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Sunday 4 October 2015

#WeWriWa Teaser 5 - Naughty Fairy Tale - Jack and the Jean Stock #8sunday

Here's another 10 from Jack and the Jean Stock. Last week, we left poor Jack with a gun pressed to his ribs. Here's what happens next ...

“Put that thing away and look.”

Rooting around behind, Mouse shoved the weapon into the back of his jeans, pulling his coat over the offending piece and then he squinted. “I don’t know. I’ve got this new supplier. He’s into all kinds of crazy stuff. Witch doctor shit. But word on the street is his stuff is pure and high quality and very much in demand. You don’t want it; I’ll sell it to somebody else for even more. I give you a good rate man, on-accounta your mom and all. Even I have a soft spot for the mamas.”


Strapped for cash and drowning in his ailing mother’s medical debt, the one bright spark in Jack Castor’s life is working his dream job for a specialty clothing manufacturer that caters to large men. Although his personal life is all but nonexistent, career-wise, he thrives under the tutelage of his friend and father-like mentor, Cronus Gigandet, a gigantic man with a heart to match. But when Cronus dies suddenly, the company’s future is thrown into uncertainty.
Titan Gigandet, Cronus’ wayward son, a giant of a man in his own right, is furious when he learns his father has included his upstart protégé, Jack, in his will, leaving him equal shares in the family-run factory. Reluctantly, Titan rescinds his own self-imposed exile and returns to a company in turmoil.

The gloves come off, and the major players fight for control. With the shareholder’s agreement about to run out, decisions concerning the business need to be made, and quick. But Jack and Titan clash at every turn. The pair is so at odds, the quarrels rapidly become physical, but fists soon give way to angry, forbidden kisses. Though the blazing new attraction does nothing to quell the antagonism or distrust between them.

While battling to save the company, Jack’s mother takes a turn for the worse. Just when it seems like all hope is lost, Titan unearths a stunning find.

Could this new discovery be Jack’s ‘golden goose’ or just the beginning of the end to everything Jack holds dear?

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I hope you enjoyed the tease from Jack. Hop on over to Weekend Writing Warriors central for the list of this week's www participants.


  1. Gotta love a drug dealer with a soft spot for Momma.

  2. Like the personality contrast. Thug has a soft spot for mama.

  3. Oh geez, witch doctor sh*t doesn't sound like something to get mixed up in. But yeah, gotta respect the mama. Nice bit of detail there! Feeling anxious for Jack...what's he going to decide?

  4. Interesting scene. I bet the hint of the witch doctor stuff is going to play into all of this.like your blurb too. Sounds like you have a lot of tension going on in your cast of characters. Makes for a great plot!
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