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Monday 13 April 2015

#MasturbationMonday Week 32 The Full Sharon Stone

The Rules:
Write a steamy hot post about masturbation so hot, it’ll make your readers want to masturbate.

Masturbation Monday Week 32
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I read the notice as I took a piss in the University restroom. I shook my head as I zipped up. 

I turned from the urinal and made awkward eye contact with a student, washing his hands. He smirked as if he too had read the ridiculous warning. 

"Is that for real?"

He snorted and grinned. "Yep. Admin is all up in arms.

The kid then seemed to notice my suit. He looked me up and down. "You kinda look like admin yourself." But his self-assured smirk stayed in place.

"Yeah, unfortunately."

"Ah, you here for that amalgamated university conference thing?"

I nodded and sighed. "Yes, I'm usually uptown at the board office." I could think of better ways to spend my day. Jerkin' off being one of them. 

The kid pulled his backpack up on his shoulder. "Well, good luck. Hope you don't get..." he paused dramatically and cocked his head towards the notice, ...bored." He left he washroom chortling. 

Bored? I'd be lucky if I stayed awake. 

I washed my hands and dried up. But before I left, I tore the bulletin off the wall and took it with me. I knew exactly who's idiotic edict this was. Just some other way to embarrass the university. Or more to the point, me. 

* * * *
I walked down the corridor towards the conference room, nodding and greeting my colleagues as I went, until I set eyes on the one person who might be able to help me. 

"Hey, Abby, great to see you." I smiled genuinely happy to see the statuesque brunette. She returned my grin and presented her smooth pale cheek for a kiss. 

"Hello, David. You look good. Why haven't you called? Too busy for play?" she asked coyly. Good old Abby, up for anything and that's what I was counting on. 

I looked over her shoulder in time to see the pretentious Shaw Jensen give Abby a slow deliberate once over. 

I turned my attention back to my energetic companion. "Sorry, love. I'll make it up to you."

"That's what I was hoping you'd say." She practically purred even running the toe of her classic pointed black pump up the back of my calf. 

"You up for some shenanigans on these uptights?"

She looked around the assembly then back at me. A gleam appeared in her hazel eyes. "You bet."

I looked down at her ample cleavage. "Maybe you could open up a couple more buttons there." I suggested admiring the expanse of skin already on display. 

Demurely, she did, unveiling more of that sweet mouthwatering plumpness. My cock twitched remembering the weight of them in my hands and how her nipples had hardened to points in my palms.

She looked up at me through her lashes, a small smile playing around her perfect mouth, like she knew exactly what I was thinking about. 

"What are you up to, David?"

"When was the last time Shaw asked you out?"

"At the last one of these mind-numbing things. Why?"

"I want you to tease the man unmercifully today, until he has the most painful boner he's ever had." 

She turned and angled herself in Shaw's direction, capturing his undivided attention immediately. He openly stared unable to hide his interest. 

Slowly, Abby raised her hand and ever so slightly skimmed her finely manicured fingertips over the swell of her right breast. Shaw's lips parted and I half expected him to start panting and drooling like the dog he was. 

Abby turned back to me. "Oh this is going to be fun. I'll be right back," she said and disappeared into the ladies room. 

I leaned back against the ornate wood wall outside the meeting room and waited for Abby. 

Shaw walked past me his nostril wrinkling in distaste. He was such a jackass. And I loved to antagonize him. It was probably why he tried his utmost to make my job a living hell. 

"Jensen." I greeted using only his surname, knowing he hated it.

"Dick," he drawled.

"It's David," I corrected.

"I know." He continued on into the conference room.

We had the same exchange at every meeting.

The corridor started to empty as the time drew near.

Just then Abby exited the washroom. This time my cock did more than twitch, it surged. She'd removed the stylish black camisole she'd worn beneath her immaculately tailored jacket. In it's place, she wore a black and cream bra or bustier, I wasn't sure and didn't care. Whichever it was it pushed her amazing boobs up and out. I could only stare. She'd buttoned the blazer, from just under her breasts down and pulled the lapels wide and to the side. So in essence, the jacket not only framed the luscious mounds but also held them up. 

With the exaggerated but sexy walk she put on, they jiggled in a way that in my small male mind, I hoped they'd just pop out. Shaw was gonna salivate. 

"Well, David. What do you think?" she asked, placing a hand on her hip. 

"Shaw's gonna lose it."

"And you?" She looked around and for the most part, finding us alone in the hall, she reached between us and palmed my cock. Her smile widened as she noted my hardness. I growled. "Just what I'd hoped," she said. "My job here is done."

"Not quite." I placed my hand at her waist and directed her to the doorway. 

She hesitated. "What do you want me to do? Sit next to him and tease him? Maybe more?"

I didn't want her that close to him. "No. How about across from him. Let him see those gorgeous puppies on display.

"Okey," she agreed and flounced into the boardroom, capturing every man's attention, and a couple of the ladies too. 

I took the chair next to Shaw. He bristled at my nearness but couldn't tear his gaze from Abby. 

She made a great show of leaning over the tabletop, giving us a full view, before sitting in the chair. Then she fidgeted as if trying to find a sweet spot. And all I could think was lucky fucking chair. 

