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Friday 31 August 2018

What happens when virtual reality becomes reality? New sizzling M/M Romance from E.D.Parr that’s what!

New Release
MM romance 

A Virtual Kiss
E.D. Parr

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Hunky Nate Hathaway can’t resist the lure of private Virtual Reality rooms in a new Internet café that opens on the street where he works. He’s lonely and intrigued by the VR program offering a boyfriend experience. After only one date, Nate is hooked on Jason, the sexy, kind VR character.

Jason Graeme is the computer wizard behind the hot new VR programs. He’s a risk taker, smart and gorgeous. He’s also the body model for the boyfriend. A twist of fate brings Nate to his attention. Determined to meet dishy Nate, he reveals who he is.

Passion sizzles between the two men as they fall in love.

Trouble is Nate’s not the only guy in town who uses the boyfriend experience.

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“Hi, babe. It’s great to see you.” The guy greeted Nate and then kissed him.

Nate’s entire body went into meltdown. The kiss was so real he grabbed the VR man and pulled him close, crushing against him.

The man returned the kiss but gradually drew away. He held Nate’s hand and brought him to a table outside the café. “Let’s get coffee. Did you eat yet? You look tired.” He reached out a hand and swept gentle fingertips down Nate’s cheek.

Surprised at the comforting gesture, Nate closed his eyes for a second to soak up the touch. He opened them and gazed at his VR boyfriend. “I’d like to hear about your day. I’m not hungry, coffee’s fine.” What will I call him? Does he have a name or do I just assign him one? Hell, he is gorgeous.

A server brought coffee. “How lovely to see you again, Jason, and you’ve brought Nate along tonight. The usual for you both?”

Nate blinked under the beaming smile from her. How does it know my name? Must read the credit card or Cory keys it in when he sets the room going.

She placed their cups on the table.

Jason. Nate smiled at his VR man. Yeah. I like that—a mythical name for an unreal guy.

Jason locked his gaze with Nate’s. Attraction and desire flared unmistakably in the cobalt eyes.

Nate’s stomach clenched. He leaned a little forward to take in the affection from his boyfriend’s expression. Comfort, warmth, and gratitude mixed with the urgent need to kiss Jason again. He looked down at the table, unsure how to go on.

Jason stood and pulled his chair along next to Nate’s. He sat and slipped an arm around Nate’s shoulders. “Hey.” Jason held his jaw and lifted his head. “Kiss me.”

Nate looked into the blue eyes.

Jason’s lips met his. He merged his mouth on Nate’s in a soft press then lingered, dotting little kisses on Nate’s parted lips, before slipping his palm around Nate’s head and deepening the kiss.

Overwhelmed with the tenderness and sex in the kiss, Nate pulled away and stood. “I have to get back to work.”

Jason stood, too. He made a grab for Nate’s hand. “What, tonight? That’s unusual. Will I see you tomorrow?”

Nate stared at the gorgeous man, shocked at the realistic way Jason’s voice held need and worry. 

“Yes, of course. I better go now.” Unable to resist, he hugged Jason close. It was just as if he held a real man to his body. He soaked up the feel, let go of Jason, and strode to the wall where the door to the room had been. The VR scene provided a row of shops along the wall. As the dreamlike quality of the experience remained, Nate sighed and tried every one of the handles on the doors, until one swung inward and he charged out of it into the corridor. His credit card popped up from the device slot. Nate snatched it. He put it into his wallet as he walked the length of the corridor.

Cory drank coffee from a paper cup at his desk. He gave Nate a wave. “See you again.”

Nate passed him, dashed up the stairs, and raced along the corridor to the young woman’s desk at the entrance.

He called, “Good night,” walking quickly by her, and wove through the tables and computer desks until he pushed open the glass door and stepped into the evening air.

Nate froze in the cool breeze. He breathed deep. This was real. The café building behind him was cream brick, chrome, and dappled glass, the bank over the street serious gray stone blocks with an ATM inserted along one wall. Nate stalked along the sidewalk glad of the traffic nearby, happy with the occasional blast of carbon monoxide until he reached the entrance to the subway. He went down to the platform.

On the train home, he gazed ahead as he hung from a ceiling strap surrounded by late commuters. It’s as if I’ve been with a real person. I can just about feel his mouth on mine. Fuck, he’s hot. I wish he was real. Should I go tomorrow?

