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Tuesday 31 May 2016

Dark Captive Antho Man-Love Edition Today's Guest Michelle Graham @MichelleGAuthor - Taken

Evernight Publishing Presents
Dark Captive
Man-Love Edition
Various Authors

Everyone has a dark side...

Dark Captive is an exclusive collection of dark erotic romance stories featuring alpha men with fierce sexual appetites. They'll stop at nothing to get what they want. And they have their sights on one man. Possessive and bold, these heroes give their conquests exactly what they crave—to be taken … to be owned. Any resistance offered will be tested, but in the end love rules. 

Kidnapping, abduction, and sexual slavery are just a few of the titillating taboo themes in this hand-picked manlove anthology.

Taken by Michelle Graham

At The Warehouse, boys are taken young and forced into slavery. T grew up there and is considered too old for most of the clients so the boss is willing to let them rough him up more than usual. But that changes when the man who's supposed to be guarding him takes him away.

Diego wanted to avoid The Warehouse and the bad memories it held, but he’s sent there to act as a guard. When he realizes that a young man is being whipped to death, his anger forces him into action and he escapes with the slave.

But having a vulnerable companion brings out some very dark urges in Diego. Can T become the victim Diego needs? Can Diego avoid becoming the monster he despises?

Find Michelle 

“Mm hmm.” Ty lay face down on the bed, relaxed and content. He focused on the feeling of Diego’s fingers on his skin. Everywhere Diego touched tingled. Ty couldn’t remember the last time anyone had handled him so gently. As the contact went on, Ty became increasingly aroused and he shifted on the bed to ease the discomfort of lying with his hard cock poking a mattress.

The touch vanished and Ty let out a tiny whimper. “Don’t stop,” he whispered.

The bed bounced a bit as Diego stood. With a sigh, Ty lifted his head to look at where Diego stood looking through a crack in the curtains. Getting to his feet, Ty approached Diego.

“What’s wrong?” Ty reached out and touched Diego’s shoulder causing the older man to jerk away and stride to the other side of the room.

“Don’t touch me.” Diego’s voice carried a hint of a growl.

Ty didn’t want to push Diego too hard, but he couldn’t figure out why he was reacting this way. “Why did you save me?”

Diego’s eyes widened. “Seriously? You think I saved you to have you for myself?”

Ty shrugged. “Why else would you do it?”

“Listen, kid. I’m at least ten years older than you, and I may have dragged you out of that hell hole, but I am not a good guy.”

Undeterred, Ty approached Diego again. “You’re a good guy to me.”

In a blur of motion, Diego grabbed Ty’s arm and yanked him forward. Ty cried out as Diego slammed him against the wall and grabbed him by the throat. With the older man pinning him against the wall and the wounds on his back screaming in protest, there was little Ty could do. When he looked into Diego’s eyes, the excitement glittering in them sent a thrill of fear through him.

“Would you change your mind if I told you that I get off on seeing the fear in your eyes? That I enjoy causing pain when I fuck?”

Ty struggled to draw breath and grabbed at Diego’s arm to try and pry the fingers off his throat, but Diego’s grip was too tight. It occurred to Ty that he might be in more trouble now than he had been back at The Warehouse. As he fought against Diego’s hold, the older man pressed his groin to Ty’s, grinding a sizeable erection against him. And then Ty realized that in spite of the fear, in spite of force being used against him, he was just as turned on as Diego.

Purchase from 
Evernight Publishing

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Visit all of the tour stops to find out more about each story in this amazing anthology! 

Dark Captive MM Anthology

Blog Tour - BOSS [The Donovan Dynasty] by Sierra Cartwright @SierraWrites #bdsm #eroticrom

Boss BT Banner



His erotic demands test everything she believes.

When the fearless, larger-than-life Nathan Donovan becomes her boss, Kelsey Lane’s life is turned upside down. The multimillionaire wants her by his side, but his demands don’t end there.

Kelsey avoids romantic entanglements, especially with overwhelmingly dynamic men like Nathan. But she quickly discovers his attention and sensual desires ignite something deep inside her, leading her on a journey that tests everything she believes.

