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Saturday 31 January 2015

#CoverReveal Tagged for Life by Sam Destiny #LadyAmbersTours

Title: Tagged For Life
Author: Sam Destiny          
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Expected Release Date: Mar. 31, 2015

Hosted by: Lady Amber's Tours


A career. A perfect future. Everything he could wish for. That’s what Corporal Jesse ‘Jazz’ Connor thinks about his life. He can’t understand why his comrades feel the need to find a girl and settle down when the Army career latter has so many steps to climb. Up, up, up; that’s where he’s looking – and that’s the reason, too, why he stumbles over the only thing that maybe can change his view on life forever: Tessa.

No job. No plan. An open future. That’s how Tessa Connor likes to see her life as she starts a trip to see some friends half way across the world. And Jazz will be her first step to the new Tessa. Build up your confidence; show the world what you can do, that’s her new motto. The problem is that Jazz maybe turns out to be so much more than she could ever have hoped for – and still not be able to hold onto.

Together they need to find a way to make A and B come together with an ocean between them that threatens to drown everything – maybe even their love.

Once upon a time there was a young girl with her head full of dreams and her heart full of stories. Her parents, though not a unit, always supported her and told her more stories, encouraging her to become what she wanted to be. The problem was, young Sam didn't know what she wanted to be, so after getting her A-levels she started studying Computer Science and Media. After not even one year she realized it wasn't what her heart wanted, and so she stopped, staying home and trying to find her purpose in life. Through some detours she landed an internship and eventually an apprenticeship in a company that sells cell phones. Not a dreamy career, but hey. Today she's doing an accounting job from nine-to-five, which mainly consists of daydreaming and scribbling notes wherever she can. 

All through that time little Sam never once lost the stories in her heart, writing a few little of them here and there, writing for and with her best friend, who always told her to take that last step. Only when a certain twin-couple entered her mind, bothering her with ideas and talking to her nonstop did she start to write down their story - getting as far as thinking she could finish it. Through the help of some author friends, and the encouragement of earlier mentioned best friend, little Sam, now not so little anymore and in her twenty-seventh year,  decided to try her luck as an Indie author. She finished the story of the first twin, Jaden, and realized she couldn't ever stop. So, it is only after five that the real Sam comes out. The one that hungers for love, romance, some blood, a good story, and, at the end of the day, a nice hot cup of Chai Tea Latte.

And if the boys are still talking to her, she'll write happily ever after.

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Friday 30 January 2015

Mini NEXT WEEKEND Book Blast with @noellekeaton, @kay_jaybee and @Nancyadams_A #naughty #excerpts

For the last few days, thanks to my very good friends, I've been on an a mini Book Tour with my latest release, Next Weekend and sharing some steamy excerpts along the way from this extremely mild D/s story. 

Today I'm visiting with the lovely Noelle Keaton

Thursday, if you missed it, I was at the fabulous
 Kay Jaybee's

And Wednesday, I stopped by Fancy Nancy Adam's place.

Hope you'll check us out. 

I also woke up this morning to a delightful surprise, a notification from Manic Readers, Next Weekend has been reviewed! A lovely 4 ★s from

Drue's Random Chatter's Reviews

Thank you Barb! 

There is also a fantastic 5★ review from MG/YA author and reviewer, Robin Leigh Morgan on Amazon! Thanks, Robin Leigh!

Evernight     Amazon     All Romance     BookStrand

 Miranda and Jordan Lang cordially invite you to their divorce...

Jordan is not completely surprised when Miranda suggests they separate. Their marriage had been deteriorating from the moment they took their vows. Although heartbroken things didn’t work out with the woman he expected to spend the rest of his life with, he doesn’t contest her decision.

The only thing holding up the final divorce decree is the sale of their get-away cabin. In a weak moment, Miranda heads there for the weekend knowing full well that Jordie will also be there. Accidentally—on purpose, she seduces him and leaves an open invitation for another naughty weekender.

But the next time they meet, Jordie’s anger over the entire situation has kicked in and he finds himself being rough and commanding with her. And even more surprising, his ex likes it.

Follow Jordie as he finds and embraces his dominant side and Miranda her submissive self. Will it be enough to save their doomed relationship or will the issues that drove them apart remain more than they can overcome?