Copyright E.D. Parr 2018 Evernight Publishing, releasing Thursday August 23

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Wednesday 29 August 2018

Release Blitz + #Giveaway - Masters of the Castle: Witness Protection Program - Multi-Author Anthology

Masters of the Castle: Witness Protection Program Tour Graphic
Masters of the Castle: Witness Protection Program
Genre: Erotic Romance, Suspense, BDSM
Publisher: Blushing Books
Publication Date: August 7, 2018
There's a killer in the castle and the hunt is on.
Ten authors, eight full-length stories.
One really, really bad man.
Where will you be when the bomb goes off?
When Master Marshall gets an emergency phone call, he can’t believe his ears. His cousin, Grace, has become the only surviving witness to a terrible murder and she is refusing police protection. Fortunately for her, as far as Marshall is concerned there is no place in the world safer than a medieval castle full of protection-minded Doms. Unfortunately for them all, the assassin hunting her from the shadows disagrees.
This steamy Masters of the Castle anthology includes the following brand new, full length books:
Taming Terri - Allysa Hart & Rayanna Jamison
Partners. Best Friends. Ex-Lovers. K9 unit Terri O’Connel and Nick Carrusso along with their playful pup, Champ, find themselves on a case that challenges all of their skills.
Embracing Eden - Maren Smith
Intimacy was vulnerability, and vulnerable was something Grimsley would never be.
Tempting Tasha - Tabitha Black
Has the Big Bad Dungeon Master finally met his match?
Controlling Carlie - BJ Wane
The only way to keep her safe is to bend her to his control…
Freeing Fawn - Golden Angel
FBI agent Dane Morgan comes to the Castle to save a life. Fawn Pike is there to take one.
Harboring Holly - Raisa Greywood
Can Agent Turner save his dream girl twice?
Capturing Cassandra - Piper Stone
She’s longed to submit to a powerful man. Her choice? The assassin she’s hunted for years.
Guarding Grace - Katherine Deane & Kate Richards
How can a blind woman be a witness?

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Masters of the Castle: Witness Protection Program Teaser 5


Masters of the Castle: Witness Protection Program Giveaway Graphic
Contest runs from August 28 - September 3, 2018.

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Tuesday 28 August 2018

Out Now - The Voyeur - by Kay Jaybee @kay_jaybee #bdsm #erotica

The Voyeur
Kay Jaybee

bdsm, erotica
(Second edition, published by Sinful Press, 2018)

The world of Mark Parker is steeped in sexual fantasy and hidden away in a small notebook...

“...This is, simply put, Kay Jaybee's best work to date. It's imaginative, kinky, sexy and keeps you guessing throughout. So if you're looking for a well-written, BDSM packed novel with lots of straight and lesbian sex, then you should definitely check out The Voyeur.' Blog Critics

"...The Voyeur is the pitch black to E.L. James' shades. A richly dark erotic thriller which keeps you gripped from its sexually charged start and through its twists and turns along the way....  as the girls sexual challenges get packed with more eroticism you start to question whether you want the girls to succeed or not ...without knowing the full details and implications....” Amazon

“...if you kink kinky then this is for, you otherwise be warned ... this is not Fifty or even Gideon Cross - Mark Parker is in a world of his own...
An excellent story that had me up most the night to get it finished - I HAD to know what was going to happen.” Goodreads.


Wealthy businessman and committed voyeur, Mark Parker, has a list of thirteen fantasies he is intent on turning into reality. Travelling between his London flat, his plush Oxfordshire mansion, and Discreet, his favourite S&M club; Mark is helped to realise his imaginatively dark erotic desires by two loyal members of his staff. His Personal Assistant, Anya Grant, and his Housekeeper, Clara Hooper.

Upon the backs of his willing slaves, Mark has written out his fantasy list in thick red pen. Only Fantasy 12 awaits the tick of completion against their flesh before Mark’s ultimate fantasy – Fantasy 13- can take place.

But have the girls performed well enough to succeed in the final challenge? And what hold does the Bridge's Gentleman's Club, Anya's previous employer, have over Mark? A place Anya was only too delighted to escape from.

In order to find out, Mark’s girls are going to have to face some of the fantasies they thought they’d left behind them all over again; and while they do, Mark will watch...

