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Thursday 27 February 2014

Pavarus, Morvea, Airos, Athis Dey - The Finding Home Series by Jennifer Wright @_JenWright @Totally_Bound

Please welcome back my friend and fellow Totally Bound author 
Jennifer Wright and The Finding Home Series
Pavarus, Morvea, Airos,  
plus an Athis Dey update and sneak peek...

Thanks, H K, for letting me pimp my books on your blog today! :D

Just a quick update – my inspiration seems to finally be coming back, and I’m pleased to say that I’m roughly 75% finished with the 4th book in my Finding Home Series, Athis Dey, and that I’ve even started writing the last book as well. I’ve got tons of ideas and storylines creating chaos in my head and I’m trying my hardest to get it all down before I go crazy, lol! It’s nice to finally be writing again, and I hope to have Athis Dey finished soon. :)

On a quick note, I’ve been getting a lot of “What about Larken!”, so I’d like to share that in the 4th book Larken finally gets his HEA. So hold on to your undies ladies and gents, I’m writing as fast as I can.

Heres a little (unedited) taste of Larken and Khales story to whet your appetites and hopefully having you want more. ;)

Excerpt (From Khale’s POV):

Larken’s tongue slipped into his mouth and Khale shivered with desire. With a firm hold on his face, the warrior walked backwards toward his bedroom, the both of them ravishing each other’s mouths as they stumbled along. Once there, Khale finally allowed himself to touch him. Larken’s muscles tensed beneath his hands, the hard feel exciting Khale even more. He could picture this massive man above him, taking him in every way.

He wanted it.

As if sensing his thoughts, Larken broke the kiss and stared down at him. “Get undressed,” he growled out.

Shaking with need, Khale removed his clothing, his gaze never leaving Larken as the warrior stripped as well. The man was stunning. Every inch of him was perfectly sculpted. He was built and hard and made for Khale’s touch.

Khale reached out, wanting to run his fingers along the rippled abdomen, but instead gasped when Larken pushed him down onto the bed. No one had ever dared do such a thing to him. No one would ever think of pushing him around. With his mouth open, ready to protest at what Larken had done, his words failed him as Larken covered his body with his own, the warmth of his skin seeping into Khale, making his erection grow harder than he thought possible.

Larken glared at him as he took hold of Khale’s wrists and held them above his head. “Don’t move.”

Khale wanted to protest again, yet found himself nodding in compliance. The feel of Larken’s lips trail along his throat made him tremble even more. When the warrior nipped at the crook of his neck, Khale couldn’t stop the moan that escaped his lips. Arching his hips up, he rubbed his hard length along the curve of Larken’s hip, moaning again at the sweet pressure it provided.

To his dismay, Larken lifted himself up and hovered above him. “I said don’t move.”

His chest heaving with every breath he took, Khale quickly nodded his head again.

Larken smiled at him—that cocky grin that Khale was quickly starting to hate—but his irritation faded as Larken took hold of his cock. Crying out, Khale’s hips bucked up, wanting so bad for that hand to stroke him.

A sparkle shone in Larken’s eyes and the man tightened his grip.
Khale’s trembles with need were clearly showing now. The tease that the warrior was torturing him with was cruel, but he had a feeling he knew what Larken was waiting for, and there was no way he was going to say it.

Larken squeezed his dick again.

“Please,” he begged. Khale immediately cursed himself. How could he let the word slip from his mouth so easily?

Lust replaced the gleam in the warrior’s eyes and he slowly moved his hand up and then down once. Khale groaned and bucked his hips again, needing for him to move faster, but Larken just stopped completely. 

Oh, to hell with this no moving shit. It’d been too long from him to lie around and play games. No longer wanting to be the yielding bottom, Khale wrapped his hand around Larken’s and forced the man to stroke his cock. “Oh gods!”

Suddenly, Larken’s body was on him again, their mouths locked firmly together. Khale ignored the wanton noises he was feeding the other man, and instead relished in the moment. It’d been so long, and he was now so close.

Within the blink of an eye, his hands were once again above his head. Still not wanting to yield, he wrapped his legs around Larken’s waist and arched his hips, grinding himself against the curve of the man’s hip again.

Larken growled into his mouth. Releasing his hold of his wrists, Larken wound an arm around him, his other holding himself up, and pulled Khale farther up onto the bed so Khale could rest his head on the pillows.