#BlogTour Chasing December by E. Montgomery @EMontgomeryAuth #LadyAmbersBookTours

Title: Chasing December
Author: E. Montgomery   
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Hosted by: Lady Amber's Tours


When December had had her fill of bad boyfriends, she cashed in her savings and made her dream a reality. She is now the proud owner of December’s Light, the towns first candle boutique. Entrepreneurship has left little time for play – or men – over the last two years. 

Chase, the new guy in town, stumbles upon December’s Light while on the search for a birthday gift for his sister. He finds a lot more than the perfect scented candle inside the shop though. 

But can December allow her heart to open up to this man after she learns his secret?

Author Bio:

Author E. Montgomery was born in Williamsburg, Virginia and raised a hop, skip, and a jump away in Yorktown, Virginia. Paranormal inspiration was easily obtained during her childhood in these colorful towns. This helped to spur her love of Paranormal romance stories, but she also enjoys reading YA and NA.

She is currently raising four children and a husband while elbow-deep in the task of finishing the many books to come out in 2015. You can often find her searching on Google for an appropriate, or sometimes inappropriate, photo to insert in any random conversation. If not on Google, or Facebook chat, she can be found drinking coffee (like any normal writer), eating Gummy Bears, baking fanciful cakes, reading (of course), or writing (duh).

"I always wondered what authors meant when they said that their characters tell them what to write - I get it now!"

Author Links:

Amazon Author Page

Buy Links:

US Chasing December - Kindle edition by E. Montgomery, Caitlin Zabek. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com

UK Chasing December eBook: E. Montgomery, Caitlin Zabek: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store


“Well, December, I’m Chase, can I buy you a cup of coffee after work? I just got to town, working on the big building that’s going up in town and you happen to be the first person I’ve met,” he said as he grabbed the Winter Snowflake Collection basket. “This should do, she likes snowflakes.”

“I’ll ring you up at the counter,” I said as I walked around the display case to the register. “Thirty five even is your total, did you want this gift wrapped?”

“No gift wrap today, but I would like that coffee tonight,” he said with a smile so wide it looked like he was posing for a toothpaste ad.

“Um,” I hesitated.

“She’d love to, what time?” Lumi came up behind me wrapping her arm around my shoulders. I was going to beat her as soon as this man left!

“Great!” He exclaimed, never taking his eyes off mine, “I get off work at seven so pick you up at seven thirty? I have to run home and take a shower, I’m with the builders down the road,” He said holding up the palms of his hands, that were in fact pretty dirty.

“I guess a cup of coffee wouldn’t hurt, seven thirty is good,” I couldn’t believe I gave in that easily. He was pretty to look at though; a little eye candy to commit to memory for my lonely nights in bed may not be such a bad idea.

“Alright, I’ll see you then,” he turned and walked out the door and I let out a sigh.

“Squee!” Lumi shrieked as she bounded over to me clapping her hands like she was a two year old that just saw Santa for the first time.

Tuesday 27 January 2015

#ReRelease Nasty Business by Lisabet Sarai #BDSM #erotica

 Nasty Business

Fireborn Publishing has just re-released this super-hot BDSM romantic erotica novel by Lisabet Sarai


All's fair in lust and business

Ruby Maxwell Chen, lovely and ruthless CEO of a huge British business empire, is used to getting her way. When she encounters the strangely charismatic American entrepreneur Rick Martell, though, she wonders if she hasn't finally met her match.

From the trendy clubs of London to the Hollywood Hills, Ruby and Rick compete for ownership of a strategic factory in Malaysia. Neither has any qualms about using sexual wiles to smooth the path to success. Neither anticipates that their mutual attraction will turn into something far more intense and difficult to control.


As their struggle for dominance escalates, they draw their employees and associates into their outrageous power games. The stakes could scarcely be higher, as Ruby and Rick play for the ultimate prize: a night of total physical surrender.

Excerpt (Rated X)

As good as I am at this game, I'm finding it difficult. I know, intellectually, that ignoring her, pretending to honor my promise, will heighten her frustration and ultimately, weaken her defenses. If I came on to her, she'd resist. By seeming to hold back, I draw her to me.

I can feel the arousal emanating from the trim form strapped into the seat next to me. Her body language speaks volumes, though she struggles to silence it. She's dying to have me touch her, or to touch herself. 

The problem is, I have to struggle myself not to reach for her. I have to resist this nearly overwhelming urge to slide that designer skirt up her slim thigh, exposing her smooth flesh. My fingers itch to stretch across the console and tweak those ripe nipples poking through her blouse. My half-hard dick presses uncomfortably against my zipper.

