most delicious things to her body invaded her mind, as they had last night while she’d tried to sleep.

Jesus Christ, this could have been the fantasy he’d imagined in bed last night, except for the idiotic things coming out of his mouth. In his dreams he was the coolest. But as he followed her down the hall, he forgot all about his flub when he became entranced by the sway of her hips and her long tanned legs. Not to mention the severe cut of her shorts, barely covering the most shapely arse he’d ever had the pleasure of pursuing. His dick twitched. God, she was absolutely stunning. Luscious, he thought, and that wasn’t a word, he’d ever applied to any chick.

“Right in here.”

“Whoo, it is warm in here. How long have you been without it?” he asked concentrating on what he knew calmed his nerves.

“I noticed it when I arrived home and have been complaining to my super since. I’ve been out of town until recently, as you know. I’ve missed most of the heat wave, but now that I need it, nothing.” She twisted the dial to demonstrate.

“Hmm, the last couple of days about every one I’ve seen to has been frozen up. 
The problem stems from being cranked on full bore for so many days straight. But that’s obviously not the case here.” Billy popped off the casing exposing the inner workings.

The phone rang.

“Excuse me.”

Billy watched her leave and chuckled at himself. When was the last time he’d made a fool of himself over a woman?

As soon as he heard her answer the phone, he got back to work, diagnosing the problem, by process of elimination, the most common problems with that particular model first.

“Sure, I’ll send them to you right away, Tom,” she said, re-entering the room with a mobile phone to her ear. She then sat her amazing arse in an office chair in front of a desktop computer and turned it on. It started to boot up, but then the whirring sound came to a grinding and abrupt stop.

“Oh, shit! What happened?” She looked over at Billy.

How should he know? But he went over to see if he could help anyway.

“Here, try to reset,” he suggested, pushing the tiny button below the power start.

“Who’s that?” Billy was close enough that he heard the man on the other end of the phone. She must have known it was overloud too. Her gaze shot to his. He wondered if it was a boyfriend and belatedly he checked her left hand for a wedding band. It was bare.

“The AC repairman is here.” When the computer made no attempt to re-boot she said, “Ya know anything about computers too, Tech-Co?”

Billy viewed past her lovely bare legs and replied, “Maybe you have a loose connection or something?” Intentionally he placed his hand on her bare knee as he ducked under, taking his penlight out of his shirt pocket.

“I’ll let you go for now, Tom. If we can get this stupid thing up and running, I’ll send you those documents. If not, I’ll drop off the hard copies round to you tomorrow.”

Billy checked all the cables and connections. Everything seemed as it should be.

“Uhh, no, that’s not necessary.”

Billy noted a change in her voice. Not so cordial now.

“I said it’s fine. No. I can handle it. I’ll get those to you as soon as I can. Goodbye.” She ended the call abruptly.

Billy made sure to brush against her as he came out from under the desk. “All looks good down there.”

She held his gaze as the double entendre hung between them. He hit the power button again, but still nothing.

“Well, what’s next I wonder? They say these things happen in threes. The air conditioning, now this?” She rolled her eyes.

“Well, let me at least get your AC going. You’ll be cooler in no time and then all these other mishaps will be easier to contend with.”


Billy went back to the unit and tested the main power with his handy voltage detector. Then on a hunch he passed it over the wall outlet. The stick beeped, indicating it had power.

“It would seem the unit is fried.”

“What? How? I haven’t even been here.”

“Here, let me check your computer.” Again, the outlet had juice but not the computer. Even though it had attempted to start, it was dead now.

“Have you used any of your other appliances since you’ve been home? TVs? Is your fridge working?”

“The fridge is, but I haven’t watched any television.” She got up and Billy followed. She had a nice place—all high-end stuff.

In the kitchen, Billy suggested the microwave. She poured a cup of coffee and placed it into the machine, then hit start. It also did not work.

Baffled, she looked to him.

“That bad storm we had a week ago, maybe?”

“I was at a wedding out of town.”

“Oh, well, the power was out sporadically all over town. I’d say there was a power surge when the utilities came back on and some of your appliances got zapped. You should really unplug things if you’re not using them. Especially when you’re going to be away. There’s no need for them to be plugged in. You should also invest in some surge protectors. Especially for your computer.”


“I have ‘em. It’s not a big deal and they’re not expensive. Not compared to what it’ll cost you now to replace all this stuff. You got content insurance?”

“Yes. So all my stuff is junk?”


“Well, the air conditioning unit came with the place. At least that’s not my problem.”

“No, but it might be hard for your super to replace at the moment. There’s not an air conditioner to be had for miles. Every time there’s a heat wave people buy them up.”

