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Monday 19 May 2014

Toot Toot #BlogTour Genre Confusion #amwriting

Many thanks to Christina Mandara — Authoress of the The Riding School, Learning the Ropes, Hot to Trot and Named and Shamed: Pony girl training begins...in the Pony Tales Series. Lover of all things BDSM, sarcasm and fetish — who tagged me in the ‘Toot Toot’ blog tour and persuaded me to submit to answering the following four questions...

What am I working on at the moment? 

I am working on edits for books three and four in the Always Cambridge series, at the moment. Book three Misfortune of Birth is due for release June first from eXtasy Books. It is a romantic suspense family saga series.

  Always Cambridge

Also, last week, I signed the last three contracts for a paranormal erotic romance series for MuseItHot Publishing for the Wild Darkness Calls collection. That will be a seven book series. The first book will release sometime late 2014. The series title is Lustful Possession and the first book is entitled Meet Me in the Dark.

In between I am dabbling with a contemporary erotic short story and also a novel length erotic romance set in the 1950's.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My work differs because I don't stick to one genre. I can't even write a decent bio for myself because I can't narrow down the classification of what I write. So any given time, you might stop by Pick a Genre here, I might be introducing some new category to my library. One day historical, the next month contemporary. Sweet and sappy or kinda raunchy. It's like Forrest Gump around here, you never know what you're gonna get. LOL! 
Family saga. Paranormal. Time-travel. Ménage. OH MY!

Why do I write what I do?

I write what I write because that's where the 'muse' takes me. I go with the flow. It makes my life much easier if I don't fight it. I know that on certain days I'm 'supposed' to be working on a specific manuscript, say for editing or deadline purposes. But if I get up and another story is clamoring for some attention, I know that I should give it some time or I just get downright ugly, because that's what I would rather be doing. 

What is my writing process?

I don't really have a structured process. I am envious of organized authors who have 'idea' files and character spreadsheets; detailed outlines and neat little work spaces.  :)  I have little pieces of paper or random notebooks filled with scrawl. They get thrown in a drawer or bawled up in my purse. I also have a folder on my computer with several unfinished manuscripts. As I said earlier, I have to go with the flow. I'm fairly undisciplined but I am dedicated.
Usually the process begins with one scene, one idea or a little snippet of conversation that starts to resonate and then it grows and expands from there. Often, I don’t even have the entire story plotted out when I sit down to write. Sometimes I have to start writing before it unfolds for me. It is the action of scribbling or typing that seems to direct the creativity. And that dictates where the story will go.

In the case of Always Cambridge; I wrote the first book from beginning to end. I thought it was a completed stand alone. But every time I went to bedthat’s where I do most of my thinking, my tales are like bedtime stories for meit wouldn't leave me in peace. More story began to unravel. So I had to go back and tie up the details, until I was satisfied that Holly’s story was complete. Several years, and six books later, I'm confident that the entire story has been told. 

On other projects though, an idea will form and it is a whirlwind from conception, to writing it, to submission, editing and publication. With the Wild Darkness Calls series for instance, my editor sent out the call, and I wrote the first book, thinking it was also a stand alone. But when I was about to type THE END, it just wasn't and books two and three came fast and heavy on its heels. But the last three books were like pulling teeth. I was battling against what I thought should happen and what was churning inside my head. In the end, I had no choice but to go with the direction that I was being shown. But this was still a whirlwind write for me. I don't think I began book one until February and I just signed the contract for book seven. So still a good turn over I think. :)

I like a little noise in the background too, while I'm working. It's usually the TV. Right now the hockey game is on. Habs / Rangers! Tied 1 - 1  :) 

Thanks, Christina Mandara, for tagging me in this uniquely named bloghop! "D
I'm not tagging anybody specifically but if you'd like to get in on the fun, hop right in. 

Take Care, eh!

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