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Monday 28 July 2014

A NEW and Bestselling Release from Noelle Keaton The Billionaire’s Network @noellekeaton #mmromance

Please welcome back my friend and fellow author Noelle Keaton, with her latest and bestselling release, The Billionaire's Network! 

Thanks H K for having me back to Pick A Genre Already to share….

My Billionaire Obsession

Okay, obsession might be going a bit far in describing how I feel about billionaires.  However, after writing seven different stories featuring billionaires as the heroes, there’s no denying that my interest in them is more than casual.  I attribute my fascination to a couple of things.

Billionaires have a certain mystique about them.  To me, they always appear powerful and in control, seemingly untouchable.  That’s why it is fun to create stories that speculate as to what goes on behind the cool, calm, and collected surface.

I also find myself wondering what kinds of problems billionaires would have amidst their endless wealth.  What kind of problems could a person have when they have enough money to buy anything their heart desired?  Well, the search for love, problems of miscommunication, and the desire to find a soul mate are common themes and goals in the lives of people from each end of the economic strata as well as those in between.  It’s just that these struggles among the billionaire set happen to intrigue me enough to keep writing stories about them.  J

I hope you enjoy the excerpt from my latest e-book, The Billionaire’s Network, which is available at the Evernight Publishing and Amazon.

The Billionaire’s Network EXCERPT:

“We can’t do this,” Wes said moments before Rick’s lips brushed against his. While only the briefest of contacts, the mere touch sent sparks shooting through Wes that went straight to his dick, which started to throb.

“We’re not doing anything except getting reacquainted.”

Rick’s hand moved from Wes’ shoulder to a caress down his back, and rested near his tailbone. The motion sent an involuntary shudder down Wes’ spine, and he took another step back again.

“The situation is complicated enough with you buying NBS, which makes me your employee. I don’t think we should mess things up further by trying to pick up where we left off fifteen years ago. It would be a train wreck in the making.” Wes realized he was speaking too fast, and not making much sense. But he wanted to stay ahead of his own desires, which were demanding that he strip off his clothes and hop into the nearest bed with Rick.

“My owning NBS has nothing to do with what’s going on between us here and now, except that it brought us to this place here and now. If you don’t want anything to happen between us, that’s fine, but don’t use NBS as an excuse. Just tell me what you’re truly feeling, and we’ll figure out where to go from there.”

You make it sound so simple, Wes wanted to tell him. But then, nothing had ever been easy between them and he had no right to believe that would have changed all these years later. Underlying all their conflicts, a heated desire and yearning for each other always lingered. It was the reason he’d never been able to forget Rick, and why he found it impossible to walk away now.


No one is more surprised than network news anchor Wes Henley when his ex-boyfriend, media mogul and billionaire Rick Sheridan, buys the network where he works. Though it’s been fifteen years since their bitter breakup, it isn’t long before Wes and Rick rediscover their former passion for each other.

But their burgeoning relationship is threatened when Rick’s plans for the network tests Wes’ loyalty to his newsroom colleagues. Wes is forced to decide whether his love for Rick and hopes for their future together outweigh his dedication to his job and allegiance to his coworkers.

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