Shaw's eyes near bugged out of his head. 

"Man she's got great tits," I said under my breath, but loud enough for Shaw to hear. I thought he'd at the very least call me vulgar but instead he exhaled through his nose so hard, he all but made an 'mmmm' sound. I had to turn my head or laugh out loud.

Repeating the same motion as she had in the hall, Abby slowly traced the curve of her ample breast as she pretended to concentrate on the meeting's agenda on the sheet in front of her. Shaw shifted in his seat.

The meeting was called to order and as Abby kept her attention on the speaker, she absently dipped the bauble on the end of her necklace in and out of her cleavage. 

Staring at Abby, Shaw cleared his throat. He then ran a palm down his thigh. She was getting to him.

Abby turned her head and looked at me. I smiled and gave her an imperceptible nod. 

This time, she picked up the pencil from the table and after wiggling it between her fingers, she trapping it between her teeth for a split second before removing it and licking her lips. She made a great show of tracing the full bottom one slowly with her pretty pointy tongue, before focusing her attention on Shaw. 

He was spellbound, watching her every move. He even sat forward in his seat, his chest practically resting on the edge of the table. I had visions of him crawling across it to get to her.

Abby gave him a small encouraging smile. Out of my peripheral, I saw him grin, more a leer than anything. She looked away, head down she fussed with something under the table. I thought perhaps she was looking at her cell phone.

I could tell Abby was having fun. She even pulled at her jacket as if she might be uncomfortable with the tight-fitting material. The readjust pulled her bustier further open and I could see the darker colour of the edge of her areola. 

Shaw's breath rushed from his lungs. 

Just then I got a text from Abby.  

Drop his pencil on the floor then back your chair out so he can retrieve it. 

Surreptitiously, I did as she asked. 

"Oops, sorry, dude," I said, as it fell.

He gave an exaggerated huff in exasperation, then ducked his head. He was under a good while before he slowly, stiffly straightened. His cheeks turned ruddy. He seemed in a daze. 

I texted back, What'd you do? I thought I knew, but I wanted her to say it. 

She sent back. While I was in the ladies room, I also removed my panties. 

So she'd flashed him under the table. A full Sharon Stone. The lucky fucker.

Minutes later my cell vibrated. I thumbed my screen to find Abby'd sent a video, captioned, just for you, lover. I double checked to make sure the sound was down before I clicked on it. I knew Abby well enough by now, that opening a video from her, in mixed company, could be dangerous.

The images had me straightening in my seat too. She must have taken this footage earlier, in the bathroom maybe. She sat, thighs parted, skirt up around her waist. As I remembered she was gloriously hairless. First she parted her pouty pussy lips, giving me a no holds barred view of her clit. It poked out slightly as she exposed it. I licked my lips but my mouth had suddenly gone dry. She gave the pretty pink bud a few soft taps before she began to round it with a finely manicured french tip. I paused the video. 

I took several deep breaths before I looked over at her. She stared back at me innocently. 

"Send that to him," I mouthed. 

She raised a perfectly sculpted brow at me then shrugged easily. 

Moments later, Shaw's phone vibrated on the table in front of us. 

He picked it up and watched.

All of a sudden, Shaw pushed his chair back and grunted an 'excuse me' before fleeing the room. 

I looked across the table and beamed at Abby. I gave her a wink then followed Shaw, more quietly, as to not disrupt the meeting, anymore than it already had been.

I headed for the men's room and silently opened the door. 

I had to bite my lip from laughing out loud when I heard the heavy breathing and the tell-tale hitch with every heavy exhalation as the easy dumb fuck, jerked off, in a public bathroom. 

As quiet as I could, I slipped into the stall next to his and I carefully stood on the toilet. Now I was closer, I could hear the soft audio that accompanied Abby's naughty sext. The familiar and titillating sounds as her excitement grew.

"Ahhh, god yeah," Shaw moaned softly, sounding shaky. He was close.

As soon as I heard him blow his load, I popped up and over the divider. 

Shocked, Shaw stared up at me, his cock still fisted—he dropped the cell phone in the toilet with a loud sploosh. 

I slapped the stupid notice onto the wall in front of his face. "I think you placed this in the wrong toilet, smartguy. Hope ya didn't get any of that nasty spunk on the precious floor, Shaw."

Masturbation Monday Week 32
"Why you, bastard..."

I didn't wait around, I hightailed it outta there and wondered if my position at the board office had just been terminated. It was worth it.

I raced back to the door of the conference room and snagged Abby's attention with a wave. She excused herself and approached me, closing the door as she stepped out into the corridor. 

"How'd I do?" she grinned up at me.

"You were great."

"What's my reward?"

"Anything you want, baby, you've earned it. 


She grabbed my tie, and turned, placing it over her shoulder, she dragged me willingly down the hall. 

"Where we goin'?"

"My office. I'm collecting that reward right now."

"What about the meeting?"

"Screw 'em. I have tenure." 

"Excellent," I paused. "You don't have expensive floors in your office do you?"


"Never mind."

Sorry y'all, I couldn't resist. Don't forget to head on over the Kayla's for this week's master list of Masturbation Monday participants
Happy M-Monday!

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  1. Love, love, LOVE this! Now, about his reward...I need to know more. ;)