If You Can't Handle the Heat

If You Can't Handle the Heat
Deliciously Naughty Erotic Romance for the Foodies

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Weekend Writing Warriors #WeWriWa #8Sunday A Snippet from mild #BDSM Next Weekend #erotic

This is my first week participating in the 
Hope you enjoy this snippet from mild BDSM, erotic  
Next Weekend — A couple in the midst of divorce proceedings discover something new, 
but is it too little too late?

She wanted to come so bad. It wouldn’t take much. Maybe that’s what he was hoping for. He loved it when she touched herself.

She snaked a hand down, ready to cup her throbbing cunt, middle finger poised to diddle her clit. She was a quivering mess.

“Don’t!” he snapped. “Move your hand away.”

She wanted to cry with frustration but she found herself obeying his command.

Hope you enjoyed the tease.  

Next Weekend – mild BDSM, erotic, contemporary, Romance on the Go 

Here's the blurb:

Miranda and Jordan Lang cordially invite you to their divorce...

Jordie is not completely surprised when Miranda suggests they separate. Their marriage had been deteriorating from the moment they took their vows. Although heartbroken things didn’t work out with the woman he expected to spend the rest of his life with, he doesn’t contest her decision. 

The only thing holding up the final divorce decree is the sale of their get-away cabin. In a weak moment, Miranda heads there for the weekend knowing full well that Jordie will also be there. Accidentally—on purpose, she seduces him and leaves an open invitation for another naughty weekender. 

But the next time they meet, Jordie’s anger over the entire situation has kicked in and he finds himself being rough and commanding with her. And even more surprising, his ex likes it. 

Follow Jordie as he finds and embraces his dominant side and Miranda her submissive self.  Will it be enough to save their doomed relationship or will the issues that drove them apart remain more than they can overcome?

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Saturday, 30 May 2015

#Saturday7 Some naughty office shenanigans... #MySexySaturday

Welcome to the 94th week of  
My Sexy Saturday.

This week’s theme is A Sexy Delight and it can mean just about anything. When we first thought of this, the song Afternoon Delight came up as well as thoughts about sexy evening delights and other wondrously sexy things. Basically, this one is up to you. 

How about some afternoon delight in the form of naughty office shenanigans between the boss, Roger and his assistant, Lexi. Hope you enjoy this snip from an untitled, unfinished, unedited WIP...

 “I’d rather be spending these few minutes before my client arrives, the way we did the other day. Do you remember, Lexi?”

“I can’t stop thinking about it, sir.” I clamped my legs together as I imagined his fingers delving deep inside me.

“Neither can I. What happens when you think about it, Lexi?”

I hesitated.

“When I think about it,” he continued,  “I get the most painful hard-on, in the best possible way, of course.”

“I…I get wet, sir.”

"Ahhh," he exhaled heavily causing goosebumps to shoot up my arms. My nipples hardened. “Are you, Lex? Are you wet for me now?”

“Yes," I admitted breathlessly.

Hope you enjoyed this week's tease. Hop on through the linky list below for the rest of this week's MSS participants.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Week 38 #MasturbationMonday A view that made my mouth water... #MayHasCumAndSoShouldYou

The Rules:

Write a steamy post about masturbation or share an excerpt so hot, it’ll make your readers want to masturbate.

Masturbation Monday Week 38

  Wishing all my American friends a peaceful and safe Memorial Day Weekend

This week a quick snip from Memories of Us...

I cushioned my hips against her so she’d know how much I’d missed her.

“Aaand he’s glad to see me.” She chuckled and hugged me in return before backing up.

I stepped in and realized she wasn’t alone. “Call, this is my roommate Val and her friend…”

“Oh, hey.” I nodded, barely sparing them a glance. “Where’s your room?” I asked already, backing her up. Pushy, perhaps. Rude, no doubt. But I couldn’t help it.

“Impatient, pretty boy?” She teased, but led the way in reverse.
“You’ve no fuckin’ idea.” Lacing my fingers into her hair, I cupped her jaw and pulled her in for a hot open-mouthed kiss. We fumbled clumsily down the hall until finally we shut the door to her room.

Still trying to keep our lips connected, I said, “Get your clothes off.” With one hand I untucked my t-shirt while pulling at the hem of hers. She undid her short shorts and let them fall to the floor. All other thought left my feeble brain when I realized she wasn’t wearing any panties.

“Was this for me?”