I watch the pavement twisting in front of my hood. I push the roadster a bit harder. Obedient, she races around the curves, graceful and powerful. An extension of my body, my will. Ruby's lips are parted. Her hair has come free from its clasp and flows around her face in jet waves. I want to control Ruby the same way I control my car. I want to feel her respond when I press the pedal a bit closer to the floor.  

A sideways glance tells me that she's looking at me. I risk a few seconds of inattention to turn and grin at her lasciviously. "Take off your blouse, Ruby. Go ahead, you know you want to." The wind tears my words away, but I know she hears me. There's defiance in her eyes, mixing with the lust. "Come on. I dare you."

A contest, then. Briefly, emotions war on her face. Her lust wins. She smiles at me, provocatively.

"Keep your eyes on the road, Martell. You'll get us killed."

She's right. I switch my focus a second too late and barely miss grazing the inside guard rail. When I can afford another look, she's naked to the waist. Her fingers are torturing her plump, rosy nipples. Even in that quick instant, it seems that I can see them thicken and grow darker as blood surges into them.

Now Ruby cups her flesh in both hands, kneading, stroking. Her breasts are pale, perfect hemispheres tipped with flame. I would have thought the wind would blow her scent away, but no, her musk permeates the open car. My cock stirs and demands to be set free. I look back at the road, my heart slamming against my ribs as another curve whistles by.

My next glance shows me her parted thighs. She fidgets on the leather upholstery, though her hands are still massaging her tits. Crudely, I jerk my thumb upwards, then wiggle my middle finger at her.

She is already pulling up her skirt, not waiting for my suggestion. Looking me straight in the eye, she spreads her legs wide, pulls her panties out of the way, and sinks four fingers into her glistening cunt.

My dick jerks to full attention. I watch, fascinated, as she grinds herself feverishly against her hand, pummeling her clit, pinching those scarlet lips until they are almost purple. Her eyes are shut. Her back is arched, pelvis thrust forward to provide maximum access. She's a tiger, tearing at her own flesh in hungry fury. Her scent rises around us, drowning out the eucalyptus that always lingers in the southern California air. There's an ache in my chest that mirrors the one in my cock. I've never wanted anyone so much.

At the last minute, I swerve, barely avoiding the shiny Cadillac coming at me from the other direction. Adrenaline courses through me at the near miss. Ruby doesn't even notice.

There's a turn-out ahead. Hands shaking, I pull into the semicircular parking area and shut off the engine. Now I can hear Ruby as well as see and smell her. She moans and cries as she thrashes around on the seat. Her mouth is open, her teeth clenched. She sounds as though she is in pain. Her harsh grunts become rhythmic and rise in pitch as I watch her ascend the final slope to her climax. 

I stroke myself through my trousers, in time with her climb. I'm back in control, turned on but pacing myself. I know that I'll get what I want eventually. Ruby twists and writhes. Both her hands are deep in her cunt. Her juices run down her wrists. It's unbelievable how hard she is on herself. I remember her flogger, wish that I had it with me now. She wouldn't even feel it, but it might help her over.

Then, without warning, Ruby screams and arches up off the seat. Her whole body convulses, then abruptly collapses. Little tremors continue to shake her frame for long minutes. Her eyes are closed; she seems unconscious.

She looks fragile, porcelain skin misted with sweat, tangles of hair stuck to her forehead. I suddenly want to take her in my arms, cradle her, brush those tangled locks away and kiss her eyelids until she awakens. At the same time, I have a perverse urge to loose my cock and sink it into her passive, defenseless flesh. To finally make her mine.

 Amazon US     Amazon UK     Barnes and Noble 

    Kobo      All Romance      Fireborn Publishing

Bio: More than a decade ago LISABET SARAI experienced a serendipitous fusion of her love of writing and her fascination with sex. Since then she has published more than fifty single author titles, including the BDSM classic Raw Silk, and contributed dozens of short stories to ebook and print anthologies. She has also edited several acclaimed multi-author collections and is currently editor for the altruistic erotica series COMING TOGETHER PRESENTS.

Lisabet holds more degrees than anyone needs from prestigious universities who would no doubt be embarrassed by her chosen genre. She loves to travel and currently lives in Southeast Asia with her highly tolerant husband and two cosmopolitan felines. For more information on Lisabet and her writing visit Lisabet Sarai's Fantasy Factory (http://www.lisabetsarai.com) or her blog Beyond Romance (http://lisabetsarai.blogspot.com).