The youngest, boldest of the dynamic Donovan brothers, Nathan is accustomed to getting what he wants. And he focuses his attention on the smart, sexy Kelsey. He quickly discovers she’s unlike any woman he’s ever known.

She meets him, desire for desire, getting deep inside him, destroying the barriers he keeps around his heart. He wonders, though, if she’s willing to give him the one thing he demands…





Bind Cover

Brand Cover


Winner of the 2013 Best BDSM Book of the Year award (Over The Line), the 2014 LASR Book of the Year award (In The Den), and the 2015 Golden Flogger (Crave), Sierra was born in Manchester, England where she spent her early years traipsing through castles. After living in Denver for a number of years, the internationally acclaimed author now calls Galveston, Texas, home. She loves the way history blends with Southern manners (being called "sugar" is an experience unto itself) and rich pirate lore.

She invites you to join her on a sensual journey where the limits are explored and expanded.




Monday 30 May 2016

NEW from @JaceyHolbrand Mason's Mijos [The Agency Series 4] #mpreg #menage

Hey folks! Today I'm happy to announce that I finally have another story in my The Agency series out! It's called Mason's Mijos. But first a little about me...

~ * ~ BIO ~ * ~
Jacey Holbrand believes life and love comes in all forms and should be celebrated. She’s committed to her muse and writing so she can share her stories with readers. Hot days. Sexy nights. Come play in her world.

Jacey loves to hear from readers! Click the link to eMail her: JaceyHolbrand@gmail.com

~ * ~ STALK ~ * ~

Website/Blog ## Twitter ## Facebook ## Facebook Page

~ * ~ ABOUT THE BOOK ~ * ~

This story is the fourth and last book in The Agency series that deals with the conspiracy theory.

Like two of the other books in the series, Mason's Mijos deals with male pregnancy, and it also has a couple of surprises that I hope readers will enjoy. ;)

In addition, Mason's Mijos has a menage element, has some food play and sexy, sexy men! :)

Be Warned: MPREG, m/m sex, menage sex (MMM), food play, rimming, double penetration, voyeurism

... He’ll do anything for love.

~ * ~ BLURB ~ * ~

Mason Diaz is shocked when he sees his two ex-boyfriends, Flynn Grayson and Ryker Gemmings, together and at an alien encounters support group. Old feelings for them resurface when they tell Mason they want a threesome relationship. Eager to rekindle the connections, Mason goes up to Flynn’s house in the mountains for the weekend of a lifetime with the two men.

Abductions. Food play. Secrets and confessions about alien origins and shifting.

It’s not exactly what Mason had expected.

Especially the pregnancies.

Can he continue to love each of them while trying to survive the life changing events and all the revelations the weekend has in store?

~ * ~ EXCERPT ~ * ~

“Why did you want to come back?”

Flynn put down his drink and took Mason’s hands in his. “Haven’t I made that clear? I returned for you. I fought to come back because I love you.”

Mason kissed Flynn’s knuckles on one hand then the other. “And I love you. That’s what I decided. Who you are on the inside is what matters. Not where you come from or what you can do. I. Love. You. What can I do to help you with your mission? Find a woman for you to knock up? I’m sure my sister has some friends who’d be interested in you.”

“No.” Flynn shook his head. “I don’t want any females. I just want you.”

“But if you don’t do what you need to, you’ll be sent home. Right?” Mason couldn’t imagine being without Flynn, never hearing his laugh or seeing his smile. He had to be able to do something to keep the love of his life on Earth.

“I know, and the thought of leaving you again just kills me.” Flynn appeared to think for a moment. “You know, I could transform my genitals long enough for you to impregnate me.”

Mason chuckled. A man, changing his boyish bits into girly parts so he could carry a baby? Given to him by his male lover? That’s one for the tabloids. “I gotta hand it to you. It’s an interesting idea, Flynn, but a gestation period will be much longer than a few minutes.”

“I realize that. I have a medication to speed up the process, so it’ll only take a few days to a week or so. I believe I can keep the small transformation of my reproductive system going until I deliver.”

