If You Can't Handle the Heat

If You Can't Handle the Heat
Deliciously Naughty Erotic Romance for the Foodies

Monday, 22 June 2015

Week 42 #MasturbationMonday My Traitorous Mouth #eroticexcerpt #emotional #infidelity

The Rules:

Write a steamy post about masturbation or share an excerpt so hot, it’ll make your readers want to masturbate.

Here's a continuation from last week, this is bartender, Jager's, morning after.  

Masturbation Monday: Week 42
I woke alone, the sheet tented, my dick fully distended. I listened, heard the shower running. I could go jump in and join her, have Kate take care of me. But I was too lazy and slightly hung-over. Besides my thoughts weren’t about Kate this morning. Far from her. I wasn’t about to do anything about it, suffer through it, but my hand soon found it’s way to my stiff shaft, softly tugging on top of the sheet.
Last night’s festivities at the club filtered through my aching head.
"Ahhh, Tiff," I mumbled, shifting uncomfortably. I imagined Tiff in all her splendid glory, under the hot lights, the fake rain falling softly around her as she’d danced her heart out for that fucktard who did nothing but tie her in knots. Half the time she was so nervous she had to achieve and maintain a good buzz, just to get on stage alone. That’s where I came in. I kept her going with a steady stream of shots so she was numb, but not drunk. That way she could still perform and not stumble. She was fine when she was out there with the other dancers but by herself, she was a bundle of nerves. I never knew why, on stage she was pure magic. Customers came in, just to see her. No matter what she did, she had her audience spellbound and last night was no exception.
But last night was different. She went further than I’d ever seen her go before. And fuck it was so goddamn hot. The image of her touching herself right there in front of the entire crowd shimmered in my mind and my cock throbbed as I continued to stroke it but harder, faster. I couldn’t believe it, when she’d all of a sudden, in dramatic fashion, pulled the snaps in her crotch area, unveiling her sweet pussy for everyone. There was a collective gasp. Even she seemed surprised. But yeah, I knew in her mind, it was only for him. It was always for him! Like she blocked the rest of us out. Sometimes, I wished I could do the same and block her out. Might make my life simpler.
Dirty fuck that I am, I always moved out from behind the bar to watch her dance. I didn't do it for any of the other acts. And last night when she pulled that stunt, I found myself drifting closer to the stage before I caught myself. Everyone else froze but me. I was trapped between absolute rapture at what she was doing, and total outrage. On one hand I wanted to rush the stage and bury my face in her lovely cunt; on the other, I wanted to throw a blanket over her and stop it, not allowing anyone to see. Sometimes I felt so possessive of her. Sometimes I didn’t trust myself.
And last night when I'd poured her into the cab, I had to call on every ounce of willpower I possessed not to go home with her. I was her own personal self-appointed saviour. Christ knows not every man around there would be as conscientious about seeing she got home safely. Naw, more like they'd take advantage of her vulnearble state. Not only being half-wasted but she was always an emotional raw mess after performing for him. It would have been so easy to crawl in the car with her. Hold her. Comfort her. Show her, once and for all, that another man could easily take his place.
“Pff, and she said I was a good man. She has no idea what I’d do.” Hell, neither did I. And every week, it was becoming more difficult to rein myself in.
I never understood why she tortured herself over the guy. He wasn’t worth her time and pain. There were guys lined up who would do anything for her. Me included.
I couldn't get the image of her fingers moving between her legs out of mind. My mouth watered. I wanted to wrap my lips around the luscious bud and suck on it. Tease her. Open her up slow with my tongue. Taste every delectable phase as her arousal grew. Drive her absolutely mad with need. Make her moan my fucking name. Not his.
“Ahhh fuck!” My hand moved faster, stroking my dick. I was so hard, I hurt.
All of a sudden the sheet jerked out from under my fist and I found Kate standing there. I hadn’t heard her enter the room, let alone turn off the shower. She was totally nude and freshly showered, the smell of her shower gel filled the room. She dropped the sheet and her gaze roved over my rock hard erection.
“Now what have we here?” she all but purred. She kneeled on the end of the bed and crawled up my body. My hungry gaze went straight to her heavy swinging tits. Without touching me with her hands, Kate kissed the tip of my cock, licking away the fluid there. My shaft bobbed, as if reaching for her, skimming her chin. She grabbed me then, stroking with one hand, she filled her mouth with the throbbing crown giving a small suck before drawing back.
I groaned at the tease, my hips thrusting involuntarily. For fuck's sake, just do it! I fisted my hands in the bottom sheet.
“Are you thinking of her?” she asked softly, her gaze intense on mine.
I shook my head. There was no good answer for me here.
“You can tell me. I know you like her. We have the best sex ever on Friday and Saturday night’s when Tiff’s in the house.”
Again, I shook my head. I was in a vulnerable position; at her mercy.
“I heard last night was wild.” Kate kept it up.
“Where’d you hear that?” I asked, my voice harsh, anxious.
“Half the crowd took to social media afterwards. Hashtag Tiff.”
“She did the rain number,” I confessed.
“Ahh,” Kate said and licked a path up my straining cock. “And a little bit more, from the descriptors. You always did like that one. It gets you riled up on a normal night. I’m sorry I missed it. Why didn’t you wake me when you got home? I would have taken care of this then.”
“You looked sound and I was exhausted. I just crashed.” 
She held my gaze for a second more. I didn't wake Kate because it wouldn't have been about her and we both knew it. I wasn’t fooling anybody.
This time when Kate took me in her hot mouth she went down deep, my cock bumped the back of her throat. I laced my hands into her hair and let her go to town. And she did, really throwing herself into it. Maybe trying to expunge Tiff from my consciousness with her talented mouth, if even for a moment. Though it wasn’t her blonde head I saw bobbing up and down, but the long silken brunette tresses of the woman I was quickly becoming obsessed with. I wanted her, in a bad way. I wanted Tiff the way she want him.
Mindlessly, I thrust taking what I needed, what was offered. I closed my eyes and imagined the pink swollen folds of Tiff’s beautiful pouty pussy; her long polished fingers caressing that sweet forbidden flesh, and it was all over for me. I came, and I came hard. I bit my tongue, cutting off my strangled cry, before the wrong name slipped from my traitorous mouth.
 © H K Carlton
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