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Monday 26 August 2019

Character Interview with Saxon Dearing from E.D. Parr's New Release: Like a Thief in the Night #mmromance @parr_books

Thank you for hosting new release gay romance Like a Thief in the Night

Gorgeous, businessman, Saxon Dearing buys a pied de terre in the city where he works. Only using the place on three nights, he goes home to his beachside house for the rest of the week. At thirty-two, immersed in his work, he doesn’t know he’s lonely until delicious, twenty-five year old Jon Palmer literally drops into his life during a thunderstorm.

Artist Jon struggles to sell his paintings from a tiny studio, and works in a city gallery to pay his rent. As the two men fall in love, Jon can’t overcome the idea his lack of success is a barrier to telling handsome, wealthy Saxon how he feels.

When his boss offers him a dangerous way of making money, Jon must make a choice.

Will he risk telling Saxon he loves him or let his lack of confidence lead him astray and away from the man who loves him, too?

Today we welcome, Saxon Dearing one of the heroes

I’ll make this interview fun…

Saxon, If you were a dessert, what would you be?

(Laughs) A dessert … well I know Jon likes ginger cookies, but that’s not really a dessert, huh? Okay I know, lemon meringue pie, yeah.

What do you do when you need to blow off steam?

If I’m in the city I go to the gym and beat the crap out of a punch bag. If I’m at the beach house, I run on the beach, although I do keep to the wet sand and I like to wear my iPod

What do you look for in a man?

Nothing now I’ve met Jon. He’s perfect for me. I love him. He’s intelligent, creative, good-looking, sexy, sweet … I could go on all day about him.

What is in your refrigerator right now?

In the city, steak, lettuce, cherry tomatoes … a half pack of beer, what else … a red pepper. There’s not that much because Jon and I are going up to the beach house tonight.

What’s on your bedroom floor?

In the city, my old baseball bat, that’s under the bed.

What do you wear in bed?

Depends what I’m doing (smiles) so it ranges from a t-shirt and boxers to nothing … (smiles again) mostly nothing now

Light on or off?

Either, both

Chocolate or vanilla?

Is that for licking off Jon’s abs? Has to be chocolate.

What’s your biggest fear?

Oh, well, I have to think about that for a second. I could say spiders or losing on the stock market but truth is it’s losing Jon’s love. It would break my heart.

What is your most treasured possession?

After the last question … Jon’s not my possession but I treasure him. If it has to be a possession, then it’s a drawing Jon gave me … he’s an artist.

What’s your favorite outfit?

I have some old faded levis and beaten up leather boots that I rely on when I’m not in suits. I usually throw on a t-shirt and my battered leather jacket over the top. I have to wear suits for work. I like my black one best.

What do you like to see Jon dressed in?

Anything he likes, (his eyes mist a little) although I do like him in the tux he wore for our wedding, and in his ripped jeans, because there’s a frayed bit high on his thigh…

Do you have a favorite music track?

My taste and surprisingly Jon’s too, is eclectic.
We’re listening to old Coldplay stuff right now … love them.

Tell the readers something you’ve never told anyone before.

(Grins) What? You mean spill a secret? You do. (Takes a deep breath) I have nothing for you, nope not a thing…

We’ll make that the last question. Thanks for visiting. Where are you off to next?

(Smiles) You know that’s another question, right?

We have a story teaser for you from, Like a Thief in the Night

Jon struggled into a sitting position. “What time is it?”

Saxon shook his head. “I don’t know, but maybe nine or ten.” Saxon sat up.

“Hell, not ten please.” Jon leaped from the bed and dashed to his backpack where he snatched a smartphone from the front zipper pocket. He ran his hand through his sleep-ruffled hair. It stood on end at the front. He cast a glance at Saxon. “It’s nine. I start at nine-thirty. I’m sorry, I have to dash.”

“It’s okay. Will I make you a coffee while you dress?”

“Thanks for thinking of me, but I’ll make a cup at the gallery.” He ran into the bathroom and came out moments later in the jeans and sweater Saxon had seen him wearing the night before. He dropped a pair of boots to the floor and zipped up his fly as he pushed bare feet into them.

Saxon gazed at the spectacle. He got out of bed and walked rapidly to the kitchen remembering Jon’s jacket was draped over the back of a chair. He brought it to Jon.

Jon rewarded him with a smile. “Thank you. Is it okay to leave my pajamas in the bathroom?” He slipped his jacket on and grabbed up his backpack.