“What do you think?”

“Oh, thank you,” I said, dropping to my knees. I cupped her nice round bum and pulled her forward. Then scrapped my stubble covered chin over her perfectly smooth skin.

“Uhhh.” Her breath shuddered as she scooped her fingers into my hair.

“I’ve been thinking about this all week,” I said, kissing the fleshy hood above her clit. With a flick of my tongue I lapped between her pussy lips, abrading the sensitive little button.

“Mmm, pretty boy.” She mewled, opening her stance a little. “Awww, yeah, get it good.” She coaxed me on, stroking my jaw. At first I teased her with a feather light touch, but as her delicious juices began to flow and my excitement grew, I couldn’t go slow.

Karis backed up, and I followed. She placed her lovely ass on the mattress and reclined. She brought her heels up on the bed and parted her bent knees giving, me a view that made my mouth water. Then with her middle and index fingers she parted her labia. Her clit peeked out. It was an invitation I couldn’t pass up and she looked so fucking hot in that pose.

I sucked on her clit, mashing my lips against hers impatiently.

“Ah, Call!”

I slipped two fingers inside her and pumped them in and out. Her pussy contracted. She dug her heels into the bed.

With my other hand, I unfastened my pants, in a hurry to replace my fingers. I stood, aimed, then buried myself in her sweet cunt.

Evernight     Amazon  

Hope you enjoyed this week's tease. Make sure to head on over to Kayla's for the master list of Masturbation Monday participants. 
Happy M-Monday!

Sunday, 24 May 2015

#WeekendReads His Marriage Demand @fionaainamurphy #99cents #eroticromance

Looking for a hot weekend read? 
His Marriage Demand
by Fiona Murphy

For two years, Ria has longed to touch the fire in Drake Hawthorne’s eyes, but she doesn’t dare. The hotel where she works has a strict hands-off-patrons policy and if it’s found out she’s even lingered too long in his room, she’ll lose the job she’s worked so hard for. Maybe if she were more reckless and willing to step out on a ledge she would, but she isn’t and she can’t. Because it isn’t just Ria’s welfare at stake, but her little brother’s, and she’s not able to put his happiness on the line for her own. So, she’ll keep hiding behind the meaningless wedding ring and fake husband that she knows is the only thing that has kept Drake from pushing her for more. She’s seen enough rich and powerful men like Drake Hawthorne to know they didn’t care about the havoc they left behind only for the moment where they got what they wanted. Ria needs more than a moment, she wants and needs forever.

When Drake finds out there isn’t a husband, he demands marriage, and Ria opens her mouth to say yes, until he warns her about the ending. Marriage shouldn’t come with a time limit and Ria refuses to give in. Just when it looks like forever is promised, will a threat from her past cost her the future that’s within reach with Drake?
                           Check out the fantastic 5 Star Reviews on Amazon

The box is slammed down on the entry table. It’s open and I fight back
the sob welling up at it.

I close my eyes but the sight of the huge ring is embedded into my
retinas. My back hits the door and he’s so close I can feel him.

His breath is against my ear in the moment before he speaks. I shiver
at his heat, “Put the damned ring on and put the both of us out of
this misery. I have the jet on standby. We can be in Vegas, married
and back by the time you have to be home to get Justin off for school.
You can be moved into my home, our home, by this time tomorrow night.
You’ll be where you’ve belonged for so damned long. Enough hiding, no
more endless nights of longing, put the damned ring on.

I can’t leave the project I’m on right now and I know you won’t want
to leave Justin alone. We’ll do a honeymoon once school is out.”

Damn the needy moan escaping me as his mouth finds my ear and his
tongue slides over my skin. A nip at the soft skin of my ear and I
jump as he kisses me down the side of my neck. I’m not surprised he’s
so good at knowing just where to linger. I push the words out,
desperate to stop him while I can still think. “Why bother to propose
a marriage with a time limit on it?”

I’ve finally got his attention and he’s surprised. Pulling back, he
looks down at me in confusion. “What the hell are you talking about, a
time limit?”

“You said I had to sign a prenup for when it was over. I get the
prenup, but you said it like you didn’t expect it to last. So, how
long do you expect what you’re offering to last? Two months, two
years, how long?”