Khale threaded his fingers through Larken's hair as he plundered his mouth, and the warrior began to grind his own erection against him. Khale reveled in the feel of it.

He gasped again, this time when he was met with the cold air in the room. His surprise was quickly subsided when Larken flipped him over onto his stomach almost effortlessly. He was a little taken back by the power Larken used on him. It wasn’t like he was a small man by any means. Sure, Larken was a little more built than him, but he felt almost feeble as the man seemed to toss him around like it was nothing.

Larken’s hard body covered his, and once again Khale found himself at a loss for words. The warrior forced his legs apart as he settle between them, his hard length firmly pressed against Khale’s ass.

“I’m tired of waiting,” Larken growled into his ear. 

Unable to speak, Khale just nodded. Larken grabbed Khales hands and held them above his head again, making Khale feel so open and exposed to the man. Taking hold of both of his wrists in one of his hands, Larken then pressed the fingers of his free hand to Khales mouth and Khale gladly accepted them, sucking on them until they were good and wet.

Finding Home

Book One : Pavarus

Thrown into another world where dangerous creatures live and rule, will Wesley stay and find love with a vampire, or will the terrors of an unknown realm have him running home?

On a camping trip in Louisiana, Wesley finds himself sucked down a hidden portal and thrown into another realm where he meets Remus, a warrior vampire. With the help of Remus, Wesley embarks on an adventure to find his way home, back to a world not filled with vampires and dragons and magic folk. Along his journey, the handsome vampire finds his way into Wesley's heart. But will his love for Remus overcome his fears of the creatures that reign in this world?

Remus has never wanted a man before, but finds himself drawn to Wesley despite his denying efforts. He's happy with his life as the commander of the vampires, and has had no interest in finding a mate. But after Wesley is kidnapped, Remus discovers his feelings for the man are stronger than he thought. Is he strong enough, though, to honour Wesley's wish to return home, and let go of the man he loves?
Totally Bound     ARe     Amazon     B&N

 Book Two : Morvea 

Keddrick has denied claiming his mate for four years, separating them by worlds just to keep the man he loves safe…from him. Can he resist temptation when his love lands on his doorstep in need of help?

Eli has lusted after Keddrick from the moment the vampire stepped through the portal and into Earth. He had desperately wanted to go with Keddrick when the man returned to Pavarus, but it wasn't allowed—not to mention Eli was under the impression that Keddrick was straight. Four years later his wish has come true, but not in the way he wanted. Barely escaping death by the hands of Wayland, head of the human council on Earth, Eli flees to Pavarus in search of help. The line of events that get him there release a hidden secret deep inside of him he never knew existed, and would soon change his life forever.

Keddrick's restraint towards Eli is being seriously tested, and every day Eli stays with him at the coven, the harder it gets. He wants to keep his distance, but at the same time he wants to do everything he can to please Eli. Yet as time goes on, he feels his resolve slowly crumble, his love for the man too strong to ignore. When Keddrick finds out about Wayland's threat on his and Eli's life, he is determined to stop the madman anyway he can, even if that means going against Eli's pleas for him not to.

Through blood and tears, years of love and moments of betrayal, can these two men find their way through the hardships and into a life of happiness in each other's arms?

Totally Bound     ARe     Amazon     B&N

Book Three : Airos

Zane has everything in his life under control and in order, but can he keep it that way when a young dragon is thrown into his life?

Zane was meant to be a warrior—end of story. Though he may not have had the most pleasant life living at the coven, he still loved being there. But the steadiness of his world came to a halt all within one day's events. A man he never saw coming has pushed the boundaries of what little normalcy he has, and learning of a secret love is just confusing him even more. Zane has never felt more torn on what he should be feeling…and for whom. Though if he assumed having two men plaguing his every waking thought was hard enough, learning of the danger his mother is in nearly has his head spinning off into another dimension.

The leader of the Dráguns is threatening to take everything away from him, his best friend is slipping further and further away from him, and a little dragon is managing to get under his skin in more ways than one. Sorting out what he has to do, what he wants, and what's right for him will be the biggest challenge he's ever been faced with. Will he follow his heart or will he take the easy path…or is the easy path the right path to begin with?

Totally Bound     ARe     Amazon     B&N


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