“I don’t know, Flynn. As much as I always wanted a child with you, I don’t want to put you in danger. And what if it doesn’t work?”

“Trust me. I’ll do my best to keep myself safe and make it happen. If I have your child, I’ll have done my duty and given you the best gift in the world. If for some reason it doesn’t work, then I’ll have to bite the bullet and find an Earth woman to procreate with.” He squeezed Mason’s hands. “Please, Mason, say we can do this. Let me have your baby.”

If anyone ever had said he’d be having such a conversation in his life, he would have called them daft. Yet here he was. Talking with his partner about having a baby. Together. Without the medical intervention of surrogacy. Just him, Flynn, and nature taking its bizarre, in this case, course.

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Thank you for having me on your blog, and readers, thank you for stopping by today!

Love & blessings to all!


Week 91 #MasturbationMonday + Giveaway - The Sexy Bookminder #flashfic

It's the last Monday in May. I'm sad to see the end of Masturbation Month. It's been a good one for Masturbation Monday readers and participants alike. Here's one last flash fic to round out the month, thanks to Kayla Lords and another yummy prompt pic. Don't forget to enter the giveaway via the rafflecopter over at Masturbation Monday Central.

Here we go. Meet Alex and the sexy librarian, Miss Benton... 

"How'd I know we'd find you here." Cal sat across from me and slammed one of my text books shut.

"Don't do that," I admonished, reaching for the book and leafing through it frantically. "I have everything open to where I need it. Fuck off and leave me alone. I've got one more final."

"Come on ya big nerd. You've studied enough." Jonsey tried to pull my chair out but I dug my heels in and held onto the solid wood table before me.

"Study time is up. It's beer time. That's what you need now. Let's go, Alex. You know this shit inside and out," Leo said, grabbing my backpack. I snagged it from his grip and tossed it under my chair.

"Beer sounds great and day after tomorrow, I'll buy you all a round. But for now, will ya just leave me be." 

Just then the university librarian walked by and shushed us.


All three of my buds did a double take but I kept my gaze firmly affixed to the formidable Miss Benton's shapely behind, accentuated by the short beige plaid skirt. Any shorter I might catch a glimpse beneath.

Involuntarily, my fingers flexed as I imagined for the umpteenth time, what it would feel like to cup that sweet ass and yank her luscious body against me.

"What have we here?" Leo drawled, as he slid his sunglasses down his nose so he could gawk

"Oh now I get it," Cal said. He sucked in a breath through his teeth, as they all continued to admire the sexy bookminder. 

"Your sudden fascination with the library finally makes total sense."

"Yeah, now we know what you've been studying," Jonsey said, overly loud. "Can't really blame ya. That's nice."

"Will you shut the fuck up," I hissed. "She might hear." 

And dibs fucktards, she's my fantasy fuck buddy.

"Well, I think we should sit right down here and quiz you, just to find out if you're actually retaining the material." Leo sat down beside me and picked up a book which he held low enough that he could still ogle the gorgeous woman who now stood on tip toe stretching to replace a book high up on one of the shelves. The blindingly white blouse she wore pulled tight outlining a generous roundness of side boob. My palms itched to feel the weight of that plump flesh in my hands.

"It's the least we could do," Cal agreed, mockingly. 

"Oh, I think she needs some help with tha..." 

"Get out!" I growled through clenched teeth. If anybody was gonna help her, it was gonna be me.

She turned and looked at us again. I sent her an apologetic grin, that I was sure probably looked more like a sneer. 

With a small nod, she smiled and if I wasn't mistaken, she winked. My cock twitched in response. 

"Geez, Alex, relax," Cal said, as he stood.

"Yeah, man, you need to get laid. Release some of that pent up tension."

"I need to fucking study!"

Just then, to my horror, the stunning Miss Benton, walked over to our table. "Okay, guys, you've had your fun. Alex here needs to study." I didn't even think she knew my name. 

She placed her hand on my shoulder. My dick lengthened at the innocuous touch. My dickhead friends all straightened and smirked at the lovely lady touching me. 