“Jesus fucking Christ, that’s what has you saying no? Ria, I’m not
putting a time limit on the marriage. You’re still young, only twenty
six and I’m not expecting you to go the distance. I don’t want
children. Justin is already here, I understand your loyalty and love
for him. I’ll do my best to make sure he’s cared for and knows he’s an
important part of both of our lives. You might not want them now but
you’ll probably eventually want children. That will be when our time
ends. It will be up to you, I’ll keep you as long as you want to

Anger flares hot and bright at his words. Angry tears well up, and I
push him away, he’s too close. Once again, he’s saying I can have him,
but not really; because yes, one day I want kids of my own. Only they
won’t be his, the way I want them to be. “You know everything, don’t
you? The Dragon of Chicago, cold-blooded, brilliant, demanding,
arrogant and no one says no to you, ever. Every fucking thing is
planned, plotted, and everyone is just supposed to fall in line. Well,
if you know everything, then you should know I’m going to say no,
again. I’m saying, no and I hope that ring is returnable.”

I turn and my hand is on the door. He moves fast, so fast my head is
spinning as he pushes me against the door and presses his body against
me. Heat flares everywhere, my skin is too tight and I crave something
I’ve never known before. His mouth is on my neck and he’s not gentle
this time, he’s leaving a mark. Drake’s hands are everywhere and I
melt, my legs won’t hold me up. He feels it, picks me up, and he’s
walking toward the bedroom of the suite.

Sanity hits me as he drops me on the bed, not gentle anymore. He’s
tearing off his shirt. Even as my body aches for the hard muscular
chest he’s revealing to press back into me, I’m shaking my head, words
are too hard to form. I’ve lost the blazer to the uniform somewhere
and half the buttons on my shirt are undone, without any memory of how
it happened. Nodding yes, he follows me down on the bed.

His Marriage Demand
Only .99¢ 

 Visit my blog for my other titles and excerpts:


Due to commitment issues I have lived in many different cities and my favorite is Chicago but I have managed to settle into Austin and perhaps my commitment issues are behind me. 

I have enjoyed reading from a very young age and it wasn't long before the children books bored me and I read the books my mother enjoyed Stephen King and Dean Koontz and I didn't sleep without the light on until I was about ten.
I came across my first Harlequin by accident and it was love at first read, no one died and happy endings? It was a whole new world and I loved it. 

I wrote my first story at eight and everyone died, of course. Since then I would like to think I've gotten better and now I'm writing the happily ever afters I first fell in love with, with some hot sex thrown in along the way. 

Find Fiona 
Twitter @fionaainamurphy

Saturday, 23 May 2015

#MySexySaturday Gotta get me some of that...

Welcome to the 93rd week of My Sexy Saturday.

This week’s theme is My Sexy Love. The first thing we thought of with this theme was Hands of Love by Wall of Voodoo. Or how about Corey Hart and Sunglasses at Night. Maybe a little of Art of Noise and Moments in Love. Then there’s the Fine Young Cannibals and She Drives Me Crazy or Chris Issac with Wicked Game. These are the things that help drive writers to write. Music, songs and the people who sing them. And we aren’t forgetting the now generation with songs like Your Love Is My Drug or  Like Yesterday and the hundreds of others that remind us each and every day why we write romance.

There is something special in writing about love and how two people, sometimes more, can find how important it is. It’s special to us as writers if we find a song or a series of songs that epitomize that love story.

I love this week’s topic. Music has been a big source of inspiration for me in many of my books. Whether it’s a certain lyric that trips something in my mind or a feeling the song provokes.

You might even be able to pick out a couple of my titles that remind you of a song title. Rock Me Gently and Memories of Us. I’ve also been known to mention certain songs in my books.

I know a lot of authors listen to music while they are writing. I don’t. But sometimes I can listen to a song and a whole scene will begin to develop. Or I can picture one of the scenes from one of my books.

I wrote an entire story from what began as one of these visions. It was a Thomas Rhett song, Get Me Some of That.

