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Thursday 6 February 2014

Welcome Back Author Mary Waibel @mewtweety14

Once again, it's time to throw a blanket over some of the naughty bits on this site and then please welcome back YA Fantasy author and my very good MuseItUp Publishing gal-pal, Mary Waibel...

Welcome to Valendria!

Picture Europe in the middle ages, and you'll be pretty close to what Valendria is like. Made up of five kingdoms―Breneira, Palindore, Faldaera, Delphine, and Lowenguilde―Valendria is a land filled with beautiful scenery and unique creatures.

Our first introduction to Valendria came in QUEST OF THE HART. Here, the neighboring kingdoms of Breneira and Palindore came to life as Princess Kaylee of Palindore went on a quest to rescue her betrothed, Prince Devlin of Breneira, from a sleep spell. Little was seen of Palindore, as most of our time was spent traveling the swamps and mountains of Breneira with our brave heroine. Magic is a force to be reckoned with in this world, as are its unusual creatures, such as the Golden Dragon, Aureal.

In CHARMED MEMORIES, we see a bit more of Palindore, as well as Faldaera. But most of our time is spent in the island kingdom of Delphine, as Lady Bri, the kingdom's best tracker, helps Prince Trevor search for his missing princess. Merfolk, magic, treachery, and betrayal are at the heart of this tale.

While in Delphine, we meet Prince Broderick, more commonly known as Brody. When his world falls apart, he leaves his island kingdom and winds up leading a rag-tag group of men against a variety of mythological creatures. When his path crosses with Princess Gabrielle, or Rielle as she prefers, he learns that more than dangerous creatures plague the kingdom of Faldaera. 

Come on a tour of the countrysides of Faldaera and Lowenguilde in DIFFERENT KIND OF KNIGHT and meet some exotic creatures such as griffons, wyverns, arrowhawks, and griffonvuls.

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  1. Thanks so much for letting me come visit again!!! Hope you aren't snowed in up there!

    1. My pleasure, Mary. Any time. Snow, snow and more snow. And today it's minus 14 but the windchill makes it feel like minus 28 according to the forecasters. Burrr!

    2. Brr! That is cold. It was 10 when I left for work, but sunny. (Really sunny with the sun shining off the freshly fallen foot of snow we got yesterday!)

  2. Lovely to see all three of your books together, Mary. What a magical country you've created! Good luck with your tour!