“Well, shit! At least the coffee maker and the fridge made it and I can use my laptop.”

“Let me see what I’ve got in the van. Maybe I can help you out.”

“Thanks, I’d appreciate it.” She wiped her forehead.

“You seem like you can tolerate the heat better than most.”

“Ha,” she laughed softly. “It’s all smoke and mirrors. I’m just as hot as the next person.”

“I’ll say.” Billy grinned. “I’ll be right back.”

* * * *

Joss buzzed the smoldering repairman back in. He let himself into the apartment, a cell phone to his ear.

“The two-four-AC-B-seven. I’ll need a condenser and maybe a fan. Let me know.” He ended the call. “He’s gonna get back to me. I’ve got my trusty power detector.” He jiggled it between two fingers.

“It looks like a flat pen.”

“I guess it does,” he agreed.

”What does it do?” she asked, eyeing it.

“When you touch it to a live wire or something that has power running through it, it will light up and beep. You want to see what else isn’t working. Maybe make a list, then when you call your insurance company, you’ll be prepared?”

“Sure,” she said, dejected. It was one more thing she didn’t want to deal with right now. “Want a cup of coffee?” she offered, taking hers out of the microwave.

“Isn’t it a little hot for coffee?”

“Yes, but I need it.”

“Sure,” he decided with a shrug.

Joss poured him one then joined him in the living area. She passed him a cup. 

Once he’d accepted it, he looked directly at her, sending her pulse pounding again.

“Thanks. The TV in here is cooked too.”

“Great,” she said in a clipped tone.

 Following him to the next room, she couldn’t help but watch the play of muscle as his blue shirt pulled across his broad shoulders. Continuing her bold perusal, she admired the slim cut of his waist, down to the tight roundness of his butt. Oh yeah, he was built. Other than some tension-filled awkwardness as he went through her bedroom, they made it back to Joss’ office.

The repairman was about to set the coffee cup down on the desk but he fumbled it. The cup hit the keyboard, bounced, splattered hot coffee all the way up his chest then fell to the floor.

“Shit!” he cursed.

“Take your shirt off,” Joss yelled in a panic. She ran to the kitchen for some paper towel and a dishrag. But when she got back to the room and saw him without his shirt, cleaning up the mess was the furthest thing from her mind.

After tossing the roll of paper onto the desk, she took the towel and began to blot his chest, wiping the sexy black swirling tribal tattoo that began on his upper arm, spread to his left shoulder and ended on his chest. He was jacked—muscles bulging and flexing everywhere. With a body like that he must work out like a mad man. Belatedly, she realized she’d wrapped her other hand possessively around his bicep as she dried him off with the other.

Billy seemed to relax, the tension leaving his body. With deliberate slowness, he splayed his fingers low on her back, almost touching her bum.

All of a sudden he seemed to tower over her. She felt small. Her breathing turned shallow and co-mingled with his.

“Are you all right?” she asked, but it came out as a whisper.

Placing his free hand on her opposite hip, he then bent his head as if he might kiss her but hesitated, silently asking permission.

Joss wanted it more than anything.

“How old are you, Tech-Co?” she asked, her voice still evading her.

“It’s Billy.”

The new husky timbre to his voice went right through her. But she was aware enough to realize he’d sidestepped her question. She waited him out.


“Don’t lie to me, Billy, that won’t help your cause.”

“Twenty-five. Josslynn,” he added, letting her know that he’d already learned her name, most likely from the super.

“Just Joss,” she responded distractedly.

Anything over twenty-two was good enough for her. She leaned toward him and he captured her lips in a searing kiss. A mewling sound escaped her as his grip tightened and he pulled her body into his. He was so hard, all over. She molded her front to his, boldly rubbing her pelvis against his erection. The gesture dragged a growl from deep in his chest, thrilling her.

Joss dropped the towel so that both of her hands were free to explore his incredible body. Going under her shirt, Billy spanned his palms across her back. He exhaled hotly into her mouth as he tangled his tongue with hers. He was now fully aware that she was not wearing a bra, but instead of exploring her breasts as she expected, he slid his palms over her skin and dipped into her sleep shorts. He cupped her bum before angling her even more securely to his hard cock. They rocked and ground into one another until their harsh breathing filled the room.

All of a sudden everything went very fast. They fought over his zipper.

“Do you have a condom?” Joss panted.

“Wallet, back pocket,” he said, his square jaw tight.

Joss reached into his back pocket and held up the billfold for him to retrieve it. She wasn’t about to rifle through his wallet.