 There’s a part in the song that goes, 

Little more what you doin' right there
Swingin' your hips and slingin' your hair
Side to side with your drink in the air
Lord, have mercy, now, girl, I swear
Gotta get your number in my phone
Gotta get me some of you alone
We can worry 'bout it later on
Right now just keep makin' this my favorite song

You're shakin' that money maker, like a heart breaker, like your college major was
Twistin' and tearin' up Friday nights
Love the way you're wearin' those jeans so tight
I bet your kiss is a soul saver, my favorite flavor, want it now and later
I never seen nothin' that I wanted so bad
Girl, I gotta get me, gotta get me some of that

Immediately, I could see that girl. Long blonde hair swinging, a red solo cup in her hand, on the verge of spilling, but she doesn’t care, she’s feeling the music. I panned out and picked up more details. There’s a bonfire, lots of other kids her age, partying, pick-up trucks parked in a semicircle, headlights on. Maybe a high school or college party. I can see her but I don’t know anything about her yet. I look around a little more and realize, all eyes are on her. Everyone watches her, boys and girls alike. She’s one of those people that garners all the attention, but she doesn’t have to try. It’s the way she holds herself the way she moves. She’s confident, graceful and she doesn’t give a shit what anyone else thinks about her. As I pull back a little more, I find the boy who looks at her a little differently than all the others. He’s attracted to her, yes, but there’s something else in his gaze. He cares for her but more so he’s weary of her, scared shitless of her actually. But he’s also very protective. And that’s how Memories of Us (a little play on Keith Urban’s Making Memories of Us) began. This is Karis & Call's story. The first part of the tale flips back and forth between the present and the past as Call (as an adult) remembers their tumultuous teenage years. 

I don’t often create play lists but I did for this story. 

Get Me Some of That Thomas Rhett 
Jumped Right In Dallas Smith 
Summer of 19 You and Me, Dan and Shay 
They don't know about us - One Direction
Not a Bad Thing - Justin Timberlake 
Shawn Mendes - Life of the Party 
Jesse Mccartney - Freaky 

When the present and the past collide… 

Call Barstow spent the better part of his teenage years fighting off the sexual advances of Karis Hirt. Gorgeous, wild, promiscuous, and his best friend, Trey’s little sister, to boot. This in the teenage boy vernacular is referred to as pure unadulterated hell! 

Determined to keep his friends from his sister, Trey swears all his buddies to a hands-off-the-sister pact, which Call takes very seriously. Call’s pledge is only made more torturous when the sensual little vixen, Karis, is determined to make him break his vow. But his constant rejection only drives her to rebel, leaving her reputation in tatters. 

Years later, Karis resurfaces in Call's life—a subdued version of the wild child he remembers. Suddenly the pact doesn’t seem important anymore, nor does her spotty reputation. As Call begins to reconcile the past-and-present Karis, he is inundated with memories of her and soon finds himself head over heels with the girl who consumed his youth. 

Can Call not only forget but overlook her shadowed sexual history for a bright new future? Or will Karis’ wild past only lead to their eventual ruin?


A memory of us
The boys and I headed to a bonfire party out one of the back roads in a vacant farmer’s field. The baseball team was having a blowout, drowning their sorrows after losing their last game, which put them out the state finals. Most of the school was going to be there. I left the Jeep at home, hoping I could have a few drinks for a change, instead of always being the DD.
A shit ton of people showed up. Kids from other schools, from several counties surrounding ours. Good old boys in pickup trucks rolled in with several kegs and we got loud and obnoxious. It was fuckin’ great. I had more than my share of brew and I was feeling absolutely no pain when Karis showed up. As usual, she looked great. She was in a pair of short shorts that showed off her tanned, toned legs. She wore a light jacket on top to combat the light breeze and the insects.
I’d been getting cozy with this girl from a rival high school. Joy, I think her name was. We’d been dancing and flirting. I was this close to kissing her and maybe suggesting we find somewhere quiet to go. Then Karis started dancing with one of the baseball players. Not her normal bouncing party girl moves but sensual and slow.
“Oh, I love this song,” Joy said, and we started to move, but every time I looked up I made eye contact with Karis. She looked completely sober for once and Goddamn beautiful to boot. She wore her long blonde hair down. It cascaded down her back when the wind wasn’t playing with the strands. “Is she your ex or something?” Joy asked.
“Naw. She’s my buddy’s sister. We all kind of look out for her.” That seemed to appease her, but after another song went by, she said, “Are you sure you wouldn’t rather be dancing with her?”
“Fuck no. Why?” I looked at her as if she were demented.
“Because you can’t seem to keep from watching her.”
“I might be looking over in that direction, but I’m not zeroing in on her. Besides my beer goggles are starting to get pretty thick. But more to the point, I’m here with you.” I smiled then dipped my head and kissed her. But when I came up for air, I realized, Karis and the ball player were also lip-locked, and for some reason it hit me straight in the gut. I refocused on the chick I was with.
  Evernight     Amazon  

Hope you enjoyed this week's snippet and perhaps a little more back ground than you ever wanted to know. LOL! 
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Have a Sexy Saturday! 

