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Wednesday 20 May 2015

#NewRelease Expecting The CEO’s Baby Series #BoxedSet by @miacaldwellbwwm #Interracialromance

Hi H K! Thank you so much for inviting me to your blog and letting me write a guest post. I’m a huge fan of your work, especially the Always Cambridge series.

I’m so happy to present the box set of my series, Expecting The CEO’s Baby.  Individual stories have been published throughout the month of April and the beginning of May, but this is the first time all of the stories have been compiled into one volume. All four parts of the Expecting The CEO’s Baby series are included here. As an added bonus, I’ve included an epilogue that gives a special (and sexy!) update to Ryanna’s and Andrew’s story. 

Part 1:

When I prevent a distracted Andrew Rutledge from walking into traffic, I have no idea he's a billionaire CEO. When he insists on seeing me again a few days later, I have no idea what to expect. Certainly not what he proposes, having his baby!

Andrew is handsome and rich, so I'm not sure why he's willing to pay me a lot of money to do what hundreds of other women would probably do for free. Since a job offer fell through at the last minute, I have no choice but to take his offer seriously. This arrangement will change my life in more ways than one. While I'm willing to help Andrew have a baby, giving him my heart is another matter entirely. . .

Part 2:

Weeks after saving the handsome and rich billionaire CEO Andrew Rutledge’s life, I am living in his mansion and we’re trying to have a baby!

But what started out as a straightforward deal for him to pay me a total of three million dollars to conceive and bear his child has turned into something else entirely. I’ve fallen in love with Andrew and can see us living happily ever after and raising our child together. And from his soft words and passionate kisses, I can tell Andrew feels the same way.

However, our happiness is threatened when a tabloid reporter finds out about our unusual arrangement. The looming scandal turns Andrew from the loving and caring man I fell in love with into a cold stranger who cares about nothing except his electronics company and his position as CEO. His abrupt transformation leaves me alone and confused, even more so now that a baby is on the way. . .

Part 3:

I'm finally pregnant by Andrew Rutledge, the handsome billionaire CEO who's paying me three million dollars to conceive and bear his child. Unfortunately, Andrew exposed his true insensitive and uncaring colors when a reporter confronted me about the details of our arrangement. Instead of being concerned with how the potential scandal might impact me, Andrew only cared about his electronics company and its board of directors. He made clear I came in a distant second place. And I'm scared his priorities won't change even after he finds out I'm pregnant!

What happened to the tender and loving man with whom I'd fallen in love? How could I raise a baby with such a callous and cold stranger? But the biggest shock comes when I discover the potential scandal originates from a source much closer to home than I ever would have suspected. Now I am totally and utterly alone, except for the baby I'm carrying. Can Andrew and I rediscover the love and passion we once shared and find our way back to each other for the sake of the child I'm carrying?

Part 4:

When I stopped handsome billionaire CEO Andrew Rutledge from walking into traffic, I had no idea it would put me on the path to having his baby! What began as a straightforward, though unconventional agreement for me being paid three million dollars to conceive and carry Andrew's child has developed into so much more.

Thought I didn't mean to do so, I fell in love with the powerful and good-looking CEO. However, I'm not totally sure how he feels about me. But now that I'm expecting the CEO's baby, it seems more important and urgent than ever to find out where I stand. For the sake of our unborn child, I'm hoping Andrew and I can find a way to create a happy and loving home with two parents who aren't afraid to say how much they love each other . . .


Check in with Ryanna and Andrew to what their life is like now!

Again, I want to thank H K for inviting me to her blog and allowing me to her fantastic readers and fans about my new release, the Expecting The CEO’s Baby – The Complete Series. I hope you all check it out.  J

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