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Thursday 7 May 2015

Is it truly better to have loved and lost? #NewRelease Athis Dey by @_JenWright #mmromance #vampires

I'm so excited to welcome back fellow Totally Bound author Jennifer Wright with her latest release, the fourth installment to the Finding Home Series, Athis Dey

How would you describe the Finding Home Series and the world of Pavarus and it’s inhabitants, to someone who hasn’t read any of the books?

The Finding Home Series is about the warriors of a vampire coven finding their mates. It takes place in the world Pavarus – which is an alternate realm of Earth – where vampires, dragons, magic folk, and humans all live. There is an ongoing war going on between the vampires and dragons, so the constant danger plays a big part of each of their lives and stories.

What was the biggest learning experience throughout the writing of this series? Were there any surprises? Even with the best laid plan and outline, I know sometimes the characters dictate the way things will go sometimes. Have you had a character who was insistent enough to make you toss aside your original idea?

Let me start with I am one person that hates doing research for my stories, so with that the biggest learning experience was that making up a whole new world to avoid having to do research is definitely not easier. It is much hard (at least for me) to come up with everything. But, at the same time, I’m glad I did because as hard as it was, it was a lot of fun creating the world of Pavarus.

The series was all planned out, but one character did make stand. Originally, there was no story between Keddrick and Eli. But after writing bits of Eli at the end of the first book, he wriggled his way into my mind and demanded his a Keddrick’s story. Therefore, Movea: book 2 was born.

Have things changed for you when you’re plotting out a story now, from when you began  outlining the first book Pavarus or even Morvea?

No, not really. My mind seems pretty stuck on doing everything the same way – which is a total mess. I wish I was more organized, but that ain’t gonna happen. It’s all a boggled mess that takes time to decipher, but is worth the headache in the long run when I write those word ‘the end’.

The Finding Home Series has acquired such a following, did that make you feel like there was extra pressure in the telling of Larken’s story.

Holy cow, yes! So many people were wanting Larken and Zane together – and I hate disappointing people. Larken finds his love in Athis Dey: FH Series book 4, so hopefully this will clench their thirst for Larken’s HEA.

I know you put a lot of thought into choosing unique names for not only your character’s but also the titles of your books. Where did Athis Dey come from?

Athis Dey needed to be something mysterious but striking. Athis Dey is the name of the Pavarus’ most beautiful yet deadly flower. It plays a huge part Khale’s life – his past and present. It almost takes his life, but that’s all I’ll say because I don’t want to give away too much. ;)

I know this is like asking people if they have a favorite child, but do you have a favorite book in the series? Or are they all special for different reasons?

As much as I cherish Zane and his story, I will say overall they all hold the same amount of space in my heart.

What’s can fans look forward to next?

Damien and Nikolai’s story. It’s going to be a huge struggle getting these two together – lots of road blocks thrown in their paths that threaten to keep them apart – but love conquers all, right? ;)

Book blurb:

Is it truly better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all?

In Larken’s case, he isn’t so sure. He did love someone, then he lost them, and it hurt like hell. Now, Larken has to figure out how he’s going to get over it and find love once more. Then again, does he even want to care for someone so strongly for a second time? He’s had his heart broken once, and he fears it’s too soon to open up to someone else. But how can he really deny the new feelings that are growing inside him?

Khale, on the other hand, has yet to fall in love at all. It’s something he’s wanted his whole life, and now he finds that it may be within his grasp. Khale could love Larken with all his heart—he can see himself with the warrior for the rest of his life. But Khale also yearns for Vardel to finally accept him as his son, and this wanting misguides him, leading him into trouble. Now he needs Larken’s help—he needs the man he’s fallen in love with to save him, but he fears his secrets and possible betrayal will have ruined his chance of ever finding happiness.


Khale grunted as Ballen stumbled through the castle doors. He was grateful that the vampire had helped him back to the coven, but having his arm over Ballen’s shoulders was pulling terribly at his back. Unable to take the pain the awkward position caused, Khale pulled away from Ballen’s hold.

“Thanks, Ballen, but I think I can take it from here.”

“Are you sure? That was a hard fall you took. If it weren’t for the tree branches slowing you down as you fell, I imagine you would’ve broken quite a few bones.”

Khale was pretty sure he would have too, and that wouldn’t have been good. Taking days to heal from one broken rib was one thing. Having to heal from several… Well, that’d just be awful.

Placing a gentle hand on Khale’s shoulder, Ballen said, “Come on. Let’s get you to your room.”

As pleasurable as taking a moment to lie down sounded, he knew there wasn’t time. Shaking his head, Khale said, “No, we need to get to the war room. We need to tell the others about what happened. The Dráguns might still be nearby, or there could be others. The sooner we tell Remus, the better.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll tell them—right after I get you to your room.”

He wanted to be there to learn of what Remus planned to do, but Khale figured he’d have someone fill him in on it later. Ballen was right. He needed to get to his room.

