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Monday 14 December 2015

Week 67 #MasturbationMonday All about that breast, 'bout that breast

The rules are simple
Write a steamy hot post about masturbation or share a snippet so hot, it’ll make our readers want to masturbate.

Y'all know from now on when you hear that song, you're not going to be thinking bass, 'bout that bass. You're welcome!
I thought about titling this one: Lactation, a Witch and a Man of Dubious Character OR Modern Couple gets Lactation Lesson from Witch in Medieval Times - What?!? LOL. Either way this scene is from an erotic paranormal time-travel story. So keep in mind when the hero starts spouting modern language. It's okay, he's a man from the present trapped in the past. Or is he? Clear as mud? That's okay, clarity is not the point today. Just hoping the excerpt hits the spot. Yes, that spot. 

Alesdair ran up the stairs, eager to get to get to his wife, even though it was but midday. 

He opened the door and stopped short at the scene in front of him.
Keallach was flat on her back on the bed, her head propped up on pillows,
stripped to the waist, while the witch plucked at her swollen nipples.

“What the hell is going on here?” Alesdair demanded, closing the door in all haste.

“We’re toughening her nipples,” Leiah replied, as if this was a foregone
conclusion. “It is difficult enough for a woman to nurse one child. Our lady here will have two hungry little dev…”

“Uh, uh,” Keallie reprimanded.

“Oh, sorry, mi’lday, two hungry little rapscallions to satisfy. She’s still going to be sore in the beginning even with our preparation. But, if we can keep her from getting cracked and raw, ’twill all be worth it, for everyone involved. Won’t it, my beautiful lady.” The witch smiled softly.

“Yes, ’twill all be worth it,” Keallie repeated softly. The worry of what was to come shadowed her lovely features.

Leiah took one of the rough linens and dragged it over Keallie’s nipples, in a shoeshine type motion, abrading both lovely nubs at the same time. The look of tolerance in his wife’s expression saddened him. This was not a sexual thing, as was his first thought, but just another sacrifice she intended to endure for her children.

“You know,” Leiah said, snagging his attention. “You could help with this. I know how you covet your wife’s lovely breasts.”

Alesdair frowned at her.

“We all know how much you love your wife, Alesdair. Your lovin’ of her so
often is almost a jest in your household.”

“I care not.”

“My point is you can help the cause.” She tossed the rag aside and with her palms, she rotated her hands around. “Come, Alesdair.”

Slowly, he approached, sitting on the bed. And when Leiah removed her touch from the breast closest to him, he took up the same action, as she continued on the other side.

Keallie’s gaze met his, and it warmed with interest now, not just acceptance.

“You can chafe them,” Leiah continued to tutor him. “And pluck at them.” 

He followed her lead and with his fingers he tugged at his wife’s flesh.
Keallie shifted under them, her lips parted.

Then out of nowhere the witch lowered her head and licked his wife’s nipple. Although they’d already been erect, the bud pearled to a hard knot, and Keallie gasped.

With her gaze trained on him, Leiah began to use her pointed pink tongue in a rapid flicking motion. An action he knew from experience drove his wife mad.

Keallie’s body stiffened as she stared up at him, mortified. As if she enjoyed it but was afraid of his reaction.

His cock lengthened painfully. He bent his head and let her know that this was something they both wanted. He laved her with the same tempo as the witch.

The raspy erotic sound of pleasure that came out of Keallie’s throat made his cock throb.

Alesdair turned onto his stomach in an attempt to get more comfortable. He kept his gaze on Leiah which was a stimulating experience all on its own.

“You can suck.” She wrapped her voluptuous lips around Keallie’s nipple and it disappeared into her mouth. Keallie moaned and shifted, her back arching, offering her breasts to them.

The enchantress lifted her head and he followed suit. “Suckle them, Dair,” she said familiarly. Then she reached over and pulled ever so gently on the dusky areola and clear fluid rose creating a little droplet.

“’Tis colostrum. The mother’s first milk. Full of all the rich and wonderful
nutrients your boys will need in those first few days. Your God provides in all ways,” she said, more for Keallie, he was sure.

“Taste, Alesdair.”

He didn’t need to be told twice; he lapped it up, greedily. “Ahhh, so sweet,
Keallie. Jus’ like you.”

A whimper was all she could manage.

Leiah lowered her head once more and raked the straining bud with her straight white teeth, ending the gesture as though she intended to bite the taught morsel.

The action made him groan, but he followed her direction, doing the same. He rocked his hips into the lumpy mattress trying to assuage his aching dick.

With a knowing smile, she said, “That is enough instruction for one day. Let us pleasure your wife.”

Keeping his gaze on her, Alesdair mimicked her every sensual undulation, until they had Keallie writhing beneath them.

“Oh, Dair…please!” she sobbed, slamming her fists against the bedding.

The witch pulled Keallie’s skirt out of the way, as he fumbled untying the laces of his brays. Keallie pulled her knees up and he slipped right into her glorious heat.

“Ahhh, fuck me!” he groaned. “Ya are so fuckin’ slick, Keallie.”

Leiah kept suckling one of Keallie’s breasts while stroking the other side in the same gesticulation.

Keallie cried out, her hips bucking. Alesdair closed his eyes and simply
enjoyed the tight constriction, gripping and releasing his cock, as his wife came.

He plunged mindlessly. His balls tightened and he exploded.

Leiah raised her head and licked her lips. “Good lesson,” she said cheerfully, heading for the door. “Same time tomorrow?”

Alesdair dropped to Keallie’s side, both of them, seemingly speechless.

Tingling? Just a little bit? I hope you enjoyed the extract. Ah-huh. Sorry!
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  1. Holy. Fucking. Hell. That was hawt on so many levels.

  2. My husband is so intrigued by lactation, and this was ridiculously hot.I must share with him