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Monday 7 December 2015

Week 66 #MasturbationMonday Lucky Towel

The rules are simple
Write a steamy hot post about masturbation or share a snippet so hot, it’ll make our readers want to masturbate.

She stepped out of the shower.

From the way the mirrors lined up between the two rooms, I had a straight shot into the bathroom and her reflection and all that beautiful bare skin.

She grabbed one of the fluffy plush towels and began to dry off. Arms first. Then she moved to her lovely plump breasts. I sat up a little straighter and so did my cock.

When she slid the towel aside her nipples were nice and stiff. Of course, she was probably cold but I couldn't help but run my tongue over my teeth. I imagined laving and sucking the sweet tips until they were rigid peaks. Maybe even grazing them with my teeth. She'd arch her back seeking more as I rolled and teased with my greedy tongue. 
My cock lengthened as I thought about all the wonderful things I wanted to do to her. I stroked my hardness through the sheet, as she moved the towel once more, wiping lower.

She bent slightly, and because of the angle, only gave me a hint of her luscious bottom before blotting down one long gorgeous leg, then the other. She then passed the towel between her legs and I wanted more than anything to be there too. Lucky fucking towel. The memory of her taste flooded my awareness and made my mouth water. 

Like an eager hungry dog, I found myself panting at the end of the bed. Still tugging my stiff cock, I clumsily untangled myself from the sheet and quietly padded to the bathroom.

She stood in front of the vanity, finger-combing her wet hair. My heart pounded a little faster.

I slid in behind her, cupping her damp breasts.

"Good morning," she said, cuddling her back against my chest.

"I'll say," I said, my voice deep from sleep. I tickled her bare shoulder with the whiskers from my unshaven chin. Familiar and pleasing chill bumps shot across her warm skin. 

I inhaled deeply, filling my senses with the clean scent of her skin coupled with the mild shower gel.

The tension drained from body. She dropped her head back onto my shoulder, giving me free rein. Her nipples pearled in my palms. My cock pulsed against her tailbone. She slowly provocatively, shimmied her bum, trapping my throbbing dick between us. The added pressure felt so good.

Keeping one hand around her breast, I let the other one travel down her ribs and over her slightly rounded stomach, until my fingertips brushed her smooth bare mound.

"Mmm," I breathed. "That's nice."

Welcoming my touch, she tilted her hips and opened her stance. I cupped her then, curling my greedy fingers around her succulent pussy. From experience, I knew going slow when she wasn't really aroused, drove her to that point in a hurry. With soft leisurely strokes, I caressed her, with a gentle touch. She sighed and turned all supple and pliant.

Teasing her, I avoided her clit for the moment. Rubbing everything but. As predicted, it didn't take long, I soon found my fingers nicely lubricated. 

Her body tensed and she became more demanding, physically and vocally. Impatiently, she reared back and rubbed her ass against my erection

"Uhh, fucking touch me already," she demanded. She placed her hand over mine, in an attempt to hurry me up. But I resisted, even stilling, until she eased up. She left her hand overtop of mine but relaxed her hold.

Masturbation Monday Week 66

Once she remembered who was in charge again, I didn't make her wait long and I dipped into her slit with my middle finger, gathering her  juice. I spread it around and then eased to her clit and was rewarded with another low moan. To my delight her hips jerked convulsively.

With relentless care, barely touching her, I rounded the swollen nub with learned precision. 

She twisted in my hold as I continued to torture her with a lazy looping rhythm.

This time when she snaked her hands downward I allowed it, about at the end of my own patience. When she parted her pussy lips, her clit protruded slightly. I groaned in her ear at the new sensation. 

I wet my fingers once more and circled her clit relentlessly.

"Oh, God, baby," she sobbed. "It burns ... so good." She bent at the waist but I forced her back and continued to round the sensitive nub while I rammed my hard cock against her bum.

I watched her face in the mirror. The pleasure-pain I saw contorting her expression, made my dick pulse. She had her eyes scrunched tight. Her lovely parched lips parted, as she panted rapidly.

A new rush of wetness saturated my fingers. I knew she was close. I took her clit between my thumb and index finger and firmly rounded between my two fingers. 

She called out and her hips bucked, she rocked against my hand. Once again, she covered my hand, this time with both of hers and helped me increase the pressure on her mound, cupping and squeezing, successfully dragging out her climax.

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  1. I love the closeness and impatience to be touched. I could so relate to this character

  2. Gawd, I love it when you just write some flash fiction. Lucky towel, indeed.