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... Mark took a step closer to his PA. “Tonight,” he said, pulling off Anya’s shirt and bra, exposing her luscious chest to the cool of the room, “you will both face a combination of experiences that together make up Fantasy 12. Won’t it be lovely to be able to tick another task off our list, girls?”

They didn’t answer; experience had taught them that nine times out of ten their employer’s questions were rhetorical.

Mark twisted the women round; removing Clara’s top as he did so, so he could see both his employees’ bare backs. There, in neat script, a permanent pen had been used to write ‘Fantasy 1’, ‘Fantasy 2’ and so on, all the way down–the numbers following the length of their spines, finishing with the words ‘Fantasy 13’. The first eleven rows of black lettering had bright red ticks next to them.

“Only two more tasks left to go.”

This time the girls risked a fleeting glance at each other; exchanging a look of mutual blood-hammering exhilaration twinned with an erotic anticipation it would have been hypocritical to deny.

Mark, during his brief periods of leisure, had painstakingly detailed many lust-driven scenarios he wished to both direct and bring to life. He often wrote notes, accompanied by intricate diagrams of erotic, slightly disturbing, but ultimately satisfying fantasies, in a leather-bound journal that only he was allowed to read.

Anya and Clara knew that the final fantasy, when it came, would be more difficult and different to anything they’d ever previous experienced. They feared it.

They also longed for it.

Mark was a clever man, for as each new task unfolded he pushed his faithful staff along with him, darkening their desires and needs. Changing them so they slowly became closer to his own. Making his girls as keen as he was to see how far they could go. To see how much they could physically take as they accompanied him on his journey of extreme sexual sightseeing.

A cold, clammy sheen of perspiration broke out on Anya’s face, arms, and breasts as Mark danced a finger across her skin. “You will both go to your room and change into the clothes I’ve placed upon your beds. You will remain there until I call you.” Mark pointed to the door, and his employees headed to their small, twin-bedded room without a sound.

As Anya considered some of the things she and Clara had been required to do over the last six months, she privately reassured herself that the trepidation shooting down her spine was understandable and acceptable. It was also irrational, for she knew that Fantasy 12 would not only be tolerable, but enjoyable; and that just because the end of the list was in sight, it didn’t mean the night ahead would involve anything worse than Mark had asked of them before. She could handle this. They both could–no problem.

Then Anya saw her outfit.

Her bed supported nothing but a leather dog collar.

Staring at the total lack of clothing, Anya almost conveyed her horror to Clara, but her lover stopped her with an urgent shake of the head. There was no privacy here, and they never knew if the webcams positioned in every room were switched on or not...


Kay Jaybee was named Best Erotica Writer of 2015 by the ETO 

Kay received an honouree mention at the NLA Awards 2015 for excellence in BDSM writing.

Kay Jaybee has over 180 erotica publications including, The Voyeur, 2nd edition (Sinful Press, 2018), Knowing Her Place-Book 3 : The Perfect Submissive Trilogy (KJBooks, 2018), The Retreat- Book2: The Perfect Submissive Trilogy (KJBooks, 2018), Making Him Wait, 2nd edition (Sinful Press, 2018), The Fifth Floor- Book1;The Perfect Submissive Trilogy (KJBooks, 2017), Wednesday on Thursday, (KDP, 2017), The Collector (KDP, 2016), A Sticky Situation (Xcite, 2013), Digging Deep, (Xcite 2013), Take Control, (1001 NightsPress, 2014), and Not Her Type (1001 NightsPress), 2013.

Details of all her short stories and other publications can be found at www.kayjaybee.me.uk 

You can follow Kay on -
Kay also writes contemporary romance and children’s picture books as Jenny Kane www.jennykane.co.uk  and historical fiction as Jennifer Ash www.jenniferash.co.uk

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Tuesday 7 August 2018

Update: Look what finally made its way to #Amazon - My Sexy Bookminder #erotica

Out Now!

Part of the 2018 Summer Shorts Collection

H K Carlton

Alec Todd thinks he’s amassed all the coping tools he needed to combat his learning deficits, but higher education is quickly eradicating that misguided idea.

Having to suffer through another round of summer school, Alec finds trying to study in the house—with his three rowdy roommates in the throes of summer parties and beer pong—is all but impossible.

