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Tuesday 30 April 2013

New From Lily Harlem Breathe You In

Breathe You In
By Lily Harlem


Sometimes you dont realize how special a moment is until its a memory.

When he held me in his arms I saw a handsome, vibrant man with desire in his eyes and love in his heart. But Ruben Strong was more than that; he was a way out of my darkness, a glimmer of light peeking through my shroudhe was a piece of what I no longer had.

What he didnt know, but I did, was that hed been waiting for me. It had taken me time and courage to go looking for him, but if I hadnt done what Id done on my bleakest day, he wouldnt have been there for me to find.

My tumbling decisions led to a meeting that tipped everything I thought I knew about myself upside down. While we were lying warm and naked in his bed, my old memories became new ones and our souls talked to each other in a way only we could understand. And our bodies, once we were brave enough to hum a quiet tune, quickly produced a beautifully sexy song that threw open the doors to love and laughter in my life once more.


My new flat felt alive, as if it were a real home. The sweet, grassy breeze ambled from the living room to the kitchen. The pan on the stove was bubbling away, creating steam that clung to the window. The tangy smell of the onions Id fried filled my nose, and I could hear the TV, only the news, someone talking, but knowing Ruben was in the living room, that it wouldnt be empty and soulless when I moved from one room to the other, created a feeling of hope in meone that made me warm and content for the first time in a long time.
I also felt I knew Ruben better for having seen a glimpse into his old life. Understood how much hed had to change because of his illness. Maybe he was right. Perhaps he would go back to his old job one day. Return to a wild, hedonistic, fast life of racing and globe trotting and leggy women with perfect bodies. I couldnt show him my old life, or ever go back to it, but it had been nice to see his.
I flicked the pasta off the boil and stood in the kitchen doorway, one hand on the frame, pushing my hair from my face with the other.
Ruben looked up. Stared at me. He pulled in a deep breath and frowned.
Are you okay?” I asked.
Yes, I...”
I didnt move. “What?”
Its just...”
Tell me?”
He smiled. “Youll think Im being stupid.”
No I wont.”
I had a dream last night, it just came back to me, really vivid.”
What was it about?” I straightened.
Me?” I couldnt deny the little thrill that word gave me, to think Id been in this handsome mans dream.
You were stood, just like that, in a doorway, holding the side, fiddling with your hair.”