To Saxon’s surprise and delight, Jon kissed him by the side of his mouth.

“See you tonight. Thank you so much.” He strode to the door, opened it, and left.

Saxon went to the bathroom and picked up Jon’s pajamas. He hung them from a hook on the door and dragged on his robe from the other hook. Jon’s socks lay in a damp bunch on the floor next to the shelf housing towels. His boots must leak. Concern furrowed his brow. He put the socks in the laundry hamper. They can go in the wash. I’ll get coffee first. I’ve missed early trading. Perhaps it doesn’t matter this once. Saxon hummed as he heaped coffee grains into the filter. An unfamiliar deep happiness bubbled in him.

Copyright E. D. Parr 2019, Evernight Publishing
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Friday 23 August 2019

Release Blitz + #Giveaway - Submissive Lies - by Shane Starrett @ShaneStarrett #erotic #romance

Title: Submissive Lies
Author: Shane Starrett
Genre: Erotic Romance with themes of infidelity
Release Date: August 10, 2019


Thomas was everything a woman should want. Smart, sweet, gorgeous... but that first spark I’d felt between us had fizzled. There’s something wrong with me, something broken. Or... at least I thought it was broken. Then I met Steve. We went from spark to raging inferno with one flick of his eyebrow, one dangerous smile, and now all I can think about is the side of myself I’d tried so hard to lock away. He’s everything Thomas isn’t. He’s everything I’ve been missing. Fire and passion... and dominance. If I was a good girl, a vanilla girl, I could have been happy with Thomas. But now that I’ve met Steve, I know that’s impossible.

My name is Jen. I am a submissive.

I’ve deceived everyone around me about who I am, and I’ve lied to myself. But this time I won’t.

This time I will choose happiness... even if it hurts.

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“Okay. Jen.” Thomas' shoulders relaxed in another small release of tension as he gave a slight chuckle. “just for future reference, you might want to think of another way of starting a conversation right after we’ve had sex other than ‘Can we talk?’ followed by ‘Have I ever told you about my past lovers?’”

“Ugh.” I slumped back a bit, groaning. “This is getting all twisted around…”

He laughed, then reached down, kissing the top of my head. “It’s fine. Just tell me what this is about.”

“In my past relationships, I…” I paused, letting out a small sigh. “Well, there have been certain things about them that were…well, aspects of them that have included…umm…” I wasn’t sure exactly how to approach this. This was not a conversation I’d ever thought I was going to need to have with him and coupled with the fact that the discussion had already gotten off to an awkward start, I was quickly beginning to lose my resolve to continue. However, Thomas was patient and didn’t press me.

“Certain,” I picked up where I had stopped. “…certain, uh, what people would call … kinky things.” I looked up at him, hopeful, expectant, and saw his expression change from mild uncertainty to one of bemusement.

“Kinky things?”

“Yeah, you know, kinky…sexual things.”

“Okay.” Thomas frowned, his brows knitting together. He was deep in lawyer mode, and I could almost see his brain attacking this. “Are we talking about things like the toys in your drawer?” He made a slight motion towards the nightstand on my side of the bed.

“Well,” I pursed my lips together, taking a deep breath, trying not to let my frustration show. “Those could be considered part of it, I suppose, but what I’m referring to are things that would be a little more…pronounced than that.”

Author Bio

Shane Starrett has spent twenty-five years writing steamy, erotic technical documents (okay, the erotic part is probably a bit of a stretch) for major companies in the live events industry. His first novel, Submissive Lies, was long in coming, but with guidance from his long-time beta reader of 30 years (Ms. Starrett), it is now complete and available. When he isn’t writing, which isn’t often, he can be found hiking trails up and down the Sierra Nevada’s, and the coastal range in Southern California.
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Monday 19 August 2019

New Release - Brewer’s Ward [Devil’s Outlaws MC 4] by Lynn Burke @AuthorLynnBurke #MCRomance #RomanticSuspense

Brewer’s Ward
Devil’s Outlaws 4
Publisher: Changeling Press
World-Wide Release Date: August 23, 2019

She might be his mark, but one look into her eyes slays him.


Reagan “Brewer” de Jager might look soft as a teddy bear, but his stint as a sniper in the SEALs hardened him into a lethal killer. The fact his wife cheated on him while he’d been deployed makes him unable to trust. Cold hearted and empty, he sets his sights on his next mark—and one look into her eyes slays him.

Nova Smego wasn’t nicknamed Black Widow by her CIA superiors without reason.

