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Monday 28 January 2013

Welcome Back Author Jennifer Wright

On the heels of her MM/Vampire/Paranormal hit Pavarus, Jen Wright is back and giving us a sneak peek to the second book in the Finding Home Series, Morvea. Jen also played along with my idea of an author interview.


Welcome back to Pick a Genre Already, Jen...

What was your favourite book as a child/teenager?

As a child, my favorite book was Are You My Mother by Dr. Seuss. I can’t even begin to count how many times I read that book. It was actually the first book I ever bought for my niece. As a teen, basically any book by Christopher Pike or Stephen King were my favorites.

    H K ~ Love Dr. Seuss

Who was the first author or what was the first book you read that introduced you to the genre that you most enjoy writing in?

In J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series, J.R. has two characters that gained my attention to the m/m genre. Blay and Quinn are best friends – Blay is gay and in love Quinn, but Quinn is fighting his feelings for Blay. I was so intrigued by them (and I’m ecstatic that their story is finally coming up next) that I set out on a hunt for an m/m story. That’s when I found G.A. Hauser’s Boy Next Door. I’ve been hooked since with both reading - and soon to follow - writing m/m romance.

Do you believe in love at first sight? And if so have you ever been so afflicted? Did you do anything about it? (Did you go for it?)

I do believe in it, but I don’t think I’ve ever experienced it. I’ve had plenty of ‘lust at first sight’ as a teen, but I was quite guarded of my heart once I grew up. I was lucky enough to find the love of my life, though, and he and I will have been together for 7 years come this May. J

Is there a particular word you overuse or writing technique that your editor(s) ride you about? Mine is over using the word ‘harshly’.
Gosh, I wish there was only one. My worsts are desperately, just, looked up/down/over, eyes, and his heart soared/raced/ached/pounded in his chest/etc. When doing my edits for Morvea, I was almost appalled at how much I overused these.

Have you ever suffered from writer’s block? (Or do you even believe in it?) If so, how were you able to overcome it?

Yes, I do believe in it and have suffered from it many times. I really wish I knew what it is exactly that breaks my writer’s block. It’s more like the inspiration just hits me again full blast and I can’t be dragged away from my computer.

Do you base your characters on real-life people or situations?

No. I live enough of my real life as is, no need to keep at it in my writings. My stories are my escapes – I want them to be as far from my life (and the people in it) as I can. Not that there’s anything wrong with my life or the people in it, but I crave difference – something new and exciting.

What genre(s) do you write in?

I write both M/M and M/F romance ranging in contemporary, vampire, shifter, paranormal, western, light BDSM, and futuristic. Though I’m only published in M/M right now, there will be M/F stories in the future - hopefully soon.

Pick a Genre Already – darn you H.K. for coming up with such a brilliant title before me.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

My heart longs to be in the south (USA), but my family is here in Wisconsin and it’d be nearly impossible to leave them – well, it would mainly be nearly impossible to leave my sister (I love you mom, but my sissy-poo is my rock!).

If you could live in any era, which would it be?

I would love to experience living in the Middle-Ages, but only for a week because I don’t know what I’d do without the technology we have today. Beside, with how outspoken I am I’d probably be beheaded in no time – I am woman, hear me roar!

If you could bring one of your own characters to life, who would it be and why?

Ooh, that’s a good question! I’m really torn between two – I’d like to bring Wesley to life because he’s fun and spunky and I think we’d be great friends. But I would like to bring Zane (the real Zane, not the a-hole people believe him to be) to life because on a more reserved/personal level him and I are a lot alike, it’d be nice to have someone to relate to.

What are you reading right now?

Right now I’m on a J.R. Loveless kick and I’m reading His Salvation: The ADA Chronicles #1 and I’m absolutely loving it.

J.R. – wherever you are – please, please, PLEASE come out with book 2 soon. I need more!

If there was a movie made of your life what would it be called? Which celebrity would you want to play you?

I think a title with cuss words in it would never hit the box-office, so I’ll just call it ‘Are You Kidding Me!?’. And I’d pick Julia Roberts to play me because she’s my favorite actress, even though I’d probably be suited better using Matthew Perry (that’s right, a man) because of all his facial expressions and hand gestures – I can be very vocal without having to say a word. ;)

Lol! I just pictured Matthew in a dress!

If you were to do a reality show, which one would it be?

Even though I probably wouldn’t last a day, I’d love to be on Discovery’s ‘Deadliest Catch’. I never thought I could get addicted to watching a show about a bunch of men out on the Bering Sea catching crabs, but I have!

 What is the craziest, most exciting, or most dangerous thing you’ve ever done?

I am deathly afraid of heights, so naturally I seek out the adrenalin rush of my fear and go on rollercoasters, I stood on the edge of a couple of cliffs, and I even climbed a silo once because it looked ‘really tall’, but it’d have the be the private helicopter ride (sans the passenger door per my request) that was the craziest, most exciting, and most dangerous thing I’ve ever done.
     H K ~ Eeeekkk!!

Name a celebrity, athlete, musician, etc. you’d most like to get naughty with.

