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Friday 6 June 2014

Snog by the Sea BlogHop #Excerpt from Hard and Fast #prizes #giveaway

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Here's a steamy snog from Hard and Fast 
[ available Today at most vendors]

Hard and Fast is the sequel to Gave Good Face, which I'll be giving away a copy of, to one randomly selected commenter, on or around June the 9th, when this blog hop ends. You can read the blurb to Gave Good Face HERE! Or click on the GGF banner below. 
[Gave Good Face and Hard & Fast are erotic contemporary romance.]

Excerpt: Hard and Fast

Joss was up before him. They’d slept in, after such a late and eventful night. Billy stretched and opened his eyes, as Joss came out of the bathroom. 

Unfortunately she was dressed. But she was still sexy as all fuck, in faded denim cut offs and an old Steelers T-shirt, which showed her midriff. Her hair was up in a sloppy bun, her face devoid of makeup. Such a drastic difference from the previous evening’s wardrobe. Just the sight of her made his stomach feel weird. She was the sexiest woman he’d ever been with.

“You a Steelers fan, Joss?” He reached for her, making grabbing motions with his hands.

“Not really, just dig the colors,” she answered before bounding up on the bed and straddling him. “Can’t go wrong with black and gold.”

“Bring that tummy here, I wanna devour it.” He stared below her crop top.

“Nah-uh, you slept so late, if you want to see kick off, you’d better get that fantastic ass of yours outta bed and plant it on the couch. I have a new flat screen waiting to be christened and a full day of football should do it nicely.”

Playfully, he slapped her butt as she threw a leg over him and jumped to the floor.

After running to the bathroom and pulling on a pair of pants, he met Joss on the sofa. To his delight she curled into his side as soon as he sat down. For the entire first half, she asked a question about the rules following nearly every play. But he found he didn’t mind explaining the game to her.

During half-time, Joss disappeared into the kitchen to make them some snacks. He got up to help but paused to watch her.

“Ya gonna help me or just stand there all smoldering hotness, Tech-Co?”

“Sure. What can I do?” But as he moved closer, the curve of her neck with her hair up captured his attention. “Never mind, I know exactly what I can do.” He placed his lips just under her ear, a sensitive little spot he’d discovered last night, which practically made her his fuckin’ slave.

He couldn’t help but chuckle when he felt the tension drain from body. She turned all supple and pliant. She tossed the little paring knife she’d been using into the sink and dropped her head back onto his shoulder, giving him complete access.

Yep, slave.

While running his tongue around the shell of her ear, he stroked along her silky belly and tucked his hand into her shorts. And he was rewarded with a throaty groan. Probing with his finger, he found her sweet pussy slick, more than ready for his touch. “Ya like that, huh?”

She mewled something incoherent and shimmied her hips in an anxious gesture.

Barely touching her, Billy rounded her clit with learned precision. Sometimes she liked it hard and fast and others, like this. Torturous, she’d called it.

“Does it burn yet, baby?” he whispered, circling her clit.

“Uh, Gawd, yeah!” She moaned and unfastened the snap on her shorts. She yanked the zipper, making room. Snaking her hands down there, she pulled her pussy lips open. The action caused the coiled little nub to poke out, ever so slightly.

Dipping into her slit with his index finger, he gathered more of her lustrous cream. He rubbed his thumb and finger together, spreading it around then he plucked at her clit with relentless care. To his delight her hips jerked convulsively, and she voiced her pleasure so loud he hoped the other fuckin’ tenants heard.

She reared back and rubbed her toned arse against his throbbing dick.

“Gimme. Gimme it!” she demanded then spun around.

Billy grappled with the clasp on his jeans. “I don’t know why I bother wearin’ fuckin’ pants while I’m here.”

“Well, no one said you had to.” She wiggled out of her shorts.

By the time he’d fucked with the zipper and pushed his jeans to the floor, she’d already hoisted her fine bare arse onto the counter.

“And the perfect height,” he gritted out through his teeth while aiming for her welcoming pussy.

He entered her. Searing heat surrounded him, pulling him deeper. He plunged over and over. Right before he was about to come, he cupped her bottom and pulled her right off the ledge and held her to him. Buried to the hilt, his cock nosed right up against her cervix, he exploded, in the best possible place.

Joss kissed the hollow at his throat and whispered throatily, “Touchdown!”

 ©Copyright H K Carlton 2014

I hope you enjoyed this sexy snog from Hard and Fast. If you'd like to continue reading, just hop on over to Totally Bound.

Don't forget to leave a comment below to enter for a chance to win a copy of the prequel to this story, Gave Good Face. And remember to hop over to Snog by the Sea central and leave a comment for your chance to win tickets to Smut by the Sea for UK residents OR the mystery ebook bundle. 

This Blog is part of Snog by the Sea over at http://blissekiss.co.uk/snog-by-the-sea/. Leave a comment to go into the Prize Draw for UK winners you can win 2 All-Day Smut by the Sea Tickets for you and a friend or for our international visitors we have a mystery eBook bundle you can win with books from some of the hottest names in Erotica.

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