Monday 26 January 2015

#medievalmonday2015 The Heart of the Phoenix @BarbaraBettis

Welcome to Week Four of Medieval Monday

This Week
The Heart of the Phoenix
by Barbara Bettis



Lady Evelynn’s childhood hero is home—bitter, hard, tempting as sin. And haunted by secrets. A now-grown Evie offers friendship, but Sir Stephen's cruel rejection crushes her, and she resolves to forget him. Yet when an unexpected war throws them together, she finds love isn’t so easy to dismiss. If only the king hadn’t betrothed her to another.

Can be cruel

Sir Stephen lives a double life while he seeks the treacherous outlaws who murdered his friends. Driven by revenge, he thinks his heart is closed to love. His childhood shadow, Lady Evie, unexpectedly challenges that belief. He rebuffs her, but he can’t forget her, although he knows she’s to wed the king’s favorite.

And deadly

When his drive for vengeance leads to Evie’s kidnapping, Stephen must choose between retribution and the love he’s denied too long. Surely King John will see reason.

Convict the murderers; convince the king. Simple. Until a startling revelation threatens everything. 


At first, Evie thought it was the thud of her headache. Then the pounding came again, louder. She groaned and turned over. Opening her eyes told nothing; the blackness in the cabin was impenetrable.

“Marie?” Her voice rasped in a dry throat. Blasted tears.

No one answered. The girl must still be on deck. Evie might as well have left Marie behind, for all the assistance the maid provided. With a groan, she swung her feet over the side of the bunk and felt her way along the wall toward the sound of another insistent knock.

“A moment,” she called. “I’m coming.” Who had the nerve to wake her in what must be

the middle of the night? Hah. Need she even wonder? Her toe collided with something, and she yelped as she landed on her knees on the wood plank floor. Just what she needed. A broken foot.

The door burst open, bringing with it a dim light. “What’s wrong?” Stephen’s deep voice filled the room. “Where’s the damned lantern?

“If I knew, I would have lighted it.” Blasted man. Did he think she enjoyed stumbling around in the dark? He acted as if she did so just to plague him.

Holding a shielded ship’s lantern high, he stepped toward the desk. 

“Here it is. Where’s that lightskirt who’s supposed to be your companion?”

“Leave Marie alone. I wanted privacy and gave her permission go above.” Never mind that Evie had just complained about the same thing. He had no right to do so.

“What do you want?” she asked. “Is something wrong?”

“A little late to ask that, isn’t it?” He bent to coax the cabin lantern to flame.

“Oh, for the love of heaven. Stop plaguing me. Why are you here?”

“I thought you’d like to know the identity of our fellow passenger.”

“At this hour? Could you not have waited until morning?” Sweet Mary, preserve her patience. He was the most maddening man alive.

Light flared in the cabin’s shuttered lantern, throwing a shadow across his face, reminding Evie of another reason he should not be here. Her body instantly throbbed to life.

She pressed her palms against her stomach and inhaled. Calm. She needed calm. He was not the most beautiful man she’d ever beheld. He did not possess the power to heat her blood to boiling.

He did not care that she thought of him night and day.

That much was true, for certain.

“I have news that will make the rest of your trip joyful.”

His words centered her whirling mind, and Evie eyed him warily. What news could possible make her happy right now?

She ventured a guess. “You are leaving? Your second in command, the delightful Sir Macsen, will accompany me the rest of the way home?”

“Much better.”

She could tell he was angry now by the way he glowered and roared in that whispery sort of way no one else could hear, but left her with no doubt of his displeasure.

“Your betrothed.” He bent and scooped her off the floor.

“What? What about him?”

“That’s the identity of the illustrious lord who crosses to England with us.”

“You’re drunk. And put me down. I’m perfectly capable of getting up on my own.”

“Be quiet. You have blood on your leg.”

“Of course I do. I tripped and fell trying to answer your pounding when you could as easily have opened—“ His words finally penetrated her throbbing head. “I’m bleeding?”

Oh, blast. The contents of her—empty—stomach churned. She attended the villagers’ hurts, bound the cuts and scrapes of servants and their children. The sight of their blood bothered her not a whit.

But her own? Black spots danced at the corners of her vision, becoming larger and larger until she heard Stephen’s voice.

“Evie, Evie. What the hell?”