Underestimated for her petite form, she’s quick with her fists and lethal with a blade or a bullet. Tossed out of the CIA with a scarred reputation, she joins a hitmen-for-hire team in the hopes of exacting revenge on the one who ruined her career.

When the Outlaws eliminate her team in order to rescue one of their own, Nova is kept alive—tied to her captor. A winter storm kills the electricity, but not the heat building between her and Brewer. There was a reason he couldn't end her, and while she plans her escape, she fears losing her heart to the chemistry sizzling between them.

But when Nova's desire for vengeance shakes the tentative bond between them, the Outlaws issue Brewer an ultimatum. Pull the trigger, or find common ground to trust one another and avoid the Outlaws’ demand for her life.


Changeling Press - 15% sale


Brewer stood in the doorway, his gaze flitting over my face as he stepped inside my prison.

My heart spasmed -- and that damn tingle between my thighs roared to life. I scowled.

Chin tilted up, I held his blue eyed stare, trying to focus on what he’d done, the family he’d taken from me, rather than the arousal he’d woken inside my core.

A twinkle lit his eye and twitched his lips peeking from his full beard -- a beard that appeared silky, bringing to mind an image of his dark head between my thighs. Would his facial hair tickle? Scrape and mark my skin?

I swallowed and jerked my focus back up to his eyes, determined to keep silent no matter what he said -- or did.

He caved from the silence between us first, expelling a heavy exhale, his shoulders relaxing the slightest bit. “What’s your name?”

“Eat shit.”

His lips quirked as though to smirk, but flat lined. “Bet you got your ass bullied for that name while growing up.”

“Fuck off.”

“I’d rather fuck you.”

My breath caught -- and Brewer blinked as though his words had escaped unintended. He stood a few feet in front of me, doing nothing to hide the cock swelling inside his leathers. Long and hard…

The tingle of arousal morphed into pure wetness, dampening my panties in the span of single breath as we stared at one another, our fogging breaths loud in the stillness.

“Goddamnit.” Brewer scrubbed a hand down over his face and beard while I attempted to swallow the dryness from my throat. He spun and left without another word, leaving my upper body unwrapped.

My arousal kept me warm for all of two minutes before my teeth began to chatter.

Fucking asshole couldn’t handle the sexual tension, the complication of what that brought to our situation. He fled like a pansy-ass.

Better that than rape me…

“Fuck,” I muttered, eyes clenching shut against the thought of him thrusting into my body. My pussy spasmed, deepening my frown. I hadn’t let a man’s dick near me in over three years -- and I wasn’t about to let some Stockholm syndrome make me lenient. No matter how fucking hot said man might be.

He’d killed my team, so given the chance, I would kill him.

© Lynn Burke 2019



Lynn Burke is a full time mother, voracious gardener, and scribbler of spicy romance stories. A country bumpkin turned Bay Stater, she enjoys her chowdah and Dunkin Donuts when not trying to escape the reality of city life.

Wednesday 14 August 2019

Release Blitz + #Giveaway - Love's Hot - by Karen Deen #contemporary #romance

Title: Love's Hot
Series: Time for Love #5
Author: Karen Deen
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 11, 2019

She wants to be my buddy.
You know, the naked type—no strings attached, no awkwardness.
Friends who are lovers but with no relationship hassles.
To a man who has nothing to offer a woman except pleasure, it’s an offer too good to refuse

Days of laughter and nights full of hot searing passion.
It can’t last. I need it to end, my life depends on our demise.

But I miss her clothes on my bedroom floor.
As she looks up at me from her knees, my heart … the distraction … I just can’t.

She’s here in front of me, so how do I keep her safe?

Holy hotness!
It’s a crime to be that good-looking, surely. It’s not just looks, I’m certain.
His skills in the bedroom keep me awake dreaming of more.
I don’t want to be attached, but I’m not ready to let him go. I come up with the perfect plan.

Friends with benefits, an arrangement with rules.
F… buddies—his name and his rules. A name he takes seriously and lives up to.

I’ve never known life to be this good but just as I fall under his spell, he’s gone.
The rules say I should too. But I won’t because his love is worth fighting for.

I’m about to make him see that too

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Author Bio  

Karen Deen has been a lover of romance novels and happily-ever-after stories for as long as she can remember. Reaching a point in her life ready to explore her own dreams, Karen decided now was the time to finally write some of her own stories. For years, all of her characters have been forming story lines in her head, just waiting for the right time to bust free.