About at wits’ end, Alec seeks the solitude of the library, and not for the first time. There, he not only enjoys the semi-quiet that his busy mind needs, but also discovers the university’s librarian—the bangin’ Ms. Benton.

Under the rudimentary tutelage of the university’s knowledgeable bibliophile, Alec just might pass his final exam, when the sexy bookminder develops a learning strategy just for him—a sort of adult incentive system.

Here’s to higher education!

Grab your copy today at eXtasy Books
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The next thing I knew, Ms. Benton had returned and was calling my name.

I lifted my head.

“I’m sorry, sweetie,” she said, in a soft voice. “It’s closing time.”


“You fell asleep, hun.” She watched me, compassion plain in her expression.

“Ahh, fuck! Oh no, I’m sorry.” I rushed to apologize for cursing. My ears heated. I looked around. Everyone else had already vacated the premises.

“All these wonderful tomes full of decent words…” She dragged a long red perfectly manicured fingernail over the page of the book open in front of me. I watched the path it took, and my skin prickled as if she were running that nail over my flesh. “…and you choose to use profanity,” she concluded.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you.” I wanted to stand up like a gentleman and apologize on my feet, but there was nothing gentlemanly going on below the tabletop. I was once again sporting a boner, compliments of the bangin’ Ms. Benton.

“I’m not offended.” She bent slightly, affording me a nice view down her shirt. Then she perched her perfect backside on the edge of the table. “Often there is a time and place for such crudity. But there are so many better words in the English language. An intelligent man such as yourself needn’t resort to it in order to make his point.”

“No, you’re absolutely right.” Sufficiently chastised, I started to gather my books and tuck them into my satchel.

She picked up one of the hardbound textbooks and handed it to me.

“Thank you.”

“So polite. Too bad you have a potty mouth.” She grinned, teasing me.

“Sorry about that, I just, I’ve lost hours of studying time by falling asleep. I can’t afford to squander my time like that.” I pushed the chair back and stood.

“I’m sure you’ll do fine, Alec. You’re in here at least three times a week, if not more. It’s more than I can say for your friends, even during the regular semester. I’ve never seen them in here before. I guarantee out of the four of you, you have the best marks.”

“I wish.” I shrugged. “It’s easy for them. Not so much for me.”

“I’ve watched you in the quiet room.” She glanced toward the glassed-in area.

I couldn’t hold her gaze. I stared at the surface of the table. I didn’t want her to know I wasn’t as intelligent as she seemed to think I was.
I didn’t want to add her to the long line of chicks who were nice to my face, then shit-talked me behind my back. It took me a bit longer to learn, so what.

Ms. Benton plucked at the rubber band around my study cards.

“The flashcards. The lists. The fidget gadget. You get up and walk around, then get back to work. I’ve seen you at the coffee shop, studying. So you try and change up your atmosphere, depending on your day. Sometimes it’s the noise you need, and sometimes you need to rid yourself of all distraction.”

Well, not all distraction. My eyes worked independently of my brain and before I realized what I was doing my attention was affixed to her voluptuous bosom.

“You’re working all the correct strategies,” she added, in a low voice.

“Am I that obvious?”

All of a sudden, she tucked her finger under my chin. 

Stunned by the unexpected touch, I raised my gaze to hers.

The soft look in her eyes and the small smile that hooked her plump lips made my heart rate double. “Takes one to know one,” she said.

My stomach clenched. “You?”

Ever so slowly, she blinked. “You’re looking at the poster child for ADHD and impulsivity.” She quirked her head. “At least, that’s the clinical diagnosis.” She added the air quotes.

The statement made me think she wasn’t as convinced by the medical analysis. I chucked. “Isn’t that a given? Symptom, I mean. Poor impulse control?”

“Probably.” She nodded and returned my grin. “You know, I feel bad about letting you sleep. I debated waking you, but if you’re like me, sleep is a limited commodity. I figured you must have needed the rest. 
Besides, you looked so cute.” Her gaze dropped to my lips. 

My mouth actually prickled under her perusal. 

“I didn’t have the heart,” she finished.

I blinked several times. Cute? Was I hearing right?

“I have a few minutes,” she continued. “I heard one of your less studious counterparts offer to quiz you. I could do that for you, if you like? Maybe make up for some of the time you’ve lost.”

