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Wednesday 27 January 2021

New Release: Completely Yours ~ by Isabelle Lauren @RomanticIsa #EroticRomance #BisexualRomance

New release
Completely Yours
Isabelle Lauren

I am so excited that Completely Yours is finally out! It was such a thrill to write this novel, even though I had to rewrite the thing about five times. I guess it was necessary, because by the time it hit my editor’s desk, she didn’t have any structural comments (a lot of line edits, though!).

Writing is not my full time job, so I have to find time in between all my other responsibilities to write. Which is why it takes me long to write a full length novel. I usually write the first draft of my novels during NaNoWriMo in November and then rewrite it a few times before I’m finally happy with it.

Completely Yours started as the story of Alisha, but it soon became clear that it’s as much about Caroline and Daniel as it is about Alisha. Daniel was the hardest character to write, as he kept eluding me! But in the end, I was able to pin him down and flesh out his story. I found out that he is a true romantic, which is so lovely. Of course this book has a happy ending (or it wouldn’t be a romance), but you’ll have to read the book to find out what type of happy ending it is!


Caroline is on top of her game. Black Goddess, her company, is opening a store in New York, and a week away from the office is just what Caroline needs. In Toronto, she has to play the role of the prim, successful business woman, romantically linked with her business partner Daniel. But in New York she can be sexually free. It doesn’t hurt that this time, her attractive project manager Alisha is coming with them.

Alisha is attracted to both her bosses, but she is determined not to jeopardise her career.  This determination is shaken when Caroline proposes a no-strings attached sexual relationship for the duration of the business trip. Unable to deny her feelings Alisha embarks upon a scorching sexual journey with Caroline.

Daniel is in love with Caroline. Knowing that their romantic relationship is nothing more than a facade with no chance of ever becoming a reality, Daniel decides to quit his job as Caroline’s business partner in an effort to protect his heart. All he has to do is survive the week in New York. But can he continue to deny his feelings, especially when Caroline needs him?

When the media makes details of Caroline’s sexual excesses public, Caroline, Alisha and Daniel must work together to save the future of Black Goddess—and their hearts. 

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Half an hour later he felt more human. It was always good to wash the grime of a flight off him, even if it was only a brief trip on a private jet. He took his time getting dressed, not willing to leave his room yet. He’d acted unbelievably unprofessional around Alisha. He needed to apologize to her. But first, he needed to speak to Caroline.

He felt nauseous with anxiety. He hated tough conversations, and this would be the hardest one of all. He and Caroline went way back—to the beginning of Black Goddess. The company was all Caroline’s creation, but he’d become her business partner shortly after she had started. He’d always wondered if she really needed him or if she’d hired him because he’d had a hard time finding a job. Not that he didn’t add value, he knew he did. But Caroline was the heart and brains of the company.

Ten years. That was how long the company had been around. It was a wonderful milestone, and it seemed the appropriate time for him to do what he’d been planning for a long time. He would hand in his notice. It was time to look for a different job. Ten years with one of the fastest-growing beauty companies had been amazing for his resume, and the job offers had been flowing for a while now. He’d never considered leaving Black Goddess until now.

He sighed and rubbed his eyes. Now that the moment had come, he wondered if he was doing the right thing. Leaving the company he had helped nourish and grow was a huge step. But he’d agonized over it for months, and the more he delayed it, the worse his performance was getting. Even Caroline had commented on his occasional absent-mindedness. 

Not that he didn’t like his job anymore. He liked it perhaps too much. The days spent working with Caroline to smooth out problems were the happiest of his life. And over the last few years, she’d become more than a colleague and a friend to him. He’d never confided in her, though. Caroline was a free spirit, not one to be tied down in a relationship. She had casual lovers, but on over one occasion she had grumbled to him that her lovers eventually got clingy. 

Why can’t we just enjoy the sex? she had lamented. Why must there always be commitment?

Commitment was all he wanted. But Caroline didn’t know that. He hadn’t been in a relationship in years. He’d dated, but inevitably he’d compare his girlfriends to Caroline and they invariably fell short. Eventually he’d given up. It wasn’t fair to the women he dated. They weren’t Caroline, and Caroline was off bounds. He’d tried to make it work. God knew he’d tried so hard. But he couldn’t deny his heart. It belonged to Caroline, and seeing her every day, knowing he’d never be with her, was eating him alive. 

Not that he’d been celibate. But like Caroline, he didn’t want commitment. Because the only woman he wanted to commit himself to was her.

And that was why he had to leave. He had to put some distance between himself and Caroline to allow himself time to sort out his feelings. Date again without comparing his dates to her. And maybe, after not seeing her for a while, he’d get over his attraction to her and open up his heart to other women. 

Caroline wouldn’t take his resignation well. He’d had to craft a likely story, because telling her the actual reason he no longer wanted to work with her was unthinkable. It would ruin their friendship. He just hoped she’d buy his excuse. 

He took a deep breath, squared his shoulders and left the room.

About the author

Isabelle has been writing ever since she can remember. She's tried her hand at pretty much any genre, but being an incurable romantic with a filthy mind, she made erotic romance her genre. Her books combine searing sex scenes with deep emotional connections. She loves making her readers hot with her words and is always happy to hear how her books have affected them.


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Tuesday 12 January 2021

Book Tour + #Giveaway - Tri-Romance - by Dana Littlejohn @AuthorDanaL #contemporary #romance

Dana Littlejohn

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Twin sisters, Opal and Pearl Jefferson, and their best friend Debra Flores were living blissfully by their no strings attached rule, enjoying the many comforts of a good life. All was well in their world until Frank, Jake, Doug and Rakim entered into it. When one of the girls abandons their well practiced rule and falls in love. Does her decision throw a monkey wrench into the lives of everyone else around her? Or does it open up the possibility for love to capture them all?

Where sensual erotic romance is always waiting for you.

I am Dana Littlejohn, author of sensual erotic romance. You will find that I write contemporary romances with just a hint of another genre to take it away from the ordinary. My stories will touch your heart and your soul and make your body feel like it's being touched, too.

Imagination will take you places your money can not. I invite you into my world with open arms to see my imagination run wild...

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