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Saturday 23 November 2013

#MySexySaturday - Anticipation


Welcome to the 26th week of My Sexy Saturday

Ever have a moment in a book where you just knew a sexy part was coming up? Remember the anticipation of two lovers coming undone, no matter if you saw a little or saw a lot? Everyone loves a good romance and those sexy parts can be wonderful. So can the anticipation of those parts. This week I want your sexy. I want to see everything that gives us that sexy thrill and then some. 

Writers love to write those sexy bits. Yet, we all know that each of us has a different idea of sexy. It can be the boy next door, that hot look, even the book you’re reading now. Sexy has nothing to do with looks or status or even wealth. It doesn’t demand perfection and it doesn’t have pretensions but it does make us want to read those books.

Yes, writers are readers and we all love sexy!

The Rules  Post 7 paragraphs or 7 sentences or 7 words

An unedited snippet from my upcoming family saga series Always Cambridge
He was overwhelming me again. As if this week away from him hadn’t heightened my obsessive need for him enough.   

I broke his hold on my lips. “Let’s go upstairs,” I breathed.

“And you think I’m presentable to walk through a crowd of people now?” He dropped his hips allowing me to feel his desire for me. He smoothed his hands down over my lower back coaxing me more fully against him.

“Walk behind me,” I said impatiently attempting to turn, but he held me. I looked up into his smouldering dark eyes, half-heavy with longing.

“I promised dancing...” he grinned.

“Yes, naked, as I recall...” And I couldn't wait to get him that way.

“What’s the hurry?" He was enjoying my eagerness.
 “It’s been a week. I need you now.” I admitted.


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Have a Sexy Saturday!