Thursday, 21 May 2015

#NewRelease Her Own Devices by Lisabet Sarai #lesbianerotica

 Her Own Devices

A Collection of F/F Erotic Short stories by Lisabet Sarai 

Published May 12, 2015 by LadyLit Publishing
36,000 words
ISBN # 9789881420428
Genre: F/F erotica and erotic romance
Heat level: Explicit (5 flames)


In Her Own Devices, Lisabet Sarai collects her favorite stories of lesbian desire into a single volume. Meet Ally, former gang member, whose fears losing her identity along with her tattoos in the skilled hands of laser technician Luisa. Get to know butch firefighter Wilhemina “Billie” Macdonald, struggling to recover from the disastrous accident that killed her best buddy, with the help of a rather unconventional psychotherapist. Lick your lips at Goth rock chick Mina, barely into her twenties but brazen as sin, and velvet-clad, cigar-smoking Silicon Valley siren Dr. Marta Hausman.  Share Sister Kathleen Patrick’s confusion and arousal as she finds herself drawn to a most unsuitable partner. Experience submissive femme Jana’s ultimate surrender to her Daddy’s ropes, clamps, and ice cream sundae.

Each of these nine luscious tales will introduce you to distinctively different women. Each demonstrates that, left to her own devices, a woman can find what she needs—passion, comfort, love, healing—in another woman’s arms. 

Explicit Excerpt

"I told you to make yourself comfortable. Do I have to discipline you to get you to obey me?" She gestures at me with the crop. I'm simultaneously terrified and terribly aroused.

"No – no, Ma'am."

"Get those clothes off, then. Now."

I strip as quickly as I can, acutely aware of her dark eyes on me. In thirty seconds or less, my clothes are in a tangled pile on the cushions. I stand naked in front of her, suddenly embarrassed  by the dark fuzz on my legs and in my armpits.

Marta inhales, deep and slow, then releases the smoke through pursed scarlet lips. She is silent as she circles my body, judging me. She's achingly close, but she does not touch me. I tremble every time I sense her moving.

She pauses behind my back, and brushes the riding crop lightly over my buttocks. I freeze. Will she beat me, mark me, make me hers? I brace for the pain, fearful yet strangely eager for the new sensation. Instead she places the crop where I can see it on the lounge.

"Not today, little one – not this time. Not as long as you are a good girl."  I feel her heat, smell her musk mixed with the fruity cigar scent. My legs are rubbery, unstable. She massages my buttocks, molding them in her palms. All at once I feel her finger sliding from behind into my soaking cunt. I clench my muscles around the slender digit, trying to keep her inside me, but she slips free and holds her finger in front of my face. I breathe in my own damp, ripe aroma.

Her voice next to my ear is soft and smooth as velvet. "You certainly are a wet little girl, Loretta. A deliciously wet little slut." She pulls my plait out of the way and kisses me just below the earlobe. Her lips send shivers racing through me, electric arcs that spark across my nipples and converge on my clit.

I'm dying for more, but she pulls back after that brief caress. Her fingers ghost down to the small of my back, where she pulls off the elastic that secures the braid. "When you're with me, I want your hair loose, free. I want to see it flowing over your shoulders."  She arranges it that way as she speaks, then circles back around to evaluate the effect.

"Much better." She flicks a lock away from my breast, almost but not quite touching me. "But I certainly don't want to hide those adorable tits."  Seating herself on the chaise, she beckons me to her. My nipples are just at the level of her lips. She warms one with her breath, and it tightens visibly. I want to scream, to beg her to touch me. She's running this show, though. We both know that.

She fastens her mouth on that needy nipple. I close my eyes as  pleasure and relief overwhelm me. She sucks steadily. My clit twitches and dances as if her mouth were down there instead. I moan and try to rub my hungry pussy against her robe. She bites down hard on the swollen bud of flesh between her lips.  