Whose doorway?”
He silenced the TV. Put the remote on the tall table by the sofa. “Mine. My bedroom.”
I see.”
He trailed his gaze down my body. Licked his lips.
And what was I wearing?” I asked. Part of me was desperate to know, the other part afraid to ask. This was a new way for me to be with anyone other than Matt.
White,” he said. “You were in white.”
A dress?”
He smiled, shook his head. “Oh, no, white stockings with lace around your thighs. White teeny, tiny knickers and a corset-style top, you know that...” He put his cupped hands on his chest and smiled. “That made you look really pretty here.”
Sounds like a very detailed dream.”
It was. It was hot.” He nodded, bit on his bottom lip. “You were hot.”
A tremble started in my stomach and moved lower. Ruben thought I was hot. Hot enough to dream in detail about me. That in itself was like being kissed passionately. It turned my attraction for him to top level; it made me feel like the woman I had been once.
I even remembered a white outfit like that. It was something Id taken on honeymoon to surprise Matt with one night. I could almost see his face again. His eyes instantly heavy with lust, his lips moist where hed licked them the moment Id appeared in the doorway.
Ruben was wearing the same look now, and he shifted on the sofa the same way Matt had shifted on the bed.
Taking a deep breath, I walked toward Ruben, wishing I had that outfit on, and straddled his lap. I dug my knees into the cushions and I rested my hands on his shoulders, let my bum settle on his thighs.
Tell me more?” I said in what I hoped was a suitably sexy voice.
Ruben swallowed, frowned a little and looked into my eyes. “We were alone, there was only us there. It was warm, you smelled of fruitpapaya, melon, all things sweet.”
I smiled. “This is a very specific dream.”
He touched my cheek with the back of his index finger. “I know, and its all flooding back to me like it was a real memory.”
Maybe we should make it real, one day.”
Id like that.” He leaned forward and touched his lips to mine. “You have no idea how gorgeous you are, do you?” he said with a smile.
Im not gorgeous, not really.”
He jerked his head. “Why would you say that?”
Well, the women you must have had, you know, when you and Dean Cudditch were out together, swanning around glamorous places.”
That was just fun. Messing about, there was never anyone serious. I was too busy traveling the world, being part of the winning team.”
But werent they...?”
They werent you. Katie. Matt must have told you all the time how beautiful you are. I get the impression from you that he was a great bloke, a wonderful husband who made you feel special and treasured.”
I nodded. “He was, he did, but...” I glanced downward, kept that delicate balance of mine on the straight and narrow. “But now, well, Im a bit thinner than I was and smiles dont come so easy.”
Ive seen you smile plenty since I met you, and each one has gone into my happy memory bank.”
His words made me smile again.
See, beautiful,” he said.
Thank you. Its nice to hear someone say that.”
Its nice to have a sexy woman sitting on my lap.” He kissed me, softly, and stroked his fingers through my hair.
I broke the kiss and touched his hair too. I loved the longish strands and the way they flowed through my fingers like fluid silk.
He slid his hands down the column of my neck and reached for the first button on my work blouse. As he undid it, his smile slipped, and his eyebrows hung heavy in concentration.
My heart tripped. My nipples tightened. The dark look in his eyes was so sexy it went straight to my head, like a shot of alcohol.
He undid the next button, and the next, his jaw seeming to get tenser with each twist of his fingers.
I sat absolutely still, the tops of his thighs pressing into the backs of mine. Watching his face, each blink, each slight twitch of his cheek and the way he dampened his lower lip with the tip of his tongue. It was all making me want to grab him for a kiss but equally kept me frozen, fascinated.
When all the buttons were undone, he looked up at my face. It was a silent question.
I glanced out of the windownothing but treetops.
I nodded.
Carefully, he slid the blouse off my shoulders, revealing my white lacy bra. It had a small daisy in the center of the cups and one at the base of each strap.
Thats so much better than my dream,” he whispered, his breath like a caress on my chest. “And you are perfect.”