"And so does everyone else who's in here," she continued. "So how about you take it outside for now."

"Yes, ma'am," Cal and Jonsey, sing-songed in unison. 

Leo on the other hand neared her with a cocky swagger as if he were about to hit on her. 

She watched him levelly. One of her perfect brows rose, mocking him, tempting him to open his big mouth. 

To my astonishment, he also, responded with a dutiful 'yes ma'am' before he turned on his heel and marched towards the door with the other two moron's laughing in his wake as they too headed for the exit.

"Thanks, Miss Benton," I said, looking up at the statuesque redhead. Normally I didn't go for ginger haired women. They intimidated the hell out of me. But she had this rich thick mass of hair that I wouldn't mind getting my hands into. I could almost picture myself taming it and giving it a good yank, forcing her head backwards, her lips would part...

"No problem," she replied and I shook my head slightly, trying to clear it. "Good luck with the exam, Alex."

"Thanks," I said again, stupidly, as I scrambled for something clever to say to keep her there, if only for another minute. But I had nothin'. Nothing but a painful boner.

Indulgently, she smiled once more and then went back to work.

I sighed and rolled my eyes as I lowered my head to the table.
"Idiot," I grumbled. I was so fucking tired not to mention stressed.

The next thing I knew, she was back, calling my name and shaking my shoulder. "Alex... Alex..."

I lifted my head and stared at her.

"I'm sorry, sweetie," she said, in a soft voice. "It's closing time."

I looked around. Everyone else had already vacated the premises.

"You fell asleep, hon." She watched me compassionately.

"Ahh, fuck! Sorry." I could feel my face burning. 

"All these wonderful tomes before you, full of decent words..." She dragged a long red perfectly manicured fingernail over the page of the open book in front of me. I watched the path it took, my skin prickled as if she were running that nail over my flesh. "... and you choose obscenities."

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you." I wanted to stand up like a gentleman and apologize on my feet but there was nothing gentlemanly going on below the table edge. I was once again sporting a full-fledged hard-on.

"I'm not offended." She bent slightly and perched her perfect backside on the edge of the table. The tartan skirt rode high on her thighs. "It's just a shame. There are thousands of excellent words in the English language; an intelligent man needn't resort to profanity to get his point across."

"No, you're completely right." Sufficiently chastised, I stood and started to gather my books using my satchel to conceal my condition.

She picked up one of the hardcovers and passed it to me. 

"Thank you."

"So polite. Too bad you have a potty mouth." She smirked, teasing me. 

"Sorry about that, I just... I've lost hours of studying time by falling asleep. I can't afford to squander my time like that."

"I'm sure you'll do just fine, Alex. You're in here every day. It's more than I can say for your friends. I guarantee out of the four of you, you have the best marks." She gently poked my chest.

"And you'd be right," I bragged, grinning.

She returned my grin. "I'm never wrong." She touched my forearm. "Hey, listen. I feel bad. I thought about waking you up, but you looked so cute, I didn't have the heart."

I blinked. Was I hearing right?

"I have a few minutes," she continued. "I heard one of your less studious counterparts offer to quiz you. I could do that for you. Maybe make up for the time you lost."

"Really?" I asked, looking into her light blue eyes. "You'd do that for me?"

"Sure. Let me just lock the door, so we don't have any stragglers trying to get in." 

I watched as he strutted across the room her six inch black heels clunking against the hard wood. Man she had nice legs. 

I sat back down quickly, as my traitorous body reacted once again to her magnificent form.

As she walked back towards me, I handed her one of my books but instead of sitting down at the table with me, she went back to her own desk and sat down. Getting comfortable, she crossed one luscious leg over the other. Thankfully, her desk wasn't all boxed in at the front, it afforded me an awesome view of her shapely bare legs. 

She got right to it and rapid-fired questions at me. I was quite proud that I didn't make a complete imbecile of myself, too distracted by her lovely body parts to think. I kept up. In more ways than one. 

"Very good, Alex." She uncrossed her legs. "I don't think you're going to have any trouble. Let's try something a little harder." Absently, she dragged the pointed toe of one shoe up the back of her leg. I was mesmerized by it's path. 

