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Sunday 7 February 2016

#WeWriWa Lost Time Teaser 6 #timetravel #8Sunday

Weekend Writing Warriors

Here's another 9 from one of my old favourites, Lost Time, an erotic time-travel romance. (published January 2013) When we left Hannah, she was cursing her friend who'd stood her up...

Hannah had boarded the plane headed for Heathrow with raw excitement humming through her. But after a week of sightseeing all by herself, she was second-guessing her decision. Vacations weren’t meant to be experienced alone. 

She’d seen the Tower of London and Big Ben. One day, she had taken a bus tour of castles, including Windsor—on the next day, she saw cathedrals and abbeys. Another one she had spent shopping, buying touristy trinkets and a T-shirt that read Kiss Me, I’m Scottish, which she had every intention of wearing for that leg of the trip. 

She had also spent a day on the Internet, trying to locate the house that her mum had grown up in. When she found it, she had called a taxi and told the driver the street address, but when he took her there, the house had been torn down. So Hannah had taken a picture of the street sign and sadly returned to her hotel room.


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  1. Lonely travel is indeed 'sad'.
    I am looking forward to reading more.

  2. Not necessarily sad to travel alone. It enables you to engage more with the people you meet along the way. Looking forward to her reaching Wales, which is where I assume the action starts, from your blurb.

  3. She is doing everything a tourist would do. I think that makes a connection between reader and MC--the reader can relate to all of that. Now, on to the atypical adventure that the reader will share.Good snippet! :-)

  4. Here's hoping Hannah gets off the beaten path before long. I suspect she will! :-)

  5. Quite the trip she's having, although maybe not the one she'd envisioned. I loved the detail about the T shirt - great snippet.

  6. The last incident really reinforces her mood of loneliness. It's one of those perfect little details.

  7. So sad she is so lonely. I do hope someone comes along to brighten her trip soon. Look forward to reading more.