His voice echoed so far away. If she didn’t know better, she’d vow he sounded alarmed. Perhaps she’d close her eyes for a moment.

As the ringing in her ears crescendoed , she recalled his words. Betrothed.

Her betrothed was on board?

Dear Lord, just let me die.

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Friday 23 January 2015

Second Chance at a Cheerleader—Snowedin Fantasies 2 @willaedwards #BDSM #mfm #ménage

Welcome back romance author Willa Edwards...

The Birth of A Town

A few years ago I received an invitation to my ten year high school reunion (which these days are delivered via Facebook). When I received the invite my first thought was of the friends I wanted to see, and have fun with again. But though I was excited to see all my old buddies, which we don’t get to do very often these days, spread out all over the country, I wasn’t curious to know what was happening with them. I know what’s going on in their lives without the reunion (another benefit of Facebook). But the idea of seeing all the other people that I went to high school that I wasn’t close friends and as a result I was not a part of their lives, or their Facebook friend, stirred my interest. What happened to the straight laced valedictorian, the class AV geeks, the star of the school play, or the quarterback of our abysmal football team (we didn’t have a single win my senior year, no one was getting a college scholarship off their football scores in my class). 

And that’s how Snowedin, Vermont was born.  This fictional skiing town, filled with crazy characters, is very similar to town I grew up in. From skiing to hockey and all the maple sugar you can drink in between. And I started off this series very similarly to how the idea came to me, with the planning of the class of 2002 high school reunion. 

Like any high school class, a lot had changed in the last ten years. Some of them have fallen on hard times, some have excelled in the real world, but they all have one thing in common (besides that they graduated from high school together), they are all trying to determine where they fit into the world and where they want to go next. They are no longer kids, and they feel the need to start getting serious about what they want in the world. Whether that’s a new job, a new place to live or to finally settle down and have the family they’ve already dreamed of. All these characters are striving to make their dreams a reality. And regardless of age and place, isn’t that what we’re all trying to do?

Though not all the stories I have planned (and yes, I have many cooking right now) revolve around characters from this graduation class, just like my high school reunion invitation, the series begins with the questions that stimulated my curiosity. But like every one of my stories, the town of Snowed and all its inhabitants are growing, and each member of this tourist town is vying for my attention, wanting their own story. I can’t wait to give each of them their own voice.

Second Chance at a Cheerleader is the most recent installment in my Snowedin Fantasies series, explores what happens when the head cheerleaders and class geeks get together. Ten years have led to a lot of changes with both, including how they see each other and themselves, leaving the possibility open for so much more.


Dan Tyson and Matt Goodman are the ultimate nerds, not to mention millionaires, after their video game hit it big. They always dream of loving one woman, Lanie Brookes, queen of the school. But back in high school they couldn't interest any woman. Definitely not someone as amazing as Lanie. As their high school reunion approaches they decide to blow off some steam, by sharing a date from Fantasies Fulfilled.

In high school, Lanie Brookes had the life everyone dreamed of. She was head cheerleader, dating the captain of the hockey team. But since staying in Snowedin to take care of her mother, her life has gone downhill.

When she receives a mysterious subscription to Fantasies Fulfilled, she decides to make the most of it, picking two men for the price of one. But she never guessed she’d selected the two men she's dreamed of since graduation night, Matt and Dan. But will they still be interested in her now? Or will the fantasy go up in smoke when they realize who she's become?


She read the words across the card, her heart picking up speed at the insignia across the top. Fantasies Fulfilled. She held the invitation in her hand, hardly able to breathe.

Over the last few months she’d heard all about Fantasies Fulfilled from her best friend Beth. First when she talked about satisfying her own fantasy, about who she’d planned to meet and how much she was looking forward to her evening with them. And since her fantasy, Lanie heard all about Beth’s two men, Marcos and Dell, who she thanked the Fantasy Fulfilled team for connecting her with, or reconnecting in Dell’s case.

Every time Beth mentioned her fantasy night, or the two amazing men it had brought into her life, the green monster of jealousy reared up inside Lanie. It had been so long since she’d felt even a fraction of that excitement. It had been even longer since she’d felt sexy or beautiful, as Beth described Marcos and Dell made her feel.

Had Beth gotten her a subscription to the service? No one Lanie knew had the connections or excess income to gift her with such a subscription. Fantasies Fulfilled was a very exclusive service, and could be very expensive.

