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Saturday 30 May 2015

#Saturday7 Some naughty office shenanigans... #MySexySaturday

Welcome to the 94th week of  
My Sexy Saturday.

This week’s theme is A Sexy Delight and it can mean just about anything. When we first thought of this, the song Afternoon Delight came up as well as thoughts about sexy evening delights and other wondrously sexy things. Basically, this one is up to you. 

How about some afternoon delight in the form of naughty office shenanigans between the boss, Roger and his assistant, Lexi. Hope you enjoy this snip from an untitled, unfinished, unedited WIP...

 “I’d rather be spending these few minutes before my client arrives, the way we did the other day. Do you remember, Lexi?”

“I can’t stop thinking about it, sir.” I clamped my legs together as I imagined his fingers delving deep inside me.

“Neither can I. What happens when you think about it, Lexi?”

I hesitated.

“When I think about it,” he continued,  “I get the most painful hard-on, in the best possible way, of course.”

“I…I get wet, sir.”

"Ahhh," he exhaled heavily causing goosebumps to shoot up my arms. My nipples hardened. “Are you, Lex? Are you wet for me now?”

“Yes," I admitted breathlessly.

Hope you enjoyed this week's tease. Hop on through the linky list below for the rest of this week's MSS participants.

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