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Saturday 14 December 2013

#MySexySaturday You’re One Sexy Character

Week #29 ~ My Sexy Saturday ~ The rules are simple.

Post 7 paragraphs or 7 sentences or 7 words (and yeah, I can't count this week either)

 This week for My Sexy Saturday's sexy character, and in keeping with the theme for the last couple of weeks; some more Victor Mayhue from my upcoming family saga series Always Cambridge [eXtasy Books]. This is a snippet from Victor and Holly's first meeting. 

Unedited Excerpt:
     "You a Steelers fan?"  My helper asked picking up the season tickets that had tumbled out of my purse. The ones I'd purchased to slip into Randy's stocking.  He'd said no presents from me but he couldn't stop Santa from spoiling him.

I smiled.  "No my boyfriend is."  I took a quick look at him; he had dark smiling eyes.  Warm chocolate brown.  He seemed amused.  He was young.  Older than me but not as old as Randy.  Maybe twenty, twenty-one, I guessed. 

"Lucky guy."  He smiled, looking at me.  "There, I think we got everything," He looked around the floor.  "Oop, nope.  Runaway chap stick."  He said rising to retrieve it from where it had rolled under one of the racks of clothing. 

I stopped him.  "Don't trouble yourself.  I won't use it again now that it's been on the floor." 

He chuckled.  "It's capped."  He grinned crookedly extending his hand, offering to help me rise.  I thought it was sweet.  I reached placing my left hand into his big outstretched palm, accepting his aid.  I knew by the size of his hand that he would tower over me, but most people did.  His hand was warm, I noted again as I rose to my feet.  Everyone in the store had moved away from us, and there was no longer a line up.  It was as if we were the only two people in the store.  I thought briefly that was strange with the crowds. 

"Thank you for your help," I said, letting go of his hand, finally able to look up at him, full on.  He was tall, as I'd suspected, broad shouldered.  I focused on his face.  Oh my God!  He was gorgeous!  His dark hair was perfectly sculpted but messy enough that you wanted to reach out and tame it.  His eyes were, as I'd noted before, dark and warm.  He had full lips and a dimple appeared on his cheek as he continued to grin at me.  He must be used to this kind of reaction.  It was plain, he was amused now by my staring.  I couldn't help it, he was stunning.  If Randy was the most beautiful man in the world to me, then I had no words for this guy.  And he knew it.  He knew exactly what affect he had on me, on most women, I presumed.  He looked like the kind of guy who got what he wanted and didn't have to wait or work at it to get it.  His perfect white teeth appeared behind his amazing lips.    

"No problem.  My pleasure."

Oh crap, I couldn't remember what we'd been talking about.  His grin turned crooked giving him a mischievous boy look.  I bit my lip racking my brain for something to say.  His gaze dropped to my lips and I suddenly felt warm all over.  Wow!  This guy was something else.  Something I had no idea how to handle.  I should probably get away from him, but I didn't really want to.  I should get back to Randy.  Randy!  
 Copyright © 2013 H K Carlton

I hope you enjoyed this week's snip. Don't forget to make the rounds and check out the rest of the My Sexy Saturday authors from the list below. 

Have a Sexy Saturday!


  1. Love the descriptiveness of this week's snippet. Can't wait til you finish it.