Words danced on my tongue. Words that wanted to explain that I used to be a cup size bigger and filled out my bra better. That maybe I would again one day. But I held them in, swallowed them down. They had no place in this moment with Ruben. Besides, he looked happy with what he saw.
I reached behind myself, unclipped the hook of my bra, let it fall open, but then held it in place with one arm across my chest.
Katie, if you want to wait...?”
No, this is fine. More than fine, I want this.” I let the straps slide off my arms and tossed the bra to the floor. “It feels right with you.”
And it did. Id worried that Id feel like an adulterous woman being with another man. But with Ruben, well, it was different. Matt was part of it. Part of Ruben. Part of us.
Ruben collected the slight weight of the undersides of my breasts in his hands. Watching his own movements, he parted his lips and his features softened.
His touch was electric and sent a plethora of forgotten sensations blasting through my chest, spiking my nipples and making my flesh feel heavy and engorged.
I pressed into him, just a little, needing more but not wanting to appear greedy. Fearing if I did that, Id push myself into a wall and cause the bubble to shatter.
He rubbed his thumbs over my nipples. They were tiny stalks, erect and tight. I stuttered in a breath, the stimulation arousing and wonderful.
He glanced up at me. “Are you okay?”
I nodded. Yes, I like you touching me.”
I like touching you.” The left side of his mouth rose into a languid half grin.
He moved his right hand to the center of my back. Held me firm as he leaned forward and took my left nipple into his mouth.
I gasped and ran my hands into his hair, held him close and arched my spine. Damn, it had been so long since Id enjoyed this feeling. It was heavenly. Releasing a breath, I watched as the huff of air from my lungs shifted the hair on the top of his head. He moved to the other breast, feeding my nipple into his mouth and tweaking it with his tongue. He massaged and gently squeezed the now damp breast hed just given attention to.
A type of fever was growing in me. But it was fever of the good kind. Between my legs felt heavy, needy. I had the urge to move just a fraction farther forward in Rubens lap and see if the erection I suspected was there was as hard as it had been yesterday.
I stayed still.
Ruben kissed up my sternum, my neck, and found my mouth. He was still fondling my right breast as he kissed me, wetly, hungrily and with a little less control than yesterday.
Running my hand down his chest and over his belly, I found his groin. The folds of denim could do nothing to hide the swell of his hard cock. I itched to hold it, release it. Learn the shape and weight of him the way hed just done to me. I popped the top button, but as I did so, he grabbed my wrist, pulled back from our kiss.
Katie,” he said slightly breathlessly.
Whats wrong?” I stilled.
He looked away.
We can be ourselves together,” I said gently. “Tell me.”
I like that.” He gently pinched my chin with his fingers and thumb.
That there is a we. Us together.”
Me too.” I grazed my lips over his. “So tell me.”
He nodded and released my wrist. “Its just, well, I want you to do whatever it is you want to do, but...”He shut his eyes, as though frustrated with himself.
But what?”
But, well, I wont deny it, Im a bit anxious, you know, about doing this, with this.” He placed his hand on his chest.
With your new heart?”
He nodded.
I took hold of the bottom of his t-shirt and peeled it up and over his head, threw it down by my bra. “This heart,” I said, placing a kiss over his scar, “is a good, strong heart that can handle me just fine.”
Im sure it will be okay its just...”
You want to take it slow?” I shrugged. “I want to take it slow too. We dont have to go all the way, not if its too soon. We can have some other fun.”
God, you must think Im a wimp.” A flash of wounded pride crossed his face.
Theres nothing wimpy about that package youve got in your pants, mister. Its feeling like a whole lot of hot, hard man to me.
He laughed. “You always say the right thing, you know that?”
I smiled and pressed my palm over his cock, squeezed through the denim.
His face fell serious. “That feels good. Your hand on me.”
I can make it feel even better, if you want me to.”
He paused, then nodded. “Yes. Thats what I want.”
I wriggled and slipped between his legs, so mine were folded on the floor and my shoulders were between his thighs. I began to undo the buttons on his jeans.