He produced the foil packet. Joss snatched it from his hand then ripped it open. As she fitted it over the swollen head, Billy pushed her hands away and rolled it the rest of the way on.

In a hurry now, Joss backed him toward the loveseat behind them, his trousers around his ankles. The moment the backs of his knees hit the cushions, he toppled downwards. Joss pushed at her shorts and let them fall, then straddled Billy’s lap. He scooched down, holding his distended cock in position for her to just lower herself onto it. But first, she took hold and rubbed it against her wet pussy, spreading the lush moisture around. Then she sank down slowly, allowing her inner walls to become accustomed to his size. She placed her hands on his shoulder for support.

Joss watched Billy’s face as she filled herself with him, his features a combination of ecstasy and pain.

Billy couldn’t believe this was happening. He was buried to the hilt in this

gorgeous woman who he’d just met. It was likely he’d get fired over this—fraternizing with the customers was strictly forbidden. But this was worth it! God, she was so hot and tight, he wasn’t going to be able to make this last. She tossed her head back and rode him frantically. The raspy mewling sound coming from the back of her throat was just as much of a turn on.

In an attempt to slow things down, he gripped her slim hips, but a tiny spasm rocked them both. Joss clamped her knees to his hips and ground her pussy against him. His balls tightened, just as her cunt began to quiver and squeeze him.

“Ohhh, Billy, ohhh…” she cried.

“Fuck! Hunhhh, Josslynn. Oh, baby!” he responded, his hips bucking, he emptied into the rubber.

Josslynn collapsed, burying her face into his neck. Glorious little ripples of latent arousal gripped her and transferred to him, hugging his deflating cock. It felt incredible.

But those amazing aftereffects soon gave way to awkwardness. Yes, they had some major sexual chemistry going on between them, but they knew next to nothing about one another.

Josslynn leaned back and regarded him for only a second before her gaze skittered away. She extricated herself from his lap and bent demurely to pick up her shorts then she raced from the room. Giving him an excellent view of her highly toned bare arse.

“Jesus! That’s nice. Let’s hope that wasn’t the one and only time I get to see it,” he said to himself, scanning the room for a trashcan. She didn’t seem like the tryst in the afternoon kinda girl to him. What if he never saw her again after this?

Spying a tissue box, he pulled the condom off and wrapped it up in the tissue then tossed it in the can.

When she returned, he was fully dressed and re-attaching the faceplate back onto the air conditioner. She went straight to the spots of coffee on the carpet and blotted and sprayed them. She was dressed in the same top but had put on a pair of light capris. They outlined her form perfectly.

“Can I help, there?” Billy asked.

“No, I’ve got it. Thanks.”

“I think I might owe you a new keyboard, too.”

“Wouldn’t it have burnt up too, probably?”

“Yeah, I guess. It may have.”

“Then don’t worry about it. I’ll have to replace the whole thing as it is.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay.”

Billy’s phone vibrated. “Yeah,” he answered tersely, then listened. “All right. I’ll be there.” He ended the call.

“Another repair call?” she asked, standing. She began to wipe down the desk.

“Yeah, sorry.”

“That’s okay. Not much you can do without parts, right?” She smiled then looked away again.

After collecting his gear and tools, he made his way to the exit. She followed behind.

“Can I”—he shrugged—“see you later tonight, maybe?”

“I have plans tonight.”

Did she? Or was she blowing him off?

“I’ll, uh, I’ll be back in touch then when I get my hands on some parts.”

“Thank you.”

After opening the door, he crossed the threshold into the hallway then turned back. She searched his gaze, seemingly uncertain, just as he was.

A small smile pulled at her incredible mouth and a twinkle flashed in her dark eyes. “Well, thanks for the service,” she said cheekily. Two pink patches appeared on her cheeks.

Heat climbed up the back of his neck.

“Well, you’re welcome, ma’am. Any time. I’m here to serve,” he returned with a grin.

She bit her lip as he turned from her and made his way to the elevator. When he cast a glance back, she’d already closed the door. 

* * * *
Joss leaned against the door then placed her face in her hands, silently berating herself. What had she been thinking? She’d just banged the Tech-Co repairman!

Oh, stop acting like you’re mortified. Embarrassed, maybe, but face it, you’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Yes, she would. He was hot and the hurried sex was too. So, why had she panicked and lied to him about having plans for the night. She might have enjoyed spending more time with him? Perhaps because she didn’t want him to think she was too easy?

“Oh, no, why would he think that when you jumped him after only knowing him a few minutes?” she admonished.

Mopping her forehead, Joss pulled herself together and called her insurance company.

Happy and safe Thanksgiving!