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Monday 9 November 2015

Week 62 #MasturbationMonday Just a Tease [from #erotic #timetravel Lost Time]


The rules are simple
Write a steamy hot post about masturbation or share a snippet so hot, it’ll make our readers want to masturbate.

Not my usual hardcore snippet today, but just a tease, some foreplay, if you will, from erotic time-travel romance Lost Time. I've rewritten the last bit slightly to fit the prompt a little better. Keep in mind while reading, our hero is a strapping highlander with a sexy brogue.

“Don't go. Call her if ya think your friend is worryin' over ya,Llach said, almost desperately. “Let her know that you’re okay. You are fine here,” he tried to reassure her. “Stay with me.” His dark eyes searched hers. “Please.” He moved closer to her, his face just inches from hers. “Besides, ya owe me another chance,” he said, his eyes warming. 

“Another chance?”

“Aye, ‘all male aggression and no technique’, I believe is what ya said. You must allow me to redeem myself. All male aggression, I may be, but I will prove to ya that I have great technique and it just may take me all night long to demonstrate.” He leaned in and touched his lips to hers. “Call her. Tell her not to wait up,” he finished, his dark eyes full of smouldering promise. 

Hannah scrambled to call Cassie, hitting the quick dial. 

“Hello,” Cassie snapped. 

“Hey, Cass—” 

“Where the fuck are you?” Hannah exchanged a look with Llach, knowing that he could hear the tirade on the other end. 

“I’m fine. Okay? I just wanted to let you know…” 

Llachlan slid a finger slowly over Hannah’s bottom lip, over her chin, tracing the column of her throat, finally stroking the valley between her breasts. She straightened her shoulders, thrusting her chest out for him.

“Damn it, Hannah—seriously, tell me where you are. I am coming to get you.”

 “No. Listen to me. I’m fine. I just needed to have some time to myself and sort some things out. I’ll call you tomorrow…” 

Llachlan undid the top button of her blouse, then the second, and third, keeping his dark eyes on hers the whole time. When her blouse was open, he skimmed his warm palms around her slim waist, then around to her back where he massaged her hips robustly. It almost hurt, his strong hands not knowing their own strength. But she liked it. 

“Tomorrow! Are you out of your mind?” Cassie screeched. “Oh, look who I’m talking to. Yes, you are out of your mind! I did not come all this way just to chase you all over this country, spending my time alone!” 

“Well, now you’ll know how I felt when you bailed on me.” 

“Oh, this is so totally different and you know it!” 

Hannah pulled the phone away from her ear and looked at Llach sheepishly. He took the phone and placed it on the counter. Llachlan skimmed his hands into her blouse and coaxed it from her shoulders. He undid the clasp on her capris, taking the zipper down, then eased the pants from her hips, letting them glide down her legs. She stood in front of him in only a mauve-coloured bra and panties. She vaguely heard Cassie’s shrill voice on the phone. 

Llachlan backed away from her slightly, letting his gaze run all the way down her body then back up as if he’d never seen her before. When his eyes finally met hers, she inhaled sharply at the raw desire she saw reflected back at her. He covered his chest with one large hand, while shaking his head and blowing out a deep breath through his lips in appreciation. “Wow!” he mouthed. 

“Hannah! Damn it, Hannah, answer me!” 

“Oh shit, Cassie!” Hannah pulled the phone back to her ear. 

Llachlan leaned in and pressed another kiss to her lips. “I’ll be in the shower,” he said with a slight side motion of his head in the direction of the bathroom. 

“Who was that? Are you with him? Is that where you are? I’ll find that fuckin’ card and I will come and get you.” 

Llachlan undid the top button of his jeans and slid the zipper down while backing his way towards the bathroom. Hannah swallowed hard when his jeans gaped at the waist, exposing his cut hips, giving her the impression that the denim could fall at any moment. She  tried to will it with her mind. She wondered what was holding them up when her gaze travelled lower to the impressive bulge straining temptingly against his shorts.

“Hannah! Are you even listening to me?” 

“Yeah,” she answered weakly. 

He made it to the bathroom door then reached behind his head with one hand to pull the neck of his tight-fitting T-shirt over his head, ruffling his dark hair, making Hannah’s fingers itch to smooth it down. He dragged the shirt the rest of the way down his arms and bared his powerfully built chest. He was even more sculpted than she remembered. He tossed the tee in her direction and grinned cockily at the look on her face, bringing out the dimple in his cheek. 

“Tell me where you are. I just looked in my purse and that card is gone, Hannah. Give me the address. Now!” 

Llachlan turned and pushed his jeans along with his boxers down over his hips, giving her a mouthwatering view and full measure of his rock hard cock. Watching her through heavy lids, he held his thick rod straight up before working it up and down, with tantalizingly slow strokes.

With a wicked grin, he disappeared, leaving the door invitingly ajar. Hannah heard the spray of water. Delicious images of his hard wet body danced in her dirty little mind.

“Cass, I gotta go!” she said. After quickly ending the call, she sprinted for the open door.

Hope you enjoyed the tease, needless to say, the shower scene is hot and steamy. Hop on over to Kayla's for this week's master list of Masturbation Monday participants
Happy M-Monday!


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