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Saturday 14 November 2015

#MySexySaturday Sexy Gaze - A snip from The Dark Son : The Fall of Cairnnon Castle #PNR #99cents

Welcome to the 118th week of My Sexy Saturday
This week’s theme: Their Sexy Gaze
Readers, please visit us at our new Author Central where we’ll be sharing even more from our authors besides Saturday’s snippets. We’d love to have each and everyone of you there as we’re starting mid-November and hope to bring you lots of fun and even some prizes on the way.

This week’s theme is Their Sexy Gaze. Have you ever seen a couple who look so adoringly at each other? Makes you wonder just what they are thinking about. Are they thinking about the last time they made love? Or how about the conversation they just had?

The point is that lovers have eyes only for each other. Sometimes the gaze is loving and sometimes not but you always know they are a couple destined to be together forever. We want to see your interpretation of a lover’s sexy gaze and how it works into your story. 

A snippet from The Dark Son : The Fall of Cairnnon Castle...
( excerpt edited to fit into the MSS rules of 7 )  

“Nevaeh McBenn, soon ta be O’Cairnnon.” He smiled. “Meet my brother, SaBástienne O’Cairnnon.” Nev turned her attention from her intended to his sibling. Her smile slipped a little. In looks they were almost identical. She had no idea they were twins. One would think the overblown O’Cairnnon legend would include such a significant fact in its lore. 

Without a word, he nodded in greeting. Though his gaze was so intense, it unnerved her. It was as if he looked right into her. 

“Gud morn, My Lord,” she began but had to clear her throat. “T’is a pleasure ta make your acquaintance.” 

The corner of his generous mouth lifted as he continued to stare straight into her eyes. A trickle of awareness slithered up her spine. 

Slowly, he wet his lips with his tongue, and she was mesmerized by the action. Another shiver of responsiveness shook her. Heaviness settled into her lower abdomen. Normally, she only experienced that kind of reaction to Hual. Something familiar tugged at the back of her mind. She tried to push it away. He reminded her of Hual, of course. That was all it was. 

Deliberately, he dipped his index finger into the swirl of honey that was atop his gruel. He lifted it to his mouth. His lips closing over the tip, it disappeared into the dark orifice. He sucked the sticky substance from the digit, all the while keeping her engaged. The gesture, coupled with his extreme regard, tripped an image in her memory; his direct gaze, the image of her knees over his shoulders, right before he bent his head and kissed her most intimately. It was as if he’d just wrapped his full lips around the tiny nub of nerves between her legs. She felt it physically. Her lower body flooded with heat while the rest filled with shame. 

Just then, Bástienne pushed his chair back and stood. “If ya will excuse me… sweeting,” he exaggerated the endearment. With it hanging between them, he walked away, leaving her no doubt. 

 Travel through time in this paranormal erotic romance mini series where key players must unravel the mystery of O’Cairnnon Castle in order to save the lives of two innocents caught in a demon’s whirl of manipulation.

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I hope you enjoyed the extract. Hop on through the linky list below for this week's MSS participants.Have a Sexy Saturday 

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