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Sunday 13 September 2015

Week 54 #MasturbationMonday Good Deed #erotic #excerpt

The rules are simple
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The sound of glass breaking in the kitchen sent me running in that direction.

“You okay?” I asked from the doorway.

My wife stood facing the kitchen sink, up to her elbows in suds. She stared up at the ceiling a clear indicator she was pissed and searching for some divine intervention.

“Great. Just fucking great!” she said through clenched teeth.

“Don't move,” I warned.

Gingerly, I tiptoed in, grabbing the broom and the dust pan.

I cleaned up the mess around her bare feet first. While I was down there, I kissed the back of her knee and admired her lovely long legs.

“Quit it,” she snapped.

“Come on, you can't wear those short shorts and not get a reaction, baby.”

“Just hurry up.”

I swept the entire area around her. “Wow that thing really shattered. There are shards all the way over here.”

“I'm not surprised. My entire day has been this way.” She sniffed.

Shit! Tears. She didn't cry often, so it really got to me when she broke down.

I tossed the contents of the dustpan into the trash then replaced the broom in the corner.

Slowly, I approached. I placed a dry dish towel over her shoulder for her hands and said, “Why don't you take a break and I'll finish these up.”

“You don't have to. I'm almost done now. There's only a couple of small plates and silverware left.” With the corner of the towel, I blotted her tears.

I slid my arms around her from behind. I bent down and skimmed my lips up her neck. “You wanna talk about it?”

“Talk about what? How everything I touch goes to shit?”

I kissed her, just under her ear, a sensitive little spot that usually got her attention. Instantly, I felt some of the tension drain from body.

I lifted her slightly damp t-shirt and stroked along her silky belly. She didn't elbow me, as I half expected her to do, instead she turned all supple and pliant even dropping her head back onto my shoulder.

Taking my time, I stroked her warm flesh, in slow circles, moving lower with every pass. At first, I was content to caress her through her shorts, using the seam to abrade her slit.

Soon she grew restless, rubbing her backside against my erection.

Finally, I tucked one hand inside her shorts and was rewarded with a throaty groan. Probing softly, I found her sweet pussy slick; more than ready for my touch. “Mmm, that's sweet stuff, ya got there, baby.”

Masturbation Monday: Week 54

She mewled something incoherent and shimmied her hips in an anxious gesture.

Barely touching her, I rounded her clit with slow, gentle precision.

“Mmm, yeah” she panted. “Faster,” she whimpered. Her hips twitched.

But I maintained the same slow and soft tempo.

“Uh, Gawd, hun, you're driving me crazy!” She moaned and unfastened the snap on her shorts. She yanked the zipper, making room. Snaking her hands down there too, she pulled her pussy lips open. The action caused the coiled little nub to poke out, ever so slightly. I dipped back into her saturated pussy, wetting my fingertips once again with her slippery cream. I rubbed my thumb and finger together, spreading it around then plucked at her swollen clit with relentless care.

She cried out, her hips bucked convulsively. She rubbed her ass against my throbbing dick as she came. I knew I could press on and find my own release but this time, it wasn't about me. I just wanted her to feel better. I continued to round the pulsing velvety nub until she eventually pushed my hand aside.

She inhaled deeply and turned her head slightly from where it still rested on my shoulder. She looked beautiful, her face slightly flushed, her eyes heavy lidded. A small satisfied smile played about her mouth. “Uhhh. Finally something today went right.”

“Glad I could help,” I said and kissed her cheek then I backed away.

“Well don't run away so fast. I don't think I'm done with you just yet.” She pulled the dishtowel from her shoulder and dried her hands. She turned towards me. I couldn't help but grin. I knew that look in her eye. She slipped her fingers inside the waistband of my jeans and yanked me back in her direction and I knew in that moment, my good deed was about to be reciprocated.

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  1. One good turn deserves another, it seems

  2. this is very sexy, even more so for the emotional element and the genuine care between the two of them...

  3. I know that's how feel better after a bad day. :)

  4. Loved it! So sexy and well written, thanks for sharing!