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Sunday 3 January 2016

#WeWriWa Lost Time #timetravel #8Sunday

I'd like to wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. Being a new year, I was hoping to share something new but my something new doesn't come out until later this month and is still in the editing stage. So I thought I'd share some teasers from an oldie but goodie and one of my personal favourites, a snip from Lost Time, an erotic time-travel romance. (published January 2013)


Hannah Keys rode sleepily on a bus headed for Wales. She was alone, thanks to her friend Cassidy who’d flaked on her at the last possible moment. Hannah and Cassie had been planning this trip to the UK for years—a month in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, a week for each.  

Twenty-four years old, Hannah—a Canadian girl raised by her transplanted English mother—used to sit and listen for hours as her mum told stories of growing up in London, of the family she’d left behind, including Hannah’s father. His death had been the catalyst that had sent her mum fleeing to different shores before Hannah was born, to get away from the memories that were far too painful. Her mum had talked of friends from school, the beautiful countryside, of haunted castles and the amazing architecture that stood the test of time. 

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  1. Nice little teaser. I'm intrigued. Made me want to accompany her on her adventure. I guess I'll have to buy the book. :-)

  2. Very intriguing start. I hope you share a few more snippets!

  3. Very intriguing start. I hope you share a few more snippets!

  4. Enjoyed this snippet. Hope to read more.

  5. I love the story premise and enjoyed the snippet. Definitely makes me want to keep reading!

  6. Sounds like a great trip ... I'm envious. The background serves to make the trip even more meaningful.