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Monday 4 May 2015

#MasturbationMonday Week 35 Cut That Out #NationalMasturbationMonth #MayHasCumAndSoShouldYou

The Rules:
Write a steamy post about masturbation or share an excerpt so hot, it’ll make your readers want to masturbate.

May is Masturbation Month

May is National Masturbation Month. 
Ohhh, the pressure! What to share? 
How about a cut scene? 
A little switch up, from the m/m snippet last week to f/f this week. Something I've never shared before, outside of my editor. This is a portion of the original manuscript to erotic ménage The Best of Both Worlds. Since this was an m/f/f romance, the pub wanted me to concentrate more on the m/f relationship, so this f/f scene was deleted from the final draft. Casual sex with the college roomy is 'unnecessary'. What do you all think?     
(I'm sorry. Not sure what's going on with the funky font and spacing throughout, I've tried to fix it every which way I could think of, to no avail. Hope you can read it) :(


I woke up that way, masturbating alone in my bed. The deep dream-induced orgasm had woken me. I turned over onto my stomach and kneaded my mound trying to eek out every last delicious tremor. But when the waves of sensation had passed I sat up and punched the pillow repeatedly. “Well fuck!”  Was that the only way I could get some these days? Through dreams?
            I wasn’t one to dwell, so why was I still haunted by the threesome with Andi and Street. Yes, I was over Street; and Andi I would have pursued in a heartbeat, but she wasn’t interested and I was okay with that. There were more chicks in the barnyard, or studs in the pasture, so I should just get right back up on my horse, so to speak, and ride.
            Getting out of bed and heading for the bathroom, I snorted at the analogy, my deep southern upbringing rearing its ugly head. It was being brought up on a hardworking farm, that prodded me to apply to schools across the country, trying to escape the small town scene. People I’d met here at the upscale university thought I was bullshitting when I told them where I was from. I just didn’t fit into the mould. Exotic looking, that’s how most

people described me. Dark hair and eyes, high cheekbones, I guess I did look more like I was from Latin Miami than Georgia.
            My roommate Pam was in the shower. “Just me Pammy."
            “Hey Toni, I won’t be long. Or you wanna join me?” She asked salaciously.
            I thought about it, even though I’d just had an orgasm I still felt edgy and in need of something else. Luckily, I had a roomy who was just like me. We helped each other out whenever we were in need.
It was one drunken night my first week at school that I'd found out this added benefit. I'd been feeling extremely homesick and out of place and Pam had reached out, it was then that I realized, that casual sex was all right. But it wasn’t a big shock to me that I liked both boys and girls. I’d known that for a long time. But that was my problem of late. I wanted both.
            I pulled off my overlong t-shirt and stepped into the shower with my friend. The pale red head was washing her hair, white suds everywhere, her eyes shut tight.
            Taking her by the hips, I switched places with her. “Let me get wet or I’m gonna freeze.” After dousing in the nice warm spray, I reached up and took over, washing Pam’s long red locks, digging my fingers into her scalp.
            “Mmm, that feels good.” Pam took her soap-covered palms and fumbled blindly for my tits. I angled myself just right, making certain Pam could reach, arching into her slippery touch, anticipating the sweet burn that would come when she started manipulating my stiff nipples.
            “Yeah, that feels good too, Pammy. I’m so fucking horny. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”
            “It’s been what a couple weeks since you broke up with Street?”
            “Nearly a month,” I answered, as Pam moved under the spray. I washed the soapy foam from the other girl’s hair, as Pam kept stimulating my nips.
            “You need to get out and meet some new people. I’ve never known you to wait this long after a break up. And I really don’t think it has much to do with Street, I didn’t think you were really that into him.”
I shrugged. I’d liked him, very much. But I needed more. Bringing Andi into the relationship would have been ideal. But Street and Andi had realized an instantaneous connection and had been more into each other. Relegating me to third wheel. Me! I was used to being the boss in most things, especially relationships. Perhaps that was why things with Street had worked as long as they had. He pretty much did whatever I told him to do and even though he thought that his 'birthday wish' was his own idea, it wasn’t. I’d planted it into his easily manipulated male brain. Of course it didn’t take much convincing, what straight guy could resist being with two women at the same time?
            But that need to be in control, may have also been what had intrigued me about Andi. Between us, that one night, we’d each struggled for dominance over the other. It was something new.
            “Hey, Tone, you in there?” Pam looked at me, now that she was able to open her eyes. Funnily enough, Pam was the only other person that I allowed to take over. I attributed it to our first time together. Pam had taken the lead, and shown me, how good another woman could make me feel. One that could actually go through with it, that is.
            “Yeah, why?”
            “Because if you were as horny as you say you are you would have come by now.” It was then that I noticed that Pam was really giving my breasts a good going over and yes, at any other time, I would have been humping my friend’s leg by now and begging her to get my vibrator.
            “I’m sorry,” I said, running my hands over her shoulders and down her arms.
            Pam slapped the shower lever, shutting off the water. “Saving water,” she explained, smiling, as she hit the plunger on the floral scented body wash. Lathering her palms back up, she rubbed the soap all over my body. I closed my eyes, shutting everything else out but the feel of her hands.
            “There you go,” she crooned. “Let me get back to these beautiful nipples of yours. You know I love it when I can bring you to orgasm just doing this.” As she continued to pluck at my breasts, she then took her knees in front of me. “But I have a feeling you need more than that today. Spread ‘em, Tone.” As soon as I opened my stance, she licked my pussy, slowly.
            “Oh my God, Toni, you’re so fucking slick. You are beyond horny, honey.”
I slid my hands into her wet hair, silently telling her to shut up and get at it. Her tongue finally came to rest on my clit. She tapped it, then sucked it into the warm recesses of her mouth, swirling her tongue at the same rhythm, that her fingers were manipulating my tits.
            I bucked against her mouth, in the initial stage of climax. Pam released my breasts and cupped my ass, holding me steady as she fucked me with her tongue.
            “It’s not enough Pam, use your fingers, fuck me good.” I yanked on her hair.
            Pam inserted one finger, retreating then two, and again, then three, all the while, lapping my clit with such focused precision that I was hovering on the precipice of bliss. But just as I was about to tumble over, she stood, leaving me dangling. She flipped the water back on and gave us each a quick rinse off.
            “Come on,” she said tossing me a towel then grabbing my hand. I followed her stupidly to her room. She pushed me onto the bed.
            “I have something that just might help your predicament,” she said grinning, she produced a rather large black dildo. “Never been used,” she said.
She slathered it with lube and then knelt on the bed. I opened my legs, excited and eager, needing something to fill the emptiness in me. Pam held my pussy open with her fingers, as she fed the head of the fake penis into me.
            “Ohhh, “ I breathed, lying back, allowing Pam to take control. Inch by slow inch, she penetrated, until the dildo couldn’t go any further, and then Pam started to pump it. Taking it completely from my body, only to fill me entirely. It felt so good; I never wanted it to end. “Leave it in, Pam.”
            She buried it, as far as it would go and then just slightly bumped the base over and over. The large head, stimulated a place so deep inside, that I thought, I’d never felt anything so good. At just that moment, Pam bent her head and rotated her talented tongue around my clit, while still tapping the dildo, sliding it in and out just enough that I exploded in a g-spot orgasm, hosing Pam’s bed, and hand.

Pam seemed to love it; she lapped at the clear liquid, greedily. Then lowered her body to mine, she began kissing me and writhing, seeking her own fulfillment.
            With the dildo still inside me, the feeling of it holding me open was amazing, as my body calmed from my climax. I didn’t want to lose it, I clamped my legs together and turned Pam onto her back, still kissing her, tasting myself from her mouth.
            I skimmed my hand down her body, she opened her legs. I trailed my fingers through her wetness and she whimpered, her ass coming off the bed as she arched towards my touch. I slid two fingers into her pussy and felt it clench. Crooking my fingers I rubbed the front wall of vagina. She shuddered.   
I butted my thumb up against her clit and barely touched it when she climaxed.
            Looking up at me she smiled lazily, her hand coming to touch me softly on the cheek. “Wow, I think I like you being this horny.”
            I chuckled, and squeezed my inside muscles around the dildo, still inside me, but not as deep as I wanted it. “I don’t. It makes me edgy and bitchy.”
            “And nobody likes a bitchy, Toni,” Pam said, running her hand over my breast, my nipple stiffening yet again to attention.
            Pam giggled, sitting up. “You want more? I really shouldn’t, I’m going to be late for class.” She looked down and noticed the dildo still partially embedded. I thought I should probably be embarrassed, but I wasn’t. Pam and I had discovered and experienced too much together, to allow that. “You two seem attached. Why don’t you keep it?”
            “You sure?” I asked, pushing it back in where it felt the best.
            “Yeah, it’s a gift, but you have to promise to let me use it on you again. Giving you, of all people, a g-spot, made me feel pretty fucking proud of myself.”
            “It was pretty fucking awesome from this end too. I needed that. Thank you.”
            “No problem, any time. Now, quit looking so sexy and get outta here. I need to get dressed. Or better yet, lie back and tell me what’s really troubling you.”
            I placed my head on her shoulder where she’d gestured and she held me. As I thought, trying to find the words to explain, I discovered it wasn’t really the memory of Andi that was haunting me. It was the realization that I wanted the best of both worlds. To make my life complete, I needed a relationship with a woman and a man. How was I ever going to find that? I voiced my concerns to my friend.  
“I don’t think you’re going to find that in this uptight university town.” Pam stroked my hair.
“I won’t find it back home either.”
         “That doesn’t matter, you have no inclination to go back home after graduation anyway. You pretty much turned your back on it when you came here, right?” The back turning had been mutual.
“Yeah. I vowed never to go back. Got my sights set on New York.”
“There you might be able to find what you’re looking for.”
“I blame you for this.”
“Me?” She sounded surprised, with a distinct flash of hurt.
“Yes, I didn’t know any better when I moved here to go to school. I thought boys were just fine. Then you showed me how good it is to be with another woman.”
“I am good.” She smiled wide and I gave her playful swat. “But wait a minute, you kissed that other girl back home before you even met me. She was your best friend as I recall.”
“For the record, she kissed me. But that’s as far as it went. It was just experimentation and a bottle of Jack.” That was a lie it was more than just a kiss, and enough Jack had not been consumed to have produced what happened. But I’d never shared that with Pam. I’d never told anyone.
         I sighed heavily and put my head back down on her. “It’s probably unrealistic anywhere. Usually when a man and a woman pair off, that’s just what they want to be, a twosome. I’d be the third wheel, again, just like I was to Street and Andi. Expendable. A couple wants a baby makes three, not a full grown horny female, who wants to fuck them both.”
   My roomy laughed.
 “It’s not funny,” I complained.
“No, it’s not, but the way you explain it, it is. Don’t worry, Toni. If I know you, you’ll find it. Eventually. You always get what you want. It just might take you some time. Good thing you’re young.” She giggled and slapped my bare ass.
            Reluctantly, I slid the dildo out. Pam tossed me one our discarded towels and I mopped up my mess and dried up a bit. 
            I was about to go to my own room when Pam said, “You know what you need for now?”
            “No, what?”
            “A man.”
            “A man?” That surprised me; I thought I was on a woman kick, after the fixation on Andi.
            “Yup,” she said looking at the dick in my hand. “A seriously well-endowed man, I’d say.”
            “And where would I find one of those.”
            Pam shrugged. “I wouldn’t know. They’re not my thing.”
            I smiled. “Thanks,” I said, wiggling the fake dick at her.
            I went back to my room and flopped on the bed and I allowed myself to think back to a time when everyone called me Annie and of the well-endowed boy on the verge of manhood that I left behind. And thoughts of Griff always led to Avery. The girl I’d share a kiss with and a little bit more. I closed my eyes and could still picture our young pale bodies pressed together under the fresh smelling sheets. 

I hope you enjoyed this never before seen scene from  
The Best of Both Worlds, the sequel to  

Streetlight People (m/f/f  ménage erotic romance) 
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