Lily Harlem Bio

Lily Harlem is a multi-published, award-winning author of contemporary erotic romance. She lives in the UK with her husband and a bunch of animals, all rescued, and loves to spend her days immersed in imagination.

Her books are a mixture of full-length novels and short stories, some are one offs, some are sequels or part of a series (all can be enjoyed as stand-alone reads). What they each have in common are colorful characters travelling on everyones favorite journey falling in love. If the story isnt deliciously romantic and down and dirty sexy, it wont be written, at least not by Lily. So with the bedroom door left well and truly open you are warned to hang on for a steamy, sensual ride - or rides as the case might be!


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Monday 29 April 2013

I'm Being Interviewed At Long and Short Reviews #Giveaway

WOW! I'm being interviewed at Long and Short Reviews today. I hope you'll stop by and check it out. I'll be giving away a copy of Lost Time (erotic, time-travel, romance) to one lucky commenter.


Please also check out my post for RJ Scott's Autism Awareness Blog Hop http://pickagenrealready.blogspot.ca/2013/04/april-blog-hop-for-autism-awareness.html I'm giving away a book of mine, winner's choice.
And remember to click over to RJ's and  enter into the Total-E-Bound, EXtasy and Love Lane Books Gift Card giveaway. Details are on my post.

One more little update on The Devil Take You (historical romance) the new release date is May 31st. (Click HERE to see the cover and blurb)

I've also had some awesome reviews for Streetlight People. (Check them out HERE)

Thanks for stopping my Streetlight Peeps and Happy Reading...


Tuesday 23 April 2013

I'm at Sage Marlowe's today. I hope you'll stop by. She asks some great questions. From has life changed since being published to do I prefer a walk in the park or cocktails. I hope you'll stop by and check out the fun.

Happy Reading, My Streetlight Peeps

Friday 19 April 2013

I'm Visiting Noelle Writes Today + Giveaway and a bit of other News...

I'm visiting my friend and fellow Total-E-Bound author Noelle Keaton's blog today Noelle Writes and taking part in a feature she calls One Last Time. I'm also sharing an excerpt from my latest release Streetlight People, an m/f/f ménage story and giving away a copy to a random commenter. I hope you'll stop by and check it out.

Yesterday, I visited Lily Harlem with a different excerpt from Streetlight Peeps.
You can check it out here.

I also had some fantastic news recently from Total-E-BoundLost Time is going to PRINT in May. I can't tell you how excited I am. Having a book in print was one of the goals I set for myself as an author. Check! :D   

And last I'd love to give an update on The Devil Take You...
Anyway, the blurb and cover is HERE if you'd like to have a look.

  Thanks for stopping in my Streetlight Peeps

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Tuesday 9 April 2013

Please Welcome Mystery Author Marian Lanouette

I'm excited to have a fellow MuseItUp Publishing author as my guest today. Marian Lanouette is a multi-published author of mystery and romantic suspense. Her debut novel If I Fail, the first book in the Jake Carrington Mystery Series was a runaway hit, followed by the second Burn In Hell. Marian is busily working on the third installment Mated For Life and several other projects. A busy lady! In the meantime, she's here to share an excerpt from her latest romantic suspense novel As The World Ends. And she kindly agreed to take part in what I like to call an author interview.

What was your favourite book as a child/teenager?

The Red Badge of Courage

Who was the first author or what was the first book you read that introduced you to the genre that you most enjoy writing in?

It was so long ago. I need to think on this…I'd have to say Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes.

Do you believe in love at first sight? And if so have you ever been so afflicted? Did you do anything about it? (Did you go for it?)

I do, and yes. I married him.

Is there a particular word you overuse or writing technique that your editor(s) ride you about?

I think in each story you tend to over use a word. I use the find feature to seek and destroy the over use of a particular word. 

Have you ever suffered from writer’s block? (Or do you even believe in it?)

I don't believe in it.

If so, how were you able to overcome it?

If inspiration doesn't come, I just start writing whatever pops into my head and eventually the flow of the story is back.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

I'd love to live on a Caribbean Island with my deck facing the water. I'd work out there very contently for hours.

If you could bring one of your own characters to life, who would it be and why?

I'd bring Jake Carrington to life. He's hot, smart and compassionate.
     H K ~ And gorgeous and tortured, Oh and did we mention hot. I love Jake. But you knew that.
What are you reading right now? 

JQ Rose's Coda for Murder. And I'm loving it.  

When you read, do you prefer a stand-alone or a series?

I like both. I tend to lean toward a series, because I hate to let go of good characters.

If you were to do a reality show, which one would it be? 

I don't watch them. Sorry  

What is the craziest, most exciting, or most dangerous thing you’ve ever done? 

I found myself on the wrong trail while skiing, way above my skill level. It was all moguls and there was only one way down. I took a deep breath and headed down. I couldn't believe it, everything clicked into place and I had a great run. At the bottom my husband picked my sunglasses up to make sure it was really me. LOL.

Name a celebrity, athlete, musician, etc. you’d most like to get naughty with.

Johnny Depp

What is your favourite way to promote or connect with fans?

I love signing because I get to meet the readers and discuss the books.

Favourite movie? 

The Way We Were or Roman Holiday

Dream Vacation?

