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Monday 28 December 2015

#MasturbationMonday In Honor of Week 69...

The rules are simple
Write a steamy hot post about masturbation or share a snippet so hot, it’ll make our readers want to masturbate.

One last tease from Mistle Tow before the season of giving is over...

The fireplace was set and ready to go. The dry wood caught easily and was crackling in no time. 

Along with the wine, Kin brought soft throws. She set the bottle on the coffee table and tossed all the cushions from the couch on the floor in front of the fire and arranged the blankets. 

“I want you, there,” she said, pointing. 
“I want you everywhere,” he replied, as he gripped her around the waist and pushed her shirt up her core. He was delighted but not surprised when she raised her arms above her head and allowed him to take it right off. He tossed it behind them and continued to strip her in front of the hearth. Her flawless skin glowed golden in the flickering firelight.  
Once she was gloriously naked, she returned the favor, removing his clothes. 

Brant started to kneel in front of her, she seemed to love it when he licked her and he loved to please her. But this time, to his surprise, she stopped him. 

 “No, I wanna suck you.” She knelt and dipped her head while caressing his engorged dick. But he, too, stopped her by placing his hand under her chin. When she raised hungry eyes to his, his chest clenched. Man when she looked at him, she didn’t hold anything back. 

“You know what this means,” he suggested as he laid down on his back. “Bring that sweet pussy up here, baby.” Invitingly, he opened his hands. Kinley faced away from him and tossed a leg over his body then on her knees backed up until her succulent cunt hovered right over his mouth and her hot lips poised over this straining cock. 

Giving her knee a slight nudge, he silently had her open her stance a little, lowering her center of gravity, so he could lick and suck her to his heart’s content. Her scent made his mouth water. 

He reached out with his tongue, just as she, too, flicked hers over the tip of his cock. 

Brant shifted underneath her, getting comfortable. Now that they’d slaked a bit of his lust for her, he was sure he could hold on long enough to drive her to the brink. 

A sensual oral dual unleashed and they drove each other to new heights of pleasure. 

He drew back, sucking on her inner labia before alternately fucking her with his tongue and rounding her clit with it. But his attention wavered when Kinley used her own hot talented mouth on him. 

The wet gratifying sounds of their lovemaking combined with the cracking of the fire. 

Kinley circled her pussy with the rhythm of his thrusts. “Oh, fuck, Brant, I can’t call you quickdraw anymore.” She panted. Walking her knees down his body, she poised over his cock then sank down on him, slowly. 

He cupped her hips. Once he was fully embedded, she rocked back ever so slightly, taking as much of him as she could, her bum on his stomach. Then she leaned forward, and ground her pussy against him. 

It wasn’t going to be enough for him. He gave the round part of her ass a little slap. 

“Oh!” she said, in surprise. 

“Let me get behind you,” he said, practically bucking her off. She was quick to assume the position. It seemed to be their favorite so far. 

From the rear, he penetrated her, slipping right in. 

He reached around and stroked her clit, bringing her back up to that plateau once more before he started to pump into her, slow at first, growing in tempo until he was knocking the breath from her in a manic frenzy. 

 “Come with me, Brant.” She moaned when those first little flutters gripped her. The pulsating waves grew stronger, her internal muscles squeezed and released, milking him. 

Reaching around her at the front, Brant gripped her shoulders and forced her down on him fully. Embedded as far inside her as he could possibly get, he finally let go, exploding in gut-wrenching spasms. 

Evernight     Amazon 

The last thing Brantley Holley wants to do this year is spend the holidays at home with his family.

In an attempt to move on from his failed marriage, Brant places the marital home on the market and also decides to clean house, ridding himself of any and all reminders. Although it wrecks him to do so, that includes selling his beloved ’66 Chevelle, which may also have contributed to the demise of his marriage.  

Brant puts his baby up on the auction block at one of the premier auction houses— the auction to be held over the holidays. But instead of racking up needless extra miles on her, which might be a detriment to potential buyers, he hires a flatbed tow truck to convey his precious cargo from Philadelphia to Arizona.

But when the rollback shows up, Brant is totally unprepared for the sexy blonde bombshell in the red Santa hat who steps out of the massive red tow truck.

All of a sudden, the holidays are looking a whole lot more festive.

Hope you enjoyed the tease. Hop on over to Kayla's for the master list of this week's Masturbation Monday participants. Happy M-Monday and wishing you all a Happy New Year!


  1. When I was HK was writing a 69 scene I had to check it out. HOT as always! Happy New Year!

  2. Now that is JUST delicious. On so many levels. :)