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Saturday 18 July 2015

#MySexySaturday My Sexy Woman - An Extract from mild #BDSM NEXT WEEKEND #Saturday7

Welcome to the 101st week of My Sexy Saturday
This week’s theme is My Sexy Woman. Yes, this is our nod to the heroines. You all know what make them sexy and wonderful. Need we say more! You know what we think is sexy and if you’re new to the blog, look at any of the past weeks. We don’t need to explain it. Sexy is sexy and everyone has their own idea of sexy.

A sexy snip from mild BDSM Next Weekend - In the middle of divorce proceedings, Miranda and Jordan discover something new. But is it too little, too late?

The shorty satin robe she wore was rucked up almost to her waist. She had one leg bent, giving him a perfect view of her sweet pussy. It wasn’t the most flattering pose, but it was one of the most sexy, erotic positions he’d seen her in.

His mouth watered and his cock lengthened.

Silently, Jordan approached her, then knelt beside her.

Hovering over her, he blew softly on the deliciously bare hood hiding all her sweet secrets.

She twitched.

He bent his head and ever so lightly licked her. She sighed and shifted.

She tasted and smelled so good. She’d bathed. She was sweet smelling from the soap, but the aroma of her arousal still lingered. Like him, she was in that permanent state of need all the time because of this new game they’d been playing. It gave him a weird sense of pleasure to have that influence over her. It meant there was still something there. Still something substantial between them.

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Have a Sexy Saturday!

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