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Sunday 8 November 2015

#WeWriWa Teaser 1 - The Lustful Possession MiniSeries #8Sunday Dare to enter?

A New Month, I thought I'd start sharing something new for the month of November. So coming this month a 7 story miniseries, Lustful Possession. It kind of runs the genre gamut. Paranormal, erotic, romance, time-travel, contemporary/historical/saga, with m/f and m/m pairings along with m/m/m and m/f/f interaction. Phew! (the first four books were released as singles but then it was decided the last three books would release simultaneously along with the series in it's entirety in a boxed set/bundle. I believe I have shared extracts from Book 4 Rising from the Darkness on WWW and perhaps book 3 The Dark Son : The Fall of Cairnnon Castle.)

The first and second installments in the serial begin with Josh Hewes, a novice paranormal investigator who effs up royally, when he inadvertently allows two long-dead spirits to highjack himself and new girlfriend, Crishtin Davenport, and use their bodies for some down and dirty, afterlife style. But Josh soon learns there are consequences, when you cross spiritual possession and a malevolently haunted castle. Here are a few lines from the second story, Dark Foursome...


Josh also turned his head in the same direction, then gasped, “Oh, my fucking, God! What the blue fuck is that?”

Whatever it was, it continuously changed size and shape. One minute it resembled the form of a man’s shadow, the next a blob of nothingness. It seemed dark and colourless, then right before the eyes it was almost a shimmering crimson. It loomed and then shrank.

“Yeah, you should be thanking me, you ungrateful fucker,” Miles continued. “I’m the only one stopping that thing from taking you apart.”

Travel through time in this paranormal erotic romance mini series where key players must unravel the mystery of O’Cairnnon Castle in order to save the lives of two innocents caught in a demon’s whirl of manipulation.

7 stories…

7 main players…

1 mysterious and legendary haunted place, Cairnnon Castle, home to one of the most evil entities ever documented, Bás a thagann, loosely translated—death comes…and its history will mesmerize and beckon you to step through its doors….

Dare ta enter?

.99¢ Pre-Order Special

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Hope you enjoyed the snip. Hop on over to Weekend Writing Warriors Central for this week's list of www participants.  


  1. Another Muse author, eh? They're one of the places I publish, with another one due out in February.

  2. Josh is having a very real reaction to the "thing". It's believable. I'm intrigued, HK. Nice job!

  3. Sounds like it's time to run. Hope Miles is right about being able to handle it!