Again on a Caribbean island with my husband.

Dream Car?

Anything fast

Favourite Ice Cream Flavour?


What can readers look forward to next?

I'm finishing up the third book in the Jake Carrington Series, Mated for Life. And I'm re writing a Romantic Suspense called Loss of Power and I'm also working on two novellas.

Please tell us about your newest release.  

As the World Ends assumes the Mayans got it wrong, the actual date is a year later. But is it really the end of the world? It's a story of love, survival and courage.
Author: Marian Lanouette

Title: As the World Ends

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Publisher: Createspace

Release Date: February 2013

Buy Link: http://www.amazon.com/As-World-Ends-Marian-Lanouette/dp/1480171298/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1365447052&sr=8-1&keywords=as+the+world+ends


 Chapter One

"It was a rough day. Keila acted like a total ass today. I couldn't wait for the day to end and come home. How about you? How was your day?" Lauren asked her husband, Rob.

"Pretty much the same," he muttered.

Getting ready for bed Lauren continued undressing. With a mischievous grin she turned to him. "Do you want to end it on a high note?"

"I always want to end it on a high note." He grinned back at her.

A seductive smiled played across her lips. "Okay, you're on top." She laughed, jumping up on their bed.

An explosion rocked not only their room, but the whole house just as she landed on the mattress. "What the hell was that?" she screamed, pulling on her robe as she ran after her husband as he shot out of their room.

"I don't know, but it wasn't inside the house. Stay here…"

"The hell I will," she yelled, following him out the front door.

The city block where they lived looked like a bomb had gone off. She grabbed her neighbor's arm. "Do you know what happened?"


"Anyone hurt?" she asked.

"I don't know, I just don't know," her neighbor, Kent said, walking away from her in a daze.

Lauren increased her speed as she tried to catch up with her husband. Drawing the robe tighter around her body she slowed her pace to listen to her husband as he spoke to one of the cops who'd recently arrived on the scene.

"Did someone set off a bomb?" he asked.

"We don't know. We're investigating…" the cop said just as another house exploded creating more chaos.

"What the fuck's going on?" Lauren shouted, grabbing Rob's arm.

He put his arms around her and said, "I don't know, honey."
An older cop spoke in a dire tone. "Supposedly, today's the end of the world. You know the thing everyone's talked about for the last two years."

 Author Bio:

One of ten children, Marian took to writing to explore new and adventurous places. While her friends traveled on planes for vacation, Marian traveled in books. With an overactive imagination she started creating her own characters and stories. If I Fail, A Jake Carrington Mystery is the first book in the series. Her second book in the series, Burn in Hell is now available. This month she released a novella called As the World Ends.

An avid reader, she discovered mysteries by reading the Daily News as a youngster. Intrigued by the real life crimes, and how the police worked and eventually solved them, ignited her imagination beyond the ordinary.
Marian has many books planned for Jake Carrington and his crew. The third book in the series Mated for Life will be out sometime next year.

Author Website(s): http://www.marianl.com 

Thank you for joining me today, Marian! 

Check out the book trailer for As The World Ends featured in USA Today!

Congratulations Marian! 

Monday 8 April 2013

Author News - Streetlight People General Release Day and a 5 Star Review for Lost Time

Today is general release day for Streetlight People an erotic ménage à trois m/f/f  short story from Total-E-Bound. This was a little departure for me, a genre I have never written in before.

Streetlight People is a story about some college kids and a little experimentation.

I hope you'll check it out and hope you enjoy it.
(I will post more buy links for Streetlight Peeps throughout the day as they become available.)
Total-E-Bound     All Romance Ebooks             Amazon Canada     Amazon UK     Amazon US


We all have hidden desires. Sometimes we conceal them, even from ourselves.

Andrea, your average college co-ed, has signed up for some extra courses at the local university, but so far the only thing that has sparked her interest is the sexy guy on campus with the tight-fitting jeans, muscle-hugging T-shirt and ever-present shabby cowboy boots. From their fiery exchange of awareness, the admiration is not completely one-sided.