"Yes, make it harder for me," I murmured, as I shifted in the chair. I pulled at the knee of my pantleg.

She set both feet back on the floor then parted her knees slightly. My gaze followed the inside of her thigh, until the shadows made it too difficult to see any more lovely pale flesh. 

A little wider, I willed silently. 


Guiltily, I raised my focus to her face. "Yes, ma'am?"

"I'm waiting for your answer."

"I didn't hear the question."

I saw, out of my peripheral, she moved her legs again, under the table, but I willed myself to remain focused on her face. Though it was killing me. 

"I don't imagine you did. Your attention was down there." She pointed to her lap.

I cleared my throat. She had no idea. "You have lovely legs," I blurted.

"Do you think so?"

"Oh yeah."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome." I couldn't help but peek once again. 

Very slowly, she widened her knees. But she went even further than I'd been praying she would. She opened those beautiful thighs so wide that her knees were parallel to the desk she sat behind. 

"Ohhh," I moaned, as I stared at the crotch of her see-through lacy black panties. My cock swelled to ultimate hardness.

This couldn't be happening.

Deliberately, she reached down and dragged those sinfully red fingernails over the mid-rise waistband of the bikini-cut undies, teasing me that she might tuck her hand inside.

"Do I have your attention now, Alex?" She did it then. She slid her hand right inside her panties. I could see her knuckles moving underneath bumping the thin material. I imagined her slick and smooth. I groaned and the sound echoed in the empty chamber.

"Answer me. Do I have your undivided attention now, Alexander?"

"Oh fuck yeah," I all but panted, sitting on the very edge of the seat. Every body part I owned was rigid. "You got it all."

"I should wash that dirty mouth out," she threatened.

"I'm sorry. Better words," I reminded myself. Though I couldn't think of any better word than fuck. And that's exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted those long beautiful legs wrapped around my hips as I plunged mindlessly inside her scorching hot cunt. 

"Better yet, bring me that mouth." 

I froze when she pulled the crotch of her panties aside, giving me an unfettered view of her pretty pink pussy.

In a daze I tried to stand but my legs felt weak. 

"On your hands and knees," she ordered. "Crawl to me." She tapped her clit with the tip of one index finger, as she continued to hold the fabric back.

Without question, I did as she demanded. On all-fours I neared her. My mouth watered. My dick hurt. I ducked under the desk.

"That's it my studious little academic, bring me that dirty mouth and I'll put it to good use." She scooted her bum to the edge of the chair. 

I almost blew my load right then and there staring at Miss Benton's beautiful pussy on display just for me. Red nails, black panties, beautifully swollen glistening pussy just begging to be tasted, sucked and licked. 

I leaned in, inhaling her scent. She wrapped her hand around the back of my head. I opened my mouth, titled my chin and flicked my tongue...

* * * *

"Alex? Alex. Wake up sleepyhead." 

In a sleep induced daze, I lifted my head from the table and stared into the clear blue eyes of Miss Benton, the sexy bookminder. 

 © H K Carlton 2016

Hope you enjoyed the snip. Hop on over to Masturbation Monday Central for this week's list of M-M participants. And enter the giveaway, too! Wishing all our US friends a safe and happy Memorial Day! 

Sunday 29 May 2016

New Release - Abducted for Life by Maia Dylan @Maiadylanauthor #erotic #mmromance

Thank you, for hosting me for my latest release, Abducted for Life. This stand alone Novella released on May 23 with Evernight Publishing.


He was just abducted, and he’s never felt freer…

Liam ‘Lee’ Hallion had an assignment. Kill the one person in the world he’d cared about since losing his parents. When he discovers that everything in his life was not what he thought it was, he decides to make a stand and take the head of the snake who betrayed him. The first step of his plan was to abduct the man’s son.

Scott Majors had no idea why he’d been abducted, but he was going to try everything he could to escape. When he discovers the true identity of the man who abducted him, his urge to escape quickly becomes a desperate desire to be kept.

