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Saturday 27 February 2016

#MySexySaturday It's easy to lure somebody to the dark side...#paranormal #Saturday7

Welcome to the 130th week of My Sexy Saturday. 
This week’s theme: A Sexy Paranormal Love

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This week’s theme is A Sexy Paranormal Love and this is all about those pesky shapeshifters, vampires, demon hunters, angels or any other paranormal event or creature that graces the pages of our romances. Show us your most romantic or frustration relationships all with a flair for the paranormal.

An extract from paranormal erotic, Dark Defeat, the last installment in the The Lustful Possession Series. A run in with a demon turns hot...

Its breath had turned warm and also tantalized her neck and that sensitive little place behind her ear. It knew all the spots that turned her on.

“That’s right. I do know all the tasty little places that will make you my slave.” He swirled his elusive fingers around her entrance. “You want me to go deep now. Fill you.”

Her mind screamed “yes,” and he knew it.

“Your eagerness is running rampant, Neve, or do you prefer Keallach? Or is it the way he says Keallie that curls your toes?”

“Damn you!”

“Hahaha, I am the damned luv. Where do you think that particular saying came from? You see how easy it is to lure somebody to the dark side, Keallie? You just find all their weaknesses and pinpoint all their special places, and they’ll willingly capitulate.”

She sobbed as he kept her right on that precipice between the highest form of arousal and climax.

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