I’d have to pick Chris Hemsworth (Thor in the movie Thor, the huntsman in the movie Snow White and the Huntsman), I mean just look at him! The hair, the muscles, the accent! Phew! *fans face*

Favourite movie?

I honestly don’t think I have a favorite movie. Heck, I own over six hundred movies (no joke) so it’s hard to pick a favorite. But if I were to narrow it down I’d have to say Steel Magnolia’s. I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve seen that movie – and yes, I cry every time.

    H K ~ Me too! Sniff. (I bawl every time I watch Step-Mom, too)

Dream Vacation?

I would love to take a two week (heck, I’d settle for a few days if it meant I’d get exactly what I want) vacation to a private horse ranch where I’d get to live out the life of a cowboy. Yes, I said cowboy. I’d want to be treated like one of the guys, not delicately or receive special treatment because I’m a girl.

Great vacation, right? Work till I ache, ride horses till I’m walking funny…ahhh, I can picture it already. J

Dream Car?

A 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT8 with the complete HPE600 Turbo upgrade!

   Favourite Ice Cream Flavour?

 Caramel Cashew 

      H K ~ OMG! There is such a thing? I feel deprived.

Please tell us about your new release.

I think the book blurb says it best, but I’ll give a little more insight to Morvea. It is about the vampire sire, Keddrick, and his human contact on Earth, Eli. As much as I love Keddrick, Eli steals the show in this book. Without giving too much away, I’ll just say that the many changes and challenges Eli goes through tops anything I’ve ever written.
Also, for anyone that is reading the series, I want to say that while Morvea focuses more on Earth and the Human Council, the perusal for the Drágun leader, Gravaick, is not forgotten and will continue in book 3.
The Finding Home series will take you to another realm where the warrior men of a vampire coven find love in the most unexpected ways.

In a place similar, yet so very different from our own, the vampires and dragons of Pavarus are at war with each other. Be it battles, magic, betrayal, or council members sticking their noses where they don’t belong, the vampires are determined to find and stop the Dragon leader and his malevolent ways.
The leading warriors of the coven never thought they’d find love along the way, but the men thrown in their paths rule their hearts, and there is no denying a destined mate...no matter who they are.

Author: Jennifer Wright

Genre: Gay MM/Vampire/Paranormal/Contemporary

Publisher: Total-E-Bound

Release Date: March 11th, 2013 (pre-order January 28th, 2013)

Blurb: Finding Home Book 2 Morvea

Keddrick has denied claiming his mate for four years, separating them by worlds just to keep the man he loves safe…from him. Can he resist temptation when his love lands on his doorstep in need of help?

Eli has lusted after Keddrick from the moment the vampire stepped through the portal and into Earth. He had desperately wanted to follow along when Keddrick returned to Pavarus, but it wasn’t allowed—not to mention that Eli was under the impression that Keddrick was straight. Four years later his wish has come true, but not in the way he wanted. Barely escaping death by the hands of Wayland, head of the human council on Earth, Eli flees to Pavarus in search of help. The line of events that gets him there releases a hidden secret deep inside him he never knew existed, and will soon change his life forever.

Keddrick’s restraint towards Eli is being seriously tested, and every day Eli stays with him at the coven, it gets harder. He wants to keep his distance, but at the same time he wants to do everything he can to please Eli. As time goes on, he feels his resolve slowly crumble, his love for the man too strong to ignore. When Keddrick finds out about Wayland’s threat on his and Eli’s lives, he is determined to stop the madman anyway he can, even if that means going against Eli’s pleas for him not to.

Through blood and tears, years of love and moments of betrayal, can these two men find their way through the hardships and into a life of happiness in each other’s arms?

Eli gasped when another sharp pain sliced through his head. Groaning, he clutched at his skull as bright lights blinded his vision.

And with a flash, images flooded his mind like an old, silent picture show.


Eli standing in his office with three men.


Rick, Larry and him tied up in an old, abandoned warehouse.


Wayland standing before him, accusing him and Keddrick of trying to rule Earth. Wayland confessing his own plans to rule Earth once he and Keddrick were ‘out of his way’.


Larry dead—shot in the head.


Him and Rick escaping.


Eli getting shot and Rick face down on the pavement—dead.


Eli lifting his hand to ward off his enemy.


The man hurtling backwards into the street by an unseen force—then the car slamming into his body.

Eli sucked in a deep breath when his vision had cleared and he tried his hardest not to cry out.

“Eli?” Keddrick sounded alarmed, his words loud in Eli’s ear.

This time he did cry out when Keddrick grabbed his arm. The pain from the vampire’s touch had Eli jumping out of his chair and stumbling backwards till his butt hit the back of the couch. When a few of the men stood, he yelled, “Stay away from me!” The thought of anyone touching him made his skin burn.

“Eli, what is wrong?”

Keddrick’s words were more forceful this time, but Eli ignored them as a new surge exploded through his body. Every cell inside him felt like it was coming to life, vibrating and roaring for release.

He barely heard Keddrick’s order for someone to get Isa. Fuck that! He didn’t want that witch anywhere near him. This was all her fault anyway. The side effect of whatever she’d given him was wreaking havoc on his body. A hum sounded in his ears, and everything around him soon faded out as the hum became piercing.

