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Wednesday 6 May 2015

#BookTour - Tricks of the Trade #erotica by @SpencerDryden + $50 Amazon GC #Giveaway

Tricks of the Trade by Spencer Dryden
Tour Dates: May 4 15  

PUBLISHER:  Fireborn Publishing
RELEASE DATE:  April 17, 2015
GENRE:  Contemporary, Erotica
TAGS: Happy Ending, May/December
HEAT LEVEL- 3 Flames
PAIRING: Male/Female
CATEGORY: Short Story/Flash Fiction/Novelette
LENGTH: 69 pages


Twenty-something, sexually frustrated plumber, Will Last, is fascinated by an attractive age 40+ woman he sees in the plumbing fixtures isle of a big box store. When he casually strolls her way she strikes up a conversation and begs him to do some emergency plumbing repairs for her.

Mitzi Callahan soon has Will wrapped around her little finger. After showing her a plumbers trick for a quick repair, Mitzi reveals herself as a sex trainer and returns the favor by showing Will a trick or two in the bedroom.

Mitzi opens his world to the enchantment of older women and introduces him to one of her students, Lucy Park. Sparks fly between Will and Lucy while dancing at the club where they meet, but they must reach out across age and cultural barriers to find the romantic connection they both seek.


Spencer Dryden is a new writer, but an old guy on the threshold of draining any reserves left in Medicare and Social Security.

In real life he is a handyman, an at-home dad, inventor and web videographer living a quiet life in the frozen tundra of Minnesota (USA).

Like all writers he has a cat but they don't get along well. He can be found at the usual writer hangouts:


Guest Post: 

All Dialogue Micro-fiction-One of My Favorite Things 

Hi, I'm Spencer Dryden, author of Tricks of the Trade a new story from Fireborn Publishing. It's one of my tradesmen stories, employing my favorite trope—a slightly clueless but well meaning guy falls into the orbit of a sexually assertive women. In this case it's two women and another wrinkle, it's younger man older woman. 

My male leads are ordinary guys and not billionaire bad boys, alpha males or egomaniacs on the path of self destruction. I like to write about tradesmen because I am one. My stories usually surround ordinary problems with plumbing, heating or electrical issues. My hope is that by including real life aggravations of plumbing, heating, etc., the fantasy element of the story won't see so far fetched.

There is another type of writing I really enjoy and that is constructing untagged, all dialogue stories. It's great training for a writer to try to carve out characters that are distinct enough that the reader doesn't need tags to know who is speaking and to use dialogue without action tags to tell a compelling story. 

Unfortunately there is no market for this kind of work. In case you've never seen this type of story before, or if you a fan, I hope you might enjoy this little tale that happens just a few years from now.

At The Border
By Spencer Dryden

Fargo, North Dakota, August 28, 2020
“Officer, I wasn’t speeding. Why am I being stopped?”

“You failed to stop at the checkpoint, ma’am.”

“Checkpoint, what check point?”

“The one about a half mile back that you missed.”

“What’s the checkpoint for?”

“Pregnancy check, ma’am.”

“Pregnancy check?”

“Yes ma’am. We need a urine sample to be sure you’re not leaving the state to have an abortion.”

“And what if I am? You can’t stop me.”

“As a matter of fact, we can. Under the North Dakota Comprehensive Preservation of Life Act of 2020. You need to give us a urine sample before crossing into Minnesota to prove you’re not pregnant.”

“And if I don’t?”

“We can detain you under Article 616.”

“Article 616?”

“Yes, it’s a provision of the law that allows the Department of Health to restrict travel of any woman of child bearing age suspected of leaving the state for the purposes of an abortion.”

“I don’t understand, when did they get that power?”

“The state has had the power to restrict travel for public health purposes since the great influenza outbreak just after World War I.”

“But I’m not contagious.”

“Perhaps not, but if you’re travelling to have an abortion, we have the moral and legal authority to detain you.”

“This is outrageous.”

“No ma’am. What’s outrageous is the millions of lives terminated every year by women like you.”

“Women like me?”

“Yes, women like you. We know you have had unprotected sex within the last 24 hours and since this is the middle of your cycle there is a high probability that you will become pregnant.”

“How can you possibly know that?”

“Ma’am you seem to be without shame in your texts, e-mails and phone calls. Don’t you know that people are listening?”

“You’re monitoring me? How can you possibly justify that?”

“Crime prevention ma’am. We’re preventing a premeditated murder of an unborn child.”

“My cycle, how could you possible know that?”

“A very sophisticated data mining algorithm. We can predict your ovulation within a day.”


“Exactly ma’am. Jesus and the people of North Dakota want to end abortion.”

“But I’m not pregnant.”

“Then pee in the cup and prove it.”

“And if I do that?”

“Then I can just red-band you and let you go.”

“Just…red band me?” Just what does that mean?”

“It means you’ll need to return and be tested in another three days. You have two days of maximum fertility ahead.”

“I can’t believe you can do this.”

“We can and we will.”

“But what about my rights? It’s my body.”

“But not your uterus. That belongs to the state now.”


I wrote this piece before the news was leaked by Edward Snowden revealing the extent of NSA's spying on citizens. At the time I wrote it, North Dakota was considering legislation that would ban all abortions. There are many who delude themselves into thinking that abolishing Roe v Wade will end the invasion of women's rights concerning their own fertility. It won't. The next step will be the presumption that any woman of child bearing age is traveling for the purposes of obtaining an abortion.

The complete policing of thought and action that was so nightmarish in the book 1984 is our reality in the twenty-first century. Since 911 we have surrendered our privacy for a false sense of security. Every keystroke you make on-line, every email, cell phone call and on-line purchase is be monitored, collected, sifted and analyzed. The great disembodied "they" know you better than you know yourself.

As writers we have the privilege to entertain willing readers and often the opportunity to enlighten them as well. I hope I've done both with this little piece.

Thanks so much for spending a few moments with me today. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to post them here.


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