Not that it mattered who got her the gift. Lanie didn’t know a lot, but she knew not to look a gift horse in the mouth. She didn’t care who gave her the subscription. She had it now, and she planned to have a little bit of fun with it.

Her heart pounding, she sat down at her computer. The machine groaned, upset to be reawakened. Way past its prime, the computer still worked, albeit much slower than it had years ago. She opened up Internet Explorer and typed in the website, detailed across the bottom of the card.

The main page appeared in the same black and silver lettering as the invitation. It was rather bland, considering what type of work they did. She’d been expecting lewd pictures or at the very least a few veiled references to the services they provided. From what she saw, Fantasies Fulfilled could have been selling drying cleaning chemicals. But very high end ones.

Lanie typed in the password off the card and the website opened up. Lanie felt like Alice stepping through the looking glass, as the website revealed a whole new world to her. One she’d never expected to be invited to. Across one side of the screen a list appeared of every fantasy she could think to indulge in, and then some. BDSM, exhibitionism, voyeurism, roleplaying, and same sex experimentation.

But one fantasy stuck out to her more than all the others. Ménage.

After all Beth’s talk about her two men, Lanie couldn’t deny the idea appealed to her. She leaned back in her chair, imagining being sandwiched between two men, their arms wrapped around her, their voices whispering sweet words into her ear. Telling her how beautiful she was, how wonderful, how amazing.

Without realizing it, her mind flashed back to high school, to the party following graduation. Back when she was young, free, and so sure of herself. A confident person she didn’t recognize now. The only time she’d ever been sandwiched between two men, their glowing admiration filling each touch, every look and smile.

She’d only danced with Dan Tyson and Matt Goodman that night to make her boyfriend of the time, Vance, jealous after a knock-down, drag-out fight. He’d told her she’d never be able find anyone else willing to put up with her shit. He’d acted like he deserved a goddamn medal just for dating her. To prove him wrong, she’d run out to the party and found two guys more than willing to lick her shoes if she’d asked them to.

But what surprised her the most about the dance was how safe she felt between Matt and Dan. Maybe it was because she knew they’d do anything for her, that she could bat her eyes and they’d come running. Unlike Vance, who made her beg for ten minutes of cuddle time after he’d rutted on top of her till he got off, though she rarely did. But it felt like more than that. More than just the power she held over them. There was a gentleness to their touch, a reverence in their eyes, that made her feel like a prized possession. They were the only men she could remember that made her feel that way.

To this day, when she felt upset, alone, invisible, she still pulled out the memory, let it play out in her mind and remind her of a time when she was someone special, someone worth loving.

She’d been using that old memory a lot recently. It was about time to start creating a few new ones. She had a lot of loving to make up for. Two at once seemed the most efficient method of taking care of her problem. She smiled to herself. It was only logical.

Clicking on the link, her eyes widened. Her pussy dampened as she read all the messages, all the dirty wishes these pairs of men asked for. 

There were so many requests. So many men out there search for the same thing she did. Who would have ever guessed?

Damn, this was the best present she’d ever received.

Second Chance at a Cheerleader
Snowedin Fantasies 2
Available Now @  

Find me Online: www.willaedwards.com
Or my Blog: www.willaedwards.com/blog
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Reunion Makes Three Snowedin Fantasies 1 @BookStrand


Second Chance at a Cheerleader (Snowedin Fantasies 2)

Tuesday 20 January 2015

Sizzling #NewRelease NEXT WEEKEND #erotic #BDSM-lite @evernightpub

Woo! It's Release Day!

My first release with Evernight Publishing is out today!

Miranda and Jordan Lang cordially invite you to their divorce...

Jordie is not completely surprised when Miranda suggests they separate. Their marriage had been deteriorating from the moment they took their vows. Although heartbroken things didn’t work out with the woman he expected to spend the rest of his life with, he doesn’t contest her decision. 

The only thing holding up the final divorce decree is the sale of their get-away cabin. In a weak moment, Miranda heads there for the weekend knowing full well that Jordie will also be there. Accidentally—on purpose, she seduces him and leaves an open invitation for another naughty weekender. 

But the next time they meet, Jordie’s anger over the entire situation has kicked in and he finds himself being rough and commanding with her. And even more surprising, his ex likes it. 

Follow Jordie as he finds and embraces his dominant side and Miranda her submissive self.  Will it be enough to save their doomed relationship or will the issues that drove them apart remain more than they can overcome?