He clutched at his head again and screamed.


The sound of Eli’s screams cut at Keddrick’s soul. He wanted to go to his mate, to comfort him, but Eli’s warning had him rooted in place. It was hard, though, when the tears started streaming down Eli’s face. He stepped forward, ready to pull Eli into his arms anyway, when Aliam burst into the room with Isa.

When Aliam dropped her before him, she covered her ears and yelled angrily, “What is the meaning of this?”

He didn’t bother apologising, just said, “I need more of that potion you gave to Eli last night.”

“No!” she said. Keddrick growled at her. “No, he said he didn’t want my help,” she said as she pointed to Eli.

Eli’s screams continued to fill the air.

“Damn it, woman! Can’t you see he’s in pain?” Keddrick closed the little distance that was between them. “Help him. Now!” The words were so forceful the walls seemed to vibrate.

Isa’s eyes widened and she took a step back. “I—”

She was cut off by Wesley’s gasp. When Keddrick turned to look at him, his jaw dropped. The maps and papers that’d been scattered across the table now floated in the air. Keddrick glanced around the room, taking in all the items that hovered over the surfaces they’d once sat on. He flinched when Eli’s screams suddenly became louder, forcing everyone to cover their ears. The furniture began to shake before it too started to rise up—up and up till Keddrick could see the bottom of the couch.

Keddrick looked at Eli. The man’s face was red, his eyes squeezed shut, his head thrown back as his fingers clenched in his hair.

Suddenly, Eli’s screams stopped, and everything in the room came crashing down around them.

Keddrick reached Eli just before he hit the floor. Gathering his mate into his arms, he rushed to lie Eli down on the couch, amazed it hadn’t broken.

He cupped Eli’s face in his hands. “Eli, baby, wake up.”

About the Author:

I was born in Arizona, but have spent the better part of my life in Wisconsin.  While I enjoy living close to my family, my heart longs to live in the South – or anywhere where the winters are warmer, and I hope to someday get there.  I love writing, and try to dedicate as much of my free time to it (ha! what free time?).  If I’m not typing away on my laptop, you’ll find me with my nose buried in a book, or with my loving boyfriend debating on what movie to watch and the never ending back and forth decision of what we should have for dinner.  I love spending time with my family and boyfriend, cuddling with my two cats, and laughing as much as possible (cuz I like to think I'm funny J).
Some little tidbits about me are – I love horses and cats, I have a really big sweet-tooth, and I've been told I like to talk with my hands (insert hand gestures here).

Thanks for being my guest today, Jen. I love it when you drop by. It's always a blast.

Pre-Order Morvea Here at Total-E-Bound 

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  1. Thank you, HK, for having me as your guest today! It's always a pleasure and I'm grateful for everything. :)
    You've never had Caramel Cashew? My goodness, you're right, you have been deprived. It's absolute heaven!


    1. Good Morning. It is snowing like heck here. Forecasting freezing rain later. So, ice cream is not on my mind just now. But I'm sure we don't have Caramel Cashew here. At least I have not seen it. I would be all over that. (A far cry from Donna's Vegemite!) :P

      It's always a pleasure too, Jen. I am also appreciative. Thank you.

  2. Caramel cashews are not as good as Tim Tams just like Liam another Aussie yummy! Great interview Jen (and HK) which reminds me I must go and order Morvea.

    1. Ah! *feigns hurt* Caramel Cashew ice cream rocks! And if you're talking about Liam Hemsworth then you're right, that boy is gorgeous, but he's too young :P Chris, on the other hand, is ALL man!

      Anyhoo, thanks, Donna, for your uh - ordering? That sound terrible, but I can't think of another way to word it. :P
      Well, thank you, Donna!


    2. So I got my Hemsworths mixed up, there are 4 off them after all! So many sexy Aussies out there hard to keep up with them all ;) My pleasure re the ordering, looking forward to reading it.

    3. There are 4 of them???
      Off to google I go. :D


  3. If I lived in Wisconsin, I'd long to live in the South, too. We have lied in FL fo 25 years among the fungus. Gilda Radner was right, "It's alwys something."

    My son had your Dodge Challenger -- without the muffler!

    1. I'm jealous of your son. But I, of course, would have to have a muffler. I can't stand it when cars are super loud like that.

      Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed the post! :)


  4. Hello, Jen.
    Looks like a great book two.
    Cheers, Kelly

  5. Great interview, Jen! I learned a lot about you that I didn't know. Afraid of heights, so you seek them out? No wonder you write such exciting fiction.

    (And I agree with you about H.K.'s blog title - waving! - It certainly would suit me!)

    Good luck with the release!

    1. Thank you, Lisabet. I actually never thought I'd be writing more action, suspense romance, but I'm glad it's working out. :)
      As for the fear of heights, yeah, my mom actually laughed at me when she saw the look on my face when I reached the top of that silo. I could hear her shouting, "Why do you do this to yourself?" My step-sister climbed it with me, and when I was too afraid to get down, she convinced me that the fire department didn't come out that far into the country to rescue people. I can't believe I fell for it.


  6. I loved Pavarus and I can't wait to read Morvea!