After a miserable day at her part-time job and a few drinks, Andi takes a walk, only to find herself in the arms of her campus crush, Street. As the two get to know each other rather robustly against a storefront window, Street’s girlfriend appears and issues a deliciously steamy proposition.

Andrea soon realises she’s about to get a crash course in down-and-dirty street smarts that she won’t soon forget, under the smouldering tutelage of Street and his exotic-looking girlfriend, Toni. Apparently, you can score anything on the street these days—even a threesome!

After a frenzied night of satisfying experimentation, Andi sneaks out while her two companions sleep, escaping the particularly awkward morning after. But in the stark light of day, Andi has to admit that her feelings for Street are more than simple infatuation, and Toni isn’t a part of the new equation.

Could Andrea possibly hope Street might feel the same?
Also this past week I received my first review for Lost Time an erotic time-travel romance, it's one of my favourites. And I was ecstatic to receive 5 Stars from Alberta of Manic Readers.

Here's the link if you'd like to read the review, but just a little warning it does contain some spoilers.  

Manic Readers
Click Here for Review

Within this frame, his curse is time…

Hannah Keys thinks she’s setting off on the trip of her dreams, but after one mishap after another—beginning with her best friend abandoning her in the airport and ending with the man of her dreams dead—she’s renaming it the vacation from hell.

When Hannah Keys discovers a four-hundred-year-old portrait in Wales, she is intrigued and somewhat saddened by the handsome Highlander portrayed by the artist’s masterful, lifelike strokes. But when she runs into the majorly hunky model for the painting—in the flesh, in the middle of the night—she learns first-hand all about masterful strokes when she shares a night of medieval passion with him.

Lockhart Munro has been cursed inside the portrait until he meets Hannah Keys. For four hundred years, no one has heard him or seen him, let alone touched him. The one woman who can do all these things may be the key to his long-awaited freedom.

But if Hannah sets Lockhart free from his prison, will she be cursed to spend the rest of her lifetime without him?

Or perhaps freeing Lockhart will be just the beginning…

Total-E-Bound     Amazon Canada    Amazon US     Amazon UK                            All Romance Ebooks    Barnes&Noble 

I have also signed a contract recently with eXtasy Books for my first m/m erotic short story, entitled Better Than Another Man; details to follow as they become available. And my last bit of news is The Devil Take You from MuseItUp Publishing is due to be released this month, so please keep an eye out for this historical romance, which is another favourite of mine. Hope to do a cover reveal soon and have a more specific release date. Fingers crossed. And one last thing, (I mean it this time) I also have some guest spots coming up in the next couple of weeks, but will keep you apprised of those dates.

The Devil Take You Blurb:

I believe your stay in purgatory has only just begun... 

Scotland - 1307 - During the Scottish Wars of Independence

Gard Marschand will stop at nothing in his pursuit to regain what is lost. Concealing his true identity, he will associate with his enemies, kill his own countrymen, even sell his soul to the devil if all else fails. He will lie, cheat, steal, rape and siege his way across two countries gaining power and reputation in his malevolent wake. His determination all consuming, until King Edward commands Gard to lay siege on Ross-shire holding, where Braelynn Galbraith obliterates his single-minded purpose.

Braelynn Galbraith wants peace for her beloved Scotland, marriage to her childhood sweetheart, Callum, and a house full of children. In that order. But evil incarnate in the form of Gard Marschand, turns her life inside out and destroys all hope of a decent marriage. 
 Can Gard abandon his deep-seated need of revenge for a love that might just save his soul, or will he succumb to the demons that hound him and surrender to the devil within?

Thanks for all the support my Streetlight Peeps,

Happy Reading...


Monday 1 April 2013

April Blog Hop for Autism Awareness

Fact about Autism:

65% of people with autism surveyed in 2012 said they would like more friends.

