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Saturday 17 January 2015

#MySexySaturday You Know What I Like #erotic #excerpt from Upcoming Release NEXT WEEKEND

Welcome to the 75th week of My Sexy Saturday

This week’s theme is I’m So Sexy and there’s nothing more interesting that someone who exudes sexiness but doesn’t flaunt it. These are those who are naturally sexy, like the girl or boy next door. Or the boss who acts like a nerd. Or maybe one who wears something that makes someone want to strip them bare. Those are the characters we want to read about. Those with city, country or maybe even other-worldly charm that knocks our socks off every time.

Here's a snip from a my upcoming release entitled  
Next Weekend 
Available Next Week :) Tuesday January 20th

Is this what you came for?” He opened his hands, using his palms, rounding her nipples into two hard, aching nubs. The sensation sent shooting pulses of pleasure straight to her pussy. 

You know what I like,” he accused. “And here you are parading around in nothing but my shirt and a pair of scant white panties? You knew fuckin’ well I’d be here.”

All of a sudden, he spun her around to face him. His features were angry but laced with dark desire. An expression she hadn’t seen on his handsome face in a long time. He didn’t wait for a reply or even look at her to gauge her response. He lowered his head and captured a taught nipple in his magic mouth.

Miranda moaned and grasped his dark head, holding him to her. 

To her surprise he went down on one knee, then the other, suckling her expertly. 

Admit it,” he demanded, releasing her swollen nipple. “This is what you came here for.” He yanked her damp panties down to her knees. His dark eyes glittered in the firelight as his gaze roved over her bare skin. Her pussy tingled and her clit throbbed in anticipation. She wanted nothing more than to press her cunt against his mouth and demand his tongue. But she no longer had the right to ask anything of him.

Her body thrummed with need. She could barely stand still.

Available this Tuesday, January 20th from Evernight

I hope you enjoyed this week's tease. Be sure and check out the other MSS authors from the linky list below. 
Have a Sexy Saturday!