Can Liam and Scott survive the evil hell bent on ending them both, or will this abduction end in blood?

**erotic romance, MM, anal sex


The story…


“You’re bleeding.” The man sounded pissed off as if the fact that Scott was bleeding was somehow his own fault and a complete inconvenience. “Damn it, let me see them.”

Scott scrambled back on the bed, pushing into the wall. “Get the hell away from me!”

The man sighed and moved toward the wall. Light exploded within the room, and Scott lifted his hand to shield his eyes. “You’re really not in any position to make demands, Scott. Not with me.”

Scott froze against the wall, blinking rapidly to get his eyes accustomed to the light. “How do you know my name? Who are you and what the hell do you want with me?”

“There’s not a whole hell of a lot I don’t know about you, Scott,” the man answered dryly.

Scott dropped his hand and looked up at his captor. In any other circumstance, the man before him would have captured his attention. He was exactly the sort of man that Scott liked and fantasized about. He was tall, at least six foot four, and built like he knew his way around a gym and worked his way around one every chance he got. He had wavy black hair, short on the sides but longer on top, a square jaw with a day’s stubble, and blue eyes that had Scott’s heart stuttering within his chest. Did he know those eyes? Shaking his head and blaming it on the knock to his head, Scott put that thought aside and concentrated on what the man was saying.

“I know you are Scott Theodore Majors, you’re an ER nurse at St Luke’s, and you’ve just finished your shifts for the week. You’re not rostered on for the next four days.”

Scott started to tremble. From his medical training, he knew that shock was starting to set in.

Scott’s mind whirled. “I have a boyfriend, and he’s expecting me home. He would have called the police by now.” The man’s eyes narrowed, and Scott thought he might have just made a critical error.

“Did I not just finish telling you that there isn’t a lot I don’t know about you, Scott?” He whirled away and walked to a door Scott hadn’t noticed before. He opened it and switched the light on. “We are currently in the basement of my house, on my property in the middle of nowhere. My nearest neighbors are more than fifteen miles away, and no one comes to visit. There are no windows in this room, or in the bathroom through that door. The only way out is the way we just came. If you simply stay put and do what I tell you to do, then you will be comfortable. However, if you try to escape, I will move up my schedule and that will not go well for you.”

Scott’s stomach dropped. “Why?” he asked hoarsely, still none the wiser.

The man sighed, and sadness filled his eyes. “Sometimes, it’s the children that must pay for the sins of the father. That’s simply the way life goes.”


Five questions for the author

Q: Where did your inspiration come from for this novella?

A: Evernight asked for submissions for their Dark Anthology, and I submitted this book for it. I found out I am not so good at writing the darkness into my characters, there is too much humor and love for it to be dark, but I loved Liam an Scott and am grateful that their story has been told.

Q: Sometimes things happen when you are writing a series that wasn’t expected at all. Have you had this happen to you?

A: Heaps! I am not a planner. I am a write-by-the-set-of-your-panties kinda girl. There have been moments where I will finish up a scene and be like WTF? I did not see that coming! This whole series started with an image I found that I simply couldn’t let go of.

Q. Why do you always include a danger element to your books?

A. I write what I love to read. I love books that take you on a journey, but where the characters face a challenge that adds an element of urgency to them and to the book. As a reader, there is nothing I like more than getting that goose bump, hair rising on the back of my neck feeling as I join the characters within the book I am reading on the journey to solve their mystery. I want to give that to my readers.

Q. What are you working on at the moment?

A. I am about to sub my second book in my Sniper Team Bravo series, and have started a new stand alone for a menage box set coming later in the year. I have decided that I have too many stories and need to try and grow another pair of hands to type with!

Q. Do you have anything to say to your current readers or to those that haven’t yet read you work?

A. If you have read any of my books, thank you so very much! It blows my mind that someone has actually read something that I wrote, but gosh I hope you enjoyed it! Did you? Please let me know, I find I suffer from a slight case of needy-nelly with my writing. If you haven’t read my book, but you love erotic romance stories between strong men and an independent woman, where the path to their happily ever after can be a bumpy one, but there is always a happily ever after, and their love and laughter is real on every page, then you’ll find my books right up your alley!

