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Friday 14 March 2014

#MySexySaturday The Power of Love - A snip from #Highlander #historical #romance The Devil Take You

Welcome to the 40th week of My Sexy Saturday where a bunch of authors get together and share 7 paragraphs, 7 sentences or 7 words of a sexy snippet from a WIP or published work. 

First I'd like to send thoughts and blessings to Lynn our My Sexy Saturday host and leader. 

This week Lynn is facing some real-life obstacles and has requested excerpts that illustrate the love between between two people when the sexy fails.

I've selected a snip from historical romance, The Devil Take You


“Dinna utter his name again.” Gard wound his hands into her soft damp hair.

“Ye gave me the strength and the weapon and the skill. I did wha’ ye taught me. I was brave enough ta do it, Gard. Because o’ you. I wouldna have been able ta do such a thing back at Ross-shire. Ye have saved my life this day.”

Brae unlaced his shirt. He kept his eyes closed, afraid she’d stop if he looked at her. He’d seen she was on the verge of tears.

“Touch me,” she begged. “Let me feel yor touch.”

Finally, he opened his eyes meeting hers. He had been afraid she would never want a man’s touch again. She took his hand, placing it at her waist; she moved it up over her ribs, forcing him to caress her until his thumb slid up the underside of her breast. She lifted herself onto her tiptoes, her mouth just inches from his. “I need ta feel ya, Gard. Please erase it fer both o’ us. I want ta smell ye on me. I want ta feel yor sweat on my skin. I want ta see only you. Feel only you. Hear only you. Taste only you.” She kissed his lips, wrapping her arms around him; she pulled him closer, pushing his shirt from his shoulders. He lowered her carefully to her back, following her lead. He made slow gentle love to her, branding her with his lips and body in an attempt to make them both forget.

Brae lay underneath his panting body, as he surged into her one last time. “I willna let ye go one year add a day. Ye are mine,” he breathed heavily. “Fer all time.”

“For as long as love shall last,” she whispered, closing her eyes against the hot tears that followed.

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Love to Lynn and her family at this time.


  1. I believe I like this highlander of yours...hers? :D

    1. I love him too, Demelza. He's one of those characters that stays with you. I think he is my all time fav. So far. LOL :) Thanks for stopping.

  2. So very sweet! I really enjoyed this excerpt. :-)

  3. Gods this is brilliant. And it's not over the top erotic, still steamy and romantic and beautiful!

    - Bonnie

  4. Very bittersweet. I hope that their love lasts for a long time.