“Really?” I asked, looking into her gorgeous light blue eyes, fringed by long lashes tinted cobalt by a touch of mascara. “You’d do that for me?”

“I’d be happy to. Just let me lock the door, so we don’t get any stragglers trying to get in after hours disturbing us.”

I watched as she strutted across the room. Her nude high heels clunked against the hardwood floor. Man, she had nice legs. She had nice everything.

I sat back down quickly as my traitorous body reacted once more to her magnificent form.

In an attempt to be chivalrous, I pulled out the chair next to me, but she declined.

“Why don’t you get up? Walk around. There’s lots of space to move. I can fire questions at you, and you can simply answer from wherever you are. The acoustics are exceptional. I’ll hear you.”

“Oh, okay. We can give that a try, I guess.”

Ms. Benton picked up my cue cards, and for about half an hour we strolled through the rows of bookshelves before I got totally frustrated. I did nothing but spit and sputter. Even with her help and patience, I couldn’t seem to get anything right. She was making me nervous. And the last thing I wanted to do was seem like a complete fucking idiot in front of her.

“Maybe we should just call it a night, Ms. Benton.” I raked my hand through my hair as she came around the end of a large display case, to face me. “Thank you for your help, but the material is not staying in my thick head. I’m sure you must have somewhere better to be. Or someone waiting for you.” There had to be some lucky fucker expecting her.

“I don’t have anywhere to be. And you will get it. Repetitiveness works. What do you normally do before a test?”

“The cards. Reading it over and over—though I never get very far with that before my mind wanders. Sometimes I write the pertinent points down. My sister bought me an e-reader, and if I’m lucky enough to be able to purchase the course book and download it, I put in my ear buds and activate the voice mode. You know, then it reads it to me. Too bad they don’t make audio textbooks.”

“Mmm, that’s an excellent idea. There are a few, but not very many. Perhaps we should look into providing that around here. More audios would be an incredible addition, not to mention a fantastic resource for people like you and me. Yet I could see students who are able to multitask using them, too, more as a time saver.” She headed back toward my worktable, and I followed.

Once more, she leaned on the tabletop as I drew close to her. With the corner of my flashcards, she stabbed at my shoulder. “What about the reward system? Was that ever a stratagem that worked for you in the past?”

“Sure, at one time,” I answered as she lowered the stack of notes. This time she ran the corner of my prompts through the vee of her blouse, skimming the lucky piece of cardboard through her cleavage.

I wet my lips, finding them suddenly dry.

“Well how about we give that a go?” she asked.

I pried my hungry gaze from her curves and met her direct stare.

An all-knowing smirk crossed her lips. “I’m up here.” She pointed to her lovely face.

“Uh, yeah. Sorry. Distractions.” Two of ’em.

“Rewards?” she prompted.

It was my turn to grin. “Let me guess. You have a bag of goldfish-shaped crackers, hidden in your desk over there, for the good little boys.”

“That may have worked when you were a child, but you’re all man now. I was thinking of more adult type incentives.”

That certainly tweaked my interest. “Oh?” I took a step closer.

“And higher stakes.”

Holy shit!

“What’d you have in mind?” My voice sounded lower, even to me.

“I want you to study what’s on this card.” She held the top flashcard, chest height.

“Okay.” I tried to concentrate on my messy scrawl and not the way her breasts rose and fell, as she inhaled then exhaled.

“Let me know when you have it,” she said.

I shrugged. “Probably as good as it’s going to get.”

Ms. Benton lowered the index card. “What does it say?”

“Something about how exchange rates are determined, I think.”

“And they are?” Expectantly, she widened her eyes.

“Um.” I shook my head. “Price inflation. Interest rates and uhhh…market psychology.”

I was proud of myself until she said, “Define those three factors.”

Well, fuck! I tried to imagine the notations in my head. I recited what I could remember. 

“No, tell me, in your own words.” Frustrated, I shook my head.

She brought the notes back up. “Read it again.”

“I can’t do this. You’re too distracting.”

“Don’t you want to know what your reward will be?”

“Sure, I do, but I…”

“Well, since you seem to be so fascinated by the girls here—” She gestured to her voluptuous breasts.

My mouth fell open, and my gaze dropped to the girls.

“Once you can tell me what’s on the card, in your own words, you can touch me.”

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