Author bio:

Maia Dylan lives, loves and works in beautiful New Zealand. She married her best friend and they have two adorable, but stubborn children who obviously take after their father.

Maia’s career has featured a lot of travel, and she has filled her time at airports and in the air with books, books and more books. Her love of erotic paranormal romance has seen her amass a huge library. She has been an avid reader and lover of ménage romances since she read her first book in this genre about three years ago.

Outside of writing, Maia loves to eat, so she loves to cook! Her herb garden is legendary, but she still has issues getting tomatoes to grow. She’s been a performer for years, and has even sung on international stages, she would love to own a classic Ford Mustang one day and of course have the opportunity to race it on a race track without fear of a speeding ticket.

Although ultimately her dream is to be able to write full time on a sandy beach with a Mai Tai at hand, she is quite happy to fit her writing in when she can. As long as someone reads her books, gets a laugh and maybe come to love her characters and much as she does, then she feels that she is living her dreams no matter what!

#6BestHop Diddle Me This - A snip from Memories of Us - New Adult #eroticrom

Sunday's Six of the Best is a blog hop intended for writers to share six paragraphs of a currently released work or from a WIP with readers.

Carrying on from last week, here's the next 6 from new adult, erotic, romance, Memories of Us.


Her hand rotated faster. “Unh!” Her supple little body wriggled. 

“Fuck…me…” My concentration was not on the road but on her hand. I slowed, then swerved into the gravel and almost lost control. I barely managed to keep from rolling my Jeep into the ditch. 

Pissed off and beyond hard, I rammed the shifter into first then pulled the e-brake. I flipped around the cramped cab working my way to the front of her seat, half crouched over her with the low roof. She looked up at me, her eyes glassy and sexy as all fuck. I didn’t know what the fuck I was gonna do. I wanted to touch her so fuckin’ bad, but on the other hand, I didn’t want anything to do with Karis. I wanted to bury my aching cock so deep inside her that she moaned for me, the way she already had. But I also didn’t want to go where half the male population in this town had gone before, either. But she was driving me insane.  

While still diddling herself, she reached up and caressed my dick, molding her fingers around it. She stroked and my hips jerked of their own volition. She pulled her hand out of her shorts, then the brazen little bitch that she was, she placed the finger she’d been using to jill herself to my lips. She traced it around, wetting my lips. When I inhaled, I could smell her juice. It made my mouth water. I opened. She inserted the tip and I sucked the juices right off her finger. I moaned at the taste and she gasped as I sucked it greedily. At the same time, she palmed my cock. 

It was all too much. “I’m gonna cum…” I murmured, like an idiot, right before I blew my load, in my shorts. As my hips jerked, she squirmed in the seat. I knocked her hand away and I dove at her crotch, having every intention of licking her pussy. I gummed her through her shorts and the minute I did, she came, bucking against my mouth, groaning with ecstasy and disappointment. “Ohhh, gawd, nooo!” It brought me back to my senses.  

What the fuck was I thinking? I threw myself back in the driver’s seat. I rested my head back against the rest and tried to catch my breath, berating myself for losing my cool.  

 Here's the Blurb:

Call Barstow spent the better part of his teenage years fighting off the sexual advances of Karis Hirt. Gorgeous, wild, promiscuous, and his best friend, Trey’s little sister, to boot. This in the teenage boy vernacular is referred to as pure unadulterated hell! 

Determined to keep his friends from his sister, Trey swears all his buddies to a hands-off-the-sister pact, which Call takes very seriously. Call’s pledge is only made more torturous when the sensual little vixen, Karis, is determined to make him break his vow. But his constant rejection only drives her to rebel, leaving her reputation in tatters.

Years later, Karis resurfaces in Call's life—a subdued version of the wild child he remembers. Suddenly the pact doesn’t seem important anymore, nor does her spotty reputation. As Call begins to reconcile the past-and-present Karis, he is inundated with memories of her and soon finds himself head over heels with the girl who consumed his youth. 

