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Saturday 10 August 2013

If You Can't Stand The Heat #MySexySaturday

This week for My Sexy Saturday a sneak peek into If You Can't Stand The Heat an m/f contemporary erotic romance coming soon from Total-E-Bound. We've been busy doing first round edits on this m/s this week. It's shaping up nicely. I hope you enjoy this little taste of the oh-so-sexy and arrogant chef Sesto and erotic novelist Syn.

Set up: 
An unlikely couple is brought together as celebrity judges on a new cooking show—Sesto Théodore, an American-Italian New York chef, and Syn Fully, a world-weary author of erotica. It’s instantly clear that they are complete opposites and their personalities clash, but physically, sparks fly and passion ignites.

 Somebody’s about to get burnt…


Standing, he demanded, “May I speak to you out in the hall, please!”

“Of course,” Syn responded, haughtily, as though she hadn’t just been giving him the initial stages of a hand job under the judges table. He allowed her to take the lead although he was unexpectedly mesmerized by her long shapely legs, as she stalked across the space, confident and oh-so-fuckin’ sexy in the red stilettos. Sesto pulled level with her and couldn’t resist the urge to place his hand to the small of her back, left bare by the severe cut of her dress. If he wasn’t mistaken, she’d trembled at the contact. Or more likely it was his own hand that shook. 

In the hall, she turned to face him and at the same moment he blurted, “What the fuck do you think…” The words died on his tongue, as she once more found his firm cock with her hand, her gaze settled on his mouth, as she breathed shallowly.

“Where’s your dressing room?” she asked, backing him up.

Grabbing her wrist, he dragged her into the room, before slamming the door behind them. He pulled her hand, which he still had possession of, above her head and forced it against the door. Expecting her to fight, he was not prepared for her brazen little smile as she raised her arm to join the other, as if she wanted him to pin her there and take control. With both hands stretched above her head, and Sesto still in an uncertain defensive type crouch, Syn arched towards him, bringing her beautiful tits, right in his face.

“What the fuck are you doing?” he asked again. “We don’t even know each other.”

“I know. Isn’t it wicked, how our bodies want to though. Don’t even bother to deny it, I can see that you do.”
Sesto groaned, shifting uncomfortably foot to foot. 
Coming soon from Total-E-Bound
Preorder: 20th September 2013
Prerelease: 4th October 2013
General Release: 1st November 2013

(this book will be released with warnings of mild bondage and/or non-consensual restraint and dubious consent)

So? What do you think? Have Syn and Sesto earned the title of this book?

I love the scorching cover the fabulous Emmy Ellis @TEB designed for this combustible pair. HOT!!

I hope you liked this little sampling. Don't forget to check out the fabulous MSS authors from the list below.

Have a Sexy Saturday!


  1. I think you named this book aptly. A confident woman can be both sexy and smoking hot at the same time!

  2. Sizzling is what this is...absolutely sizzling...thanks for sharing a fantastic excerpt.

    And thanks, HK, for being part of My Sexy Saturday.

  3. Amazing! As always HK. Can't wait to read it.

  4. Whew HK - I'll be panting - I mean waiting -- for this one! ;-)