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Monday 16 May 2016

#MasturbationMonday Week 89 #Giveaway + More Naughty Office Mischief w/ Lexi and Roger

Here is an extract from Naughty Erotic Office Romance, The NØ Frat Clause. Enjoy!

He slipped his hand to the side of my breast and massaged it with his fingertips. He rounded my nipple with the pad of his thumb. “What do you need, sweetheart?” The little endearment thrilled me. “Have I left you hanging?” 

He raised his other hand and squeezed my boobs in tandem. I arched my back pressing into his palms. “Is that it?” he asked. “Did sucking me off turn you on?” 

Instead of answering, I kept my gaze on his. 

“Did it?” 

Of course he wouldn’t let that go without an answer. He was going to whip the shyness right out of me. “Yes.” 

“And what?” One of his hands traveled down my ribs to my thigh, and he began to make his way back up my leg, trying to get under my formfitting skirt. “Remember when I said I liked these tight skirts? Don’t get me wrong, they look fucking fantastic on you, but make quick access impossible.” 

“Maybe I look even better out of them.” 

He made a choking sound. “I’m sure of it, but this isn’t the time or the place to get you naked.” 

I shivered again at his words, and his jaw clenched. I was beginning to realize that was a sign of frustration. 

I lifted my bum slightly and shimmied my skirt up to my waist unveiling my damp panties. But his gaze never flickered from mine. He seemed to be focused on something else. “Would that be something you’d be agreeable to, Ms. Wideman? Getting naked with me? Outside of the office, that is?” 

Before I could catch myself, I actually whimpered, then blurted, “Oh God, yes!” 

Renewed interest ignited in his eyes, and his grin turned absolutely smug. “Well, that’s good. ‘Cause when I get you out of
your clothes, honey, I am going to take my damned time, exploring every incredible inch of you.” 

With his fingertips he lifted the edge of my panties. 

Eager, I shifted my ass and opened my legs, more than ready for his touch. He swiped a testing finger through my saturated crease, and I squirmed. 

“Holy fuck, you’re so wet,” he said and plunged inside, stealing my breath. His breath was hot against my cheek. “You’ve no idea how bad I wanna fuck you. But not here.” 

My body surged. I wanted it too. I grabbed his shoulders for balance as he primed me in and out. 

“Kick off your shoes and put your heels on the desk, baby.” 

I hesitated. He raised his head, and his desire-ravaged stare met mine. “Let me see all of you.” 

There was no way I could deny him anything. I arched my feet and let my shoes fall with a double thud to the floor. 

Roger dragged my drenched undies to my ankles then knelt in front of me, much as I’d done for him only a few minutes ago. With his palms he smoothed my inner thighs, coaxing my legs open further, reminding me he wanted my heels on the desk. I was spread wide open. 

“Ah, fuck, yeah.” He stared at my pussy. I fidgeted under his rapt attention. I forgot mid-lift what he wanted. But he gripped my ankles and directed them. I had to plant my hands behind me on the desktop for support. His lips parted and I felt his breath gush over my overheated skin. My exposed flesh quivered. 

“Man, oh man, that’s some nice pussy.” 

With his thumbs, he parted my swollen nether-lips. 

All at once, he gripped my hips and pulled me to the very edge. “Can’t fuck you in my office, but I can fuck you with my tongue.” And he did! 

I gasped at the first forceful hot poke. Oh God, it was going to be good. Delicious searing heat enveloped my entire body. I grabbed either side of his blond head and pulled him deeper, directing him much the same as he’d done to me. 

“Oh God, Roger, why can’t we fuck in here?” I pleaded with him. I couldn’t catch my breath. My core rippled with restless tension. “We’ve done everything else. We did it on a goddamn elevator for goodness sake!” He raised his head. His eyes, dear Lord, his eyes were unfocused and heavy-lidded with desire. His mouth and the fine layer of scruff covering his cheeks shimmered with my cream. “I need more. Fuck me!” I begged.

Phew! Is it hot in here? Hope that jump started your morning. Hop on over to Kayla's for this week's master list of of M-M participants and don't forget to enter the giveaway! Happy Monday!

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  1. Oh gawd, when they do that thing where they stare at the most secret parts of you...damn, I've got the shivers over here. ;) Love it!