On the second floor, though, Khale managed to talk Ballen into leaving him and going to the war room, assuring the vampire that he’d make it the rest of the way to his room just fine—and he did, but it was a slow and painful journey. His whole body ached from the impact of hitting the ground. Various areas of his face stung from the bite of the thinner branches, and some of the cuts were still bleeding.

Heading to his wardrobe, Khale removed his waistcoat and let it fall to the floor—his vest was next and his shirt soon followed after. Opening the wardrobe, he looked into the mirror hanging inside it, observing the thin slashes along his skin and the gouge at the edge of his hairline on his forehead. It didn’t look too bad, but though the gouge wasn’t bleeding too severely, he knew it’d probably take the rest of the night before it healed completely. Turning around, he looked over his shoulder and inspected his back. Bruises were starting to form but, like Ballen had said, thankfully nothing was broken.

Khale jumped and nearly fell into the wardrobe when his bedroom door crashed open.

“Are you all right?”

Before Khale could answer Larken’s question, the vampire was already near him, reaching out to Khale. His first instinct was to back away, to avoid the man’s touch, but this time he didn’t. He was hurting and craved comfort from another—from Larken.

Khale let out a heavy sigh as Larken framed his face with his hands, his fingertips threading into his hair. He turned his face into the touch, then hissed as a callous on Larken’s hand rubbed hard against one of the cuts.

“I’m sorry,” Larken said, then he started to pull away.

Quickly reaching up, Khale placed his hands over Larken’s, keeping them there. He didn’t want to lose the relief he felt from the vampire’s touch. “Don’t. I don’t…” His words failed him as he stared up into Larken’s eyes.

Larken smiled, but Khale could still see the concern etched around the corners of his mouth, making Khale want to kiss the worry lines away.

“Dear gods, when Ballen told us what happened…” Larken’s brow pulled down, confliction shining in his eyes. “I know you said no before, but… I’m sorry, I…”

Larken’s Adam’s apple bobbed up and down as the man swallowed, then Khale stood in shock as Larken leaned down and kissed him. Again, his instinct was to pull away, but he couldn’t.

He didn’t want to.

Moaning, Khale slanted his head as Larken’s tongue pushed past his lips and into his mouth, deepening the kiss. The man tasted incredible. He tasted of heat and passion and everything Khale desired. Their tongues fought for dominance, their lips mashing together, seeming to never get enough. Larken fed him groans of lust, spiking Khale’s hunger. The vampire’s hands traveled along Khale’s sides then settled on his ass, squeezing tight and pulling Khale nearer, pressing their hardening cocks together. Of their own accord, Khale’s arms came up and wrapped around Larken’s neck.

When Larken wound his arms around him, embracing him tightly, Khale gasped and stiffened within his hold.

Jumping back, Larken quickly said, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Did I hurt you?”

Cringing, Khale looked over his shoulder again and assessed the bruises. When he heard the sharp intake of breath, he looked in the mirror to see Larken staring at the reflection of his back.

“Oh, Khale, what’s going on?” He moved closer, and this time Khale did back away. “How is it that you have bruises like that?” Larken continued. He looked at Khale’s face. “Why aren’t you healing? Have you not fed recently? Do you need blood?”

What was he supposed to say to that when he didn’t know the answer himself? He’d just fed this evening before he’d joined the others for breakfast, but feeding had never played much part in his healing process. He had a feeling that his inability to heal as quickly as other vampires would never be solved.

Shaking his head, Khale replied, “No, I don’t need to feed.”

“Are you sure?” Larken reached out for him. “I could—”

Khale backed away more quickly this time. The pain from his back had cleared his head, making him realize that he shouldn’t have let Larken touch him before. That he should have ended the kiss immediately. He had his reasons, but he wasn’t sure Larken would understand them. “I said no,” he said, a little more harshly than he had meant to.

A flash of hurt crossed Larken’s features, but his expression quickly turned stoic. His hands dropped to his sides and his lips tightened into a thin line. “All right. I’m sorry to have bothered you.” He turned and headed toward the door.

Khale opened his mouth to tell him to stop, to apologize for his tone, but he instead closed it without saying a word and watched Larken exit his room.

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Author bio:

Hey everyone, I'm Jen and I'm an author of M/M erotic romance. I love M/M romance, both reading and writing it—seriously, what's better than a sexy man... Two sexy men! You can't go wrong there. Though I do dabble in a little bit of M/F romance, my main passion will always be smutting it up with men, men and more men. I try to dedicate as much of my free time to writing as I can—ha! What free time?—but if I’m not typing away on my laptop, you’ll find me with my nose buried in a book, or with my loving fiancé debating on what movie to watch and the never-ending back and forth decision of what to have for dinner. I love spending time with my family and fiancé, cuddling with my dog and two cats, and laughing as much as possible—’cause I like to think I'm funny!

Some little tidbits about me are—I love animals of all sorts, I have a really big sweet-tooth, and I've been told I like to talk with my hands (insert hand gestures here).

You can find me at:

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