This Year's Blog Subject:  Prejudice

My son was born with numerous health problems. At four months old, he had already survived two surgeries and by the time he turned five he had endured many more. But we were lucky; he now lives a fairly normal life. By looking at him, you would never know that there is a problem. He is a normal child. And there’s a word that I hate. Normal. Who’s to define what is normal. My child's limitations are ‘normal’ for him.

I have to say that I was probably overprotective of him. And his siblings were allowed to do things that he couldn’t. It broke my heart that I had to be the bad guy and always say no, but coming so close to losing him, time and time again, I was not about to jeopardize his health so that he could play football, like his brother. But standing on the sidelines, watching, was little comfort and he just didn’t understand.

We went through some very tough years with him. He resented us. He hated his life. He was the angriest little man. He couldn’t seem to see past the bad to appreciate how lucky he really was. The only thing he could see was that he was different.  

We come from a religious background. I attended church every Sunday when I was a child at our parent's insistence, and even though, I no longer ‘practice’ I still believe. My faith is strong, although while my child was fighting for his life, I struggled. And while some of the other mother’s were crying why me? I was praying why him? Why any of them? Why are some children only born to suffer?

And during my son’s time battling through his own limitations and trying to find his way in the world, when things were at the worst for him, he had a teacher at school who terrorized him. Berated him, embarrassed him, verbally abused him and left him out in a Canadian winter without a coat. Several visits to the school and phone calls to the principal, this ‘teacher’ still had a job. Why? Because it’s the child’s word against his. I am not excusing the things that my son did, he was angry at the world, and yes, I do believe he acted out. But he needed understanding, not cruelty. And because of our faith my son wore a crucifix on a chain around his neck. It made him feel better. The ‘educator’ and I use the term loosely, walked past my son one day, thumped him in the chest, right on top of the little silver cross and said, “That won’t save you.” 

These are the people who help shape our future. God help us all.

Please, don’t get me wrong. There are some wonderful teachers out there, and fortunately my child was lucky enough to have several in the years following that helped restore not only our faith in the system but more importantly his, and I have a number of family members who are in the time-honoured profession of education and I will not allow the behaviour of one bad apple to cloud my judgement of the whole.

But sometimes it would help us to remember that we just don’t know what is going on in another person’s life. And we don’t realize what long term affects might stay with a child, especially when we are in a position of power.  

I often wonder if the individual in question believes in anything? Obviously not God, but a higher power? Or even just Karma?

And being a Christian, I believe I am supposed to forgive this man, for his malice and prejudice. But on those awful days when my son came home crying or so angry that he hurt himself, I also remember the good book says an eye for an eye. And I am human. Just a mother trying to protect her child. So, God will have to forgive me if my thoughts are not always charitable.

Someday we will live in a world with... 

Acceptance. Charity. Compassion. Empathy. Fairness. Faith. Forgiveness. Grace. Gratitude. Generosity. Honesty. Justice. Kindness. Love. Mercy. Patience. Peace. Respect. Responsibility. Tolerance. Sincerity. Understanding.

Let it be true.

Wow, that was kind of a heavy post but now for some light-hearted fun; I will be giving away a copy of either Swap, Lost Time, You Found Me or Streetlight People to one lucky commenter. So, don’t forget to leave an e-mail address and tell me which book you’d most like to own, if you are chosen the winner. (Click on the thumbnails below to read the book blurbs)

I’d like to thank RJ Scott, Love Lane Books, Total-E-Bound and eXtasy Books for educating us with this Blog Hop for Autism Awareness.

Please Check Out the Other Awesome Participants Taking Part in the Autism Awareness Blog Hop. AND don't forget to hop on over to RJ Scott's and quickly fill out the form to enter the
Competition to win vouchers from Total E-Bound, eXtasy and Love Lane Books

Grand Prizes will be drawn May 1st, 2013.