Can Call not only forget but overlook her shadowed sexual history for a bright new future? Or will Karis’ wild past only lead to their eventual ruin?

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Saturday 28 May 2016

Out Now! Naughty Fairytale - Beauty's Beast by @RoseWulfAuthor #erotic #PNR

Beauty's Beast
Rose Wulf
M/F Erotic paranormal romance

Hi and thanks for having me on your blog today!

I’m excited to talk about my latest release, Beauty’s Beast! This one is part of Evernight Publishing’s Naughty Fairytales line and is, you guessed it, a re-imagining of Beauty & the Beast. My version comes complete with a mouth-watering incubus trapped in a castle!


He was an incubus. She a human.
He was bound to the castle. She was only visiting.
It should never have worked….

Aurora’s life took a turn for the exciting when she won a four-night trip to Castle Finnegan. A castle inhabited by a sexy stranger with smoldering bedroom eyes and a sinful touch. It was easy getting swept up in his arms, harder to accept that she had to let go.

Daemyn didn't get attached. There was no point. But he couldn't keep Aurora out of his heart any easier than he could keep her from his bed. And that presented a problem, because if she ever found out he wasn't human she would run. Not that it mattered, because he was cursed to the castle for eternity ... unless he could get Aurora to love him for what he was.


Aurora rolled onto her back, blinking up at the shifting shadows on her tall ceiling. She’d left her bedroom curtains open so that her room might fill with moonlight, and in that, she was not disappointed. If she were being honest with herself, actually, she was only disappointed with one thing so far—not knowing Mr. Sexy’s name. But she swore she could still feel his lips on her neck. His tongue slipping out to moisten the skin. The graze of his teeth when he sucked. The heat of his hands through the fabric of her robe.
“Be ready for me tomorrow.”
Even now that bold, promising declaration pulsed through her. She should have been scandalized. Horrified. Furious. Most rational women would surely have stormed right up to Mr. Finnegan’s room and demanded action be taken. But she wanted no such thing. No, all Aurora really wanted was to fall into Mr. Sexy’s arms and find out if he made love as well as his touch said he would.
She was uncomfortable. Her core ached with need and she knew if she checked, she’d find herself wet. And there was really only one thing she could do about it … if she was brave enough to do such a thing under someone else’s roof. With her best friend across the hall. Ordinarily she might not have been, but tonight the desire was strong. It burned hot through her veins just thinking about the man who’d started it.
Besides, who’ll know? There was no harm in it.
Pulling her lips between her teeth, Aurora kicked down the comforter and slipped her hand beneath the waistline of her pajama shorts. Sure enough, she found herself slick and sensitive. So she closed her eyes, slid her fingers over her folds, and pulled up a mental image of Mr. Sexy. Tall, broad, with rippling muscles and a deep, sensual voice. Dark brown eyes and long, dark hair.
A hot, heavy touch.
“Breathe, beautiful,” he’d said when he touched her. She moaned and slid a finger into her center. Good God, his voice … even now it rumbled through her like a promising caress.
Someone knocked at her door, startling her so much she accidentally thrust her finger harder into her body. She couldn’t have stopped the resulting moan if she tried, and she prayed that whoever was on the other side of the wooden door hadn’t heard it. Before she could gather herself enough to straighten her clothes and stand, however, the door swung open and she froze.
It was him.
Mr. Sexy.

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About Rose:
Rose Wulf is a giant romance fangirl. Hot, protective, sometimes even downright barbaric heroes and spitfire heroines are her favorites. Rose has been writing for as long as she can remember, and over the years she’s only grown fonder of it. The bonds between characters have always captivated her, and as an author those are Rose’s favorite things to play with – not always to the relief of her fictional babies!

Behind the scenes Rose is a quiet personality. She enjoys spending her non-writing time with her four year-old German Shepherd, Shadow, her mom, and her friends. Be it a fun game of Cards Against Humanity or a relaxing movie night, Rose believes everything is better with company. As for her own romance, she’s still searching for her hero (and hoping that, when she does find him, he’ll be willing to cook!).

Where you can find Rose: