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Friday 14 November 2014

#MySexySaturday Selfless Acts #excerpt Misfortune of Birth #AlwaysCambridge Book 3

Welcome to the 68th week of My Sexy Saturday 

This week’s theme is I’m too sexy. We’re not talking about those arrogant boys who really aren’t sexy. We’re talking about those who are and those who are a little over the top about it. Sure, sometimes there is that arrogant hero, or heroine, who will tell you they are too sexy for whatever task put before them. Then comes the fall. And we love to read about the fall. 

Oh how the arrogant shall fall. Special Agent Alex Orton refers to Victor Mayhue as the ego with feet. Good looking, rich and the mob boss's son, he doesn't often lose at anything. So just what would make the most selfish man in the world act selfless? How about saving the woman he loves or at least giving her the best chance at survival. This week a dramatic snip from Misfortune of Birth — The Always Cambridge Series Book #3

Holly stared at me levelly, all hint of sadness gone, replaced by steely determination. I had no idea what or how she planned to keep me safe, but I did feel a little better that I might have a fighting chance.

But I had no way to protect her in return, and it was killing me. I had no faith in the Feds. Not against my old man. And my brother…I couldn’t even begin to imagine what he would do when this all came to light. He would kill her, and there was nothing I could do about it. Or was there?

I’d been wrestling with this thought for weeks now.  And since my brother had not succeeded in executing Holly's former bodyguard, Randy Phillips, he seemed to be my only hope. But could I hand over the woman I loved to him? Knowing in my heart that he loved her, too? And she still loved him. If I put them back together, he would take my place in every way. He would be the hero and her saviour once more. But if he could prolong her life, maybe even save it, I had no choice.

In the evening on the way home from work, I bit the bullet, so to speak, and attempted to make the phone call I'd been dreading.

But as soon as he answered, I hung up. I wasn’t ready. I never would be.

I sped home and as soon as I walked through the door, without a word, I picked Holly off her little feet took her to our bedroom and I fucked her, like I needed to. For now, she was still mine.

Follow the saga from the beginning... Always Cambridge 

 The Always Cambridge Series chronicles the life of Holly Cambridge through her tumultuous childhood, violent teen years into adulthood, and the consequences that stem from being the daughter of mob boss, Bill Cambridge.

I hope you enjoyed this week's snip. Don't forget to check out the other MSS authors from the linky list below. 

Have a Sexy Saturday!