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Friday 7 November 2014

#MySexySaturday Lured under false pretenses... #excerpt from #AlwaysCambridge Misfortune of Birth

Welcome to the 67th week of My Sexy Saturday.

This week’s theme is a sexy first. A sexy first could be anything: a sexy first kiss, a sexy first meeting, a sexy first spaceship ride with that sexy someone. You tell us what you want the sexy first to be. And no matter what your concept of a sexy first may be, we’d love to hear all about that wonderful moment. 

Holly Cambridge experiences a lot of firsts in the Always Cambridge Series and not all of them are a good. Here's one of the better ones as Holly tries to resist the irresistible Victor Mayhue. 

Here's the blurb Always Cambridge 3 - Misfortune of Birth

The Always Cambridge Series chronicles the life of Holly Cambridge through her tumultuous childhood and violent teen years and the consequences that stem from being the daughter of mob boss, Bill Cambridge.

                                  ~ ~ ~ ~    

 Holly Cambridge barely recognizes herself anymore. Pretending to be another person is beginning to wear thin. Disguised as Randi Yates, she entangles herself into the perilous life of the irresistible Victor Mayhue. But day by day, she falls more desperately and impossibly in love with her natural enemy. Together they explore a highly sexual, dark and dangerous relationship. The lines between right and wrong and good and evil, begin to blur. And while attempting to shield and protect Victor from the Feds and even his own family, Holly loses sight of her original goal.

Victor understands her more than anyone she’s ever met. Essentially they have lived the same life. He is her other half. But once he discovers who she really is and what she’s done, there will be no going back. Victor Mayhue is not a second chance kind of guy.

And in the end, one of them will be forced to face their true nature.

Book Three : Always Cambridge

“Victor,” she said warily as I undid the button. I continued to stare down at her. I wanted to taste some more of those sweet lips. Even now I was hard just thinking of the moment she’d surrendered to me back at the office. It was our first real kiss. 

Every other kiss we’d ever shared had been that other horrible night through her swollen split lip. I wanted more and I knew how to get it.

“Victor? Where is Julie?”

“Take your coat off,” I commanded.

“I think I should go,” she said huskily.

I cupped the side of her jaw and let my thumb stroke her cheek. Her eyes fluttered. She was not immune to the Victor charm. Yeah, I was full of myself tonight. I moved towards her, my focus on her open mouth, my intent clear.

“Victor, where’s Jules?” She rasped in a small voice, attempting one last time to get a straight answer.

My lips just a whisper from hers I answered. “Julie moved out and she took Ty with her.” Now she was fully aware that I had lured her in here under false pretenses. What would she do?

Follow the saga from the beginning... Always Cambridge
I hope you enjoyed this week's excerpt. Don't forget to check out the other MSS authors from the linky list below.

Have a Sexy Saturday!


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  2. Well done. Wonderful site, too. Love the colors and the "atmosphere."

  3. Yum...very sexy snippet. I loved how you captured the disappearing of her defenses. Great snippet!

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