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Monday 11 May 2015

#MasturbationMonday Week 36 A Little Medieval Masturbation from The Dark Son #MayHasCumAndSoShouldYou

#MasturbationMonday #NationalMasturbationMonth #MayHasCumAndSoShouldYou

The Rules:

Write a steamy post about masturbation or share an excerpt so hot, it’ll make your readers want to masturbate.

This week I'm sharing another never before seen snippet, this time from The Dark Son : The Fall of Cairnnon Castle which comes out on Friday. This is the third book in the Lustful Possession Series. Although to this point the first two books in the series were contemporary paranormal erotic romance, this is the book that really takes the series in a different direction. It goes historical time-travel (my fave!) Here's a little medieval masturbation for you. Naughty Nev!

Nev hurried along, sticking to the shadows in an attempt to go unnoticed.

As soon as she opened the door to Hual’s suite he was on her, pulling up her tartan while engaging her lips.

“Wha’ have ya done ta me, Nev, I canna go a few hours withoot ya.”

She palmed his full-fledged erection through his kilt.

Undressing her swiftly, Hual eased her back onto the bed and kissed her so deeply that she soon opened her legs, ready to take him. When he moved to her aching breasts, she mewled as he suckled them.

A heavy hand pounded on the door, causing them both to jump.

“Hualryn! Come. You are needed at once!” one of his men shouted.

“Give me a moment!” he hollered back.

“Now, Hual, ’tis yor sire.”

“Gor!” he swore, clenching his teeth, while shakily trying to straighten his tartan. “Wait here. I shall return, yeah?” His massive erection tented his kilt. “Look wha’ ya do ta me!” He attempted to rearrange but to no avail. He made a sound of frustration. “Well, there be just no help for it.”

Nev nodded, breathless. He ran his hand over her body possessively, finally pausing and softly rolling her clit between his fingers. “Ya keep all these lovely parts warm and wet for me. I will be back as soon as I can.”

He kissed her again, and then tossed a bed cover over her. Almost angrily, he threw open the door. Hual’s man made eye contact with Nev, but only gave her a cold once over before following his commander.

Her body was on fire. She almost sobbed with the need coursing through her.

Tossing off the blanket, she slammed her fist into the straw mattress, fighting the need to take matters into her own hand.

Her rapid breath coursed down her chest, only tormenting her aching nipples.

Unable to stop herself she covered both breasts with her hands and squeezed them as Hual liked to do. Unfortunately, it didn’t stimulate her in the same way as when he did it. Curious, she slowly released her hold, stroking her fingers over her flesh, softly plucking at her nipples. Shutting her eyes, she then circled the tiny buds, imagining Hual laving them, wetting them, sucking them until she bucked against him.

“Ahhh,” she cried softly. She needed release. “Don think aboot it,” she
whispered as she smoothed her hand down her belly. She cupped her mound, wringing a moan from her parched throat. “I’ll never do it again. Just this once. Forgive me.” She vowed just as she dipped her finger into her own wetness. She ran it through her entire crease, from front to back, as far as she could reach, then back again. Stopping at the place that needed filling, she toyed around the opening, before slipping her finger just ever so slightly inside. “Oh!” she sobbed. It felt too good.  

Dragging her finger, she found the sensitive nub. She loved it when Hual caressed it. And now found herself craving it every time they were together and even when they weren’t. She attempted to mimic the motions that he made. But as she explored she discovered a rhythm that was even better than what he did.

“Ohhh, sweet Jesu, Hualryn, hurry up, I am dyin’ here!” she hissed through gritted teeth.

Just then a floorboard creaked. She froze and looked to the side, meeting his gaze in the flickering torch light. So caught up in her own wickedness, she hadn’t heard him return.

Too embarrassed to move, she didn’t know what to do or what to expect from him.

All of a sudden, he moved forward and grabbed her by the ankles, pulling her bum to the edge of the mattress. Relief filled her when she realized he wasn’t repulsed by what she’d been doing. If anything, by the expression of his chiselled shadowed features, he was just as aroused by it as she.

He knelt before her, pushing her knees wide and then bent his head. Before she knew what he was about, his tongue brushed against her most private place.

She gasped in both disbelief and pleasure. The pleasure took precedence quickly. Expertly, he swirled his tongue over her. He’d never done this to her before. It was like nothing she’d ever experienced.

“Ya taste of heaven, cailín,” his voice was so deep and affected, he didn’t even sound like himself.

She gripped the sheet and curled her toes to keep from tumbling over the precipice of pleasure. She wanted it to go on forever.

“Ohhh, Hualryn, so gud…uhhh.”

He pulled her forward again, this time placing her knees over his shoulders, bringing her mound more intimately to his face. For a moment she met his gaze, startled by the intensity in his eyes. As he bent, his whiskers scrapped her inner thighs, unbelievably heightening the exquisite sensation even more.

He plunged his thick fleshy tongue into her heat. She cried out for a second time. It was too much.

Once again, he turned his attention back to the little coiled bud of nerves. He laved it with the flat of his tongue in brilliant broad strokes. Her hips stirred with him. Her body yearned to follow his every move.

Then, without warning or anticipation, he sucked it into his mouth. Deep beautiful intense waves undulated, broadening out, until somewhere deep inside her something clenched lusciously. With her calves and feet still hanging down his back, she dug her heels in, pulling him to her. Instinctually, he knew what she wanted. He plunged his tongue into her over and over. She was so open to him; he even sucked the swollen flesh just inside the opening, sending her into another trembling contraction. She squirmed, drowning in sensation.

“Do ya need more, cailín?” he demanded, brusquely.

“Aye. All, I need it all!” she responded, breathless.

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  1. When the email came through from Amazon that this book was about to be released, I thought, "Hmmm, I think I'd like to read it." Now that I know it as a scene like this?! Oh yeah, totally need to read it. :)