"Naughty little slut! Maybe I need to use my crop after all!"  Her actions don't match her words, however. I imagine her seizing her instrument of punishment and throwing me over her lap so that she can chastise me. Instead, she sinks to one knee in front of my pussy and opens me with her mouth and fingers.
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Add to your Goodreads Shelf:

About Lisabet Sarai

LISABET SARAI writes in many genres, but F/F fiction is one of her favorites. Her lesbian erotica credits include contributions to Lambda Award winner Where the Girls Are, Ippie-winning Carnal Machines, Best Lesbian Romance 2012, Forbidden Fruit: Stories of Unwise Lesbian  Desire,  and Lammy-nominated Coming Together: Girl on Girl. Her story “The Late Show” appears in the recently released Best Lesbian Erotica 2015. Her first stand-alone lesbian title, The Witches of Gloucester, was release in March by LadyLit.

Lisabet holds more degrees than anyone would ever need, from prestigious educational institutions who would no doubt be deeply embarrassed by her explicit literary endeavors. She has traveled widely and currently lives in Southeast Asia, where she pursues an alternative career that is completely unrelated to her writing. For all the dirt on Lisabet, visit her website (http://www.lisabetsarai.com) or her blog Beyond Romance (http://lisabetsarai.blogspot.com).

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

#NewRelease Expecting The CEO’s Baby Series #BoxedSet by @miacaldwellbwwm #Interracialromance

Hi H K! Thank you so much for inviting me to your blog and letting me write a guest post. I’m a huge fan of your work, especially the Always Cambridge series.

I’m so happy to present the box set of my series, Expecting The CEO’s Baby.  Individual stories have been published throughout the month of April and the beginning of May, but this is the first time all of the stories have been compiled into one volume. All four parts of the Expecting The CEO’s Baby series are included here. As an added bonus, I’ve included an epilogue that gives a special (and sexy!) update to Ryanna’s and Andrew’s story. 

Part 1:

When I prevent a distracted Andrew Rutledge from walking into traffic, I have no idea he's a billionaire CEO. When he insists on seeing me again a few days later, I have no idea what to expect. Certainly not what he proposes, having his baby!

Andrew is handsome and rich, so I'm not sure why he's willing to pay me a lot of money to do what hundreds of other women would probably do for free. Since a job offer fell through at the last minute, I have no choice but to take his offer seriously. This arrangement will change my life in more ways than one. While I'm willing to help Andrew have a baby, giving him my heart is another matter entirely. . .

Part 2:

Weeks after saving the handsome and rich billionaire CEO Andrew Rutledge’s life, I am living in his mansion and we’re trying to have a baby!

But what started out as a straightforward deal for him to pay me a total of three million dollars to conceive and bear his child has turned into something else entirely. I’ve fallen in love with Andrew and can see us living happily ever after and raising our child together. And from his soft words and passionate kisses, I can tell Andrew feels the same way.

However, our happiness is threatened when a tabloid reporter finds out about our unusual arrangement. The looming scandal turns Andrew from the loving and caring man I fell in love with into a cold stranger who cares about nothing except his electronics company and his position as CEO. His abrupt transformation leaves me alone and confused, even more so now that a baby is on the way. . .

Part 3:

I'm finally pregnant by Andrew Rutledge, the handsome billionaire CEO who's paying me three million dollars to conceive and bear his child. Unfortunately, Andrew exposed his true insensitive and uncaring colors when a reporter confronted me about the details of our arrangement. Instead of being concerned with how the potential scandal might impact me, Andrew only cared about his electronics company and its board of directors. He made clear I came in a distant second place. And I'm scared his priorities won't change even after he finds out I'm pregnant!

What happened to the tender and loving man with whom I'd fallen in love? How could I raise a baby with such a callous and cold stranger? But the biggest shock comes when I discover the potential scandal originates from a source much closer to home than I ever would have suspected. Now I am totally and utterly alone, except for the baby I'm carrying. Can Andrew and I rediscover the love and passion we once shared and find our way back to each other for the sake of the child I'm carrying?

Part 4:

When I stopped handsome billionaire CEO Andrew Rutledge from walking into traffic, I had no idea it would put me on the path to having his baby! What began as a straightforward, though unconventional agreement for me being paid three million dollars to conceive and carry Andrew's child has developed into so much more.

Thought I didn't mean to do so, I fell in love with the powerful and good-looking CEO. However, I'm not totally sure how he feels about me. But now that I'm expecting the CEO's baby, it seems more important and urgent than ever to find out where I stand. For the sake of our unborn child, I'm hoping Andrew and I can find a way to create a happy and loving home with two parents who aren't afraid to say how much they love each other . . .