Be Warned: light BDSM

 Buy links:  Evernight     Amazon     All Romance     BookStrand

A tingle of instinctive, cautious awareness shot over her right shoulder and up her neck. Tensing, she was about to turn around when all of a sudden she felt a presence at her back, right before two strong hands reached inside her open shirt and cupped her naked breasts. Alarm soon gave way to need when she noted the familiar firm touch. She closed her eyes and let her head loll back against his shoulder.

“What are you doing here, Miranda?” he demanded. He stood so close. His menacing, low voice reverberated through her back but also sent a thrill through her. He continued to knead her breasts while cushioning his impressive erection against her tailbone.

“I didn’t know you’d be here,” she mumbled, pushing her tits more fully into his greedy palms and pressing her rear-end backward.

He squeezed her boobs almost painfully. “Bullshit! You knew I’d be here. It’s stated quite plainly in the paperwork that I’d be in residence over the weekends until we find a buyer for this place.” He skimmed his lips up her neck, sending goose bumps over her heated skin. “Try again, Randa.”

For the moment, legitimate excuses escaped her.

With his chin, he nudged the shirt from her shoulder, peppering hot kisses in its wake as it slid down her arm. The uncharacteristic scruff on his jaw scraped her skin, creating a whole new dynamic, as if a new man kissed her. Her knees grew weak. A wet rush dampened her panties.

Abruptly, he released his hold, leaving her frustrated. But she soon realized he only meant to divest her of his shirt completely. It floated to the floor at their feet, forgotten. From behind, he roughly gripped her breasts once more, his fingers biting into her tender flesh.

“Is this what you came for?”

Evernight     Amazon     All Romance     BookStrand

Monday 19 January 2015

#medievalmonday2015 The Highlander's Tempestuous Bride Cathy MacRae @CMacRaeAuthor

Welcome to Week Three of Medieval Monday

This Week  
The Highlander's Tempestuous Bride 
by Cathy MacRae


What happens when the sixteen-year-old daughter of the laird, destined to dutifully marry to benefit the clan, falls in love with the wrong lad? In Medieval times, punishments ranged from forced marriage to the man chosen by the laird, to imprisonment, life in a nunnery, or even death.

Gilda does not set out to defy her parents, but when she falls in love with the son of the laird of a neighboring clan that has been at war with hers for years, things are bound to go wrong.

Book cover blurb:
Returning home after a ten-year absence, Ryan Macraig falls for a fiery, red-haired lass from the wrong end of the firth. He can’t ignore his need to see her again, even knowing she must be a hated Macrory.
Gilda Macrory trespasses Macraig land, but haunting memories of the young man she once met there draw her to the forbidden place. Learning he is Laird Macraig’s son threatens her dreams, for her father would never agree to a marriage between his daughter and their enemy’s son.

With pirates raiding the coast, bad blood between the Macraig and Macrory clans could cost Ryan and Gilda their love—and their lives


“Are ye sure . . .” A quick stride took him back to her side.

Gilda jerked the knot at her waist and the skirt fell free, but not before Ryan got a glimpse of slender ankles. She settled an arch look on him and it was all he could do to keep from laughing at the regal air she portrayed.

“I am fine. I am also certain I will not meet ye here again?” Though couched as a question, her tone indicated she’d rather see anyone other than him the next time she ventured out to pick berries.

Ryan shrugged. “I think the berries are about finished for the year. Mayhap the Macraig cook will send a lad out to pick the rest. We like sweets like jams and pastries at Ard Castle, too, ye know.”

“Goodness knows the men at Ard Castle need sweetening,” Gilda shot back, her cheeks pinking as she clearly regretted her quick retort.

“A kiss from a pretty lass would help sweeten this Macraig’s disposition.” Ryan marveled at the swirling colors changing Gilda’s eyes from silver to stormy gray.

Though a well-trained young warrior, Ryan was not quick enough to dodge the palm of Gilda’s hand as it made stinging contact with his cheek. He rubbed his jaw ruefully. He should have remembered though the lass had fascinating gray eyes, she also possessed fiery red hair and a temper to match.

He opened his mouth to apologize, but Gilda had already spun, her back ramrod straight as she marched away, the handle of her basket gripped tight in one hand. The other hand clenched and opened, possibly to relieve the answering sting he felt on his cheek, perhaps echoing a desire to encircle his neck.

Ryan grinned. He would have regretted the apology, anyway.

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