Sitting up in the early hours of the morning with her cups of tea, chocolate and music she gets lost in a world of sexy, alpha men who are challenged by some funny, sassy and strong-willed women. Bringing you unexpected laughs, suspense and a little bit of naughty.

Karen is married to her loving husband and high school sweetheart. Together, they live the crazy life of parents to three children. She is balancing her life between a career as an accountant by day and writer of romance novels by night. Living in a beautiful coastal town two hours south of Sydney, Australia, Karen loves to enjoy time with her family and friends in her beautiful surroundings. Of course, when she is not shut in her writing cave bringing you more words to devour.

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Monday 12 August 2019

Book Tour + #Giveaway - Future, Broken [Project Mars 1] by Jacey Holbrand & Elizabeth Monvey #SciFi #mmRomance

Future, Broken
Project Mars Book 1
Jacey Holbrand & Elizabeth Monvey

M/M SciFi Romance

In the future, be careful who you trust.

Nathaniel Stockton and Grover Silas Ranger are faced with the ultimate test to their relationship when the Project Mars Lottery comes to town. Nate wins a chance to have his dreams come true: to live and work on the red planet with his love. Yet his husband, Ranger, doesn't see the
point of going from one bad place to another. But an evil organization called Sector has a completely different idea for the couple.

Kidnapped, experimented on, impregnated, and sent to Mars, Nate realizes too late he trusted the wrong people.

Ranger fights to find a way to Nate. Will he make it to his love before
their dreams and lives are irrevocably broken by distance, a
pregnancy, and the corrupt agency?

Future, Betrayed
Project Mars, Book 2

Jacey Holbrand believes life and love comes in all forms and should be celebrated. She’s committed to her muse and writing so she can share her stories with readers. Hot days. Sexy nights. Come play in her world.
Jacey loves to hear from readers!

Elizabeth Monvey is the pseudonym for a single mother from Los Angeles. She writes manlove stories, where the hero meets the man of his dreams because happily ever after is one of her favorite things.

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Monday 5 August 2019

Guest Post: The Art of Compassion - Book Tour - House Mother: The Contract - by Amber Lloyd #erotica

The Art of Compassion 

Our world is fragmented by sex. Some see sex as a taboo, for others it is a tool, yet others see sex as a weapon, an excuse to subjugate and even kill for family honor. Sex can be frightening in some ways for all of us. My character Amber Lloyd uses her compassion for people to treat the sexual dysfunction she finds in her fellow man, or men as was the case with her five House Mother partners.

Some of the people in her story are on the outer fringe of their particular sexual issue, but we have all been there to a lesser degree and have all known people, friends, relatives and neighbors whose lives were a torment because of sexual frustration. From the housewife who is lured into an affair because of physical or emotional abuse or even boredom, to the single man or woman afraid to commit to a loving relationship, we have all known their fears, and we have all felt their pain.

Amber sees life through a lens of empathy and tries to fix the people she helps with her own brand of sexual therapy. Sometimes it works and sometimes it goes very wrong, but her motives are always pure, and even when her process fails she manages to turn her good intentions into something positive.

This novel is the first in a trilogy and the beginning of Amber's journey into the world of sexual surrogacy.

>>>Follow the blog tour HERE to find out more


All Amber Lloyd wanted was a new start. With her abusive ex-husband a thing of the past and a modest divorce settlement in the bank, the future looked hopeful.

But as Amber quickly finds out, a young woman making it alone in a new city is much more expensive than she initially thought, and with no work experience, her options are limited. When an unusual job offer presents itself, Amber is hesitant, but her financial situation leaves her with few other choices.

Amber soon finds herself living the life of luxury as House Mother to five middle-aged men, but what initially seemed to be a straightforward contract turns out to be more complicated than she bargained for as each of the men comes with his own set of sexual problems. Is Amber in over her head or has she found her true calling?

House Mother is a crazy ride into the world of sexual dysfunction told first-person by a woman with compassion and empathy for her clients. Some are more damaged than others, but they all have one thing in common - they all need the unique services provided by the House Mother.

Excerpt from House Mother: The Contract

“I think you have the wrong idea about me. I’m not what you think I am. Contract aside, I’m not a woman of loose moral character.”

“But you agreed to have sex with us.”

“Yes, I did, but only with the five of you—no one else. I’m not for sale. I don’t screw around. I was married, and before this week the only man I agreed to have sex with was my husband.”