Check in with Ryanna and Andrew to what their life is like now!

Again, I want to thank H K for inviting me to her blog and allowing me to her fantastic readers and fans about my new release, the Expecting The CEO’s Baby – The Complete Series. I hope you all check it out.  J

I love hearing from readers! You can email me at authormiacaldwell@gmail.com , tweet me, or find me on Facebook! And you can always sign up for my mailing list here to get updates on the latest stories and learn about new releases.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Week 37 #MasturbationMonday See You Next Tuesday? #MayHasCumAndSoShouldYou


The Rules:

Write a steamy post about masturbation or share an excerpt so hot, it’ll make your readers want to masturbate.

Masturbation Monday Week 37

Oh my God! Check out this prompt, gang! Kayla promised hotter images as Masturbation Month continues. In my opinion, she’s gone and done it!

This is another one of those images that I don't even want to write a post for, I just want to watch. I’m mesmerized by the way his long fingers trace and contour over the ridges of those muscular abs, as if even he appreciates how they feel. Damn! The term lickable comes to mind. Makes me wanna start at that sexy heart rhythm tattoo, tracing it with my tongue, then work my way down and give those hard earned abs the appreciation they deserve. Oh sorry, I guess this is supposed to be about him. So this is what I came up with...

C U Next Tuesday?


I hurried down the driveway to my car with my gym bag slung over my arm, my tennis rackets, sticking out. I had no intention of heading to the courts, but that’s what my husband thought. 

“Hello Mrs. Crawford.” The college-aged boy from down the street yelled waving madly. 

“Hello, Dan!”

“Have a good game,” he smiled and ducked into his little red sports car.

“Thanks, I will.”

I threw my bag in the trunk and rushed to the driver’s side. 

As I drove to my weekly Tuesday appointment, my stomach rolled with excitement and my lower body thrummed with anticipation.

Thankfully, I found a parking place easily or I was going to be late. I didn’t want to miss a second of my session. 

With the peak of my visor pulled low, I kept my head down as I ran across the alleyway, my little white tennis skirt flouncing in my haste. 

I entered through the back door. 

“Good afternoon, Charlise.”

“Good afternoon,” I greeted the woman at the desk. I didn’t even know her name. 

“You’re all set, same room as always.”

“Thank you.” My stomach fluttered as I traversed the corridor. I opened the door and inhaled the familiar fresh scent, as I settled into the comfy overstuffed chair placed in the centre of the room. 

I glanced towards the glass which separated the two rooms, the blind had already been lifted and he was there. My excitement shot off the scale. My pussy tingled as I watched his hand move over his young supple body. He was on his back, the way I liked him, lounging on yet another of the ingenious furnishings in the establishment, manufactured specially for any position imaginable. 

At first we didn’t speak, I just watched as he caressed his tanned flesh. His body came alive by degrees. He knew I liked to watch him as his arousal grew, how I enjoyed his cock hardening, inch by inch. Although he once admitted in a very intimate moment, that it was because he knew I was watching, that turned him on the most. 

“Hey, Charlise,” he greeted. It was the name I’d made up our very first session. This time he did glance towards the partition as if he could see right in, his gaze connected with mine. He had the sexiest dark eyes I’d ever seen. They absolutely smouldered.

"Hello, Danny." I called him by the name he'd given me. "Is that some new ink I see? A heartbeat rhythm, is it?"

"Yes, ma'am. Do you like it? I got it with you in mind."

I knew he was full of shit, but I smiled anyway. "Me?"

"Mmmhmm, this is what you make my heart do whenever we're together like this. Off the charts, baby."

I chuckled but was mesmerized by the path his hand took. His long fingers tracing from just under that sexy new tattoo on his rounded pec, they then contoured and traced over the ridges of those muscular abs. It's what I loved about watching him. The way he too seemed to enjoy the feel of his own body.

As he continued the sexy exploration down his magnificent core, at the very last second his hand detoured sharply to the left, over his lower abdomen right before he took hold of his hardening cock. He dragged the sinewy flesh from the base traveling upward, allowing his length to run between his pinky and ring fingers, then the rest of his hand. My mouth went dry. 

"What would you like me to do today?" He slowly sensually tugged on his rapidly lengthening dick. "Want me go slow?" He picked up the pace giving his sweet cock several good strong yanks, teasing me. "Or hard and fast?"

"I think I need you hard and fast today, Danny. How does that sound?"

