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Saturday 3 August 2013

#MySexySaturday - Better Than Another Man #GLBT #Erotica

This week My Sexy Saturday belongs to Carey and Bryan from Better Than Another Man released by eXtasy Books. This book had a completely rocky start and continues to get comments from nasty to nice. (One of the nice ones is featured on my review page, from Gabbi at Top 2 Bottom Reviews)

It all depends how you look at the world, I guess, and what you consider a happy ending. Publishers want you to keep your writing as real as possible but when you give readers real, sometimes its not what they're looking for. Perhaps this is why we as readers devour so many books, because we get enough of reality in our day to day lives. When we read we want to escape. And sometimes this is also why authors write. Often an idea comes and we have to be true to it. Its why I didn't change the ending of BTAM just to get it published. I knew what the conclusion of this book had to be from the very first word and I did so, to be true to myself and the characters. And in all honesty, I consider it to be a happy ending.

I hope you enjoy the snippet from a bittersweet story about real friends and deep love.

Better than Another Man is a love story between two best friends, Bryan and Carey. Bryan is straight and Carey is gay, but they stand by each other through the milestones of their lives, including Carey’s coming out.

But when a family tragedy strikes, Bryan turns to Carey for support, and their relationship moves in an unexpected direction.

Can a straight man and a gay man enter into an intimate relationship, or will it destroy their friendship forever?

    Who knows Better Than Another Man…


warning: this is a love story meaning that while there is love, there is not a romantic ending.

Carey wrapped one of his big hands around the back of my neck, his deep blue eyes searching mine. “And so it begins, huh? What are we gonna do without each other?”

I felt myself moving as if in a dream. My gaze fixated on his lips. I wanted to taste them again. I placed my hands on either side of his face as if I was afraid he might pull away, but somehow knowing that he wouldn’t. I gave into what I’d wanted to do since this morning and I kissed him.

Carey didn’t even tense this time but moved into my kiss, his lips firm and warm. He looped his arms around my back and pulled me closer. It felt good. It felt right. But so wrong at the same time. What the fuck was I doing? My cock was rock hard in an instant. I was so aroused and taken aback at the same time.

I was out of my element here. When Carey ran his tongue over the seam of my closed lips I opened for him and accepted his tongue, sliding my own tentatively against his.

He dropped his hips, bringing his equally hard dick in contact with mine, rubbing our parts together expertly, increasing the exquisite awakening in me.

I moaned with a combination of need and helplessness. Part of me wanted to go further and the other half didn’t and as always, my best friend knew what I could handle.

Carey brought the kiss slowly to an end and he held me as we both struggled to breathe.

I didn’t know what to say or do. I had no idea what was going on with me, other than I needed him.

Carey ran his thumb over my lower lip, drying it. “You’re not gay. I know.”  
I laughed, relieved in a way, disappointed in another. 

 I hope you enjoyed this little snippet of Better Than Another Man. Don't forget to check out the fabulous authors from the MSS list below.

Have a Sexy Saturday

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