“Jason told us.”

“Did he tell you my husband was mentally abusive? That he made me feel worthless, and that I believed I was worthless. When you guys made me this crazy offer, I thought it was a joke. I couldn’t imagine anyone would want to put me up in an apartment like this and treat me like a queen. Who would want to do that for a worthless nobody like me? You guys made me feel wanted, loved even, and I like it. I don’t want to be your whore. I’d rather be your friend.”

“But you agree to have sex with us.”

“Yes. Is that what you want, Al? Just sex? If that’s all there is in it for you, I’ll take off this dress and you can bend me over the dining room table and have at it. Is that what you want?” I undid the top of my dress.

“No, it’s not what I want.”

“What then, Al? You wrote up the contract. What do you want from me?”

“I don’t know.”

“I know what I want from you,” I said.

“What’s that?”

“I want to be someone you care about. Someone who makes love to you. Someone who makes you feel good about yourself and someone you can be yourself with—no pretenses. That’s what I want.”

“That’s asking a lot.”

“I know it is,” I said, standing and moving to the couch next to him.

“Would you like to kiss me?”

“Is that part of the deal?”

“Al—fuck the deal and kiss me,” I demanded.

He reached toward me tentatively, and I took his face in my hands and gave him an open mouth suck his breath away tongue lashing wet one. Al stiffened up and pulled back like I was trying to rape him. I took his hand and put it to my chest, and he left it there lifeless. I reached back and undid the clasp holding the top of my dress together. When it was undone I let it fall from the front of me, baring my breasts to my wide eyed Jewish attorney.

Al snatched his hand back and looked at my bare breasts like they were one eyed alien creatures come to enslave and destroy mankind. This was feeling too much like work, and I was hoping once I had Al’s cock in my mouth he would loosen up a little.

I reached for his belt buckle and he protested. “No please,” he said, pushing my hands away. I was determined to fix this repressed man, and I got his belt undone, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. I reached into his shorts and grabbed hold of his well-proportioned circumcised penis—I was right! Then, just as I was about to go down on him with my hungry mouth, his cum shot up and spattered across my face. My left eye had a sticky veil of white goo across it. His second spurt went right up my nose. His third jet caught me above my forehead and landed mostly in my hair. This guy could sure come a lot. I never imagined so much stuff coming out of a single set of balls.

“I’m so sorry,” he said, wiping the cum from my eye with his monogrammed silk hankie. He was beside himself and almost in tears.

“I’m so, so sorry,” he kept saying.

“It’s okay, Al. You did nothing wrong.”

Author bio:

Amber Lloyd is my pen name but for me it's much more than that. It's often hard to separate the author Amber Lloyd from the character I write about in my books. My life is so different from Amber's that when I was asked to produce a Bio for my books I was torn between the one I created for my alter ego and my real life. When I compared the two I realized that no one would be the least bit interested in the one over the other so I wrote what you see below. I will let you decide which one you think I chose.

I was born and raised in a small town in upstate New York called Monticello. It's mostly a farm community and if you didn't know the true latitude, you would think you were somewhere in the deep south. The city is a bastion of country western music complete with men in cowboy hats and women wearing jeans and shit kicking boots.

I was a gawky kid who loved climbing trees and riding horses. My parents were not country people. They lived in the city and worked as marketing specialists. My dad groomed me to join them in their business and convinced me to pursue a college course that would introduce me to the world of marketing. They wanted me to stay close by and apply to SUNY at New Paltz but I had a different idea. I chose the only college a good distance away from Hee Haw New York that would accept my less than stellar high school grades and SAT scores.

The College I chose was in Kansas where I met my husband. Ron was a year ahead of me and when he graduated, he convinced me to move to Oklahoma and become his wife. The marriage didn't work out for either of us. Unlike the character in my book, Ron is a good guy, but I don't think I ever loved him. We had very different ideas about life and love and it was more my faults and issues than his that destroyed our relationship.

My move to Florida was not as much an escape as a running home to my parents who had moved from New York to Clearwater. My tom-boy youth took over and I got a job as a deputy Sheriff. I lived with my parents for several years until I could get my own place. I manage to sprinkle some of my law enforcement experience into my books and base some of my characters on people I met or had to deal with on the job. My descriptions of Amber's escape and the rest of the story is my fictional account of what I imagined would have happened if I was her, but alas I am me, and all I get to do is write about her exciting life as the House Mother.

You can find me at: http://amberlloyd.com

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