"As usual you read my mind."

With long slow strokes at first he began to pump his fist. But it didn't take long for him to really get into it. 

"What are you thinking of Danny? You're getting there so quickly."

"I'm thinking of you, Charlise. I'm imagining your warm hand on my cock." His lip trembled. "Your soft yet firm hold."

"I'm imagining it too." I fidgeted in my seat as I watched, his cock swelling, the tip colouring. "You're so thick and hard. 

I loved the way his breath hitched with pleasure as he got more turned on. Sometimes he'd let out the odd curse as his frustration level grew. It always gave me a little thrill to hear. 

His young hard body tensed and his hips began to roll as his strong hand worked up and down his throbbing shaft. His thighs tightened, his ass clenched, as he quickened the rhythm. 
I opened my legs and rubbed over the gusset of my damp panties, biting my lip to keep from making the sound that was even now working it’s way up the back of my throat. 

As he pumped his cock faster, I pulled the soft elastic aside with one hand, and dragged my fingers through my slick folds. 

“Fuck, Charlise, yes, fuck! I can hear you breathing hard. Come with me, baby. Come this time. You don’t know how badly I want you to come with me.” 

His lovely smooth skin, fisted tight in his hand, bunched and pulled taught as the stroking became more frantic. His fist jerking almost violently.

His spine stiffened, his body contorted and he erupted, a lovely strong stream of creamy cum flew in the air, followed by smaller erratic spurts covering his hand and abdomen

“Yes,” I whispered, smiling as he emptied, his hips jerking. But I didn’t allow myself to come. I tucked my panties back in place and squeezed my legs together. "Thank you, Danny. See you next week."

"Thank you, Charlise," he sighed.

I went to the desk and paid for my session and booked another, same time, same day, then I hurried to my car.

But suddenly, as I was about to get in, I sensed someone come up behind me, startling me. 

“Mrs. Crawford," came a familiar voice.

I turned with a gasp, to find the boy who lived next door to me, standing too close. I would have stepped away but my back was against the car. My cheeks flamed with embarrassment.

“Hello Dan,” I said, but my voice broke.

“Did you think I didn’t know it was you on the other side of that thin glass?” he whispered, his gaze darting between my eyes and my lips.


All of a sudden I felt his hand on my thigh, he brushed my sport skirt aside. He tucked his hand between my legs and rubbed. The new pressure was heaven. I immediately felt weak. I should be outraged. I should slap his hand away. But I was still tender and sensitive. I wanted nothing more than to bear down on his hand, have him finger fuck me with the same hand he'd used on himself only minutes before. 

“All this time,” he continued, as he stroked my pussy firmly. My knees were going to give. I gripped his muscular biceps. “Did you think I wouldn’t recognize you, Charlene?” He used my real name and it made me tremble. 

"Why did you follow me? We aren't supposed to interact outside of the club."

"I can't stand it anymore. Why won't you let go? Yes, I followed you, I came out here to make you come, Charlene." Brazenly, he ventured inside my panties and even though we were in the middle of the parking lot, I didn't push him away. I wanted it so badly. My pussy throbbed for release as it always did after one of our sessions.

“Oh, my fucking, god, Charlise,” he switched back to my alias. With his thumb and forefinger he found my clit, softly pinching then plucking. “You’re so wet. And I did that to you,” he moaned and tucked his lips against my neck sending shock waves of sensation over my highly sensitized skin. He murmured sweet nonsense as he continued to stroke my flesh. 

I trembled against him. If he kept it up, I was going to come. There was no help for it. He rounded my clit so slowly, so gently, he barely touched me. But it burned, raw and harsh. I wanted more and more. My hips began to imitate the motion of his hand. 

“Oh god,” I cried pathetically into his neck. 

He groaned, circling faster.

“Oh yeah, baby, don’t hold back anymore. Come, fucking come,” he begged, his breath ragged in my ear. And as if on command my insides clenched. He thrust his hips against me, the evidence of his new arousal pleased me. I ground against him riding the sweet waves of pleasure.

As I calmed, he held me until I could stand on my own. 

“Feel better?” he asked, watching me steadily. 

Unable to speak yet, I nodded. 

"See you next Tuesday, Mrs. Crawford?" he asked, while tracing my lower lip with his thumb.

At my nod, he turned, leaving me. I held onto the door of my car for support as I watched Dan, the handsome neighbour kid walk away. 

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